Behind The Nickname – Ideas Behind My Pokemon Nicknames

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this. I actually did a few separate posts discussing my Pokemon nicknames in Pokemon GO, including my Pokemon with 100% IVs, and I went over the story of those, aside for the ones that I’ve caught over the past year. But I’m clearly not done!

Pokemon: Oshawott
Nickname: Blizzard
Game: Pokemon GO

I already had a 100% Oshawott that I evolved into Samurott called ‘Oshikuru’ after the focal point in that one Two and a Half Men episode, but I obtained another during the Unova Catch Challenge event this year. I obtained it the same day that Sneak’s Blizzard flavour was re-released, so I thought it was fitting.

It tastes so good too! The Sneak flavour, not the Oshawott….

Pokemon: Jellicent
Nickname: Barbecue
Game: Pokemon Shield

I encountered the Jellicent during a Shield Nuzlocke I did last year. It took a while for me to catch it, and I started getting hungry, so I named it after the first thing I could think of, which was Barbecue. Honestly, Jellicent did so well and was amazing on my team, and it gave me a huge appreciation for the line. It’s now in my top 20!

Pokemon: Moltres (shiny)
Nickname: Salmonella
Game: Pokemon Sword

I mean, the name speaks for itself! I know a lot of people call it ‘sunburnt chicken’ but I think my name fits better, purely because I see it as undercooked. It’s a horrible shiny, I just wish that wasn’t the case.

Pokemon: Charmander
Nickname: Char / Charity
Game: All

The first ever Charmander that I had in LeafGreen I nicknamed Char, and that nickname kinda stuck with me nine years later. Most recently, I caught a 100% shiny Charmander in the Kanto Tour, so I nicknamed it Char.

The reason why Charity came about (as a female name variant) is because me and my good friend Steve were chatting about a charity run, and how there wasn’t much point in doing it if I didn’t have the charity to represent – except for Steve, the word “charity” autocorrected to “Charizard”. So it’s stuck ever since!

Pokemon: Manectric
Nickname: Chidori
Game: Pokemon OmegaRuby / Pokemon Sword

The premise behind the name was pretty simple. Electrike and Manectric share canine features, and the Electric-typing served as the great opportunity to name it Chidori. This is primarily because the Chidori Jutsu in Naruto was created by Kakashi, who can summon dogs as well. It kinda went hand-in-hand, and thus when shiny hunting Electrike in Sword, I named a shiny “Chidori II”. Of course, it’s become Sasuke’s signature Jutsu, and Kakashi can no longer fully utilise it after losing his Sharingan, but the thought is still there.

Pokemon: Mudsdale
Nickname: Clonkers
Game: Pokemon Shield

The hardest part of a Nuzlocke can often be nicknames, especially if there’s no running theme you have. Enter Clonkers, which was pulled from thin air for my Shield Nuzlocke,

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: Scoobydoom
Game: Pokemon Emerald

During mine and Connor’s short-lived Soul Link, I chose Houndoom as my starter, and named it Scoobydoom. I remember that one didn’t even make it past the first session, as Connor’s linked Aron died, so I had to forever box my Houndoom.

One Year of Laranjeira | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This time last year, I dove right in and bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was my first Animal Crossing game, and let’s just say that my island, Laranjeira, has undergone a lot! I know I haven’t posted a lot of Animal Crossing content of late, but there hasn’t been a whole lot to discuss.

Right in the beginning, we stumbled on the island, with Pierce and Diva, my two starter villagers. I liked Pierce from the start, while Diva took a lot of warming up to. It’s strange thinking about how the island was so barren, like a clean slate, compared to the amount of work and changes that I’ve done with the island. There are still never enough inclines for what I wanted to do, though, and there never will be. Although I do have some new ideas for rearranging everything at least, which I may or may not have done by the time this post goes live.

I remember playing through it for a long time, and then still wanting to play it when I’d turned it off. There was so much that I needed to do, and wanted to do, that it became the ultimate goal to get through the tasks and goals during the pandemic. I suppose, strangely, the game was released at just the right time. The go-to pandemic activity was Animal Crossing, especially where you could interact with villagers freely.

