Worst Ghost-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! I’m pretty spooked by these terrible Pokemon (okay, some are filler), so here are the worst Ghost-type Pokemon!


The worst thing is that this is the only new Ghost-type in Johto. Plus Mismagius is infinitely better, right down to the shiny.


I’ve discussed this in the previous Worst Bugs post, and my point still stands.

Mega Sableye

I don’t think this needed a Mega Evolution, and even then it doesn’t change much. I suppose it’s part of the design and lore, but…eh.


I just prefer the concept and execution (pardon the pun) of Banette, and to that extent Mega Banette, it’s that simple.


Blame the Rotom Dex in the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon games, where it tells you that it’s giving you unsolicited advice. Mate, you’ve just said it’s advice you weren’t asked for, so don’t give the advice!

Hoopa Confined

I haven’t seen the film, but I’ve heard enough people mimic it to the point where it’s annoying as hell.

Galarian Yamask

I still have nightmares of when I lost my Galarain Yamask, while trying to get it evolved, because of the Hail buffer. Ouch.


As much as I love the appearance of Dusknoir, its only good purpose is to make Dusclops better with Eviolite.


These last two are literally here because it’s slim pickings.

Oricorio (Sensu)

As I said with Blacephalon, it’s slim pickings. I just probably won’t use Oricorio in general, so there’s that.

Worst Bug-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon just…bug me. I dunno…here are the worst of the bugs!


I love Paras, don’t get me wrong, But I lose interest as soon as it evolves into Parasect. I had one in LeafGreen, and once it evolved it went straight into the box, never to be seen again.


It’s got a fun gimmick, and that’s it.


This is on here for the sole reason that it’s based on a goddamn mosquito. I hate those bastards. Nope. Nope. Nope.


This bastard. My arch nemesis. If I had a lifelong enemy, it is Masquerain. In Pokemon GO, two Masquerain spawned when they were first released – the first one didn’t even spawn for me (it spawned for Connor), the other ran away on the GO+. When I finally got a Masquerain, it was nicknamed ‘You Bastard’, and you can’t name them that now, so there’s that!


Wait, this exists? Crap. We’ll stick it here then.


All of the Wormadams are terrible, let’s put it that way.


What’s worse than a useless Bug-type? Two useless Bug-types. I couldn’t justify putting them in different entries so here they are.


We already have a good Bug/Steel-type in the collection (which is not Forretress by the way, that title goes to Scizor). No wonder this gets eaten up by Heatmor. Along with Heatmor it makes the worst of the rival counterparts (the better one being Zangoose & Seviper).


I mean, it’s fine. It’s not great…okay, it’s pretty bad. Why does it get Iron Fist when it has a terrible Attack stat? Just no.


I don’t like bees, Vespiquen can buzz off. End of.

Worst Poison-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! It’s hard to rip my favourite type to shreds, but what kind of writer would I be if I missed it out? Here are the ten worst Poison-types (in my opinion)!


The Zubat of the sea!

No thanks! Can’t even swim three spaces without this popping up in the earlier games! Thank hell for the overworld Pokemon in Galar and Let’s Go games, allowing us to avoid these things!


This is worse in some ways because it’s more forgettable than the Zubat of the Sea. However, I can admit its Intimidate Ability is hella useful though, and I like its origin and inspiration. But why is it so forgettable?


I just don’t like this at all. It’s a shame that something as cute as Skorupi gets like this. Not only that, its typing changes when Skuntank literally exists with the same type combination! Plus its shiny is uber-disappointing.


Wait, this exists? Oh shit…


Sorry Tim! But…yeah…if the Zubat of the Sea is on this list, you bet the Tentacruel of the Caves is on here.

I mean, at least Crobat is awesome…


*insert Among Us joke* – yes, it’s good for competitive, but I just don’t care for it when there are so many other Grass/Poison-types that are just…better.


I knew a kid that pronounced this thing ‘Kakunga’ and it still sets me on edge. Don’t get me wrong, I love Beedrill, but oh boy…

Mega Venusaur

Thick Fat is a great Ability for Mega Venusaur, but please can it just look more like the Gigantamax version instead?


