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TBT #3 – A Time I Was On Crutches

Date: 16th February/23rd February This is yet another recent throwback, but I felt like I wanted to share this one because it’s still so very fresh in my mind. Two days before the Swinub Community Day, I fell and severely sprained my foot. Basically what happened, is that my foot bent in on itself on

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TBT #2 – Crazy Birthday

Date: 10th February 2019 This is a fairly recent throwback, but obviously it was still during the hiatus. Every year, for my birthday, I like to make a trip somewhere so that I’m not stuck at home. My birthday is also in the middle of winter, making it hard to do nice things. So me

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Update: Throwbacks

Hey guys, just a quick update on what’s happening with this blog now that I’m back from hiatus! I want to do a series of throwbacks, just to give me a little something to write about. The idea came about when I knew I wanted to write about my time in Portugal, but wasn’t sure

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