TBT #1 – A Special Community Day

Date: 11th August 2018

I mentioned earlier that this day, August 11th, was a very special day for me. I’ll go over the details.

It was Eevee Community Day (weekend), and it was also my first Community Day in Portugal. I enlisted the help of my friend Jeanette, who didn’t play, but we wanted to explore. I thought we might as well kill two birds with one stone. We’d been living in Lisbon for two weeks, and training for our jobs for most of that time, so we were anxious to get out and see the sights.

An hour before the day started, we’d met outside the El Corte Ingles just outside the São Sebastião Metro. We then headed to Jardim da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, where we took a leisurely stroll towards the outdoor stage, and near the museum and cafe. On the way around where we originally started, we spotted Palacete Leitão, where we saw a ton of cats. I’m not kidding, I must have seen a good ten or fifteen at most. Walking through

With my Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces popping, I was ready for my first and perhaps the most defining Community Day in Lisbon.

Most of the time I spent actively hunting took place at Jardim Amália Rodrigues, where we sat overlooking Parque Eduardo VII. A lot of Eevee spawns popped up here, and I was getting through them. We soon became aware that we’d essentially entered the tourist area of Lisbon, after so long of staying within the more residential areas.

Then that special moment happened – at 11.38am, I’d finally hit Level 40! I’d been counting down for months, but I was giddy when I’d managed it, and it was the highlight of the day. So naturally, I posted an update on Facebook with the screenshot saying ‘I quit Pokemon Go.’ Of course, I’ve still been playing daily since (and quite close on reaching my Level 40×2).

Level 40 achieved, and my battery draining, we’d headed to Colombo, a large shopping centre a little ways away, and I’d caught my last shiny of the day there, totalling seven shinies for the Saturday portion of the event. I’d also had to be careful to not let my phone overheat, the temperatures were creeping into the 40’s (Celsius) at this point in the year.

The Eevee that levelled me up to 40 evolved into a Flareon, too!

Update: Throwbacks

Hey guys, just a quick update on what’s happening with this blog now that I’m back from hiatus!

I want to do a series of throwbacks, just to give me a little something to write about. The idea came about when I knew I wanted to write about my time in Portugal, but wasn’t sure on how to angle it. So I decided to do a set of random throwbacks, which will span across my Pokemon Go playing career. These posts will be uploaded every Thursday at midnight BST – I will try my hardest to have them scheduled for this time.

I hope you like what I’ve got to share! The first one will feature a Community Day past that is still very special to this day.