More Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but over the course of the past year, I obtained a total of 28 100% IV Pokemon! As I’ve gone over the nicknames for previous ones, here are the newer additions up to 5th March 2021!

Pichu – “Lil’ Bud” – this was a name purely because it was one of the flower crown Pichu hatches from Easter 2020. I named it Lil’ Bud because of it, and I could never bring myself to evolve it into a Pikachu.

Cacturne – “Pokey” – this one came randomly in my flat, and I egged my boyfriend to catch it as well. I named it Pokey, after Connor’s Cacturne in the short-lived Emerald Soul-Link, so it felt like a great call-back.

Magnezone – “Flash” – this one I got from Field Research, and named it Flash because it seemed like a fitting name. Because of the constraints of using a Magnetic Lure, I only evolved this more recently into Magnezone. Funnily enough, my mum now has a cat named Flash.

Sharpedo – “Peter File” – this one was caught during the Carvanha Incense Day, and I named it Peter File as a direct nod to The IT Crowd, because I always used to add “file” to the end of “Sharpedo” as a joke.

Torterra – “Kaguya” – I did name Torterra after Kaguya, a Naruto character based on folklore that ate fruit from the God Tree and became the first wielder of chakra. I’ve noticed that Naruto takes a lot of inspiration from Japanese folklore, and it’s pretty interesting.

Hippowdon – “Sahara” – my second 100% Hippowdon, this time female. I named her Sahara after the Sahara Desert.

Arbok – “Rocket” – my second 100% Arbok, but this one differs because it came from a GO Rocket battle. I could have named it Jessie, but it’s male, so…

Deoxys – “NoodleArm” – I admit I usually forget I have a hundo Deoxys. Whoops! But it follows the tradition of naming every Deoxys after some kind of pasta. Noodle just happens to be one of those.

Pelipper – “Toiletbirb” – this nickname still makes Connor laugh. And it kinda looks like a toilet, so it’d be rude not to!

Tepig – “Rasher” – like with Pichu, I don’t have the heart to evolve this just yet. I named it Rasher because it’s a pig, and you know where bacon comes from. Please tell me you know where bacon comes from!

Alolan Raticate – “Anicotti” – simply put, this one was named after one of the mouse Animal Crossing villagers.

Mawile – “Gnasher” – it’s named Gnasher because of it’s huge-ass head-jaw. I can’t wait to see this thing Mega Evolve.

Vanilluxe – “BrainFreeze” – it was so annoying to catch these when they came out for the holiday event, but I managed to snag a hundo from Field Research. And of course, if you eat ice cream too quick, you get brain freeze!

Ninetales – “Mito” – because it’s a female, I decided to name it after Kurama’s first Jinchuriki, Mito Uzumaki. Hey, I wasn’t gonna be gender-bending like a lot of fanfic writers do!

Dewott – “Blizzard” – I’ve mentioned this before, but I named the then-Oshawott after the limited edition Sneak flavour that dropped on the same day that I got this.

Pinsir – “ItBugged” – the entire Meowth balloon sequence bugged the heck out, and I almost thought I wasn’t gonna get this. So I purified it and it became a hundo.

Chikorita – “Nomeyy” – this is named after Nomeyy, who spent ages going for a shiny Cyndaquil in HGSS, only to keep getting shiny Chikorita. I was going after a hundo Cyndaquil to replace the one that got lost to the ether. So when I got a hundo female Chikorita, there was only one name…

Weavile – “Stevile” – this is named after my good friend Steve, whose favourite Pokemon is Weavile. I got this during the Sneasel Research Day (that honestly we didn’t even need).

Weavile – “Aphrodite” – this also came from the same Sneasel Day, but because this one’s female, I named her after the Ice Queen from the House of Night series.

Mismagius – “RainBringer” – I caught this from Field Research during the terrible GO Rocket event. It was raining, so I named it RainBringer because I didn’t have any other ideas. I was going to change it later but I couldn’t be bothered to.

Skuntank – “Darcy” – this was named after Storm Darcy that was brewing at the time.

Charizard – “Char” – my first “shundo”, I caught it during the Kanto Tour event, as the first shiny, coming from the auto-completed Special Research. I named it after the first Charmander that I ever used in LeafGreen, so it was really fitting.

