Is It The End? | The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Discussion

Hey guys! If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’ve been immersed in anything The Binding of Isaac-related since around 2013. It’s when I finally got a laptop capable of gaming on, and that was one of the games I loaded up. So as I’ve been playing the newest DLC for Rebirth, Repentance, I thought it’d be good to take a trip down memory lane.

I might even make a Pokemon Theme Teams post based on the characters.

There are spoilers ahead!

Needless to say I’ve been having a lot of fun with the DLC. In the first week of playing, it felt like I had a lot more to discover as I carried on, and I suppose it can feel very overwhelming to some people, especially newer players. Now, I hadn’t completed all of the achievements left over from Afterbirth+, so I had some catching up to do, as well as taking on the new challenges, achievements and characters.

Repentance is an official version of the Antibirth mod, and it was a collaboration project to make the Antibirth mod more official. And it works, but more on that storyline later!


At face value, the two new characters, Bethany and Jacob & Esau, are plenty. I mean, Bethany is a great, fun character, and the pairing of Jacob and Esau, that you have to control together, are nightmares incarnate. But I suppose that’s the whole purpose of the game!

Other characters got some tweaks – Maggie starts with a Full Health pill instead of a Speed Up, The Lost now holds the Eternal D6 instead of the D4, and The Keeper starts with three coin hearts instead of two. I daresay that these changes make the characters a bit more viable, and it also made The Keeper more fun to play as.

But we need to go deeper! And that’s where I start talking about the Tainted characters. For an in-depth analysis of the Tainted characters, this video by SlayXc2 pretty much sums them up. They were teased by Edmund McMillen as well, but you’d have been forgiven for thinking it was an April Fool’s prank. But in essence, they are easy to unlock once you completed the Antibirth storyline and ascend back to Home. Even the Mother ending alludes to the unlock method.

So what are my thoughts? That’ll come soon in another post! But I’ve had a lot of fun failing as Tainted Lost, and Connor really likes Tainted Azazel due to his range increase compared to his regular counterpart. Basically, each character has their really fun unique mechanics that make the gameplay more intriguing or difficult.


The core storyline is the same, but it is the alternate path taken through Downpour, Mines, Mausoleum and Corpse that change the storyline. The enemies are more difficult, there are set puzzles (which I can either take or leave, I’m not particularly a fan of the Mines puzzle), and the more difficult Mom boss and Mom’s Heart straight afterwards that make things harder for you. The payoff is worth it, as you explore the Corpse and defeat Mother. That’s a bit of a doozy, but defeating that will basically unlock the other half of the DLC.

Unlocking the secret door is *chef’s kiss*, the best thing is going through and unlocking the Tainted characters, and then fighting the true final boss, The Beast. It kinda has a Cuphead feel towards the end, so you also need to strategise your loadout hard. For example, Dr. Fetus is a no-go here, because gravity. But the final ending is worth it.

I’ve seen a lot of people discuss how the ending is basically the good ending, although I see it as more of the ultimate hallucination ending. I mean, Isaac is dead, after all.

Co-op Gameplay

Repentance included the introduction of multiple-character co-op. Instead of Player 2 controlling baby familliars, they instead control a full character. During our quarantine period, I’ve been really enjoying the co-op gameplay sessions with Connor, as much as we end up screwing each other over! Although I have to beg him to reset if he gets randomised with Tainted Eden, just saying.

It’s a great opportunity to bond with each other, not that we don’t anyway…


The soundtrack, as always, slaps hard. That’s all I have to say.

Items and Balancing

There’s a plethora of new items that I haven’t even unlocked yet! I’m not the best Isaac player by any means, so I like to take things at my own pace. As for the rebalancing, I’ve enjoyed the process of practically relearning the game, as it were. It took me back to 2013 when I first played the original Flash game, and went into it from there.

I ended up spending hours at a time playing Repentance, and would exit the game only to go back in maybe 10-15 minutes later and carrying on. It’s a bit less now, but I always enjoy going back into it.

Overall, is this DLC worth it? Absolutely! So if you’re a console gamer and you’re waiting for the DLC to drop for you, it’s so worth it!

I haven’t had this much fun in an Isaac game in years, and that’s saying a lot!

Kanto Tour Review | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! Yesterday was the Kanto Tour event, and I did it purely out of curiosity, as well as the opportunity to add shiny Mew to the ever-growing shiny living Pokedex I have stashed away on HOME. But was it worth the £10.99 price tag?