I named my island ‘Laranjeira’ after the Metro station in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s in the Palma de Baixo neighbourhood, and I wanted a Portuguese name for my island, and considering you could start with orange trees, that was my goal. I did reset a few times for it, but I was successful in the end. I’ve been wanting to get a new Switch, make a second island and call it Lumiar, after the area I first lived in in Lisbon. You can sense there’s a running theme here, I definitely miss Portugal.

Of course, Pierce and Diva didn’t stay for the long term. I ended up gaining a bunch of different villagers over the course of the game, including Goldie, Roald, Raymond, Marshal, Boots, Octavian and Pashmina. I even gave Judy, Marina and Zucker to others – Zucker went over to my good friend Steve’s island, as you can’t have Takoyakigamma without the takoyaki villager!

The one to have stayed the longest is Twiggy. I moved Ozzie out and back in again to ensure I got his proper house, while I kept Twiggy because the base peppy house seemed to fit her more than her actual house. Funnily enough, Ozzie and Twiggy are Connor’s favourites, but even if that wasn’t the case, I adore both of them anyway. But it’s been fun listening to the villagers sing!

Villager hunting…was a processs. There were times when I was tired and it took hours to find the perfect villager. Other times, it wasn’t so bad. But then you find Rodney…And I did scream when I finally found Stitches after so many hunts and having him be a priority for months on end! I stopped villager hunting in September, after I gained the last dreamie, Bunnie. Of course, there were other villagers that were on my wishlist, but Bunnie was right on top of that list. While Tangy fit the Laranjeira theme the best, I just preferred Bunnie’s aesthetic more. Plus I’ve seen the memes of Tangy drinking orange juice…

Terraforming is a never-ending process for me. The amount of times I’ve changed around my island is ridiculous, and I haven’t gone to the extremes that others have done, with several different hidden areas, a kind of one-way system, that kind of thing. I wanted mine to be free-flowing, where you can take it however you want. My favourite area is still the campsite, buried in a thicket of trees, and closed off with hedges. It has a variety of different camping pieces, and it just feels so cosy to me. Of course, I think the camping feature is like when us Brits go on a resort holiday somewhere like Spain, never leave that resort, then go ‘I love Spain’. It definitely gives off that vibe, but I did meet Phoebe and Chief in the campsite so good things do come from it.

My birthday was back in February, and of course, I shared it with Stitches. The whole experience was heartwarming, considering I couldn’t go anywhere or see friends. It was the first birthday I’d spent with no plans since 2009, so there was a lot of birthdays when I had stuff to do. So I took to Animal Crossing and I was happy that it was Sydney hosting my birthday, with Chief and O’Hare attending. I then went to Stitches’s party, where Ozzie was attending. It was all very sweet, I could probably have cried from all the emotions.

Over the course of the year I accidentally turned a Pokemon chat into an Animal Crossing chat, and I’m not even sorry!

What are your favourite memories of playing Animal Crossing this past year? Let me know in the comments! I, for one, hope Brewster finally comes into the game in some form this next year!

Pokemon Hot Takes

Hey guys! I’ve been posting on Twitter my different hot takes for the Pokemon series, and I thought I might as well do them all in a post because, well, I have a lot! And here they are!

Battle Facilities

I must confess, I don’t care for any battle facilities. I dabbled with them from the Kalos games onwards, and I just didn’t feel fulfilled from them at all. I enjoyed the Battle Chateau, but it’s not really a facility, is it? So it comes as no surprise that I didn’t particularly care that the Battle Frontier didn’t make it in to the ORAS games.

The EXP Share

Grinding is one of the most soul-destroying features of video games (that, and jumping puzzles). It means that I would miss the EXP Share, and I am the kind of person that kept it on in Kalos and Alola, I actually don’t care. If I can cut the amount of grinding time down as much as possible, I will do. Most of my grinding in future streams will be off-stream.