Kangaskhan – “MotherKang” – soon after I caught the shundo Charmander, we went over to a Kangaskhan raid, which ended up giving me another hundo of the day. MotherKang immediately sprung to mind, so there was a nickname idea straight away.

Squirtle – “Turt” – it’s my third hundo Squirtle…it’s a turt. It’s now called Turt.

Octillery – “Sushi” – a clever GPS drift in the apartment block granted me a hundo Remoraid, and it was either Sushi or Takoyaki. Sushi won out, but only just.

Walrein – “Flubber” – Walrein is big and beautiful, so it’s named after that classic Robin Williams film. Simple.

Nidoran M – “Biff” – I’m pretty sure Nidoking can pull off the name Biff, right? It’s my second hundo male Nidoran, so I’m definitely not getting variety here.

Nosepass – “Lost” – I know it’s based on a compass, hence the nickname. I just really fancied a bit of irony in its name!

Behind The Nickname – Ideas Behind My Pokemon Nicknames

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this. I actually did a few separate posts discussing my Pokemon nicknames in Pokemon GO, including my Pokemon with 100% IVs, and I went over the story of those, aside for the ones that I’ve caught over the past year. But I’m clearly not done!

Pokemon: Oshawott
Nickname: Blizzard
Game: Pokemon GO

I already had a 100% Oshawott that I evolved into Samurott called ‘Oshikuru’ after the focal point in that one Two and a Half Men episode, but I obtained another during the Unova Catch Challenge event this year. I obtained it the same day that Sneak’s Blizzard flavour was re-released, so I thought it was fitting.

It tastes so good too! The Sneak flavour, not the Oshawott….

Pokemon: Jellicent
Nickname: Barbecue
Game: Pokemon Shield

I encountered the Jellicent during a Shield Nuzlocke I did last year. It took a while for me to catch it, and I started getting hungry, so I named it after the first thing I could think of, which was Barbecue. Honestly, Jellicent did so well and was amazing on my team, and it gave me a huge appreciation for the line. It’s now in my top 20!

Pokemon: Moltres (shiny)
Nickname: Salmonella
Game: Pokemon Sword

I mean, the name speaks for itself! I know a lot of people call it ‘sunburnt chicken’ but I think my name fits better, purely because I see it as undercooked. It’s a horrible shiny, I just wish that wasn’t the case.

Pokemon: Charmander
Nickname: Char / Charity
Game: All

The first ever Charmander that I had in LeafGreen I nicknamed Char, and that nickname kinda stuck with me nine years later. Most recently, I caught a 100% shiny Charmander in the Kanto Tour, so I nicknamed it Char.

The reason why Charity came about (as a female name variant) is because me and my good friend Steve were chatting about a charity run, and how there wasn’t much point in doing it if I didn’t have the charity to represent – except for Steve, the word “charity” autocorrected to “Charizard”. So it’s stuck ever since!

Pokemon: Manectric
Nickname: Chidori
Game: Pokemon OmegaRuby / Pokemon Sword

The premise behind the name was pretty simple. Electrike and Manectric share canine features, and the Electric-typing served as the great opportunity to name it Chidori. This is primarily because the Chidori Jutsu in Naruto was created by Kakashi, who can summon dogs as well. It kinda went hand-in-hand, and thus when shiny hunting Electrike in Sword, I named a shiny “Chidori II”. Of course, it’s become Sasuke’s signature Jutsu, and Kakashi can no longer fully utilise it after losing his Sharingan, but the thought is still there.

Pokemon: Mudsdale
Nickname: Clonkers
Game: Pokemon Shield

The hardest part of a Nuzlocke can often be nicknames, especially if there’s no running theme you have. Enter Clonkers, which was pulled from thin air for my Shield Nuzlocke,

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: Scoobydoom
Game: Pokemon Emerald

During mine and Connor’s short-lived Soul Link, I chose Houndoom as my starter, and named it Scoobydoom. I remember that one didn’t even make it past the first session, as Connor’s linked Aron died, so I had to forever box my Houndoom.

