More Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but over the course of the past year, I obtained a total of 28 100% IV Pokemon! As I’ve gone over the nicknames for previous ones, here are the newer additions up to 5th March 2021!

Pichu – “Lil’ Bud” – this was a name purely because it was one of the flower crown Pichu hatches from Easter 2020. I named it Lil’ Bud because of it, and I could never bring myself to evolve it into a Pikachu.

Cacturne – “Pokey” – this one came randomly in my flat, and I egged my boyfriend to catch it as well. I named it Pokey, after Connor’s Cacturne in the short-lived Emerald Soul-Link, so it felt like a great call-back.

Magnezone – “Flash” – this one I got from Field Research, and named it Flash because it seemed like a fitting name. Because of the constraints of using a Magnetic Lure, I only evolved this more recently into Magnezone. Funnily enough, my mum now has a cat named Flash.

Sharpedo – “Peter File” – this one was caught during the Carvanha Incense Day, and I named it Peter File as a direct nod to The IT Crowd, because I always used to add “file” to the end of “Sharpedo” as a joke.

Torterra – “Kaguya” – I did name Torterra after Kaguya, a Naruto character based on folklore that ate fruit from the God Tree and became the first wielder of chakra. I’ve noticed that Naruto takes a lot of inspiration from Japanese folklore, and it’s pretty interesting.

Hippowdon – “Sahara” – my second 100% Hippowdon, this time female. I named her Sahara after the Sahara Desert.

Arbok – “Rocket” – my second 100% Arbok, but this one differs because it came from a GO Rocket battle. I could have named it Jessie, but it’s male, so…

Deoxys – “NoodleArm” – I admit I usually forget I have a hundo Deoxys. Whoops! But it follows the tradition of naming every Deoxys after some kind of pasta. Noodle just happens to be one of those.

Pelipper – “Toiletbirb” – this nickname still makes Connor laugh. And it kinda looks like a toilet, so it’d be rude not to!

Tepig – “Rasher” – like with Pichu, I don’t have the heart to evolve this just yet. I named it Rasher because it’s a pig, and you know where bacon comes from. Please tell me you know where bacon comes from!

Alolan Raticate – “Anicotti” – simply put, this one was named after one of the mouse Animal Crossing villagers.

Mawile – “Gnasher” – it’s named Gnasher because of it’s huge-ass head-jaw. I can’t wait to see this thing Mega Evolve.

Vanilluxe – “BrainFreeze” – it was so annoying to catch these when they came out for the holiday event, but I managed to snag a hundo from Field Research. And of course, if you eat ice cream too quick, you get brain freeze!

Ninetales – “Mito” – because it’s a female, I decided to name it after Kurama’s first Jinchuriki, Mito Uzumaki. Hey, I wasn’t gonna be gender-bending like a lot of fanfic writers do!

Dewott – “Blizzard” – I’ve mentioned this before, but I named the then-Oshawott after the limited edition Sneak flavour that dropped on the same day that I got this.

Pinsir – “ItBugged” – the entire Meowth balloon sequence bugged the heck out, and I almost thought I wasn’t gonna get this. So I purified it and it became a hundo.

Chikorita – “Nomeyy” – this is named after Nomeyy, who spent ages going for a shiny Cyndaquil in HGSS, only to keep getting shiny Chikorita. I was going after a hundo Cyndaquil to replace the one that got lost to the ether. So when I got a hundo female Chikorita, there was only one name…

Weavile – “Stevile” – this is named after my good friend Steve, whose favourite Pokemon is Weavile. I got this during the Sneasel Research Day (that honestly we didn’t even need).

Weavile – “Aphrodite” – this also came from the same Sneasel Day, but because this one’s female, I named her after the Ice Queen from the House of Night series.

Mismagius – “RainBringer” – I caught this from Field Research during the terrible GO Rocket event. It was raining, so I named it RainBringer because I didn’t have any other ideas. I was going to change it later but I couldn’t be bothered to.

Skuntank – “Darcy” – this was named after Storm Darcy that was brewing at the time.

Charizard – “Char” – my first “shundo”, I caught it during the Kanto Tour event, as the first shiny, coming from the auto-completed Special Research. I named it after the first Charmander that I ever used in LeafGreen, so it was really fitting.

Kangaskhan – “MotherKang” – soon after I caught the shundo Charmander, we went over to a Kangaskhan raid, which ended up giving me another hundo of the day. MotherKang immediately sprung to mind, so there was a nickname idea straight away.

Squirtle – “Turt” – it’s my third hundo Squirtle…it’s a turt. It’s now called Turt.

Octillery – “Sushi” – a clever GPS drift in the apartment block granted me a hundo Remoraid, and it was either Sushi or Takoyaki. Sushi won out, but only just.

Walrein – “Flubber” – Walrein is big and beautiful, so it’s named after that classic Robin Williams film. Simple.

Nidoran M – “Biff” – I’m pretty sure Nidoking can pull off the name Biff, right? It’s my second hundo male Nidoran, so I’m definitely not getting variety here.

Nosepass – “Lost” – I know it’s based on a compass, hence the nickname. I just really fancied a bit of irony in its name!

The Early Bird Gets The Shiny | Fletchling Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! We’re back to March, where things feel a bit daunting now that the one-year mark of lockdown is coming up fast. I miss regular life. But today, we have a Community Day that nobody asked for. No, seriously, nobody asked for it.