The one thing that keeps me from playing the older games, and the one factor that kept me and Connor from finishing our Emerald Soul-Link was the XP grind. We found that we had to grind almost constantly to get to a good enough position to deal with the threats without losing our best Pokemon.

There Should Be Let’s Go Johto Games

I’m not talking this year, or even next year, but I would like the idea of a Let’s Go-style game set featuring the Johto region. I chalk this up to being purely based on how expensive the HeartGold/SoulSilver games are. In CEX, without a PokeWalker, you’re looking at paying £68 for a pre-owned copy as a standard. This is why I’m totally justified in this opinion. Everyone hails HGSS as being the best main-series games of all-time, but it’s so expensive that newer players are priced out of the opportunity to enjoy it.

Of course, I dislike the catching mechanic of Let’s Go, but I’d actually like to be able to play through Johto without having to go all the way to Gen 2.

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Are Good Games

Whenever I think of a Pokemon game that I always want to replay, it’s these games. Maybe Emerald, but moreso the remakes. I always feel nostalgic going through Hoenn, especially where the music is concerned. The soundtrack for the Hoenn games is a high favourite for me, and I do like the music from the Galar and Unova regions too.

Sinnoh Is Forgettable

I wish I was exaggerating. I recently did a quiz that had me try and memorise every Pokemon, and I actually had the hardest time remembering the Sinnoh Pokemon, outside of evolutions of past Pokemon and favourites. So Pokemon such as Purugly and Vespiquen end up being left behind for me because I can mainly remember the likes of Gallade, Probopass and Togekiss.

On top of that, I barely remember the region as a whole. I just don’t get any nostalgia factor from it, and I do honestly hope that any future remakes would remedy this for me. Maybe it was just how slow it was compared to Emerald, which at the time I was playing them both side-by-side. I did write up a remake wishlist a little while back that you should check out.

Starter Opinions

It’s stupid to state that you hate Braixen and Delphox just because they’re bipedal, same as stating that you hate Samurott because ‘it’s horrible’. I personally love the entire Fennekin and Oshawott lines, final evolutions included.

People hated Popplio so much when it was revealed, but I chose it for both iterations of the Alola games. Having a Primarina on my team made the Ultra Necrozma battle a little less difficult than I anticipated. I actually think Juan’s Kingdra in Emerald was harder.

As for starters that I dislike…well, I don’t dislike Sceptile, but I don’t get the hype, especially when there’s Blaziken and Swampert right next to it, and I vastly prefer the latter two for different reasons. I also don’t care that much for Charizard, even though it’s a fan favourite and a hook for marketing reasons. The reason why Leon has a Charizard is to make people interested in the Sword/Shield games.

I really want to know your opinions on these hot takes, and what opinions you yourselves have on the series!

My Most Desired Animal Crossing Villagers

Hey guys! I wasn’t going to make another Animal Crossing post, but I thought why the hell not? It’s something I’m hugely interested in, and I wanted to go over the villagers that I’d love to have over on the island of Laranjeira! And if I enjoy doing this, I’ll make a separate list of villagers I will nope the hell out on.

As you may be aware, you can only have ten villagers maximum at a time, leaving you limited to what you can have as your companions. But if you could have unlimited villagers, these would be my picks:

Starting off with my honourable mention, we have Tangy. Tangy would fit my island’s theme really well, considering that she’s based on an orange, and the name of my island is Portuguese for ‘orange tree’. Plus Portuguese orange juice is absolutely spot on, and Tangy reminds me of that time I spent there. I’ve seen her fruit-themed house, and it’s amazing.



Stitches has a special place in my heart because he shares my birthday (February 10th) so it’s a clear winner for me, but he is super adorable, and he’s like the patchwork teddy bear that kids adore. He’s so cute, and he’s always at the top of my search list whenever I hunt for new villagers.



For someone who’s a cat person, I have yet to have a cat villager. Anhka would be purrfect for the cat person in me, as well as her ancient Egypt theme (that was one of my favourite History topics, World War II aside). She’s truly iconic, and it would be fun to see her wandering around.