This is part of the other Poison-type problem where there are so many Bug/Poison-types anyway, and Scolipede just adds to it.


This is literally the same reasoning as Scolipede.

Worst Flying-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These particular Pokemon aren’t exactly…soaring…instead they just come crashing down. So away from the bad puns and into the ten worst Flying-types – in my opinion. This is definitely an uninspired list, but then you could say the same about the Pokemon!


Hang on, you really think Charizard is on this list? Nah, since I got my shundo Charmander in Pokemon GO it’s regained a soft spot in my heart. Go to my good friend Tim’s site, because Charizard is one of his least favourite Pokemon!


Sorry Tim, but I’d rather go for Pidgeot than Budget Pidgeot. In a universe where I have to choose between Pidgeot and Fearow, I always forget about Fearow. I’m honestly not even sorry about it. Even its shiny is awful, but that’s the curse of the early-day shinies, unfortunately.

Mega Salamence

Don’t get me wrong, I love Salamence, but I wish this didn’t happen. It just doesn’t look good in general, and we also have the Eon Duo that Mega Evolve into what I can only describe as aircrafts. It’s not something we needed, and I think I’d definitely have preferred a Mega Flygon over Mega Salamence.

Rotom Fan

A Flying-type. With Levitate. This is the reason why Rotom forms needed different Abilities that would better fit the type combination. I know I put this on my Electric Gym post but only for the fun of it.


Unfezant is unpleasant. Moving away from the puns again, I definitely don’t like Unfezant, it’s not even a Route 1 bird that I would choose, and I’d probably rather go for Fearow over this thing eventually.


I’d say this would have been an interesting Bug/Fighting-type but we have Heracross, so Ledian would have been outclassed anyway. I love ladybirds, but I just don’t connect with the Ledyba line in general, and I always tend to forget about Ledian.


It just comes down to the fact that while Xatu normally had its standing upright sprites, I hate that they made it hover in the 3D sprites – it doesn’t do Xatu justice at all, considering in its Pokedex entry states that it stays still because it is seeing both the past and the future at the same time. Even in its Omega Ruby entry it states that it “stands rooted”. Guys, a little continuity, please?


Jumpluff is just bad. It doesn’t help that its pre-evolutions are just as awful, if not worse. At least with Jumpluff you’re going to get Grass-type moves already, but with Hoppip you don’t even get a Flying-type move by level-up until it’s already evolved into Jumpluff. Just get another Pokemon.


I know there are people that love Delibird and I love the gimmick, but this is mostly filler in this list. It’s just…not great to use, definitely, and I definitely wouldn’t choose to use it. I mean, it’s fun to look at, that’s for certain.


I just feel there’s too many Water/Flying-types, and yes that does include the likes of Pelipper, Cramorant and the next one on this list. Mantine doesn’t really do much for me.


I just don’t care for Swanna. Ducklett is pretty cute, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that they got the ugly duckling/beautiful swan thing the wrong way around. I kinda wish Swanna was prettier and less…bad.

Worst Psychic-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! It’s that time of the week when I potentially rip someone’s favourite Pokemon to absolute pieces! This week it’s down to what Psychic-type is the worst.

Mr. Mime

This is my least favourite Pokemon of all time. The Galarian Mr. Mime gets bonus points for being less creepy, and evolving into a homage to an iconic comedy actor in Charlie Chaplin. But I just hate Kantonian Mr. Mime, and nobody can convince me to change my mind. It’d be the one Pokemon that I’d choose to get rid of for good.

Mega Mewtwo X

We didn’t need a physical Mewtwo, considering its level-up learnset is mostly made of special moves. That being said, I just don’t like the appearance of Mega X, and I feel that Mega Y feels more natural for Mewtwo.


Its Pokemon GO encounter makes it look like a deranged anime villain and I hate it.

Hoopa (Confined)

Just hearing everyone discuss how annoying Hoopa Confined was in the movie sets my teeth on edge. I haven’t seen the movie, so that’s a testament to how annoying it is. Hoopa Unbound though…


This is just forgettable. I don’t actually know if there’s anything that can make it memorable anymore.


I dunno, I just felt that Spoink had more charm to it than Grumpig had. Plus if Grumpig was grumpy, why is it smiling? Why is it happily dancing? At least its shiny form do be looking good though.