Long story short, there was a lot going on. As of writing this, we’re at the final two hours, and I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically. I chose Red version purely because after much deliberation, I did need more shinies from the Red version. I also buddied up with my friend Sam, who chose the Green version. That way we could trade the exclusives and complete our Collection Challenge.

We were made aware of a lot of different components for the day – all of the different Collection Challenges, the Challengers, the Red/Green version differences, and the news that regional exclusives would be in Raids – for which we would get 9 free Raid Passes and 3 free Remote Passes, to also help tackle the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo. It all definitely required a lot of planning, and if we wanted a shot at finishing everything, we had to venture outside. And honestly, it was a really mild day, wind aside. You wouldn’t have thought it was towards the end of February.

I started off in Central Park, as was the old Community Day tradition, and I was wanting to stock up on extra balls. Yes, we got 200 in one of the free boxes, but I didn’t care. But the event started, and it was pandemonium. Incense going off near-constantly, tasks to complete and things to do, I had to take a quick sit-down! Of course, the first shiny I got was the Charmander from the first part of the Special Research. And that, my long-suffering friends, turned out to be a shundo! I admittedly had to stop myself from screaming from the shock! I nearly gave people a heart attack from the shiny Latias the other day…

We also noticed that we weren’t going to go hungry for raids, and that they were nicely popping up in and out very frequently. The first we did was a Kangaskhan, which I still needed the shiny of. No shiny, but it was a hundo for me.

I did the usual lap around Central Park, hopping into whichever Raids that we could, and getting quite a few shinies as we went. I was excited about shiny Growlithe though, because it’s one that I’d been after since it was released! I did go back home to have lunch and recharge before I ventured back out again. It was good to be out and about though, I can say that much.

It was hard to keep up with all of the Collection Challenges, especially as you couldn’t have all of the completed ones at the bottom, and the in-progress ones at the top. We also noticed that newly-shiny Pokemon such as Spearow and Paras were hard to come by in their shiny forms, which was disappointing but not unexpected, as we saw from the APAC-region side of things.

The Collection Challenges themselves were quite fun, and easily accomplishable, with plenty of candy given per catch (with Magikarp yielding around 93 candy per catch with a Silver Pinap Berry). I enjoyed seeing all of the Challenges completed and it meant I had one less thing to worry about each time!

I went back home as it started to get dark and I was starting to get a bit hungry. I had originally planned to stream the final hours of the event, but on Thursday night I wasn’t well, and even though I felt much better the day of the event, I didn’t want to push it. Plus with the amount of walking I did, I knew that I was going to sleep easy, knowing the biggest mental hurdle (in terms of workload) was over. Plus not streaming gave me time to write this instead of doing it all last-minute!

All in all, I definitely filled in a lot of the gaps that I had in my shiny living dex. Overall, I got the following:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander (also 100%)
  • Squirtle
  • Weedle
  • Ekans x3
  • Nidoran F
  • Oddish
  • Mankey x3
  • Growlithe
  • Shellder
  • Krabby x2
  • Hitmonlee x2
  • Horsea
  • Electabuzz x2
  • Ditto
  • Porygon
  • Kabuto x2
  • Aerodactyl

So overall, 26 shinies! Not a bad haul. I wasn’t expecting Community Day odds by any means, though. There was a lot of Pokemon that I still needed shiny, but with the gargantuan amount of items you got from tasks, not to mention just the free Raid Passes alone made the ticket worth the price. I had a lot of fun, and there were plenty of times where my item storage was completely full (which it never usually is, and I have a low max storage amount as it is).

I didn’t particularly care for the GO Challenge Battles though, plus it’s one of the features where you had to go outside to do it. It would have been more fun to see content creators have their teams represented. I just didn’t fancy any of the teams, really.

I will admit that I am heavily disappointed in the Masterwork Research. The Pokemon GO Tour was anticipated specifically for shiny Mew, and it turns out that you have to wait at least a month after said event is a bit wrong. On top of that, the possibility of having to spin 151 unique PokeStops is irresponsible of Niantic, considering the pandemic, and the fact that in countries under lockdown it is illegal to travel outside of your area. I hope that within a month it has changed, however, and I have already contacted Niantic Support about it.