Let’s get this out of the way: nobody asked for Fletchling Community Day because we haven’t had every Unova Pokemon released, and not a single Unova Pokemon has been graced with a Community Day. However, I was all in, for two reasons: the 3x XP bonus, and a brand new shiny, something we haven’t had in a Community Day since Porygon in September.

There was one huge issue that I had – at the time of announcement, Fletchling, like all other Kalos Pokemon, had a terrible catch rate, despite it being a Route 1 bird. After the mess-up with Electabuzz, as well as Snorlax in Kanto Tour where the catch rates were not changed, we weren’t really looking forward to it. But later, the catch rate for Fletchling and Bunnelby did increase, so at least that was taken on board.

The Special Research tasks were as standard, but the rewards were lesser. There were no Poffins or Incense made available, and the only thing worth noting was the Rocket Radar. I’m sure Niantic really hates me at this point, considering the Level 45 Requirements.

Doing this Community Day was monumental for two reasons – one being the huge XP grind while catching Pokemon, the other being the chance to get enough XL Candy to have Talonflame as a serious option for the Level 47 Requirement task to power it up to max CP, Stardust permitting. There were just two problems – one being that I was absolutely exhausted, and the second is that I may have messed up my eardrum, so I was mostly deaf in one ear. Connor didn’t fancy coming out with me because he was beyond exhausted, even though we were early to bed, early to rise.

The spawn quality was just so good, but I feared that the shiny rates were a bit bad at first – after the first mini-spike of shinies, we had nothing for a while, until we walked around again. It did pick up properly, and there was a point where I wasn’t hurting for shinies, while Sam stagnated (ha!).

I did collect as many balls as I could before the event started, but they were just no match for the 3x XP grind. I forgot to screenshot how much XP I was on, but I know I gained over 1 million XP throughout the day. I was Lucky Friends with Sam again, so we very quickly did a Lucky Trade with shiny Fletchling, of which mine got to 98% (15 Attack and HP). We also started seeing a few familiar faces, which I suppose it’s a sign of the times, or maybe they were happy to see something new?

I did eventually get a great streak of shinies, while Sam’s collection kinda remained stagnant. I ended a couple of hours before the end of the event with a healthy 24 shinies, which I was more than happy with. I did want to carry on, but the lack of balls didn’t allow that, sadly. Never mind! I did go onto my alternate account for a while though. That account did garner a few shinies, but I wasn’t going to dwell on lost time, I was just too tired by the end of it all. I ended up having a nap towards the end.

Tomorrow will be a complete self-care day with no craps given!

Kanto Tour Review | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! Yesterday was the Kanto Tour event, and I did it purely out of curiosity, as well as the opportunity to add shiny Mew to the ever-growing shiny living Pokedex I have stashed away on HOME. But was it worth the £10.99 price tag?

Long story short, there was a lot going on. As of writing this, we’re at the final two hours, and I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically. I chose Red version purely because after much deliberation, I did need more shinies from the Red version. I also buddied up with my friend Sam, who chose the Green version. That way we could trade the exclusives and complete our Collection Challenge.

We were made aware of a lot of different components for the day – all of the different Collection Challenges, the Challengers, the Red/Green version differences, and the news that regional exclusives would be in Raids – for which we would get 9 free Raid Passes and 3 free Remote Passes, to also help tackle the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo. It all definitely required a lot of planning, and if we wanted a shot at finishing everything, we had to venture outside. And honestly, it was a really mild day, wind aside. You wouldn’t have thought it was towards the end of February.

I started off in Central Park, as was the old Community Day tradition, and I was wanting to stock up on extra balls. Yes, we got 200 in one of the free boxes, but I didn’t care. But the event started, and it was pandemonium. Incense going off near-constantly, tasks to complete and things to do, I had to take a quick sit-down! Of course, the first shiny I got was the Charmander from the first part of the Special Research. And that, my long-suffering friends, turned out to be a shundo! I admittedly had to stop myself from screaming from the shock! I nearly gave people a heart attack from the shiny Latias the other day…

We also noticed that we weren’t going to go hungry for raids, and that they were nicely popping up in and out very frequently. The first we did was a Kangaskhan, which I still needed the shiny of. No shiny, but it was a hundo for me.

I did the usual lap around Central Park, hopping into whichever Raids that we could, and getting quite a few shinies as we went. I was excited about shiny Growlithe though, because it’s one that I’d been after since it was released! I did go back home to have lunch and recharge before I ventured back out again. It was good to be out and about though, I can say that much.

It was hard to keep up with all of the Collection Challenges, especially as you couldn’t have all of the completed ones at the bottom, and the in-progress ones at the top. We also noticed that newly-shiny Pokemon such as Spearow and Paras were hard to come by in their shiny forms, which was disappointing but not unexpected, as we saw from the APAC-region side of things.

The Collection Challenges themselves were quite fun, and easily accomplishable, with plenty of candy given per catch (with Magikarp yielding around 93 candy per catch with a Silver Pinap Berry). I enjoyed seeing all of the Challenges completed and it meant I had one less thing to worry about each time!

I went back home as it started to get dark and I was starting to get a bit hungry. I had originally planned to stream the final hours of the event, but on Thursday night I wasn’t well, and even though I felt much better the day of the event, I didn’t want to push it. Plus with the amount of walking I did, I knew that I was going to sleep easy, knowing the biggest mental hurdle (in terms of workload) was over. Plus not streaming gave me time to write this instead of doing it all last-minute!