This Pokemon literally has no place in Galar.

No seriously, Hidden Power was removed, so…


These feel like filler Legendaries, where only one of them needed to be there. Gen 4 was saturated with Legendaries and Mythicals as it was, and I’m sure not many people would miss these.


As it’s part of one of many Psychic-type families in Unova, I just forget it exists a lot of the time. I’d probably find myself more likely to use Gothitelle or Reuniclus than Beheeyem.


The less said, the better. Sorry Tim.

Worst Ground-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! We’re really getting into this now, and this is my list of the worst Ground-type Pokemon, in my own opinion.


We’ve talked about this – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And they completely broke Rhydon by introducing Rhyperior. The only good thing is that Rhydon can utilise the Eviolite.


Why did Seismitoad make it into Galar? I love toads, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love this. I don’t even like it. Swampert and Quagsire are superior.

Even its Dynamax Adventures moveset is shit.


Incoming Dynamax Adventures flashbacks! On a more serious note though, Zygarde is here because it was so heavily underutilised in the Kalos games. It would have benefitted greatly from a third version where it’s in the spotlight, instead of some weird cave. I didn’t enjoy the cell/core challenge in Sun/Moon either. On top of that, I just wish only the 50% Forme existed, and at least have the dog variant an entirely different Pokemon. If these problems were fixed, Zygarde would actually be a more likeable Pokemon.


Not gonna lie, kinda got the hump with this one. All jokes aside, I just much prefer Mamoswine. That’s literally it. However, its shiny form is pretty boss though.


This Pokemon is just unremarkable for me. I’m just not a fan.

Mega Garchomp

Honestly there isn’t much to say except like with most Mega Evolutions, Mega Garchomp is overdesigned. I just wish it was as simple as its regular counterpart has everything you need from a Garchomp, and didn’t need a Mega Evolution. The only redeeming quality is its shiny form, and even then it’s not what I would have chosen for it.


This is so much worse now considering the more memorable Galarian Stunfisk, which actually has an obvious origin. Normal Stunfisk is just…there for me. It doesn’t do a lot for me in any regard.


I love Vibrava and Flygon, but Trapinch is one I’ve had a lot of problems with, mostly due to Pokemon GO. It was pretty much the only thing hatching from 10km Eggs at one point, and its Community Day was pretty bad. I’d have loved to have seen it look more like a Vibrava pre-evolution rather than what could be an entirely different family.


It’s not as bad as Seismitoad, but it’s still bad. While I do love its appearance, I just think we only needed Swampert and Quagsire, especially in Galar where every single Water/Ground-type tended to make an appearance. Actually, out of all the Water/Ground-types, Whiscash tends to be the most forgettable for me.


I just don’t like this trio in general, so here Landorus stays. Its Therian Forme is hella dope though.

Top 5 Black Mirror Episodes

Hey guys! I’ve been talking about every Black Mirror episode at length for a long while now, and now that’s over, I might as well go over my top 5 Black Mirror episodes. And because these are pretty much interchangeable, this is a list in no particular order!

I will say that it was so difficult to narrow it down to five episodes, and the honourable mentions were The Entire History of You, Arkangel and Fifteen Million Merits.

White Bear

White Bear was a wild ride, that’s for certain. It also inspired one of my short stories that I wrote back in November 2019, and is now reworked to become its own thing. Anyway, I like that you’re supporting this woman and pretty much on her side, until you find out that she’s actually undergoing daily psychological torture because she was part of a brutal killing of a girl she kidnapped. The “White Bear Justice Park” is open to visitors that can record her suffering, and then the memories of that day are wiped for her and she goes through it all again. I think that’s hugely impactful, but it also raises some moral questions and doubts, especially when it comes to the enjoyment of the torture. Does it make the general public as bad as her? Remains to be seen, I suppose.

San Junipero

San Junipero is the token ‘happy ending’ of Black Mirror, where it’s actually more bittersweet than happy, for me anyway. The episode is full of 80s nostalgia that I felt so hard despite actually being born in 1992. That said, having been brought up on 80s culture helped a lot to feel more connected to the episode, and that kind of theme does carry on with Bandersnatch too, I suppose.

