Rewriting The Danganronpa 3 Anime

Hey guys! This is a big thing that I wanted to work on. If you missed my announcement, I’m currently working on a collaborative Fanganronpa project that’s going to be in story format. However, today is slightly related. I know you guys click on my Danganronpa posts a lot (they actually make up three of my top five most viewed posts in 2020), so this is for you!

This one is based on theories that I had of the series as I was watching it, and needless to say I was disappointed in the overall outcome.

So I was heavily disappointed in the conclusion of the Danganronpa 3 anime series, so I wanted to rewrite it. I wanted to correct a few things:

  • Chiaki’s fate
  • The brainwashing aspect (for the most part)
  • The missing Branch 13 Director
  • The wrong participant count
  • Kyoko’s fate
  • The mastermind of the Final Killing Game
  • Yasuhiro’s involvement

So there, we already have seven different elements that we need to fix. Even though it is suggested to read the Future/Despair series incrementally, we’re doing this one chronologically, because then it’ll all make sense in terms of the story. We would also need to incorporate this as a double cour anime series over single cour, just to give us some time for character and plot development.

Despair Arc

So we start off with the Despair Arc, and everything relatively stays the same until Mikan is now serving under Junko. As before, Nagito and Chiaki investigate and find Junko, where Izuru subdues them. These two are probably the best fits to infect the rest of their classmates with despair, as despair itself is described as a disease, and considering Nagito is batshit insane and Chiaki is the class rep, they both have a foothold to be able to pull it off. This way, Chiaki survives, but also becomes heavily involved in Junko’s killing game.

Because Junko’s first killing game was a battle royale-style, Junko calls on Chiaki to help build a framework for a more structured killing game. This involves rules, deaths, a class trial and an execution. As the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki would have no problem pulling all of this off. Ryota also becomes involved and seems to have become an Ultimate Despair, lending his hand to creating the execution visuals that you see in the canon. As before, everyone, one by one, becomes infected with despair, and rallies around to rile up the Reserve Course. A pre-made broadcast that Ryota put together beforehand shows Junko proclaiming the beginning of a new world, infecting the Reserve Course students with the despair monumental enough to [TRIGGER WARNING] kill themselves.

Chiaki is chosen to be the face of the Alter Ego in Danganronpa 2 because of her close connection to the Ultimate Despairs.

Future Arc / Hope Arc

Later on, it transpires that Chisa, Chiaki and Ryota all became branch directors in the Future Foundation. This fills the Branch 13 gap, as this is where Chiaki would be placed. Before Makoto’s trial, she asks Aoi to fill her place as she is ‘busy with duties’ – where Chiaki would be helping to assemble the Final Killing Game, with Tengan’s help. Therefore, Chiaki would be participating in the Final Killing Game as a hidden participant, with the amount of participants shown in the opening being correct, with 16 instead of the 15 we got. Place Yasuhiro in care of Byakuya instead of being outside the building and not actually participating, and that’s that, because Yasuhiro wasn’t an official participant. Even if the opening changed so that the naked grey guy shown in the Closing Argument segments in the games was shown in the opening instead of Chiaki initially, that would be interesting.

Everything goes as in the anime still, even with Aoi’s ketchup-death fake-out. The next major change comes in the form of Kyoko’s fate after the fourth time limit. Yes, she stays dead, let’s just get that out of the way. We needed one of the original Killing Game survivors to get bumped off this time around, so let’s give it to someone that would actually matter (sorry, but Makoto is Hope Lord, and Aoi already had a fake-out).

Once the Final Killing Game has been deactivated, Ryota’s phone goes off and he receives a video message from Tengan, instructing him to play the Hope Video, as in the original, in the hopes that he could use the Final Killing Game to force Ryota’s hand, as a test to see if Ryota is truly part of Ultimate Despair. Ryota does as he does in the anime.

The rest of Class 77-B comes in and attacks the brainwashed Future Foundation combatants – this time, instead of their Jabberwock Island outfits, they are in the outfits we saw them in in Future Arc episode 1. Class 77-B do as they originally do with Ryota. It’d be a bittersweet irony that a lynchpin of the Ultimate Despairs ends up broadcasting a Hope Video to eradicate the Ultimate Despair. They proclaim that they’re going to band together and save their Class Rep (cheesy, I know, but it works). They all manage to confront Chiaki, who is in the meeting room where the Final Killing Game started. Failing to revert her back to her old self, the rest of her class just tie her up and take her back to Jabberwork Island, claiming responsibility over her, and over the Final Killing Game.

This version ends as the anime does, except, y’know, Kyoko’s still dead, so it’s a bittersweet rather than a forced happy ending.

So there we have it! I just re-wrote an entire anime series! I’m happy with this, although it’d definitely need to be a longer series just to add to the development a bit more. The issue with the Danganronpa as anime format is that it’s always too short, and doesn’t allow time for world-building or story pacing.

Why Is School Days So Bad?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of the Naruto Shippuden reviews to bring you something that I wanted to address. Somehow, getting through School Days was easier than getting through Naruto fillers. Who knew?

