Hiatus Update | What’s Been Happening

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, and thank you all so much for your patience! I’ve been working on getting better, and then…stuff happens. But I’m working behind the scenes on finishing some of my series of posts, so here’s an update!

My Personal Life

Of course, I’ll get the negative out of the way. Towards the end of April, my partner tested positive for COVID-19. This meant self-isolating and dealing with being shut inside for a while. Throughout the quarantine period, we were asymptomatic, but if he hadn’t taken a lateral flow test on a whim, we’d have been none the wiser, and we’d be walking around while being infectious. We took the necessary precautions and let everyone that we’d been in contact know about the results, and they all tested negative thankfully. But it’s surreal, all of this time we’d assumed that we’d probably already had it but been asymptomatic, but here we are. I’m just thankful for Connor’s friends and our families that have rallied around at this time.

It’s important that y’all wear masks, get vaccinated if allowed, and get tested. Our current barriers for vaccination here in the UK is that we’re still too young for the roll-out, and we don’t have any underlying conditions.

On another note, I was supposed to ring up the doctors to get a knee problem looked at, so I might need surgery in the future! That’s gonna wait a while now.

Overall, just before the quarantine, my mental health was starting to get better. Being able to have different outlets has helped, and I’ve basically been binging on NerdECrafter videos for the longest time. Watching livestreams has helped as well, as much as I am a lurker!

My Work & Hobbies

I’ve barely touched the blog of late, and it’s been great not having to stress over it. We did reach 3,000 views though, so thank you so much for your love! Blog updates and posts will be live shortly, I just need to rework my schedule and get everything done. Because of ‘rona, it’s taking longer than I’d have liked, but here we are.

Wax melt production is on hiatus, of course! As we were in quarantine, we’d have loved to have made them, but we couldn’t risk contamination.

I did get around to doing some artwork, as I got some new art supplies shortly before and during quarantine, so I’m buzzed to get some stuff done at long last, even if it is just a few sketches.

The Blog

There will be some minor changes to the blog. From next week I will be carrying on with my remaining Gym Teams and Top 10 posts, every Monday and Wednesday. My Doctor Who and Fairy Tail posts will be every fortnight starting from around July-ish, who knows? At this point, I’m not entirely focused on those, but they will be making an appearance in the future.

Take care guys, and I’ll see you next week!

What’s Happening? | That Little Lola

Hey guys!

I haven’t actually taken a hiatus in a while, but right now, I really need to. I have too many projects that I want to focus on, and I feel like I’m trying to cram in so much, as well as worrying about numbers.

But I’m definitely burnt out like you wouldn’t believe. However, in terms of all of the content I have planned, I intend on carrying on with all of the ongoing series anyway, getting them scheduled up and then taking a break.

I’ve come to realise that I’m no longer enjoying the writing that I’m doing. Everything I do outside of writing, I always think of ways to try and embed that into the blog. Honestly, I’ve done almost daily posts for the past year or so, and I’m tired.

I want to be able to upload roughly once per week, and that will happen with the Pokemon top 10 lists, and my Gym Teams posts will still continue, but there may be delays. Other anime posts will wait, and I will do the Community Day posts as and when.

What I’ll be doing instead is catching up on other projects that have fallen to the wayside a bit – the books, Miss Lola’s Scents, other videos that I have planned, the works! So in that regard, I’ll be keeping busy, but for now it just comes down to wanting a break for my own mental health and well-being.

Miss Lola’s Scents has had a delay, purely for costs, feedback, manufacturing and just general health.

And, for now…see you guys soon!

Blog News and Other Announcements!

Hey guys! I was originally going to post an anime review looking back at an anime that I had seen. But instead, there is some news!

As you may have noticed, we actually bought a domain name this Tuesday, so everything from here on will be devoid of the “.wordpress” in the URLs. Previous Tweets linking to my posts will still redirect to this page, so don’t worry! But this is huge, and it’s all because of you guys, that have clicked on this site and shown support! I really couldn’t have done it without you! These past few months we’ve been going from strength to strength. I would say that this is the beginning of me being an actual travel blogger, but considering the world right now, I just can’t, sadly. Hopefully when we start getting more vaccinations and everything starts opening up again,

However, we do have a lot of upcoming series and posts, as well as our continuations of existing series. Nothing is fundamentally changing here, just the URL. And I’m excited! You’re still getting the series reviews, the Community Day posts, Pokemon GO events, Gym Team posts and the usual Top 10 posts. In the future though, I do hope that I can pick up the travel posts again!