I still need to get some artsy posters for my home!


Nosedive, the episode that spawned a board game! Nosedive is practically tied for first place, with its visuals and dystopian setting being the focus. As you’re viewing the episode from the point of view of Lacie, it seems very aspirational, but it’s what China has, with a similar Social Credit System in place, so that the better score you have, the more perks you enjoy. I just love Lacie’s descent into madness, and the soundtrack for this episode is amazing!

White Christmas

White Christmas is a standout for many reasons. It did the anthology thing, with three different stories in this Christmas special, but in a special way, they link together really well. Matt’s role as a guide to help men pick up women feeds into the end of the episode, as does Joe falling into the power of the in-real-life blocking feature. The cookie feature does get used again in future episodes, but it’s at its peak here, with Joe’s artificial consciousness being tortured by the real-world effects of the cookie. It’s a very dark ending overall, though, and it’s not the usual fare you’d put on over the Christmas period, but it works for me!

The National Anthem

I can understand that this is a very controversial choice, but I felt that it was perhaps the best introduction to the Black Mirror series. The fact remains that while it may have been a little farfetched, the focus for me isn’t on the Prime Minister being forced to fuck a pig live on TV, it’s the reactions of the general public, hungry for controversy, going as far as to watch the viewing despite them being encouraged not to watch it. This combined with its present-day setting allows us to immerse ourselves further as it could be something that happens in our reality. I wouldn’t want to watch Boris Johnson doing that, let’s just leave it at that!

Worst Rock-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon may be Rock-type, but they don’t exactly rock…some may roll, though!

Here’s my not-so-favoured Rock-type Pokemon!


Yeah this one’s one of my least favourite Pokemon of all time, along with Mr. Mime. It doesn’t even have any redeeming qualities about it, especially its shiny form. Can I just skip onto the next one please?


I mentioned this one in my Worst Fire-Types post, and I still feel the same. Just get a not shit Pokemon.


This is a Pokemon that I feel heavy resentment for purely because of the (lack of) shiny Aron in Pokemon GO. I have had one traded to me, but overall I’ve seen 1,816 without a single shiny appearing. It’s a bit suspect, not gonna lie.


The reason why I have this here is because I keep confusing it as being Rock/Electric, and while that sounds hella dope, the moustache says differently. But I just don’t like Probopass, or Nosepass for that matter.


This is another that stems from an arduous shiny hunt. Chewtle was my first long hunt, and I had to take a break from it and hunt other things before I lost my mind. Still, compared to some, 2,248 eggs for shiny Chewtle isn’t too bad. But I still hold a grudge.

Mega Tyranitar

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tyranitar a lot more than I did a year ago. But its Mega form just feels way too overdesigned for me, and that’s an issue I have with a lot of Mega Evolutions anyway. It’s like when GameFreak were asked how many spikes they wanted Tyranitar to have, they just replied with ‘yes’. I suppose it does hit like a truck though…


Like a lot of Gen 1 Rock-types, it gets wrecked so easily, unless you picked Charmander, and then it’d get wrecked easily by Mankey in the remakes. Plus I prefer Steelix anyway, so having Onix gain an evolution was beneficial. I just also think there could have been a pre-evolution as well, just to balance out how huge it is in the first place.


This is another fine example of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and Rhydon was pretty much perfect (quad weaknesses aside). But Rhyperior…it just wasn’t necessary, was it? I suppose it gives us Eviolite Rhydon, and that’s about it.


Honestly until the release of Regidrago and Regieleki, I was never a fan of the Regis. They don’t look too inspiring, and Regirock is obviously one of those. In fact, it’s probably my least favourite of the Regi family, Regigigas aside.


This one’s mostly just filler, but it’s forgettable filler, considering its release outside of the original Ultra Beast cycle. It has a cool shiny though, I’ll give it that, and its name is funny.

Worst Electric-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon featured today just don’t spark any joy within me, and they kinda just…fizzle out.

Yes, today I’m going through my least favourite Electric-types.


Blame my good friend Sam for this entry. I’m tired of the shiny Plusle jokes. Enough is enough.