Y’know, I didn’t realise this was based on a visual novel, and even they have varying degrees of odd and brutal endings. How tragic.

I do have to mention there’s a trigger warning, as the ‘r’ word is mentioned once.

The Characters


I can unequivocally say that Makoto Itou is one of those irredeemable main characters, and that’s without reflecting on the other characters. In the beginning, he’s an awkward, over-the-top mess in his pursuit of Kotonoha at the beginning, which seems innocent enough considering she’s probably his first romantic encounter. But in the end, he does a complete 180 and rejects all kinds of responsibility for his actions (as though it’s just up to his multiple girlfriends rather than his sorry ass, I suppose). He experiences the phenomenon of not wanting the prize as soon as you’ve won it (in his case, Kotonoha). It’s as though the thrill of the chase was more fun than catching the prize, and as soon as things were steady with Kotonoha, he froze her out and pursued Sekai.

For Makoto, there is no remorse for his actions until it benefits him with Kotonoha. We can tell that his main reason for getting back with Kotonoha is because she’s the only person who wants him after everything he’s done. Basically, Makoto is the biggest douchebag in this anime by far.

As for Kotonoha – in the end, she’s completely yandere before Yuno Gasai made it popular. It was so unsettling to watch, and her incessant denial could only be justified because Makoto couldn’t man up enough to actually dump the poor girl. She ended up acting deluded, but her unwavering devotion to Makoto can be justified by her not having any other close connections within the school environment – she’s bullied constantly and not very forthcoming – it’s only when Sekai makes the effort does she start having those friendships. I do sympathise with her, as she’s been strung along for so much of the anime. But then she literally throws all of that out of the window by, after discovering Makoto’s dead body, severs his head and shows it to Sekai, before killing Sekai and taking said severed head on her family’s yacht. That unsettled me so much, you have no idea. I don’t think I’ve been that unsettled since I was dared to watch the Boku no Pico trilogy…

Sekai meant well at the start, willing to help a guy grab the attention of the woman that he likes. But then she ends up falling for him anyway, which I can sympathise with, but it’s not a situation I’ve been in. But then she starts seducing him by offering ‘training’ where Makoto gets to grab her boob.

Then you have Setsuna, who is Sekai’s best friend, who cared for Sekai enough to warn Makoto about dumping Kotonoha, but then pursued Makoto behind Sekai’s back in the first place. So much for caring for Sekai, I suppose.

Otome, I can feel a little more sorry for in some respects. I mean yes, she bullies Kotonoha which is unwarranted, but then she has had romantic feelings for Makoto for a long time.

Then there’s Hikari, who crushed massively on Taisuke (more on him later). She went to Makoto to persuade him to sort things out with Sekai…but then ends up sleeping with him instead.

Taisuke was (I recall) the only other male character shown to be named in the series. And, of course, he was an absolute lecher, which doesn’t bode well for later on. And then he’es there, r*ping Kotonoha. Oh no…

Let’s just say this: everyone’s the asshole here. There are no redeeming qualities about any of the cast, so I don’t see much point in investing any liking for any of them.

The Plot


A lot of the plot points were set up, in my opinion, for romantic convenience – everything from the ‘romance charm’ to the bonfire dance at the festival, not to mention the rest room (which turns out to be a ploy to make sex tapes of everyone that goes in there), it feels like a lot of it is in relation to romance and forcing characters into scenarios. A lot of it was unnecessary and could have flowed a lot more naturally if none of these things was in place. Makoto and Otome could have done the deed in an empty classroom instead of the ‘rest room’.

As someone who is currently writing (what is eventually going to be) a novella based on infidelity, it’s definitely something there for inspiration, but then it’s taken to the next level, and not in a good way. To this end, we still don’t understand why Makoto was suddenly sought after by the entire female populace – Sekai and Otome aside, as Otome was explained to have had feelings for Makoto since junior high.

For me, School Days lacked a major climax. For a good anime to be worthwhile to keep you watching, there (normally) has to be a solid end goal – Assassination Classroom‘s deadline is the deadline Koro-sensei gives the class, Puella Magi Madoka Magica‘s deadline is the appearance of Walpurgisnacht, for example. But with School Days, there isn’t an end goal, but that’s not normally a bad thing if the plot itself is good – Lamune does this well, as well as the Clannad and Clannad: After Story anime.

To be honest, I think with School Days we were waiting for Makoto to just choose someone and be done with it. Or at least dump Kotonoha. One, or the other. Bottom line is everyone seemed to be more focused on romance than academic stuff. Granted, I was that person that focused more on boys that hated me in school than I did my education, but everything seems to tie around romance. Could you imagine if there was a study session somewhere that ended up steamy or even something that wasn’t remotely romantic at all?

Ultimately, Makoto has the opportunity to face his actions, but ultimately he chooses not to and instead decides to make things worse by drowning himself in the harem that’s suddenly come forward for him. He’s utterly despicable at this moment. I’m still baffled at how easily Kotonoha took Makoto back, after all of the things that he’d done. After all, she’d caught Makoto and Sekai cheating, witnessed first-hand Setsuna kissing him, and she still maintained that they (Makoto and Kotonoha) were still together. What is with this girl?