Skye is mostly Connor’s choice of wolf, as she has a gorgeous colour scheme and appearance. If I didn’t already have an abundance of amazing normal villagers (Coco and Fauna), Skye would definitely have a place on my island.



Willow…oh my God, she has my favourite colour scheme – pink and yellow. I would have had a chance of having Willow too if it hadn’t been for Wendy’s insistence on not leaving (seriously, I spent all day getting her to leave), as someone had Willow in boxes at the time. Plus she’s so adorable, regardless of the colour scheme.



I turned down Phoebe once, as I already had a sisterly villager (Pashmina) and didn’t want a second. However, now that I don’t have a sisterly, I’m open to options, and if Phoebe comes on another Mystery Tour, I’m having her and her burning lava house.



I didn’t realise that Flora’s birthday is the day before mine. But she’s bright pink, and I love that. Her home in New Horizons is gorgeous and reminds me of the great outdoors. Of course, she had to have flamingo decorations, as she is a flamingo.



Lolly is such a cute cat. I don’t know what it is about her – it could be the eyes or the smile, but she’s the top pick for me if I were to have any cat villager. I miss having a cat in real life, never mind in Animal Crossing.



Marina is so pink and cute! All of the octopus villagers are great (granted, there is only Marina, Octavian and Zucker). But Marina is the cutest of the three. Marina boasts my favourite shade of pink, as well as her yellow cheeks (you know I’m a sucker for pink and yellow together).



Judy is a gorgeous pastel coloured cub, and those crazy eyes are so cute! She definitely has that cutesy theme! I need that kind of pastel vibe in my life right now, and Judy fits the bill.



Sherb is such a cute goat! There’s not a lot of goat villagers that I like, so to see Sherb is awesome! I love his winter-knit jumper, too – it suits him! As a lazy villager, I could see him and Ozzie getting on really well, lounging around the island.

Returning Features I’d Like to See in Pokemon Games

There have been plenty of elements and features that have been a part of Pokemon games for a period of time, and they were just removed, never to be seen again. A lot of these features we still want, I’m sure! Here are the features that I’d like to see a return to the Pokemon games.

These are intended to maximise enjoyment of the games, that’s all!

Pokemon following you

The concept of Pokemon following you was introduced specifically for HeartGold and SoulSilver, and it was a feature that the fanbase had been crying out for to make a return. It was briefly implemented in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, but did not make a return in Sword and Shield – despite the wild Pokemon being able to track your movements and able to chase you down.

Difficulty settings

We had difficulty settings in the Black2 and White2 games, where you were able to get a difficulty depending on the game, and then you could get the other difficulty setting by transfer from another player.

My suggestion would be to have a full difficulty selection at the beginning of the game, and this could be changed at any time. It’s so that the difficulty can be taken advantage of as soon as possible.

Optional EXP share

In Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee we saw the advent of the mandatory EXP share. But when Sword and Shield revealed a mandatory EXP share, of course, everyone flipped their shit (because they have to moan about something with these games or else they’re never happy).

While the mandatory EXP share didn’t matter to me, I ended up under-levelled in the battle against Leon, I know it’s a hindrance to others. I just think it should be optional so that we at least choose to have that extra difficulty – I will admit playing through Emerald makes me realise just how much of a chore training up my Pokemon is in those games.

Shiny chaining

Shiny chaining was a feature that I really enjoyed across the Gen 7 games – from SOS-chaining in Alola, to catch-chaining in Kanto. All we have in Galar is the knock-out method, which at the time of writing is currently broken – you only have a 3% chance to get 1/512 odds after 500 knock-outs of the same Pokemon. This broken method has ensured that I’ve stuck with Masuda method for shiny-hunting instead.

Bringing back chaining would be amazing, and it’d mean another, more refreshing shiny hunting method. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have had to hatch 2,248 eggs for a shiny Chewtle.

However, I don’t want to see certain Pokemon tied to chaining only. That stuff sucks.

