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A Day at F-Con – November Writing Challenge 5

Hello, lovelies! I bring you yet another submission for my writing challenge. The next couple of submissions, like this one, are my own prompts, so let’s have fun with them! Today’s themeĀ is cosplay, and it has to take place in and around a convention centre. I based it loosely on another convention that I used

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Airport Crisis – November Writing Challenge #2

I’m back with another entry for the November Writing Challenge. Just like yesterday’s, this one was provided by Tim, and it involves a dash through the airport. I’m reminded of Dublin Airport, so I went with that. I’m familiar with the airport, having visited a few times in recent years. I’m definitely one for panicking

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Haunt – November Writing Challenge Day 1

I’m attempting to go with a 30-Day Writing Challenge, to coincide with the usual NaNoWriMo. The first prompt is provided by Tim, whose prompt is ‘You’re the ghost. Dress yourself for a haunt‘. I chose this prompt for today because Halloween has just passed. I wanted to improve my narration skills, rather than have dialogue

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