Today is also the release of February’s edition of Ongo Key News, a local newsletter that we have in our town. The reason why this month’s edition is so important is because I actually have a feature article, showcasing Miss Lola’s Scents, my wax melt business that I will hopefully be launching on April 30th, if all goes well. You can see the link to our Facebook page in the sidebar as well as right here, please go ahead and give it a like to keep up to date there, and buy the products if you live in the UK! If you’re international, I’ll strive to do international sales at a future date.

As for my book of short stories, it’s still getting there! I do have until the end of the year to keep writing that! I haven’t been writing any short stories for this site purely because of my prioritising the book instead of this site.

And with that, that’s the run-down of announcements! Thanks for checking in!

WIP Announcement and Progress #1

Hey guys! I thought I’d launch a WIP announcement post (although I have a lot of works in progress right now). This one is one I’ve been working on for roughly a year now, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to go over what I have ready.

As you probably know if you read my NaNoWriMo introduction and contributions for this year – I’m writing a book of short stories! I aim to have it published and released before the end of next year, alongside some other projects that I will announce soon!

The book is a pet project of mine that has basically started up since I did last November’s short story challenge. Some of the short stories from that has made their way into this book, as did two others from the February challenge. All short story posts that go here are on a first draft basis, which then I take to improve on a while afterwards. I’ve had to do a lot of shifting around, as some of the stories I’ve had I’ve either no longer liked or had trouble writing. One of the stories is almost entirely going to be reworked from the original.

Altogether (as of October 2020) across 12 stories so far I have 12,943 words. Most of the stories are at a second draft level. Right now, though, I’m in a bit of a rut with my storytelling, because I admittedly wasn’t the brightest at school, had difficulty with English Literature as a subject (blame Shakespeare), and I tend to be a bit simplified when it comes to my writing style. So that’s something I’m continuously improving on as I go along, and trying to find the voice to fit the story. It’s much harder than it looks, guys!

I already have a book cover designed, ready to be commissioned when the time comes. This also means that I have a name for the book. But I might leave that announcement for a later time.

This leads me onto why I haven’t taken any full-month challenges in a while, considering I’ve had the time. The main answer is because I upload almost every day anyway, so there’s no need for me to try and fill the gaps. And I would do with short stories, but I’ve wanted to leave ideas for my book, rather than the blog. I did want to do a writing challenge for November, though.

The short stories are going to be a variety of genres, and that’s all I can really say!

You’re going to see a completely different announcement very soon, I just need to fine-tune everything and we’ll be good to go!

My Future Playing Pokemon GO – The Next Steps

Hey guys! As you may be aware, I have played Pokemon GO since it first released, and I have…mixed thoughts right now as to what to do. I want to use this post as a kind of thought dump, if you will.

What went wrong?

Monetisation – that’s what went wrong with the game. The game has always had an option to play to participate, but at the same time, Niantic have found so many new ways to make money from the game (despite being a billion-dollar company at this point).

The nail in the coffin was the Special Research for the Throwback event. In order to complete it at this current time (with BLM protests, rioting and COVID) you have to pay. So hatching 15 eggs is simple yet time-consuming – use the sock method. But for the 15 Raids (if you can reach them) youh have to pay for the Remote Raid Passes – and no, you can’t use the free ones either.

The community as a whole has tanked considerably. I don’t mean that as a diss on those whose communities are amazing, but my experience is a bit shit at the moment. For example, the only Pokemon GO related chat that I’m a part of is relegated to shiny bragging and not coordinating raids – basically not letting people know when raids are going to happen.

Oh, and my GO+ no longer works properly. Huzzah!

My next steps

I have been playing more lately over the course of the pandemic, but as of 3rd June, I uninstalled it. I’d been playing less and less, but the Special Research, among the current issues, was not sensitive at all.