All in all, I definitely filled in a lot of the gaps that I had in my shiny living dex. Overall, I got the following:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander (also 100%)
  • Squirtle
  • Weedle
  • Ekans x3
  • Nidoran F
  • Oddish
  • Mankey x3
  • Growlithe
  • Shellder
  • Krabby x2
  • Hitmonlee x2
  • Horsea
  • Electabuzz x2
  • Ditto
  • Porygon
  • Kabuto x2
  • Aerodactyl

So overall, 26 shinies! Not a bad haul. I wasn’t expecting Community Day odds by any means, though. There was a lot of Pokemon that I still needed shiny, but with the gargantuan amount of items you got from tasks, not to mention just the free Raid Passes alone made the ticket worth the price. I had a lot of fun, and there were plenty of times where my item storage was completely full (which it never usually is, and I have a low max storage amount as it is).

I didn’t particularly care for the GO Challenge Battles though, plus it’s one of the features where you had to go outside to do it. It would have been more fun to see content creators have their teams represented. I just didn’t fancy any of the teams, really.

I will admit that I am heavily disappointed in the Masterwork Research. The Pokemon GO Tour was anticipated specifically for shiny Mew, and it turns out that you have to wait at least a month after said event is a bit wrong. On top of that, the possibility of having to spin 151 unique PokeStops is irresponsible of Niantic, considering the pandemic, and the fact that in countries under lockdown it is illegal to travel outside of your area. I hope that within a month it has changed, however, and I have already contacted Niantic Support about it.

Now that we’ve had this Kanto Tour, I’d expect to see other Tours for the other regions. It probably won’t be for a while, considering Niantic would want to keep as many shiny releases as possible before unleashing them all. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw a Johto Tour announced in the future.

We also have the make-up event to hopefully look forward to as well!

Road to Level 50 – Part 1 | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! As you may be aware, I was Level 40 for over two years, having joined the ranks in August 2018. And now, we have the level cap increase, along with a few additional tasks! So how did I fare? Was my journey long and arduous? Well this is part 1, so assume so!

To Level 41

For this, I needed to have at least 6 million XP ready, and the following tasks:

  • Power up a Legendary Pokemon 20 times
  • Win 30 Raids
  • Catch 200 Pokemon in a single day
  • Earn 5 gold medals

The last one was auto-completed, considering my time playing the game. The first one was the next easiest, as I was able to power up a Lucky Zapdos that I had a good amount of candy for. I had the issue of catching the 200 Pokemon, due to having to nearly clear out my ball storage for this, but I managed it with the help of some Incense and a round trip to Central Park one day. And the other…

…I did originally want to take it a bit slowly, but I ended up using so many Raid Passes, especially from the Legacy 40 task. In the end, it took a trip to town and, with luck on my side, got a healthy amount of Raids finished, and levelled up to 41 thanks to a Mawile raid!

To Level 42

For this, I needed to have at least 7 million XP ready, and the following tasks:

  • Evolve Eevee into each of its unique evolutions
  • Use items to evolve Pokemon 15 times
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws
  • Use 200 berries to help catch Pokemon

The third one was the one I got done first, having seen some excellent candidates for the throws, such as Poliwrath. I’d already walked my two Eevees in preparation to evolve, and I grumbled that I had to pay for Glaceon and Leafeon (the Lure Modules), and it took a few tries to finally get Jolteon to finish the random evolutions. I was glad to have stored a lot of Ralts, and have quite a few Minccino and Misdreavus nearby, as well as my hefty item stash.

The berries was easy enough, although I was kinda running low afterwards! But on the same day as I hit 41, I quickly hit 42 after evolving my last Eevee into Umbreon!

To Level 43

For this, I needed to have at least 9 million XP ready, and the following tasks:

  • Earn 100,000 Stardust
  • Use 200 Super-effective charged attacks
  • Catch 5 Legendary Pokemon
  • Earn 5 Platinum Medals

The last one was already completed, because of how much time I’d spent playing the game. I was so glad that Meltan counted towards the Legendary Pokemon total, and that I already had a Meltan Box ready to go. Swinub Spotlight Hour really hurt my ball inventory, as more often than not, they were super-aggressive.

The super-effective charged attacks came courtesy of Master League training versus Candela. I was able to assemble the optimal team (Blastoise, Tyranitar and Golem) to get five attacks each training session.

Due to the aforementioned lack of balls, I had to add friends, get more gifts and do everything in my power to make sure that I was able to reach that goal. And I did, and funnily enough, a Mawile raid was the one to tip me over the edge.

To Level 44

For this, I needed to have at least 11 million XP ready, and the following tasks:

  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
  • Battle in the Go Battle League 20 times

Now I’m not the only person who doesn’t like the idea of PvP, but I admit that this is a hellishly easy task. My trick was to do the GBL battles first, and then finish off what was left of the wins I needed for the Great League. My main team for this was as follows:

  • Registeel with Metal Claw and Focus Blast
  • Azumarill with Bubble, Ice Beam and Play Rough
  • Diggersby with Mud Shot, Fire Punch and Earthquake

I also played around with Galarian Stunfisk, which had Metal Claw, Flash Cannon and Earthquake, before dropping it for Altaria, and changing Azumarill’s moveset a little. I also used up the rest of my Premium passes for this, because I figured I could get more later down the line, plus I was able to get some rewards from them! Out of the 20 battles I played, I did win 13 of them and reached Rank 4 (played another match so I could get the set rewards), so it wasn’t too bad, all things considered.