Now that we’ve had this Kanto Tour, I’d expect to see other Tours for the other regions. It probably won’t be for a while, considering Niantic would want to keep as many shiny releases as possible before unleashing them all. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw a Johto Tour announced in the future.

We also have the make-up event to hopefully look forward to as well!

All of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

Earlier, I made a post discussing my Animal Crossing experience as a first-time player. Things have changed since – for example, I’ve been very much into terraforming (while keeping the island’s natural shape), I’ve received a 5* rating, and I’ve had villagers come and go.

Speaking of, today’s post is highlighting all of the villagers that I’ve had live on the island of Laranjeira. This does not include campsite visitors, with two exceptions.



Diva was one of my starting villagers, and despite her being a frog, I was less than pleased. I just didn’t click with her, to begin with, and I was thrown off when she didn’t like talking too much (although I now know that’s a thing with the other villagers too). I’ve bonded with Diva more so since, but when she decided to leave I let her. I’ve noticed that she’s very divisive anyway, but with more people actually disliking her than not.



Pierce is my clear favourite of the two starting villagers, and sadly he was one of the first who wanted to leave my island. However, I convinced him to stay because he’s lovely. I love his cricket shirt, despite the fact I hate cricket, but it’s something that hits close to home that I had to love it!



After a while, I was instructed to make three plots for new residents. I found new residents in the Mystery Islands, and Ozzie is such a treat! He’s a cute little koala, and all the time he’s been on my island, I adore him all the more! He’s way too innocent, and he’s definitely staying for the long term.



Twiggy was the second of the three chosen to make the first round of house-building and furniture-crafts. I adore Twiggy, and I would be heartbroken if she left. It’s so cute to see her lifting weights and exercising with Pierce. Twiggy also hooks me up with the cutest of outfits! Seriously, she’s one of the best that I have, especially when she calls me her bestie (at least this best friend will never leave me)!



Cally is adorable! She has given me a good few cute items and she’s precious! She is a tiny, innocent squirrel, but she decided to leave one day, and I accepted that fate. She’s cute, but it was time to move on.



Lopez was the campsite visitor that eventually moved over permanently, and for a smug villager, I don’t mind him at all. He is really sweet, and he at one time gave Sydney a present – it was so adorable, and Lopez is just great in general.



I actually don’t know why I invited Boots over. I just wanted him gone for the longest time. Everything adorable that everyone else does, it’s just weird on him. But now he’s gone, and the island feels a lot better! The less said about him, the better, really.



Connor found Sydney for me while he was on his rounds, and when he shared me the image of her, I was eager as hell to have her on the island. She’s another koala like Ozzie, and also elevates the cuteness of the island. She’s definitely my favourite of the bunch.



Wendy is pretty cute! She’s neutral for me, but not in a bad way. I like her, definitely. She’s a grower for me, I feel. But if she wanted to leave, I’d allow it. As a peppy villager, she’s like Twiggy, but a bit off, if that makes sense.



Maggie was the last of the original ten arrivals, arriving at Laranjeiras just in time for K.K. Slider’s debut island performance, which I was so stoked about. I was so careful to try and find a cute villager for my final, and Maggie was probably my fourth or fifth attempt. Obviously, she left recently to pastures new, and while she was cute, I already had two other normal villagers. I kinda kept forgetting about Maggie towards the end.



Octavian serves as Diva’s replacement and took three attempts to find him. He’s pretty cool, albeit grumpy as hell (he is a cranky villager after all), and he has the coolest space-themed home! I quite like him – he wasn’t my first choice octopus, but he’s great all the same. He’s also kinda cute when he runs around and sniffs the flowers.



Pashmina was Boots’ replacement, and I found her on the first attempt. She’s a sisterly villager like Diva, but she kinda wears it better and doesn’t look as snooty when she talks. She feels a lot calmer than Diva, and I think that’s down to her design, so it’s more appealing to me. However, she left just before this post went live, so…yeah.



Chief was Maggie’s replacement, and this is where things get wild. Chief was originally a campsite visitor, and I wanted him on my island there and then. However, it took a long time, but he warmed to the idea of moving – only he talked about replacing Pierce. I wanted Boots out at the time, and I really like Pierce, so it was a no-go. After Maggie left, I was so happy to find Chief again that I immediately snapped him up.



Fauna’s a little sweetheart that I had on my list of villagers that I was looking for, and after Cally left, she was the first that appeared. I know it’s a normal villager replacing another normal villager, but she’s so cute and I couldn’t turn her down at all. I didn’t realise that Fauna was worth so many Bells, but I won’t give her up easily!



