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7 Things Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Did Well (And 7 Things It Needed To Improve)

Hey everyone! Last week I did a post about Sword and Shield, and how they did well and what could have been improved. Today is the day for BDSP to get the same treatment! This was hard to write, considering I had more negatives than positives, I just really needed to think of things. DID

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7 Things Pokemon Sword/Shield Did Well (And 7 Things It Needed To Improve On)

Hey everyone! I suppose you could call this a review of some kind, but I’m formatting it this way because hey, a lot of sites are doing that now and I thought I’d give it a go! So as the title says, I’ll be listing seven things that Sword/Shield did really well, and other things

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My Deserted Island Albums

Hey guys! I kinda wanted to do something different. Of course, with digital media, we’re able to carry around multiple albums digitally. But we always had the age-old question of ‘What albums would you take on a deserted island?’. Obviously, assuming we had an old-fashioned Walkman and physical CDs, here are my five picks! I

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