As for the trainer battles, I had to grab Connor’s phone to do the Master League battles, as my alternate account couldn’t access Master League yet (but I don’t use it that much anyway). My alternate account handled the rest with ease! Except that my tablet that I use the alternate account on has performance issues. I only needed the one last battle to level up and I had to restart the game on that end because of an ‘error 6’.

To Level 45

For this, I needed to have at least 13 million XP ready, and the following tasks:

  • Defeat 100 Team GO Rocket Grunts
  • Purify 100 Shadow Pokemon
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 50 times
  • Earn 10 Platinum Medals

The last one had auto-completed, and I’d already stacked up 23 Shadow Pokemon ready to be purified. Some of these were Golbats, which were minimal. Others…were a bit hefty.

This was also a stage where I wanted to take everything slowly. I’d already started the Level 43 Special Research, and, at the time I figured that I would gain access to the Level 45 version before I’d finished the previous one. At least having to catch 430 Pokemon would allow me to accrue the Stardust I needed to purify the Pokemon. I didn’t struggle with Stardust in the end, and then it was probably the easiest task to finish off when I’d had the Shadow Pokemon stacked (plus the tag function helped so much).

I was very happy to take this one slowly, so that I could also gather more XP for the later tasks. Plus the Meowth balloons that kept appearing slowed me down more, as Jessie and James don’t count towards the grunt tally. Boo! However, they did help with obtaining the radars that I needed in order to get the Leaders.

Strangely, I did actually finish the Level 43 Special Research, because I had a lengthy Boxing Day walk around Central Park to chase up some of the grunts and do the Raids in the meantime.

It took a while to finish the tasks to level up, because even though I managed to get all 100 grunts, the tasks themselves were disproportionate, meaning that I had to battle twice as many grunts as needed originally just to be able to battle the leaders. The UK went back into lockdown as well, which impacted the progress. I was starting to lose patience with how slowly I was completing the tasks, the leaders part especially.

However, the week commencing 25th January, I decided to go hard for once. The Johto catching challenge went on at this time, and I was getting the hang of the fast catch ‘feature’, and I ended the Tuesday with a nice five leaders remaining. This coincided with the Johto Research, with the GO Rocket leaders being the focal point of the challenge. And on the Wednesday, I finally beat the rest of the leaders that I needed to level up.

Overall, these were balanced for the most part. However, I’m certain the tasks assume that you’re in the best-case scenario, where you live in a huge city rammed with Pokestops/Gyms, and are not in lockdown. This is especially true for the GO Rocket tasks. Overall, the PvP task was the quickest to finish, considering the tasks involved, so I sat at my desk and did the tasks within a matter of hours. The GO Rocket tasks took a month overall to do.

Part 2 won’t be out for a long while yet, because I’ve gotten to the stage where I need to start grinding for XP again.

How I’m Preparing for the Kanto Tour | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! As someone that said they were quitting Pokemon GO (actually I took a small break for a month), I’m kinda excited about the Kanto Tour this year.

Here are the various ways that I’m preparing for the event!

Shiny Checklist

If you’re unaware, the Kanto Tour is the first opportunity that every Kanto Pokemon will be available, including their shinies. As someone that doesn’t often get shinies outside of Community Days, or new ones, it’s nice to see a bit of variety here. I made my own shiny checklist, which I’m trying to get as much done as possible over the course of the next couple of weeks for shinies – just so I don’t have to do as much hunting. Remember that shiny Mew is guaranteed, and that’ll be nice to have!

XL Candy Checklist

The Kanto Tour is a perfect opportunity to try and get some XL Candy checked off. I’m currently at Level 45, and so I’m preparing for the requirements by accumulating as much XL Candy as I can. The three that I’m working towards (currently) would be Eevee, Machop and Shellder.

Choose Your Colour!

In the Kanto Tour, you get to choose between Red and Green. These will offer the exclusives via Incense, and an increased shiny rate for others. You may choose to coordinate with a friend, or decide based on the shinies that you need. I’m choosing Red based on the amount of shinies that I have left to obtain for my shiny living dex, and Red just happens to have more of the things I need.

Storage Solutions – Items

After a severe ball drought, where I was down to literally one ball during the Machop Community Day, I’ve decided that, Catching Challenge aside, I’ve been clamping down on the amount of items I use. I did use Potions and Revives more for GO Rocket battles while I was Level 44, and I’d love to farm for more XP to be able to level up after doing the Level 46 Requirements tasks, but it’s hard to farm XP when you don’t have balls to farm XP with.

I often use way more balls than most people do, but right now, I’m torn between doing Roselia Community Day or just…not. For one, Roserade is one of my favourite Pokemon, but with the Kanto Tour being two weeks after that, it’s not enough time to save balls, especially with all of the different events in the meantime. Then there’s also the Level 45 tasks to do as well, which I may or may not have by then. I actually don’t have much storage space compared to most, because I live in a town as opposed to a full-on city, and Pokestop access is mediocre at best.

I don’t actally buy storage because I don’t usually have enough items to warrant the extra space. Same goes for the Pokemon, really.

Storage Solutions – Pokemon

Same goes for Pokemon storage, but I tend to clear out my spare Kanto shinies via Let’s Go, and then still utilise the GO to HOME transfer once per week. I still keep the stuff I use for PvP, any with perfect IVs, any shinies that I’m saving for the HOME transfer, any I use for Raids or GO Rocket battles. I still have around 900 in overall storage, but I always tend to trim down how much I have.