I was so happy to see Coco because I really wanted her from the first time I saw her. I found her as my replacement for Pashmina, and while it is yet another normal villager, she’s so precious! I find it shocking just how many Bells people would pay for her and Fauna, not gonna lie. Not that I’m planning on selling them off.

Welcome to Laranjeira! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This was my first-ever foray into the Animal Crossing franchise, and I absolutely love it! I was watching Ace Trainer Liam, TearaStar and CafeEla play through the game on stream, and I just wanted to get the game and experience it for myself.

I’m glad I did, now I can write this post! It’s been a month since I delved into the world of Animal Crossing, and I thought I’d sum up my experiences.

Starting the Village

I already had a name in mind, so I reset around five times for orange trees! It just made sense to me. I mean, what kind of place would be literally named ‘orange tree’ yet has no oranges (looking at you, Lisbon). It was a natural choice, as my farm in Stardew Valley was named the same.

Connor decided to drop in at times (we share the Switch console). That means he gets the advances that I get without doing a lot for it, but we’ve shared goodies and he was important for one of my villagers.

I enjoy how I’ve been able to go from a tent, two villagers and a small Resident Services tent to a full-blown homely set-up all-round.

My Villagers

I now have all ten villagers, so I can talk about them! However, there are some that I want to change out (Boots), and there are some that I absolutely adore, such as Twiggy, Sydney and Ozzie. Wendy, I can take or leave. I might make a different post about each villager and how they hold up with me. My originals were Diva and Pierce, I’ll say that much!

I’m still trying to kick out Boots.

The NPC Conundrum

There’s been a lot of discussion about the ‘one island per console’ rule, but Connor has embraced that. Despite not having the story to go through, he’s been happy to go about his merry way. He just won’t touch the terraforming and paths that I’ve created, stating that I’m the one with the vision for that, and he doesn’t want to mess it up.

However, he has contributed by bringing Sydney over to the island and donating some items to the museum. Sydney’s become my favourite so I suppose I should marry this guy soon.

We share a Switch console, which is why we currently share an island. However, it would be nice in the future to be able to have another Switch so that we can visit each other and help each other out.

Shaping the Gameplay

I really like the idea of terraforming and adjusting the island once you’ve gotten used to it. I’m currently in the process of moving my villagers’ homes to one area, while also having a shopping area and gardens near the plaza. I currently have an orchard at one of the highest points of my island, as well as an area with a fountain in the middle of another highest point.

I’ve seen loads of people’s islands and what they’ve done with them. I could probably never be at that level of design or style, but I know I’ll be happy with my island when it’s done!

I also have lots of flowers that I’ll soon be rearranging in order to breed more hybrids!

Little Flaws

Every game doesn’t come without its flaws. This one just has flaws that would be better improved via quality of life updates, rather than there being anything that’s currently game-breaking. I’m talking about multiple crafting, stacked items, that sort of thing.

Maybe some of the dialogue and options could have been more streamlined, but that’s not a big deal I suppose.

I think my biggest issue comes not from the game, but from the infamous Joy Con drift. For me, it’s a huge hindrance for everything from selecting items in my inventory to hunting tarantulas. I’ve managed to make it work, but there have been times where I’ve had to stop playing because it either got too much or my thumb was hurting from having to try and force my Joy Con to stop drifting for a couple of minutes.

Overall, I feel that this is one of my favourite games to relax to. It’s so easy to get the Switch out and just play. I usually play in the morning just to check my turnip stocks, but instead I end up playing in bed for a good hour or two before I get up.

It’s the ideal pasttime for the current lockdown, and I’m glad that I have it to enjoy, or else I’d get bored.

A Wild Ride – An Honest Pokemon Sword/Shield Review

It’s been a while since the release of Sword and Shield now, and I’ve had to wait until payday because a roof over my head took priority. But now, after playing the game, I wanted to share my insights into what I thought makes (or breaks) the game.

This is a completely honest opinion of what I liked or disliked about the game.

The Story

The story is one where it seems to take on a different purpose. Instead of acting to defeat the evil team and solving the mysteries yourself, you’re helped along the way, and you are to focus on the Gym Challenge, which I might add is beautifully done. However, the main bad-guy plot is barely there, and I wanted a little more involvement with taking down said bad guy. But I think it harks back to having agents do the hard work while the athletes have to worry about the game or the tournament.