Story-based Mythicals

Deoxys aside, we haven’t had a story-based Mythical Pokemon for a long time. Nowadays, Mythicals are distributed via Mystery Gift, so you just go up to your local game store and ask ‘Could I have a ______ code please?’ and it’s just really awkward to do. I’d love to see Mythical Pokemon intertwined into the main story, even if it’s post-game. I don’t know how they’ll work in Zarude, but I feel it’ll be a code. I suppose it’s one thing that Pokemon Go is doing right – featuring Mythical Pokemon in Special Research.

Good Y-Comm

Unfortunately, there were issues with the Y-Comm implemented in Sword and Shield, and obviously, it wasn’t the Player Search System that we wanted back. It’s lucky to get into random Max Raids, and it’s clear that the communication errors plague it.

On top of that, I’d rather have a Friends list and trade with my friends from there, rather than rely on a code that could be sniped by others – this happens during streams, I’ll be real.

Obtain Opposite Legendary in Pokedex

In the Sinnoh games, you’re able to go to Celestic Town, and an elderly lady will show you a picture of the opposite Legendary (she will show you Palkia in Diamond and Dialga in Pearl). This will allow you to obtain the Pokedex entry for that Legendary.

I want this to return, and Sword and Shield had a huge missed opportunity, as you were able to see both Zacian and Zamazenta. Hop could have offered a touch-trade so that you could enter his caught Legendary in the Pokedex, and then return it so you still have your version exclusive. He could have even commented on the nickname you gave it. I mean, if he’s going to research Pokemon, he’d want both Legendaries in his Pokedex, after all.

A Whole New Region…

Well, not exactly. I’d like to see a past region come into a post-game, as long as it connects to the region canonically. We had this with Johto and Kanto, and we were expecting a Kalos-based post-game after Galar. However, we are getting new areas in Galar in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansion passes, and we had the Sevii Islands in the FireRed and LeafGreen post-game.


Like in Super Training and Pokemon Amie back in the day, I’d like to see mini-games to further increase our Friendship with our Pokemon. It’d be fun like the Game Corner was before its removal, and it would boost your Pokemon’s stats in a way that’s enjoyable, rather than just force-feeding a Dragapult Carbos.

Not have Pokemon exclusive to breeding

I’m not talking about Baby Pokemon here. I mean, you ever find these wild evolved forms and think ‘huh, I’ve not seen the first form of that’, and turns out you have to breed to get it?

Yeah, none of that, please!

An actual evil team

Since Team Flare back in Kalos, we haven’t had a truly evil team that we had as a final bad boss. While we had Team Skull, they were just a precursor to the Aether Foundation – specifically Lusamine. Team Yell was formed by Piers to just be a rowdy fanbase for Marnie – and that’s the most wholesome thing in the game, I’m sure. Instead, we got Macro Cosmos – specifically Chairman Rose and Oleana. But I’d like to see a truly evil team ready to devastate the world again. Or steal Pokemon – keep it simple like Team Rocket, I suppose.

I’m just a little tired of seeing a corporation as the evil entity in the games.

Triple battles

While I personally haven’t taken part in competitive triple battles, I’d like to see them, now that we’re sure we can push the limits of the Switch. It’s just something I thought of that would be fun.

What would you like to see make a return to Pokemon games? I’d like to know – I’ve probably missed a few.

I purposefully missed out the National Pokedex. The attitude of the Nat Dexers made me think they don’t deserve that to return. Let them cry.

I Quit Pokemon GO for a Week

So I quit Pokemon Go.

I mean, I wrote earlier the reasons why I almost quit, and why I haven’t quit yet. Until now, that is. I decided to quit actively playing, only opening the game to check on eggs or Adventure Sync, so perhaps only once or twice per day.

So…how did it go down?

The Beginning of the End

I preface this by saying that I’m a Day One player, and up until now have not missed a day of solid gameplay which at least consisted of a Pokestop spin, a catch and a completed Research Task (okay, I missed two days of Research back in 2018, but we only had one Pokestop and the task was to spin 10 Pokestops).