Anything I don’t need, I’ll transfer. Plus the added candy helps! I always get rid of costume Pokemon unless they’re shiny or 100%. Spare useless Legendaries? Gone.

Packing Essentials

Of course, I’ll expect that most people will be venturing outside during this event (I do have a COVID-safe point soon), so I’d suggest stocking up on essentials that you’ll need. My bag will have:

  • Wallet, because in the event that I need to go to a shop, I’ll have money to grab some water or a snack.
  • Hand sanitiser – because even though I won’t be touching other people, it’s a case of staying safe.
  • Mask – we are required to wear masks in any indoor public setting, and I also choose to wear a mask while outside in the local park anyway.
  • Snacks – probably bought from a local shop, because you need to keep fed!
  • Water – stay hydrated!
  • Power pack – because of the pandemic, I’ve not needed to buy a power pack for my phone. My goal is to play as much as both my internal battery and my power pack (if I buy one) will allow, and then go home to rest up, charge everything, and maybe saunter back out again if the time and weather stays reasonable.

My advice is to pack anything for the weather, or dress reasonably for it. I’m in the north, where it’s usually cold, so I’d wear gloves and a coat. Maybe those in the southern hemisphere could pack some sunscreen!

Check the weather forecast

I can imagine it’s going to be roasting in the southern hemisphere, and cold in the north here. I don’t want it to rain, of course! I don’t want it to snow! But we’ll just have to brave the cold weather I suppose. In all fairness we’ve just had quite a bit of snow, so I’m optimistic that we’ll be in the clear for now!

Checking the local guidelines

The UK won’t be out of lockdown for a while yet, and I can anticipate being a long time before we do come out, but it’s imperitave you check the local or national guidelines for your situation at the moment. If you are in the position where you can play as normal, I’m envious of you, but if you’re like me, just make sure you stay safe and responsible.

With that in mind, if you’re able to, you can meet as part of a support bubble, as long as it’s safe to do so. You may choose to play different versions of the game, and therefore be able to do trades. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to do Special Trades multiple times per day and at a distance, to ease off any teething issues there. Myself and a friend are planning on playing different versions in order to, in a way, help each other out.

Twitch Stream!

I am planning on streaming the latter part of the event, with a Pokemon Sword/Shield shiny hunt alongside! I’d aim to be live at around 4pm/5pm GMT when it starts to get dark here, and finishing shortly after the end of the event. Please give me a follow here! That way, you’ll be notified when I go live and be ready for the latter half of the event!

And that’s how I’m preparing for the Kanto Tour event!

Let’s Go Pick The Roses | Roselia Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! It’s the time of the month that almost nobody was waiting for. Yep, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we had Roselia Community Day. And yeah, I was one of the few people that was actually looking forward to this one.

Of course, I still followed regulations and adhered to social distancing and whatnot.

I personally don’t need shiny Roselia, but the chances of me heading outside depended entirely on the weather. We’d had Storm Darcy around yesterday, and hail this morning, but I wanted to grab a shiny Budew for my HOME shiny living dex as well as getting as close to finishing all of the Level 46 Requirements as possible (I only needed to finish the Field Research tasks and gather some XP at the time). I also wanted to get as much Roselia candy as possible so that I could be on my way to maxing a Roserade once I hit Level 46. My first 100% Roserade is one of my more realistic targets, I feel for that one, so it was important that I was on my way.

I did have a stack of eggs that I needed to hatch through before I got the Budew eggs. But I got those cleared, nothing remarkable, and I so quickly used up all of my incubators to hatch out the eggs. I still had eggs left over, but I’ve hatched three Budew over the event, with one being a 98% (I named it Le Cry because it’s not a shundo). I did take a break from encounters after a while, just to bounce my phone in a sock to get extra mileage to hatch the eggs while watching livestreams, videos and doing work.

The weather was frigid-cold today, and I will be honest it was good to get out of the house. Connor didn’t want to come out because he was sleeping off his night shifts, and our upstairs neighbours were making a lot of noise. I did meet up with Sam (yay support bubble friends), which was fun, but we did go home relatively early because I needed the loo and my phone was dying.

Also, because of the Kanto Tour ticket, I was able to take part in the Special Research that was offered. And because of the Timed Research that was offered alongside, it proved my theory from Machop Community Day correct. With Machop not having any Mega Energy or evolution items to utilise, it didn’t need that Research, but with Roselia requiring a Sinnoh Stone to evolve into Roserade, we got the Research.

The Field Research that I did all ensured that I finished that part of the Level 46 Requirements, and all that was needed was the XP, of which I was under 1 million off my goal by the end of the Community Day.

The one thing I noticed was that the catch rate hadn’t really increased for this event. I noticed that it was just as difficult to catch some Roselias as any other day.

In the end, I got 19 shiny Roselias, 3 shiny Budew, and barely any PokeBalls left. I did end up with a lot of XL candy, though, and three more eggs to hatch through. Before I go, here’s a quick little snippet of my day:

Me: Shiny Budew!
Connor: I love you too!

I had to correct him…

Okay, so I wonder how shit March’s Community Day will be…

Countdown to Pokemon GO Tour Event Review

Hey guys! We just went through four whole weeks of events based on the different regions from Unova to Johto, in an early countdown to the Pokemon GO Tour event. Of course, we have the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day events, as well as yet another poorly-timed GO Rocket event (for me, at least). But what did I think of this whole event, and the different parts?


Overall, I felt that it was a poorer version of the event that we had last year, where we had Timed Research to complete to collect the Champion’s Research for Genesect. The implementation of the Catching Challenge was fun, but the execution and the effectiveness greatly varied between the separate events.