As for Community Day, I am in two minds as to whether I will still take part in those, but I may adjust the time that my post drops. Honestly the viewership that the Community Day round-up posts get actually helps motivate me to keep taking part in Community Day. Once I lose that viewership, I become less motivated. Honestly, I had to really push to promote the Seedot post because it didn’t get the viewership that the kind of post normally got at that time.

As for the newly-announced GO Fest, I may be taking part in that. I hope that I’d be able to do what I want at least on day 1, because day 2 falls on Connor’s birthday.

And honestly, that’s pretty much it. That’s the entire update.

Much-Needed Changes to Pokemon Go

Earlier this year I posted about the most needed quality of life updates for Pokemon Go. This will be a similar post, but it will be more features that need attention. These are the ones that would very much improve the quality of life within the game immensely.

1) Battle-ready button in raids

While this can be said it’s for convenience, there are growing concerns about raiding behaviour. Recently, Niantic settled on a lawsuit that requires them, among other things, to have to play messages warning players to be courteous to real-life while playing, and this should be coming up in raids too. With that in mind, it would be best to reiterate the suggestion of having a button for players to press when they are ready to enter the raid battle. This is no longer just for convenience, given the circumstances. All players in the lobby would have to select this button in order to proceed before the two-minute timer is up, just like in other games.

They’ve already implemented this feature in Wizard’s Unite, so that’s a good lead to get them to implement it into Pokemon Go.

2) Reinstate the fast catch glitch

While there is a way to fast catch using the Pokeball slider, the one I’m talking about was released more recently, allowing players to back out of encounters using the back button on the phone, as soon as the Pokeball hits the Pokemon. This was brilliant, especially when one hand could be used and it would allow you to catch a quick succession of Pokemon in a short period of time, especially if you play on a bus like I do. Since Niantic patched it, the catching has gone back to being very slow. It would have prevented Connor from missing out on an EX Raid, that’s for certain!

3) Overworld shinies

I mentioned this in the last post, but for the time being, it would be nice to have this during Community Days. For me, the aim of Community Day is to cover as much ground as possible. Along with the fast catch glitch, Community Days would be made much simpler. With overworld shinies, it would be a case of prioritising the shinies and then catching the rest once all is said and done.

4) Evolved form shinies

Another point I mentioned in the last post was that we needed evolved forms of shiny-eligible Pokemon to be shiny also. How often have you come across a Sharpedo raid or a wild rare Pokemon and thought ‘this would have been a great shiny catch’? It would tempt me to check more of these Pokemon and do more raids. I don’t do Machamp raids because I already have a maxed out 100% IV Machamp, as well as two other decent IVs.

5) Mass-gift sending

Sending gifts is slow, especially when you have to check whether or not every one of your 200 friends has opened their gift recently. For me, who has become horrible at sending gifts, I would find it useful if there was a mass gift-sending button to the highest ten friends on your list (excluding those who already sent you gifts). It would cut the time needed to send gifts by a country mile, that’s for certain. That way we could collect 10 gifts, send them all at a click of a button and then repeat.

These are just five of the changes that we really need to come into the game, as opposed to masking the cracks with shinies and shadow Pokemon because let’s face it, shinies are not a suitable substitute for Polyfilla*.

*Note: not sponsored by Polyfilla.

Another Hiatus (Probably) + Scheduling

Just a quick update for those interested, I’m looking on taking another hiatus. I’m hoping it won’t be as long as the last one, but I need to get adjusted to working full-time again. I don’t have the time to write big projects, and I’ve had to scrap one due to it being very intensive.

Basically, I’m working on trying to re-flesh an old story I was working on for the longest time. I’m also taking some time to design some Fakemon for a different project entirely.

Every Friday, I still want to do the Games Spotlight posts, as well as any Community Day posts. A Legendary Raid Day post is still coming, just waiting until Suicune Day happens this month. I also want to work on some other posts that I have drafted but neglected, so they’ll be coming. I do have a long list of things I want to get sorted, so you’ll see a bit of variety. I’m also going to inject some Travelling Tuesdays. Below is the schedule for the next two months, give or take some ideas.