It started on 29th February, when news broke about all of March’s events. Truth be told, I felt very bogged down at that point, and the cracks were already there. So I decided (after catching a Pikachu and opening some gifts earlier) that I wasn’t going to play for a while, only opening the game to open eggs and claim an Adventure Sync reward. I’d originally planned the week’s break for just after the Pokemon Day event, but I decided to do it earlier because I wasn’t missing out on much – I’d already got a shiny party-hat Eevee, after all.

I didn’t uninstall, as I was keeping Adventure Sync going, but I wasn’t interested in playing. And it took a while to get out of the habit of checking my phone for any Pokemon, as I’ve been used to having my phone in my hand for the better part of four years.

However, it meant that I would also be missing out on the Gengar/Nidoran Raid Day, which I wasn’t particularly bothered about, and having read that the shiny rates were abysmal, I didn’t want any part of that. The only time I checked in on the game was to get the eggs hatched. However, throughout the rest of the day, I did have the urge to check on the game, and that goes to show the habits that I’d formed over the past few years, and I needed to be able to break those habits.

It Started Sinking In…

It was the same the very next day, although I wanted to claim the Adventure Sync rewards and to check on the hatching eggs. It really wasn’t worth it, and while it was odd not playing on the bus journeys, it meant that I was nearly falling asleep on the bus instead.

I also started thinking about the long-term for this, and what I was going to do after this. Sometimes if I was bored, I would switch to play Pokemon Go, and while it would encourage me to leave the house, I no longer felt compelled to leave the house as much as I used to be. While I initially based this blog as Pokemon Go-based, because I ventured out into other avenues, I no longer require Pokemon Go. I still had to write up posts that I’d started.

I’d also removed myself from the Telegram groups – both the main chat and the Wayfarer – the latter was down to elitism and the former was due to it being relegated to a shiny show-off group. Plus it allowed me to take more focus from the game, but I’ve stayed in the much smaller group because there aren’t that many of us in there.

I managed to tear myself away from caring about what other people do with their accounts, and I realised along the way that I stopped caring what other people do in-game. I have my own worries and problems, I don’t need to worry about what other people do with pixels on a screen.

The End

I did open my game to sort out some things (mainly to do with Home integration), and I got a shiny Grimer…okay.

And finally, on March 7th, I uninstalled the game. Yes, I will be reinstalling for Community Day.

Final thoughts? Yeah, it’s been good to not have to worry about constantly playing and still being behind on things. I think the break from the game may extend with the exception of Community Days, and even then that’s only because I still want to write round-up posts (they do generally well on here, after all).

My Wishlist for Future Pokemon Games

We all have a list of things that we’d like to see in any new Pokemon game, and a lot of the things that I will be discussing is what others would like to see, too. We’ve come fresh off of Sword and Shield, and while they are great games, I feel that there are other things that could have been added to flesh out the games more (and I’m not talking about the National Dex, obviously).

So here is my list of things I’d like to see in future Pokemon games.

Age/Difficulty Options

I find Pokemon to be a great self-insert, and I know that it’s a game marketed at children. However, I feel odd playing as a child, and I’m sure others would be, too. This is why I think generic age options would be better, so you could have four age ranges – 10, 14, 18 and 21. That way, you could self-insert to a better degree, and it could also age up your rival.

A hidden bonus in this would be that it would also act as a set of difficulty options. This will act in the same way as the difficulty settings in Black 2 and White 2. It’ll reflect that the older you are, you’re more likely to have more experience (I mean, I say that as someone who was 20 when I first played Pokemon).

Pokemon Walking With You

This is the massive opportunity that was left out of Sword and Shield, and that was having Pokemon following you, or being able to ride on them. After the massive success that was Let’s Go in that aspect, it felt that the Galar wasn’t truly wholesome without this aspect, considering Pokemon could chase you down in the overworld. This would make the experience overall very enriching, especially now with Pokemon Go adding this feature of having your buddy Pokemon on the overworld.