To be honest, I loved the way you ended up getting assistance from Team Yell later down the line. I like Team Yell, they were just misunderstood fanboys!

The Region

The Galar region definitely encompasses the British vibes, especially Wyndon, which I walked into and definitely felt like I had stepped into a shrine of London (although it was just a little bit dead for somewhere that was based on London). I just wanted to explore some of the cities more and have free reign to do that. I think if there was one thing missing, it would have been a huge free-standing shopping mall, like Meadowhall.

A lot of the area is gorgeous though, and it feels the most alive region I’ve played. That might have something to do with the free-roaming in the Wild Area or the overworld Pokemon. Everything feels more amped up than I’m used to, and it’s great! I kinda wish they kept the overworld shinies, but that’s neither here nor there, I think that’s something exclusively to Let’s Go.

The Graphics

I for one don’t care too much about graphics. I mean, I play a lot of indie games where the sole purpose is the gameplay and story. But I felt that the entire region was beautifully done, especially the Wild Area. There were a few graphical mishaps, but that happens with every game. And they become apparent when, let’s say, you’re harvesting berries and that awful pixelated stuff comes up when there’s something in the way. But it’s nothing like ‘oh Double Kick has ruined my immersion of the game’.

The Pokemon

The Pokemon introduced are just amazing. There are a few which aren’t hugely great, but there isn’t one that I heavily dislike. I saw something fun or interesting about each one (including when Eldegoss floated in the air elegantly, or that Rillaboom reminds me of Phil Collins and that Cadbury advert).

My final team consisted of Cinderace, Toxtricity, Sandaconda, Barraskewda, Rapidash and Dragapult. I also had a Corviknight and Morgrem in reserve, which I used for quite a while through the game. They did a solid job, and I think Toxtricity may edge out Luxray in my favourite Pokemon list!

The Gigantamax Pokemon – wow! We knew as soon as Gigantamax was announced that Charizard was going to have a form (as it’s Leon’s ace). But I didn’t expect it to look as awesome as it does. As for the others, I’m very interested in their designs (especially Melmetal, which seems to have lost a bit of weight). I’m looking forward to Toxtricity’s Gigantamax form, though. In other news, I ended up with a 6IV Gigantamax Snorlax on my fourth try.

As for the Legendaries, I love the way that they are incorporated into the game, as well as the Pokemon themselves. Eternamax Eternatus is hella broken, that’s for sure! Eternatus was an interesting third member of the trio, and the Eternamax form gave me an idea for a Pokemon that you could explore an entire area on. More ideas for Lumaria inbound!

I’m interested in the fact that no Mythicals were introduced as of the time I’m writing this. I wonder what they’re going to do with them in the future.

As for shiny hunting, the newest method seems to be knocking so many of a Pokemon out to lower the odds. I loved having a chain method, but I’ll take this. It’s kinda like tearing apart that haystack to get to the needle. I haven’t had a shiny from this method yet (only Masuda, specifically).


The Y-Comm needs work, definitely, but I’m going to focus on how simple the Surprise Trades are. I definitely miss the GTS, but the Surprise Trade system rewarded me with some great stuff, including some foreign Pokemon ready for Masuda breeding, as well as an (almost) battle-ready Dreepy.

The story is heavily centred around Dynamaxing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It also confirms that this is the only generation (remakes aside) that will have this feature. I didn’t think a whole lot about Dynamaxing, but I feel that it adds a bit of weight to some of the battles, and makes them more important and dynamic.

The Max Raids are entertaining, and so much fun when it gets down to it. 20 hours into the game, I got a shiny Torkoal from a Max Raid! My only gripe is finding an alert for a Max Raid, only to be told there’s no communication or anything. And when I was looking for rare raids to help with my Pokedex, they were suddenly so sparse, and when I found a raid online, there were communication issues aplenty.

The Camp feature is excellent, and I’m having fun filling the Curry Dex! It’s a great option when you’re needing to heal and you can’t be bothered to go through your bag. It also has plenty of wholesome content, like when you chat with the Pokemon.

I didn’t think the mandatory EXP Share was going to be bad, but I was over-levelled by the time I got to the finals. However, I was under-levelled going into my battle with Leon, but I managed to beat his butt.