Even More of my Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

I did a post quite a while back about the nicknames I gave to my 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Think of this one as a sequel! I have no post ideas right now except this, and more 100% IV Pokemon to go through! Currently, I have 60 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including the ones I gave nicknames to before.

I did make some changes, and these will be listed below:

Mr. Mime – ‘NoReason’ – originally called ‘Master Mime’, I changed the name of this one because of the Galarian version obtaining the evolution of Mr. Rime. I decided to nickname my Kantonian form after the phrase ‘no rhyme, no reason’, as a play on words.

Arbok  – ‘SolidSnake’ – originally called ‘Slithers’, I remembered the existence of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games. It’s a cheap cop-out, but it works.

Gardevoir – ‘Synchronice’ – originally called ‘Rats’ pre-evolution, my nickname mechanic doesn’t allow for Synchronoice as a nickname, hence the name I’ve given it, as it has the move Synchronoise.

Linoone – ‘Notstagoon’ – originally called ‘Linooooo’ because I wasn’t after it, this is another Pokemon with a Galarian form that I have the Hoenn form of. And because this one can’t evolve into Obstagoon, it’s been given this appropriate nickname instead.

Alolan Raichu – ‘Hawaii’ – Alolan Raichu was a Lucky Trade randomly after trading Connor a spare Unown. It became my 50th 100% IV Pokemon, and because it’s an Alolan form, I decided to pay homage to the show Hawaii Five-O.

Alolan Ninetales – ‘Snowy’– I got a female Alolan Vulpix that came out with 100% IVs, so I named it after Lillie’s Vulpix in the anime.

Lopunny – ‘Lola Bunny’ – I basically named this Lopunny after another heavily sexualised cartoon rabbit.

Scizor – ‘Mantis’ – I got the idea from the wargame and military sci-fi franchise BattleTech. There is a Light Mech called the Mantis, and that’s how I came up with the nickname.

Yanmega – ‘Sparx’ – I named this one after the dragonfly companion in the Spyro series. I’d recently played through the Reignited Trilogy when I got this Pokemon, and it was just too fitting at the time.

Porygon2 – ‘GORocket’ – This Pokemon was 93% as a Shadow Porygon, and purified it to 100%. It’s currently my only perfect Purified Pokemon, and I’m saving it for a (hopefully) future Porygon Community Day, so it can evolve into a Porygon-Z.

Tentacruel – ‘Ten Tickles‘ – I got this during the Supereffective Week through a Research reward, and it was fitting to name it after the shiny Tentacool I got in Let’s Go.

Dewott – ‘Oshikuru’ – Because this evolves into a Samurai, and because of Oshawott’s name, I wanted to pay homage to that one Two and a Half Men episode, where Charlie Sheen was penning the opening theme.

Lopunny – ‘Codpiece’ – This has nothing to do with the Pokemon. The night I caught this, we’d played the one D&D session where we tried to spread the word of the Cult of the Codpiece before I got the TPK due to some dud rolls. To honour the fun we had, I named my Lopunny ‘Codpiece’.

Hippowdon – ‘Gaara‘ – This was kind of a no-brainer for me. I do miss the old Hippowdon sprite where it was pouring sand. I still named him after Gaara, who is my favourite character in the Naruto series, and probably my favourite anime character overall.

Roserade – ‘Rosa‘ – This is my second 100% IV Roserade, and I named it as I did because it came from an egg that a friend sent over from Spain. The feminine name is annoying me somewhat, considering the Roserade is male, but I’ll make it work.

My Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

After going through some of my favourite Pokemon Go nicknames the other day, I realised that I didn’t touch upon any of my perfect IV Pokemon and their nicknames. Today, that changes.

I want to start from the beginning, and carry on until we get to the most recent one. Currently, I have 49 Pokemon with 100% IVs.

Muk – ‘MotherMugs’ – Grimer was my first 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go, hatching from an egg in March 2017. The nickname method becomes clearer once we go down the list, but it’s a similar naming structure to the Gurdy family in The Binding of Isaac, now there’s a hint!

Forretress – ‘Muriel’ – this Forretress is a female, but I don’t care. I named her Muriel after a character from The Arcana – of course. Forretress is a Pokemon featured in my upcoming post about Pokemon that I forget about, so it’s fitting. It’s the last one I think of when I remember my 100% Pokemon.

