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Making New Pokemon From Unique Type Combinations – Part 2

Hey! This is part 2 of my creating a Pokemon thing that I’m doing. I might do a post where I re-type existing Pokemon, but today we’re still making new Pokemon! Again, this post is in collaboration with my good friend Tim, over at That Tiny Website! His first post can be found there, and

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Making New Pokemon from Unique Type Combinations – Part 1

Hey guys! I’m here again to make even more Pokemon! However, this time it’s all to do with type combinations used by only one evolution line.  There will be no Mega Evolutions allowed, due to no Megas being available in the most recent games, we must assume we’re working with the non-Mega timeline. Regional variants

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Creating Pokemon Based on Unused Type Combinations

Hello everyone! To preface, my friend Tim wrote a post looking back on predictions for the Pokemon franchise (among other games). One of his posts focused on new dual-type Pokemon predictions to come for Sword and Shield. Out of those ten, only one (Ice/Fire) made the new roster in the form of Galarian Zen Mode

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