This brought out more questions than answers, with the introduction of shiny Snivy. Of course, people questioned whether or not the Unova starters would get a Community Day, and what would happen to it as it stands. I did revel in the fact that there wouldn’t be any costumed Pokemon at all, as I was getting very tired of them. However, the spawn variety wasn’t that great, and Unova is very limited for shiny hunting anyway, so it made for a boring challenge overall. I did get a second 100% Oshawott that I named Blizzard, and that’s my biggest takeaway from it. That and the Catching Challenge was relatively simple.


This brought out shiny Buizel, which I did not obtain. In fact, I’ll say that I didn’t get any of the new shinies that came out. The more infuriating part of the task was that two of the targets for the Catching Challenge were Shadow Pokemon, meaning that before the boost, we had to luck out with a balloon or go out in a global pandemic. We did get a boost to both Stunky and Snover balloons, and all was fine from there on. It still bothered me that this was the case, that we were encouraged to go out when lockdown was in full force (and still is). I also now have a deep hatred for Chimchar, for reasons.

We also had Machop Community Day, and I feel that the Sinnoh event would have been a great tie-in if they released Starly as the Community Day feature Pokemon, but alas…


We got a good news/bad news situation here. The good news was that there were no Shadow Pokemon featured in the Catching Challenge. The bad news was that two of the targets were locked behind Field Research, and another behind Raids. This was rectified when they decided to implement a Mareep Incense day of all things because it’s not a Hoenn Pokemon. The fact remains that initially Plusle and Minun were locked behind Field Research in the middle of a pandemic.

This event also brought out extra Timed Research featuring Rayquaza as the end goal, that could be shiny and learn Hurricane. Now, I did three Kyogre raids, only caught one so I gave up. I did do everything else though. We did get a box with three free Remote Raid Passes, though.

We also got no new shinies, with the feature shiny being Aron (yeah I’m still after that one for myself).


Niantic were obsessed with Mareep, it has been confirmed. We also got shiny Miltank, which were abundant in a few Field Research tasks, but that burnt through so many of my berries that I was glad to see the end of it. And I managed to finish the Level 45 Requirements alongside the Timed Research, but I felt so burnt out with the Team GO Rocket tasks that I hated any other thought of it for the time being, and considering that’s what the next event is based on, I want to curl up and cry. The Timed Research did last for two weeks though, and granted a Ho-Oh that learned Earthquake. Guess who got a shiny Ho-Oh?

My personal aim was a 100% Cyndaquil because my Typhlosion disappeared to the ether. Instead I got a 100% Chikorita.

This Catching Challenge was probably the easiest that I got to do. Everything was available in the wild, and I managed to get the Smeargle on the first photobomb attempt. The biggest flaw for me was the Sneasel Research Day. Of course, my friend Steve will be fuming that I said that, please don’t hate me! The main issue that I had with it was that it was for a Pokemon with already highly-boosted shiny odds. On my main account, I managed three shinies, two 100%s and a shiny Larvitar that I named ‘oops’.

Pokemon GO Quality of Life Wishlist

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done this list, and there are still a lot of things that the game needs in order to improve. So let’s get on with that list!

Numbers for Gym XP and Health Bars

I’ve said this before – you know when the game shows that you’ve gained a certain amount of experience for interacting with a Gym, but then you don’t know exactly out of how much XP? It’d be nice to know how much XP we’d need if we wanted to get a Gym to Gold. Same with the Potions, telling us they’ll heal a fixed number of HP, but we don’t know what it means in the context of the health bars in the healing screens.

Lucky Egg / Incense / Star Piece Timers in Menus

It probably won’t be super-popular, but I’d like to see this happen for when we start hardcore grinding for XP and Stardust, and we want to do mass evolve sessions again. This would allow us to see how much time we have left on our stacked bonuses (because you can stack this stuff now, yay).

Decrease the Candy to XL Candy Ratio

Even for a collective person, having to use 100 Candy to obtain 1 XL Candy is a bit of a nightmare. That means out of a possible 7,500 Rattata Candy, for example, would only yield 75 XL Candy. That’s nowhere near enough when you have to power up 3 Pokemon to Level 50 in order to progress. It could have been worse – originally, you needed to power up 6 Pokemon to that level, which is nigh on impossible. Trainers are trading to get the task done, and that still means wasting Candy and Stardust.

A better way would be at least 50 Candy to an XL Candy.

Gift Counter

By this, I mean a counter of how many Gifts you’ve opened up in a day. So for example, it’d say ‘Opened: 26/30’ at the top of the Friends menu, or even alongside the PokeCoins earned section in the ‘Today’ tab. Actually, the latter would be a good idea, to keep it all in one place. This means that you’d be able to keep check of how many Gifts you’ve opened, and see if you can squeeze a couple more in if needs be.

Show us who gave us the 7km egg hatch

I’d like to see who gave me certain Pokemon, such as the two 100% Budew, or the 100% flower crown Pichu. Some I’ve narrowed down, such as my 100% Alolan Sandshrew, or my shiny Tauros, due to location and knowing these people in real life. It’d make the hatches feel a lot more personal, when I can say ‘ooh this Galarian Ponyta came from Vlapower94 in Lisbon’ (although he’s one of the few I recognise anyway because we met once doing a raid for an EX Pass, long story), and it’d be nice to see that in the Pokemon summary.

