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What Makes or Breaks a Trip?

I discuss what makes or breaks a trip, and how to learn from it.

TBT #4 – When I Moved To Portugal

Date: 27th July 2018 I woke up at 3.30am on this day, and it was the day that I was moving to Portugal. Obviously then, I assumed it would be a year-long stint. However, I managed to get myself ready for the trip to the airport by 3.45. My flight was at 7am, and because

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TBT #1 – A Special Community Day

Date: 11th August 2018 I mentioned earlier that this day, August 11th, was a very special day for me. I’ll go over the details. It was Eevee Community Day (weekend), and it was also my first Community Day in Portugal. I enlisted the help of my friend Jeanette, who didn’t play, but we wanted to

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Update: Throwbacks

Hey guys, just a quick update on what’s happening with this blog now that I’m back from hiatus! I want to do a series of throwbacks, just to give me a little something to write about. The idea came about when I knew I wanted to write about my time in Portugal, but wasn’t sure

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