Yes, both of them are on this list, for the exact same reason. No, I’m not grouping them together. Minun is the lesser of two evils, but I wouldn’t choose it in Hoenn when Manectric exists.


This is on here purely because of the annoying Rotom Dex in the Alola games. This is especially considering the constant “Listen up! Here’s where I give you advice you didn’t ask for!” dialogue. Oh, and I only saw this after I had finished the Ultra Sun game and completed the Pokedex. I dreaded the thought of the Rotom Phones in Galar, but thankfully it’s mute.


In its Therian Forme, it’s okay. But we’re talking about the Incarnate Forme, and like the other Kami Trio, it’s a huge nope from me. If I wanted an Electric/Flying-type that doesn’t give me creepy vibes, I’ll go for Zapdos.


The main reason why this is on the list is because its Hunger Switch Ability is just a bit terrible, if I’m honest. I mentioned this before, but it would have been better if it was berry and health activated rather than turn-based, because who the heck goes from happy to hangry to happy again so quickly?


I think Lanturn’s really cute, honestly. However, I just think it could do to be a bit more menacing, considering its inspiration. Honestly I was hard-pressed for choices, which is why this made it onto the list.


If anything still gives me nightmares, it’s this. And it’s not from the main series games either – playing Reborn instills fear, and it’s why I chose Mudkip for my second playthrough (considering that Marshtomp becomes immune and gets Damp).


This is just here because I always want to spell it wrong.


I mean, it’s eh, I suppose. Without its Galarian form, it’s pretty forgettable and bland. At least the Galarian Stunfisk has something going for it, this just pales in comparison.

Mega Manectric

The poor thing looks a bit weighed down, doesn’t it? Oh bless it, it doesn’t look majestic or streamlined, it just looks like someone’s shoved a lightning bolt costume on it for Instagram photos.

Worst Grass-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! While it’s still in the middle of winter, spring is just around the corner (in another couple of months or so). I’ve got the ten worst Grass-types to go through now, purely because I’m doing these lists in the same order as I did the best and shiny lists!


Sunkern’s pretty cute, but this? THIS? This is just something ugly indeed. And I like sunflowers, so that goes to say something, I suppose.

And people think the later generations had terrible designs.


As forgettable as it was, I quite liked Tangela. It looked like it had personality. Now it just looks like a hulking giant, and not in a good way.

Don’t get me started on the PULSE Tangrowth in Reborn, that’s a whole different story.


Honestly this has just never really appealed to me. And to think this got a Mega Evolution, too…nah. I think it’s a hard pass for me.


I mean, I can see why Bellossom appeals to some, but it seemed like an unecessary and strange evolution to Gloom, all things considered. Bellossom could have been a completely different evolution line in itself, and I may not like it still, it’d be a far sight better than what we have.


This is one of the few meh Pokemon in Galar, and the fact that Milo uses both it and Gossifleur really winds me up sometimes.

Like literally Milo could have just gone down the road from his house to Route 5 and got himself an Applin at the very least, and evolved it into whatever version exclusive it was. There was literally no excuse. Shame on you Milo. At least he got one later on, I suppose. Too little too late to be honest.


I honestly would have preferred Sawsbuck’s design had it retained the vivid colour schemes of Deerling. I also have issues with how bare and naked Spring Sawsbuck looks, I mean at least give it leaves or a full head of cherry blossoms!


The fact that this and its evolution line doesn’t learn a Grass-type move for a long time is actually quite pathetic, really. I mean, during mine and Connor’s Soul Link, the Hoppip was difficult to use and it ended up dying.


A lot of people really hate Delphox, but Chesnaught feels like it’s a Chespin that decided to put its muscular dad’s clothing on as a form of dress-up, and it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m also getting creepy Ross Geller as the Holiday Armadillo vibes, and that’s kinda off-putting.

Plus Talonflame exists in Gen 6 so don’t even bother with this one.


Can someone explain why this thing exists? This is the reason why Mothim is so forgettable.


There are a few reasons why I dislike this Pokemon – the first is how common it is in Pokemon GO, despite Cherubi being very rare. The second is how hard it is to catch in Pokemon GO. The third is that the Overcast Form is inferior to the Sunshine Form.