Better optimised Raid and Battle counters

I’m a little tired of having to pick out my preferred Pokemon for every battle. The generator usually picks out Slakoth, Mewtwo and something else, even if everything is weak to what the battle is. Raids aren’t much better, although I’ve had a Metagross with Psychic moves suggested against a Dewgong once – first in the party too. That was a bit soul-crushing, I cannot lie.

Costume Dex

With the amount of costumed Pokemon being thrown at us in the past couple of years or so, it’s about time they gave us a costume dex. This would allow us to be able to catch the costume Pokemon and then get rid, because they’re already there in the dex. It wouldn’t be that hard to do, considering they gave us a Mega Dex for Mega Evolutions. Unless they don’t want to give us the costume dex because it then highlights the problem of most events lately being crowded with costume Pokemon.

Pokemon flee when despawned

Have you tried to catch a Pokemon, and it kept breaking out of the balls and you gave up, only to find it had despawned? Because same. So instead of wasting my balls trying to catch something that isn’t there, it could just tell me that it isn’t there, you know?

Raid Invites Off / AR Mapping Off

Oftentimes you’re able to disable Remote Raid invites, except in certain events, where it doesn’t matter if you have Remote Raid invites disabled, as people can still send you invites! And it’s the same as the AR Mapping feature. Even if you have the option disabled, you still get AR Mapping tasks forced on you, and keeping a hold of one (in order to stop them coming through) results in you getting different Field Research tasks from the norm.

I put them both in the same section because they have the same exact issue.

I mean, I’m sure I’m missing something here, but that means that there’s some more stuff that needs updating. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

Machop To It – Machop Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! It’s the first Community Day of the year, so let’s make this one a good one! Yes, even under all of these circumstances.

DISCLAIMER: While we in the UK are still under national lockdown, we are allowed out for exercise purposes, despite the claims of otherwise. Myself and Connor did go out and used Pokemon GO as a form of exercise. We stayed away from other people in the park (dogs were a different matter, though!), and we wore masks throughout our time outside.

Let’s also just preface that I bought the Kanto Tour ticket, so I got this month’s and next month’s Special Research bundled with it! Because next month’s is Roselia, I’m actually excited about it, purely for bias reasons. But we’ll get to that one next month!

Overall, in terms of monetary value for the items, the Special Research was worth it. However, it depends on what you utilise. It was worth it for me to get the bonus Rocket Radar though, as I’m still on the Level 45 Requirements task to get the leaders (I now have 18 to go!). But I noticed the lack of a Poffin, which is one of the usual rewards we see in this Research. I have four stacked up for when I hit Level 47, so it’s not a problem for me personally, but I do wish there were more balls or even an extra Rocket Radar.

I noticed straight away, a distinct lack of the timed Research that we usually get. So the only Research available is the Field Research (Catch 3 Machop) and the paid-for Special Research. It’s not entirely bad, but it’s a signal that Niantic are now starting to roll back features that were beneficial. That, or because Machamp doesn’t require an evolution item or Mega Energy, that they decided not to implement the task. This makes a lot of sense, in the grand scheme of things.

Me and Connor did go for a walk up to and around Central Park, but in true lockdown style it wasn’t nearly as busy as it usually was. Normally on a weekend it’s packed to the brim, but with lockdown being a thing, it was strangely quiet. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was still agreeable. But at the same time we didn’t feel like being out too long anyway, because we were both achey from back injuries. Some of the time was spent finding and defeating GO Rocket Grunts, the rest was catching every Machop that I could, for the opportunity for extra candy. It was a peaceful walk, and the fact that we saw literally nobody else that we knew was also a strange bonus. Sometimes while being with friends is fine, it’s so satisfying to spend the time with your partner, even without the COVID mess.

I got home and offered my mum one of my shinies, because the distance trading up to 40km was live, and she was struggling to get a shiny. I felt bad, because overall I was less entusiastic about getting shinies and more enthusiastic about being outside and getting some exercise in.

I had to stop playing because I ran out of balls. Whoops! But I ended on 14 shinies, so I had a good time with that.

Next month is Roselia Community Day, and I know I’ll be doing it, but it’s been very ill-received by others so far, so we’ll see just what happens with it.

The Future of the Community Day Vote Rejects | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! I was thinking about the votes that we’ve had in 2020 surrounding the Community Days. Now, as we’ve had datamined three sets of votes (the first one aside), I wanted to go through each of the rejected candidates and weigh their likelihood to have their own Community Day. I will also be giving my likelihood of taking part, and my personal reasons.

I discussed the exclusive moves with my good friend Sam! Thanks for your help on this!

This post was inspired by the upcoming Machop Community Day, where it was one of the rejected candidates for February 2020 Community Day, and it’s been brought in with the previously-advertised move Payback. With this Pokemon having previously been rejected as a Community Day option, but then brought back with no changes, it actually raises more questions than answers, and all but confirms that Gible, as well as several Unova Pokemon, may not see the light of a Community Day in 2021. This is because what both Magikarp and Machop have confirmed is that Niantic has planned for these Pokemon in the instances that they will be in Community Days, and therefore might as well implement them in one way or another.

We figured out that if all of these Pokemon, together with Machop, got a Community Day, there would only be one slot left for a different Pokemon. Because we now have confirmation that this Pokemon will be Roselia for February, these ten Pokemon featured could be our confirmed Community Days for the rest of 2021. Or part of a new pattern through to 2022, whichever happens.

Also, when I talk about the dependency of bonuses, I’m solely seeking out the 3x XP bonus, as I’m grinding XP for level-ups.