Hop made for a great breath of fresh air when reflecting on rivals past. Before, we had Hau and the Kalos rival group which was just bad, but Hop has his own character development about getting knocked down and trying to defeat Leon and then trying to seek his own path. I also like how the opposite box-art Legendary would be involved in the story, and Hop would capture it later on in the post-game.

While we had Hop, we also had Bede. I really disliked Bede, but that’s what I wanted from a rival – someone to make you feel good about beating your opponent – and he had a great arc as well.

Marnie, while not as developed, I still liked. Team Yell was definitely an interesting bunch. I quite liked how they were just a bunch of over-the-top fans, and not a devastating organisation hell-bent on ending the world.

I really enjoyed the Gym Leaders as a whole, they have great personalities. They’re just kinda overshadowed by the awesome theme.

I also like how Sonia gains depth as a character while going through the research with you. It’s kinda like you’re her assistant.

Sordward and Shielbert…Jedward, anyone?


Seriously, I don’t care about Dexit. I haven’t played the game and thought ‘I wish X Pokemon were in here’. I felt that the newly-introduced Pokemon of the region helped set the scene for the region, as well as the Pokemon that were chosen for the game. It didn’t matter that Luxray wasn’t in the games. I was happy with the Pokemon that I used, and I got to know and develop strong hype for the Pokemon that I had in my team.

What people have to remember is that GameFreak haven’t cut the Pokemon from the franchise, just these two games. Gen 9 will bring some of them back. Plus remember: there was no National Dex in Alola.

Concerns and Improvement Suggestions

Like I said before, I wish there was more room to explore the different cities and towns, because I kinda felt that it was too linear, and not as much to do. This was kinda excusable for a place like Ballonlea, but not for Wyndon.

I think the Y-Comm needs an overhaul, as while it’s good as a basic starting point, it’s hard to get the trade that you want if you don’t have easy access to friends. I’m still looking for a foreign Ditto because of the lack of GTS.

I’d like to chain for shinies again, though. It’d be a nice third option for us to have.


Overall, I really enjoyed the game. I applaud the localisation team for getting it spot-on with our British speech patterns (Hop’s a great example of this). I hope that even in the next generation there’ll be capacity to add different Pokemon into that game, instead of keeping to the same few – that’s my main concern with Dexit honestly.

Now I’m gonna put an Air Balloon on my Toxtricity.

Multiple Account Research: What I Discovered

As you may know from my previous post, I recently set up a second account. I will be honest when I say that I haven’t used it a lot since I started.

So I started this account on 4th July 2019. I was able to use it on my phone by downloading the game from the Galaxy Store. For laughs, I made a nickname that referenced the spoofers within my local community, and an inside joke I made when playing Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.

After ten days, I was already at level 21. Because of the wide variety of Pokemon currently available, I had caught 102 and seen 129. My only shiny at the time was a Slakoth due to the Community Day make-up weekend (of course, I would then get the guaranteed shiny Eevee from the Jump-Start research). Because of Adventure Sync, I was able to walk both accounts simultaneously. This allowed me to hatch multiple eggs. To be honest, it would have been nice to have some extra attempts at getting my first Gible.

But with the state of my levelling up and the current state of my Pokemon? It’s not good. By the time I was level 21, I was slowly but surely filling up my Kanto Pokedex, but it took me a good few months to get to that stage. I feel that levelling up, even without friendship, is easier now due to all of the different bonuses. Special Research tasks that reward XP are a contributing factor for this, especially the recent Jump-Start tasks.

I feel that no matter what level you are in the game, the rate of XP gain is currently very high. For example, you could be Level 40 with a very limited team, due to bonuses from Friendship, raids, new Pokemon, events, and Special Research. I was battling a Shinx with Pokemon like Lunatone or Kabutops, which isn’t ideal for effectiveness.

My final thoughts: I wasn’t too keen on having to divide my attention between accounts. I also didn’t see a correlation between having a new account and seeing more shinies, for the time that I did play. I did uninstall the version that the account was playing, however I might come back to it at a later date.

We Need To Discuss Multiple Accounts on Pokemon Go

I’ve been doing an experiment with a secondary Pokemon Go account, and the experiment is to see if the hypothesis is correct where newer accounts are favoured more for shinies than long-term players. I will discuss my findings here, as I realised there was more to it than just having an extra account.