Electivire – ‘Thor’ – How could I not? This beauty of a Pokemon was caught in an Electabuzz raid back in the day, shortly after raids were released. So I had to name him after the Thunder God himself.

Typhlosion – ‘Quilly’ – Recently I wanted to name him ‘Spike’, but the strange Niantic nicknaming policy didn’t allow it. Quilly it is.

Muk – ‘Mugs’ – Here we have the second 100% IV Muk, and obviously his name is Mugs.

Pidgeot – ‘PerfectPig’ – I wanted to name him PerfectPidge, but with my asterisk nicknaming method, it won’t fit.

Mr. Mime – ‘Master Mime – It’s a play on the word ‘mastermind’, and how similar it sounds to its species name. Mr. Mime is still my least favourite Pokemon, but at least I have a 100% regional, I suppose.

Swellow – ‘Swell Guy’ – This was caught two days after the release of Taillow, so it was a surprise to say the least. If I remember right, my friend Steve made the pun so I thought it’d be a fitting nickname.

Plusle – ‘Nope’ – Plusle is hated within our elite chat, often used as a joke about what shinies we could get. Therefore, it had to be named Nope.

Wigglytuff – ‘Lullaby’ – The Jigglypuff line is known for its singing to put people to sleep – it was even featured in Detective Pikachu. Which is why I named the Wigglytuff ‘Lullaby’.

Togekiss – ‘Planebirb’ – it reminds me of a plane. That’s all I got.

Cloyster – ‘Cloyteris’ – I had to get extra-creative with this one, as a lot of nicknames were apparently inappropriate. It’s a play on its species name and exactly what it looks like.

Blastoise – ‘Cannons’ – This thing has cannons, as well as Hydro Cannon.

Alolan Sandslash – ‘Stevesicle’ – When Friends and Gifts became available, I ended up with an egg that hatched an Alolan Sandshrew that turned out 100%. Looking at the location tag, it came from Scotland, where my aforementioned friend Steve lives. So I named it after him.

Mightyena – ‘MightyBoosh‘ – I didn’t personally watch this show (starring Noel Fielding, this is important for later), but it’s the one thing I thought of when nicknaming my Mightyena.

Alolan Dugtrio – ‘DigDug’ – Named after that one great game Dig Dug. Ahh the memories…

Dusknoir – ‘NotFound’ – My first 100% in Portugal was a Duskull with 404CP. So I named her the appropriate nickname for anyone who is just a little bit computer-savvy.

Blastoise – ‘Aniversário’  – I caught this through Research during mine and Connor’s anniversary. I was still in Portugal, so I didn’t get to see him, but I nicknamed him something very sentimental to represent it.

Claydol – ‘Cão’ – This nickname was given due to its lore and then translated into Portuguese.

Vileplume – ‘Ourique’ – I caught this not too long after moving to the Campo de Ourique area, and I remember discovering its 100% IVs on the way to work.

Alolan Dugtrio – ‘TríoCavado’ – This Alolan Dugtrio was given from a Gift from Spain, so I had to make a catchy play on the Spanish translation.

Porygon-Z – ‘Duck-You’ – After hatching non-stop Porygon from 10km eggs, this was my reward.

Camerupt – ‘Belated’ – In Portugal, Numel was the new Pidgey, basically. It was so common, and I wanted to catch a perfect one. When I came back from Scunthorpe, I hatched a 100% IV Numel.

Lanturn – ‘Chompers’ – I mean, have you seen the things that Lanturn is based on?

Bidoof – ‘God’ – No need to explain this.

Bidoof – ‘ShiaLaDoof’ – This requires more explanation. In the hotel room, I had the Shia LaBeouf song in my head, and then I caught this through Research. Basically the name is a play on both species name and the actor’s name.

Machamp – ‘Macho Man’ – Have you seen its arms? Have you heard that awesome Village People song of the same name?

Roserade – ‘Rozureido’ – This Budew came from a Gift from Japan, so when I evolved it, I had to give it the name based on the Japanese pronunciation.

Spinda – ‘Spinning Top‘ – While it doesn’t look like a spinning top, it looks like it’s been sat on one for 3,000 years.