The first of the rejects, and probably would have won if Rhyhorn wasn’t in the same voting bracket. This was because, at the time, Kantonian Vulpix hadn’t been released as a shiny, and shiny Alolan Vulpix was elusive for most. Alolan Vulpix would have been available in (if I recall correctly) Field Research tasks and Raids. Evolving to Ninetales would have given the move Weather Ball, Fire- and Ice-type respectively. However, that will soon be introduced into Ninetales’ natural moveset, so we have to come up with a new exclusive move! We decided on either Extrasensory or Zen Headbutt, adding a Psychic-type move to the moveset.

It may take a while for this one to be released, as we’ve had several events recently that have featured both forms of Vulpix heavily. But I feel that if we have a new exclusive move for Ninetales, it could well happen.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – I already have my shiny living dex for the Vulpix line completed, Alolan forms too. It would depend entirely on the bonuses for the day.


At the time of voting, I think Dratini was the least popular choice, purely because it was unheard of that a Pokemon previously featured in a Community Day would get another chance. However, with Dratini having been the second Community Day, and probably the first fully realised (for me anyway), it’s not entirely silly anymore, especially after the Charmander stunt. Evolving Dratini into Dragonite would give it the move Superpower, which would be handy against the Rock- and Ice-types that Dragonite would struggle against in PvP. We haven’t had a full-on Dragon-type Community Day since Bagon back in April 2019, so we are overdue some dragon love.

Likelihood of taking part: 7/10 – while I don’t really want to, it’s a great incentive to get people to achieve their platinum Dragon badge. Plus if the bonuses are good, all the better! I already have my shiny living dex completed for the Dratini line, but Dragonair is also one of my favourite shinies.


Sandshrew was a part of the first of the revamped votes, concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Alolan Sandshrew would have been available in Raids, with its Kantonian counterpart out in the wild. Both Sandslashes would get Shadow Claw

Likelihood of taking part: 4/10 – while I do need a shiny Alolan Sandshrew, unless I was on the tasks where I need to do some raids, I wouldn’t be taking part for the most part. If both counterparts were in the wild, yes I would be more inclined to do it.


Squirtle Community Day proved to be a massive success, riding entirely on the sunglasses Squirtle released exclusively for this event. However, there was never any indication in the promotional materials that the sunglasses Squirtle would make a comeback for the voted Community Day. However, upon evolving, Blastoise would obtain the exclusive move Aura Sphere, which is there purely for PvP purposes. Squirtle is cute, and is my starter of choice, but without the sunglasses variant returning, it won’t be too popular. However, we could also get Mega Energy as Field Research or Special Research rewards if Niantic implemented as such.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – again, I have the entire family in the shiny living dex, and this will depend entirely on the bonuses. I already also have two 100% IV Blastoises.


Caterpie was the one that got the shiny variant a long time before Weedle did. Caterpie lost by a landslide, the same with Grimer, because of Porygon and Charmander’s prominence in the voting. Maybe if they introduced the cowboy hat variant that certain people on Twitter have been crying out for…either way, Butterfree would have had the exclusive move Hurricane, because at least it’d get a same-type attack, I suppose.

Likelihood of taking part: 10/10 – strangely enough, this is one that I don’t have the shinies for any of the evolution line, so this is a dead cert for my participation, unless by the time it rolls around I already have what I want from the Kanto event in February.


Just like Sandshrew and Vulpix before it, this one features both the Kantonian and Alolan variants. Again, Alolan Grimer would be relegated to Raid battles, with Kantonian version being out in the wild. Both forms of Muk would get the move Fire Punch upon evolution. That’s as much as I can say on this one.

Likelihood of taking part: 4/10 – it’s the same exact situation as Sandshrew – the one shiny I need is only obtainable via the Raids. Plus I have three 100% IV Kantonian Muk…


Bulbasaur has the same issue as Squirtle does, except that Bulbasaur doesn’t get a fancy costume. Bulbasaur was one of the datamined candidates, along with Exeggcute, Magikarp and Starly – however, we know what happened with Magikarp, so we know for certain that the others will happen at some point. Bulbasaur is more often than not outshone because of Charmander and Squirtle. We decided that Venusaur could get Double Edge upon evolution, but imagine if it got Outrage. Like with Squirtle, we could also get Mega Energy as Field Research or Special Research rewards.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – this has the same problem that Squirtle has, that there’s not much riding on this one.


At this point in the voting options I was wondering if Niantic were running out of ideas, but I suppose they wanted to go through a lot of the Alolan Pokemon. Cubone Community Day next, perhaps? But anyway, what I see them doing is evolving Exeggcute into regular Exeggutor, and adding Alolan Exeggutor in Raids. Both forms of Exeggutor would probably get Magical Leaf.

Likelihood of taking part: 3/10 – again, this simply comes down to the bonuses involved.


Finally, a non-Kanto Pokemon! Also a Pokemon where its shiny hasn’t been released yet! Somehow, it’s the only non-Kanto Pokemon that was featured across all four voting cycles, which kinda proves Niantic are Genwunners if anything. Starly would have won its vote by a huge landslide, that much I’m certain of. We theorised that Staraptor would get the move Steel Wing upon evolution.

Likelihood of taking part: 10/10 – this one’s a no-brainer.

Overall, 2021 Community Days don’t look too bright if this is the line-up that we have for most of the year. I’m hoping they restart the pattern, starting with Snivy in March, but that’s just a glimmer of hope.