I just wanted to go through the logistics of using multiple accounts on Pokemon Go. This can range from using two phones to using the same phone, switching between accounts on that phone. The easiest way to set this up is to download the app from two different sources – my method is the initial APK file (Google Play releases updates a lot later than the APK file), and Galaxy Store (I use a Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 model).

The upsides to multiple accounts are:

  • The second account helps with raid numbers – this is mainly if the secondary account is of a high level with good counters. One account could make the difference between winning and losing a raid, especially if you can’t make up the other numbers or the rest of the raid party are lower-levelled.
  • An extra chance for shinies – it’s true that having a second account still gives you the same odds for a shiny (as you’d think – my experiment is testing that), it provides extra coverage if you don’t seem lucky with certain shinies. For example, I’ve gone over 1100 encounters without finding a shiny Aron, but an extra account means that I could encounter one and trade it to my main account.
  • An extra chance for new Pokedex entries – logistically, having 18 10km eggs on the go instead of 9 grants nine extra chances for a rare Pokemon such as Riolu or Gible.
  • Friending yourself = more XP/Gifts/Items/Lucky trade – a lot of multiple accounters added their main account as a friend, and one of my friends is reaping the benefits. He has had a good amount of Lucky trades, some of them traded with himself.

The main downside is that multiple accounts are essentially violating the game’s Terms of Service. I mean, that is literally it. Niantic could pull the plug on both accounts if they felt it necessary.

So do I feel multiple accounts are good? Sort of. While I don’t feel that they are as bad as some people make out to be, it’s essentially breaking the Terms of Service.

So I want to ask you this: how do you feel about multiple accounts? Do you run more than one account?

My First Experiences With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

On June 20th, a day before the actual release, we actually had Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release in the UK and US. Well, for most people. Some of us didn’t get it on Google Play, so after a lot of back and forth (not from Niantic, they never respond to Tweets), I thought of the Galaxy Store. And lo and behold, it appeared there! So I quickly downloaded it and I started my adventure.

To register my wand details I just needed to use Pottermore/Wizarding World Passport for recreate my given wand (this isn’t mandatory but I wanted the added touch). And as for the house – that was obviously going to be Slytherin. I was worried because I’d heard rumours about them not featuring houses during the beta testing, but I’m glad they went ahead and gave us that opportunity. It doesn’t really add much, apart from changing the colour of your avatar, but I like having my Slytherin representation there.

The main encounters (or Confoundables) are pretty simple – it gives you a difficulty rating, which you can use potions to reduce that rating. Then you trace a spell to successfully eliminate the Confoundable. The Foundable will return to its rightful place and collecting them will earn you ranks in that particular area, rewarding you with items including Runestones used for Wizard Challenges.

The daily assignments were what I was expecting the Research tasks for Pokemon to be – for example, I had assignments such as ‘Return 10 Foundables’, and there were eight altogether, resetting at midnight each day, so you always get new tasks to complete. You also get Daily Treasure every day, with the next treasure also given at midnight each day.

The Points of Interest in Wizards Unite are the same as Ingress and Pokemon Go, but there are variations – Greenhouse, Inn and Fortress. The Greenhouses and Inns refresh every 5 minutes. Also of note is that EE is a sponsor in the UK, so they will have Points of Interests available at their stores.

Greenhouses give a random assortment of ingredients – my house sits on top of a greenhouse, and because the range is better in this game than in Pokemon Go, I can reach the greenhouse more frequently.

Inns are where you restore energy you use to cast spells. A random selection is made from five choices, and whatever you pick will determine how much energy you gain. You can place Dark Detectors on Inns (up to three can be placed at any time), and you can find rarer Confoundables by using them – the more that are placed, the better chances.

Fortresses are where you use Runestones and do Wizard Challenges. These are essentially turn-based battles with different kinds of encounters. This is where Professions come in, as you can choose a Profession (Auror, Magizoologist and Professor) that will make you stronger against a type, but weaker against another. For example, I chose the Magizoology Profession, meaning that I am stronger against Beasts, but I take extra damage against Curiosities. I am unaffected by Dark Forces.

I started reviewing this just as it came out and I was able to play it. But I wanted to play it over the course of a few days to make sure I became used to the gameplay features. The only feature that I wish was better was the energy feature. There is no way to rest and restore your energy, instead having to rely on Greenhouses and Inns – of which if there are none in your area, you don’t have a lot of options for this. However for the time being, there is a complimentary gift available in the shop, granting you 50 energy.