  • 5th August – My Experiments with Multiple Accounts
  • 6th August – Travelling Tuesdays – EU Residency in Portugal
  • 9th August – GSF – The Binding of Isaac
  • 12th August – Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 16th August – GSF – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • 19th August – Least Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 20th August – TT – Things To Know About Lisbon
  • 23rd August – GSF – The Sims (the whole series that I’ve played)
  • 26th August – 10 Pokemon I Don’t Want to See in the Galar Region
  • 27th August – TT – My Experiences With Teleperformance Portugal
  • 30th August – GSF – Borderlands
  • August – Legendary Raid Days round-up
  • September – Turtwig Community Day round-up
  • 2nd September –  The Problem and Future of Regionals in Pokemon Go
  • 6th September – GSF – Stardew Valley
  • 9th September – Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Shinies
  • 13th September – GSF – Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 16th September – Top 10 Wanted Ideas For Community Day
  • 20th September – GSF – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • 27th September – GSF – Borderlands 2

Update 0.149 – This New Appraisal System

The latest update, 0.149, has changed the way we view the appraisal system. Gone are the long-winded texts about your Pokemon being able to ‘battle with the best of them’ or being ‘pretty decent’.

Now, we are shown in a graphic just how good our Pokemon are. The Pokemon’s Attack, Defense and HP are judged on this, and are then given a rating out of 3 stars. the orange star rating turns a pink/red, and the appraisal bars turn red. As you can see by my featured image, the Blastoise I caught has three red bars with the pink/red rating. This means that this Blastoise has perfect IVs. From the looks of it, it seems that the appraisals do not note nicknames, as

But what about our team leaders? What do they do now?

Instead of giving us the long-winded appraisal, they now give us the date and location that the Pokemon was caught in. This saves my phone from slowing the heck down whenever I want to check the date or location stamp on my Pokemon (which is still visible below – although typically now the speed on that has increased).

Within the space of around 2 minutes, I was able to appraise 115 Pokemon. It would have taken me a long time to be able to appraise that many just a few hours ago. However you can do it much quicker – by searching using the term ‘4*’ (without quote marks), you can see all of your 100% IV Pokemon.

As by changing the appraisal system, the code for the old system has been removed.

While it’s not the exact appraisal system people were clamouring for, I think this is a great step in the right direction, and is quite similar to that of the Let’s Go games.

It appears that that was not the only thing to have changed in this update. The fast-catch using the back button on your phone has stopped working (for me, anyway). Also there will be a change coming to PvP soon, where the way you make your Charged Attack is different – instead of tapping your screen furiously, you can now swipe coordinated attacks to ‘charge’ it up.

Another new addition that has been added is the code for the new Purification system. There are new badges added for Invasions, along with Shadow and Purified Pokemon search filters, updates and added forms (for example, Houndour, Poliwag and Moltres to name a few received these updates). There is also information about the Invasion Sequence, dialogue and a minigame. There looks to be a tutorial so that you don’t jump in confused as to what to do.

There was a lot of little things in the standard Silph Road APK teardown, but I feel that I covered the more interesting aspects of the update we received.

Extraordinary Raid Week! Yes!

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better title, but I don’t care. This was the event that I was referring to in my post about Chrales’ findings about a Raid Week. So to confirm, we’re getting a Raid Week, full of lovely bonuses! The Raid Week will start Tuesday May 21st until Tuesday May 28th. We will gain 2x Raid Stardust and 2x Raid XP, perfect for those of us who still remembers their Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces! We will also have shiny Bronzor released for us to attempt to find!

Bold are shinies

1* – Machop, Slakoth, Shinx, Bronzor

2* – Misdreavus, Kirlia, MawileFeebasClamperl, Bibarel

3* – Alolan Raichu, Chansey, ScytherAerodactyl, Floatzel

4* – Alolan Marowak, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Absol, Metagross

That was just the Extraordinary Raid Week. During this week, we will also get a Raid Hour on Wednesday 22nd May from 6pm until 7pm local time. The number of raids of all levels will increase during the hour – which is great for me, I’m attempting to get back into raiding, and I can’t wait to attempt to get some shinies.