A Second Region In Post-Game

Since the days of Johto and Kanto connections, we’ve not really been able to explore another region after the end of the original game. I don’t mind if this happens in Generation 10, but at the same time it depends on the game’s limitations at the time, and which console it would be released on. I would assume this would happen on a more powerful console than the Switch. I think in order to limit the OP levels, the games would have to have a slow levelling scale, like in HeartGold/SoulSilver, or have you leave your team behind to take up a new one (I’m less fond of the latter, I have to say).

A New Eeveelution

We were expecting a new Eeveelution during Sword and Shield because new Eeveelutions usually came every even-numbered generation. However, for Generation 8, this hasn’t happened, and we were expecting a Dragon- or Steel-type Eeveelution to join the ranks as a counterpart to Sylveon. It’s only a small request, but it’s something that I’d like to see happen.

A Different Kind of Mythical Distribution

For a while now, we’ve had the same distribution mechanic of just giving us Legendaries and Mythicals via Mystery Gift, rather than events or in-game stories. I feel that what would be a great idea to implement is to present an optional downloadable story (free, of course) to play out, so then it will uncover a Mythical Pokemon to catch afterwards. It’ll be so much better to do it that way, considering then we’ll have worked for that Mythical.

A Better Communication System

Player Search System was great. Festival Plaza was…awful. Y-Comm is okay, because at least it cuts the crap from the Festival Plaza, and is straightforward for the most part, but lacks finesse, especially when searching for a link trade or a Max Raid battle. The lack of a GTS hurts, too. I have to rely on luck to find a foreign Ditto for a Masuda hunt.

I just wish the Y-Comm was easier to navigate, or just keep the PSS in the background while you’re in the overworld.

I’m interested in what features you think should be added or tweaked in the Pokemon games. Would you like to see HMs make a return? Would you like to see cuttable bushes make their resurgence? Let me know in the comments!

Gaming Spotlight – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Here’s another part to the series that nobody asked for – this time we’re looking at Danganronpa 2, the sequel to the one we talked about a little while back.

The premise of the game is the same as the first – this time, sixteen students from Hope’s Peak Academy are on Jabberwock Island, the setting for the latest mutual killing game hosted by Monokuma, and his self-proclaimed sister Monomi.

You play as Hajime Hinata, a student who was accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy, who has forgotten his talent.

Themes and Extras

The main plot-point of the story is still about hope versus despair, with a hint of the future.

Blood still remains as though someone vomited Pepto-Bismol due to censorship.

If you want a refresher on the cycles of the game, please check this post out.

In order to watch the Danganronpa 3 anime (both Future and Despair sides), you need to play this game or watch a let’s play if you cannot do so.


There are a few mini-games throughout the game. One thing that was introduced in this game was Pets. When you walk around in-game, you will hatch and evolve your pet, similarly to a Tamagotchi. The pet will accumulate hope and despair, depending on your actions. You are able to gain achievements for collecting every pet, too!

The other mini-game that was introduced was Magical Girl Miracle ★ Usami,  following Monomi as she defeats each of the Monobeasts defending areas of Jabberwock Island. Each stage is unlocked after each corresponding chapter is completed in the main game, with each background featuring notable areas in-game.

The last mini-game is a reprise from School Mode, this time called Island Mode. The premise is the same, but you are creating different items for Usami, as well as bonding with classmates (and also receiving their underwear). Trip Tickets are brought back in, too.

Before V3 was released, Danganronpa 2 was my all-time favourite game. Clearly, that has changed since, but it’s still a brilliant game, right down to the ultra-despairing plot twist at the end.

Gaming Spotlight – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Here’s another post for the series that nobody asked for!

I’m discussing the game that was developed and published by Spike Chunsoft (also responsible for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and the Zero Escape series).

Let’s start back when I was constantly looking for new anime back in 2016. I’d seen this poster of this animated series with this black and white bear (y’all know where this is going). I decided to watch it and I found it very interesting. And then the games that the anime was based on came out on Steam. So I bought them and played them.