Venusaur – ‘Mars’ – my Venusaur is a boy, otherwise I’d have named it Venus. Instead, Men Are From Mars…

Latios – ‘Eons’ – Because it took eons to find a 100% Legendary. Plus it’s one of the Eon Duo, so it works. Still my only 100% Legendary to this day.

Armaldo – ‘Amarillo’ – Is this the way to…?

Azumarill – ‘Bella’ – This one is based on Ace Trainer Liam’s Pokemon Y Quadlocke, where he caught an Azumarill and named her Bella Belle, after the song.

Persian – ‘Storm’ – Storm was my first 100% Lucky Pokemon, given to me by Connor. So I named him after his beloved cat that passed away last year.

Ambipom – ‘HappySlap’ – I am amazed at how I was able to get away with calling an Ambipom, or any Pokemon, this name.

Mightyena – ‘Noel’ – Remember I told you to remember Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding? This was why.

Luxray – ‘Kondo’ – This particular Pokemon was named after Marie Kondo. Because it’s a 100% Luxray, it sparks joy. I am aware of the pun, that’s why I named him Kondo.

Hariyama – ‘Toasty’ – I mean, those gloves must be toasty by now.

Mismagius – ‘Debster’ – I mean, I caught this after a lovely day out with my mum. She jokes how she’s a witch every day except Halloween, where it’s her day off.

Cradily‘Lilith’ – I literally had no idea for this one.

Medicham – ‘Magician’ – Medicham kinda looks like one of those weird magicians.

Floatzel – ‘Baywatch’ – Floatzel literally has a life vest. If that doesn’t make a solid lifeguard, I don’t know what does.

Muk – ‘Mugs Jr’ – Yep, another 100% IV Muk.

Nidoking – ‘NoFest’ – This was based on European experiences outside Dortmund Go Fest, where Slakoth spawned as part of the Community Day make-up. However, it overshadowed the Nidoran spawns.

Arbok – ‘Slithers’ – For some reasoning I forgot to add this explanation before submitting (I need to proof more). However, yes, it slithers along the floor. That is all.

Persian – ‘Misty’ – Another Persian, because Connor put me in the lobby of a Meowth raid while I went to get a drink. It came out perfect, so I named it after another of Connor’s cats that sadly passed away this year.

Ralts – ‘Rats’ – The day after the Community Day, I hatched this. Too late for Synchronoise.

Altaria – ‘CottonCandy’ – This bird looks like a great bit of cotton candy, I think.

Linoone – ‘Linooooo’ – Of all the Route 1 rodents to get, and it had to be this. Where’s my Rattata?









Explaining My Pokemon Go Nicknames (Collab With Tim)

There are loads of types of nicknamers in Pokemon Go. Some love to have their Pokemon’s IVs and stats as the nickname (I do it too, I have a Salamence98). Others like to have symbols to easily see their move types. Others are just plain silly.

Guess which one I am?

I have such a reputation for nicknaming my Pokemon that a friend of mine has nicknamed me as ‘Nicknamer’ on his friends list.

Today I’m looking at my Pokemon’s strange nicknames. I’ll do my favourite ten so that we’re not here all day. And this post is in conjunction with my Ultra Friend, Tim, who’s doing his own list on his site here:


Giratina – Vulcão

In my final weeks in Portugal, I went to Parque das Naçoés, and found a raid at a Gym called Vulcão da FIL. It’s one of the water volcanoes that line the street. After a lot of coordinating in both Portuguese and English, we got to it. I mean, it’s not the most thrilling encounter, but I felt it was a good name for the Giratina all the same.


Swampert – Naomi/Valentina

During Mudkip Community Day, I stumbled upon two 96% Mudkip – one of them was shiny, of course. After catching them, I remembered the ‘Club 96’ moment from RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4, where the queens had to build a club concept. Naomi Smalls and Valentina were paired up, and went for Club 96. So clearly every time I see that number, that’s all I see.


Masquerain – You Bastard

Definitely a legacy name now, as you can’t name Pokemon with swears. But before that time, I was in a bit of a pickle. While on a birthday trip to Nottingham last year, a wild Masquerain popped up for Connor at our hotel, but it didn’t for me. Okay, fine. Except when we got to the train station and it fled after I pressed for it on my Go+. Needless to say when I finally evolved my Surskit, I knew the name it was getting.