Speaking of shinies, on Saturday May 25th from 11am until 2pm local time, we are getting a Lapras Raid Day. Just like the Legendary Birds and Gengar before it, Lapras will have its own special raid day, where we receive up to five Raid Passes from Gyms at no cost, and multiple chances of encountering a shiny Lapras!

And now for my reaction

I love the idea of a raid week. I just hope that throughout the week raids are more common than normal, so that we can have a good amount of opportunities to raid the hell out of the gyms. At least we know in advance when the raid hour is this time, instead of it being a surprise. This means we can plan routes efficiently and organise carshares!

This is the first ‘Chaos Day’ I will be able to do since Zapdos – I was working during Moltres Day and I had an injury shortly before Gengar Day, so I could do neither of those. But this time will be fun, I’m sure of it!

Raid Week 2019? And The Current State of Gen 4…

While finding the information I needed for the Detective Pikachu post, I stumbled upon yet another tweet from Chrales, suggesting a Raid Week 2019. This suggests that there will be a large emphasis on raids – which is brilliant, because with having gone from one Gym last year, to 8, there will be plenty of opportunities to raid. However, we seem to have what could be new items to solve one of the longest-running problems encountered with Gen 4’s release. These are new Lure Modules – but these are different:

  • Glacial Lure Module – a frosty Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that love the cold. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.
  • Magnetic Lure Module – an electronic Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that possess a magnetic field. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.
  • Mossy Lure Module – a natural Lure Module that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes – especially ones that love mossy scents. It can also cause some Pokemon to evolve.

Now this fits in brilliantly with the main series games, because it reflects four Pokemon that can be evolved into with these environments. Eevee could evolve into Glaceon near an icy rock (Glacial Lure Module), while it could also evolve into Leafeon near a mossy rock (Mossy Lure Module). Nosepass and Magneton, however, could evolve into Probopass and Magnezone when near magnetic fields (Magnetic Lure Module).

So it looks like we’ll have four new Pokemon to add to our Sinnoh dex. Which leaves the following, and where it could have been distributed better:

Pokemon Event
Burmy Bug Out Event
Wormadam Bug Out Event
Mothim Bug Out Event
Cherubi Equinox Event
Cherrim Equinox Event
Shellos Regional variants – Earth Day (properly)
Gastrodon Regional variants – Earth Day (properly)
Mime Jr. Europe-to-Europe 7km Eggs
Gible Earth Day
Gabite Earth Day
Garchomp Earth Day
Hippopotas Earth Day
Hippowdon Earth Day
Rotom Unknown – possibly Magnetic Lure Module/Raid Boss
Regigigas 5* Raid Boss
Phione Unknown
Manaphy Special Research
Shaymin EX Raids/Special Research (Equinox Event)
Arceus EX Raids/Special Research

So in total, there are 13 Pokemon that could have been better distributed to other events that have already passed. I added Shaymin as an EX Raid boss because of its Land and Sky Formes, which can be easily used as opportunities for a boss, much like Deoxys and the discussions about Arceus.

Shellos and Gastrodon needed to have been handled better – us in Europe missed out on the initial release because we were asleep (thanks Niantic)! It is also interesting to note that the fan-favourite pseudo-Legendary Garchomp hasn’t yet made an appearance.

I could foresee Rotom going one of two ways – one by releasing it through Magnetic Lure Module exclusively, or a changeable Raid Boss depending on the Weather Boost (for example, the Rotom Heat or Mow can spawn during sunny weather, while Rotom Fan can spawn during windy weather – that kind of thing.

So it is clear that Niantic had ample opportunity to release all of these Pokemon. From October until now, we are still missing 1/5 of the Gen 4 Pokemon, including Mythicals, but not including separate forms. We are anticipating Hippopotas and Hippowdon during this year’s Go Fest, but we should have something new to catch in between, without them being ridiculously rare (looking at you Finneon, having to chase one for five minutes to a Crowne Plaza just to get the Pokedex entry – not pleased).

I found today’s featured image on Paul Cotton’s post about Leafeon and Glaceon. I think it sums up the post for me.