Overall I feel that Wizards Unite does seem strange without a form of defensive play for the time being, it’ll shape up to be a great game. I know I would have loved this when I was younger and seriously getting into the books and the films. While it’s perhaps a different kind of game to what we would have expected as children, it’s fun nonetheless.

Even the day after release, some still can’t find it on Google Play, meaning that the best port of call was trying the Galaxy Store (which I did).

As for whether or not I’ll include any news and stuff on this game – I think I will do. I’d like to broaden my horizons, and yes it would give me more to write up about on the regular. Pokemon Go will still be my main as long as I am still vigorously shiny-hunting, but I might choose a time to let Adventure Sync do its work and I can play Wizards Unite a little more.

New Lures Mean New Pokemon!

I’m excited that after probably what has been forever (I want to say January), we’ve finally had a new wave of Pokemon released! The Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Lure Modules have been released, and among them are several new Pokemon!

  • Cherubi and Cherrim
  • Burmy, Wormadam and Mothim
  • Gible, Gabite and Garchomp
  • Shellos and Gastrodon
  • Hippopotas and Hippowdon
  • Glaceon (Glacial Lure)
  • Leafeon (Mossy Lure)
  • Magnezone (Magnetic Lure)
  • Probopass (Magnetic Lure)

According to The Silph Road, none of the new wild Pokemon appear to be lure exclusive, which is great – however I can foresee them being more likely to spawn with the lures. I am excited to try out the lures, I know a great new cluster of Pokestops in my local park. From another post that I saw, they also have a different aesthetic to the usual Lure Modules – for example, you can see snowflakes from the Pokestop that has the Glacial Lure activated.

It also appears that the different forms of Shellos are not regional exclusive, which is a disappointment, because it would have been nice to have seen the East Sea and West Sea versions divided – I mean, they’re just aesthetic differences, nothing like the Lake Trio (still miffed us Europeans got shafted again with that one). For now though, at least, I’ve been told we at least get the Trash Cloak Burmy here in the UK, so time will tell if the Burmy forms are regional.

This release means that there are two non-Legendary Pokemon that have not yet been released: Mime Jr and Rotom. I have already Tweeted to Niantic about implementing Rotom as a fun Raid Boss, but apart from that I don’t see a way of implementing it. As for Mime Jr, they really buggered it up when they released Mr. Mime as a regional (still think it should have been Lapras honestly, but the damage is done).

All in all, I’m happy that most of the rest of the Pokemon are now released – I just sincerely hope they don’t do the same long roll-out with Gen 5.



Extraordinary Raid Week! Yes!

Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better title, but I don’t care. This was the event that I was referring to in my post about Chrales’ findings about a Raid Week. So to confirm, we’re getting a Raid Week, full of lovely bonuses! The Raid Week will start Tuesday May 21st until Tuesday May 28th. We will gain 2x Raid Stardust and 2x Raid XP, perfect for those of us who still remembers their Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces! We will also have shiny Bronzor released for us to attempt to find!

Bold are shinies

1* – Machop, Slakoth, Shinx, Bronzor

2* – Misdreavus, Kirlia, MawileFeebasClamperl, Bibarel

3* – Alolan Raichu, Chansey, ScytherAerodactyl, Floatzel

4* – Alolan Marowak, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Absol, Metagross

That was just the Extraordinary Raid Week. During this week, we will also get a Raid Hour on Wednesday 22nd May from 6pm until 7pm local time. The number of raids of all levels will increase during the hour – which is great for me, I’m attempting to get back into raiding, and I can’t wait to attempt to get some shinies.

Speaking of shinies, on Saturday May 25th from 11am until 2pm local time, we are getting a Lapras Raid Day. Just like the Legendary Birds and Gengar before it, Lapras will have its own special raid day, where we receive up to five Raid Passes from Gyms at no cost, and multiple chances of encountering a shiny Lapras!

And now for my reaction

I love the idea of a raid week. I just hope that throughout the week raids are more common than normal, so that we can have a good amount of opportunities to raid the hell out of the gyms. At least we know in advance when the raid hour is this time, instead of it being a surprise. This means we can plan routes efficiently and organise carshares!

This is the first ‘Chaos Day’ I will be able to do since Zapdos – I was working during Moltres Day and I had an injury shortly before Gengar Day, so I could do neither of those. But this time will be fun, I’m sure of it!