Alolan Exeggutor – LongLongMan

Last year, my friend Steve was addicted to the Sakeru Gummi advert with the ‘long long man’, and I was admittedly hooked too. So when Alolan Exeggutor was released, I had to name a male one – you guessed it – LongLongMan.


Rayquaza – SlipperyBoi

Okay so The Arcana is yet again to blame for this. Once I caught and traded my shiny Rayquaza for a Lucky, I wanted to name it after the great Faustian meme shown above – okay, so I admit that was a bad joke, but it was intended. So my Rayquaza’s name is ‘SlipperyBoi’.



When I did my first EX Raid in Portugal (the first I could make), it was the Deoxys Normal Forme. I named it ‘Spaghetti’ as a joke, due to the shape of its arms. The theme kinda stuck for when I came back home and did some more EX Raids. Every time I get an invite and do one, I’m always trying to think of a pasta-related nickname. Nicknames thus far are Spaghetti, Bolognese, Fusilli, Tagliatelle, Lasagna, Ramen, Ravioli, Noodle, Udon and Macaroni.

Screenshot_20190825-200134_Pokmon GO

Lugia – Hallelugia

As you may be aware, Lugia was one of the first ever Legendary Pokemon to be released in Pokemon Go, alongside Articuno. Back then, we needed a solid group of at least 15 to take down a Legendary, as a lot of us weren’t up to level, or with good enough counters – admittedly they were sprung upon us with little prep time. While I managed an Articuno or two, after a few attempts of catching it, Lugia proved differently. In the time span that I’d raided Lugia the first time, I had caught none. People actually refused to do a Lugia raid in favour of a Tyranitar raid, which wasn’t likely to disappear any time soon. That was a very salty moment.

Lugia was released again last year, and the first couple of tries, I still struggled to catch it. However, it was the day of an EX Raid, with two Lugia raids right after. I caught a 96% Mewtwo, then went to do the raids. It was snowing at the time, so we struggled to keep our phones dry. At the Main Post Office, we huddled along the wall to do the raid, we must have looked like pillocks. It was during that raid that I caught the Pokedex entry Lugia, and appropriately named it ‘Hallelugia’.



I have three fully maxed out Gyarados, and they’re all nicknamed. My first ever Gyarados is called ‘Gary’, as a twist on the first part of its name. It’s also in memory of my uncle, who passed away last year. My 98% is called ‘Gyaradosbox’, referring to a DOSbox, which is an emulator program, and fit the last part of its name.

My first ever Pokemon Go shiny was a Magikarp, and when evolving, became ‘Red Ross’. As we know, Gyarados is known for being angry, and its shiny is red. My main reference was from the TV show Friends, where Ross plays rugby and his ‘Red Ross’ persona is introduced. I felt it fit perfectly.

Screenshot_20190825-200200_Pokmon GO

Metagross – Arnold

In one of my many trips to Nottingham, me and Connor went to the Lost Adventure mini-golf bar, where you can play some adventure golf and then have some drinks afterwards. I was downing a whiskey and coke, checking the area, as the newest wave of Hoenn Pokemon were released. On the nearby, I could see the silhouette of a wild Metang. Luckily it wasn’t too far away, and I literally necked the drink, hurriedly told Connor that I’d be going after the Metang, and I just ran. It was just out of the building and down the road, and I was relieved when I caught it, at least. Connor followed suit and caught his.

Because its location tag specifies it being from Arnold, that became its name.


Kyogre – Power Five

Back before you could duo Kyogre, we had to rely on a good solid group of players to take one down. Back in June 2018, five of us were at my local Gym ready to take it down. I think at the time, only one of us was level 40, but the rest of us were relatively higher-levelled (think around 38/39). Of course, nobody else was interested despite the shiny chance. So we hopped in, and somehow managed to take it down. I still have the Kyogre to this day, clearly. We were so happy that we managed to do it, and we took a picture to send to the group chat as proof that it was just the five of us.


Now for the rest of you (except Tim, of course), I’d like to see your best nicknames in Pokemon Go, and do you have a method?