Danganronpa is essentially a visual novel about a group of talented teenagers that are trapped in a school by a black and white bear called Monokuma, who proclaims himself to be the headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy. There, he launches a killing game, where the students have to kill one another in order to escape.

Once a murder has occurred, there must be an investigation, followed by a trial. If the culprit gets away with it, everyone else is punished. If the culprit is found, then they are punished. The punishment comes in the form of an execution tailored to the culprit.

You play as Makoto Naegi, a student who was accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy after winning the lottery, thus becoming the Ultimate Lucky Student.

Themes and Extras

The main plot-point of the story (and runs through the series as a whole) is hope versus despair.

We also get blood that resembles Pepto-Bismol. To be fair, this was to conform to censorship regulations. However, I suppose it does add its own flair to the game.

The game is separated into two main sections – Daily Life and Deadly Life.

Daily Life is always the first half of each chapter, and you follow the story and take part in Free Time events, where you increase friendship with the characters. This doesn’t generally affect the way they interact with you outside these events, but it helps with the achievements.

Deadly Life is the moments after a body discovery has happened, and this involves the investigation, the Class Trial, the execution and the aftermath. There are no Free Time events within this section.

Free Time also segways into the MonoMono Machine and the School Mode. School Mode can be unlocked after completing the story, whereas the MonoMono Machine gives items which you can give to other students to increase friendship. The items that you can give with a positive response depends on the items, so choose wisely! School Mode serves as a dating sim, taking you through a plot with no mutual killings, but instead you’re building robots for Monokuma while romancing the other characters. You can also be rewarded with Trip Tickets, taking the characters to parts around the school.

Oh yeah, once you’ve completed the dating sim routes, each character will give you their underwear. Nice.


The brilliant soundtrack was composed by Masafumi Takada (also responsible for The Evil Within and Crypt of the Necrodancer). Speaking of Necrodancer, Takada was responsible for the Danganronpa-themed arrangements in the free PC update for Necrodancer, so you were able to play the game utilising the reimagined soundtrack for the game.


Three games were released that take place after the events of Danganronpa – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. DRV3 is largely unrelated to the rest of the games, however it is fundamental to play them all to have an understanding of what you’re doing.

A sequel anime series was released: Danganronpa 3. This had two (technically 3) sides – Future and Despair. Future is set after the events of DR2, while Despair goes into the backstory of the cast of DR2, as well as how the events leading to DR1 took place. A third title, Hope, released as the conclusion to Future side.


Another Hiatus (Probably) + Scheduling

Just a quick update for those interested, I’m looking on taking another hiatus. I’m hoping it won’t be as long as the last one, but I need to get adjusted to working full-time again. I don’t have the time to write big projects, and I’ve had to scrap one due to it being very intensive.

Basically, I’m working on trying to re-flesh an old story I was working on for the longest time. I’m also taking some time to design some Fakemon for a different project entirely.

Every Friday, I still want to do the Games Spotlight posts, as well as any Community Day posts. A Legendary Raid Day post is still coming, just waiting until Suicune Day happens this month. I also want to work on some other posts that I have drafted but neglected, so they’ll be coming. I do have a long list of things I want to get sorted, so you’ll see a bit of variety. I’m also going to inject some Travelling Tuesdays. Below is the schedule for the next two months, give or take some ideas.

  • 5th August – My Experiments with Multiple Accounts
  • 6th August – Travelling Tuesdays – EU Residency in Portugal
  • 9th August – GSF – The Binding of Isaac
  • 12th August – Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 16th August – GSF – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • 19th August – Least Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 20th August – TT – Things To Know About Lisbon
  • 23rd August – GSF – The Sims (the whole series that I’ve played)
  • 26th August – 10 Pokemon I Don’t Want to See in the Galar Region
  • 27th August – TT – My Experiences With Teleperformance Portugal
  • 30th August – GSF – Borderlands
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  • September – Turtwig Community Day round-up
  • 2nd September –  The Problem and Future of Regionals in Pokemon Go
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