That Ending


I’m not going to discuss the censored blood here.

The ending is unique to the anime itself, so it doesn’t fall down any of the original visual novel’s routes. However, this can be considered a Bad Ending in terms of the path it goes down. It is still an awful ending to watch, and it’s the most iconic part of the anime as a whole. It’s why people talk about School Days with awe and wonder at how awful it is, because of this ending. A lot of people, like myself, have watched the anime purely after hearing how bad it was.

The ending was very brutal and was a shock for those first-time viewers. I went into this one (the first time around) knowing the basic ending, so I was prepared for it. But it’s still quite a shock to see people get so angry and murder-happy over one silly boy.

Kotonoha states that Sekai faked the pregnancy, so one of three situations could have played out. The first is that Sekai suffered from pseudocyesis, otherwise known as a phantom pregnancy. This would explain the lack of monthly cycle, as well as the morning sickness she suffered, and the symptoms may have developed as a result of Makoto distancing himself from her. The second situation is that Sekai could actually have been pregnant, but Kotonoha was so far gone that she decided not to believe the evidence in front of her when she sliced up Sekai. The third is that Sekai had an abortion but lied to Kotonoha about going to a doctor, to not give her the satisfaction.

Out of the three options, I think the first two are equally viable.

Honestly, though, it presents an awful image that women are nothing without their love interest, and that they go a bit crazy. In my time, I’ve almost threatened one girl to stay away from my boyfriend – but she was clinging onto him and trying to make her move. But I’ve not gone to the lengths of these girls in this show.

How To Improve…

School Days Makoto Ito

Now, I don’t like to bash something completely, so I’d rather give some constructive criticism for this anime.

I’d rather the story kept to the initial love triangle of Makoto, Sekai and Kotonoha, rather than roping another six females in and having them do the deed with Makoto. They could have been great mediators for the situation.

Makoto could have easily played both Kotonoha and Sekai at the same time, making for more tension between the three. Makoto could have been begged to end things with Kotonoha by Sekai, while Kotonoha knows nothing of the affair. Everyone gives Makoto the deadline (the festival) to decide who he really wants to be with.

The other girl is heartbroken, but we cut to a year after the events to see that that girl is happy with someone else, and is still friends with Makoto. An alternate ending could have been branched off to show how the tables would have turned if the originally rejected girl was chosen instead. And nobody ends up pregnant!

I feel though, that the visual novel had some shock-factor endings, and that’s why the anime took the route that it did. School Days wouldn’t have been talked about as much if it wasn’t for the ending, I can guarantee that.

Five Controversial Anime

Now, this is my list of anime that a lot of people love – but I can’t get into for one reason or another. Some of these I dislike, others I’m neutral about, but I just couldn’t get into the plot or the style.

I call these controversial because I know a lot of people that love all of these anime (and I mean like I love playing Pokemon).

Toradora & Zero no Tsukaima

These two have the same reasoning behind them and are heavily connected. Toradora is cited for having great character development – if you tolerate Taiga enough to get that far. Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero) is also popular, but less so, I’ve noticed.

It was the characters of Taiga Aisaka and Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière (yeah, me too) that put me off each series. They are both tsundere characters to a fault, and they both have a very antagonistic personality towards the leading male characters, calling them ‘dogs’ and degrading them. It all left a bad taste in my mouth. The two were so similar I had to check that Toradora and Zero no Tsukaima weren’t created by the same person (they aren’t). Taiga and Louise do share the same Japanese voice actress, though.

All in all, I just couldn’t like any of the characters in either series. The female leads also had me disliking tsundere characters for a long time afterwards.

Death Note

This may shock you. I don’t actually dislike Death Note, but I couldn’t get myself to finish it. There’s something that I can’t place that has me questioning this, and I can see why it’s so well-liked. I just don’t have the determination to carry on watching.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star is hailed as one of those series that is just funny, but in reality, it’s anything but. I watched about 6-8 episodes, and I was completely bored. I knew there was at some point there would be cheerleading, and that was probably the most engaging part of the show. It’s heavily reliant on the ‘relatable comedy’ that stand-ups use, as well as huge references to other anime – and this anime fails on both of these. It’s supposed to be an every-day life anime that falls flatter than nothing I’d ever seen before.

I feel like its lack of tangent storyline and end goal makes this anime suffer hugely. I think the punchline to the joke was the fact that I’d sat down and watched it.

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys

I always call this show ‘Lucky Star but with boys’, and looking back, it’s almost true. This anime does grab your attention, but has the shift around boys instead of girls. I can’t relate to a lot of this behaviour, being a woman nearing her 30’s. However, there are positives to this – the art is superior to that of Lucky Star, and there are moments when the elements are pretty much in your face.

While you had episodic stories, they didn’t add character progression (and you should know by now I love character progression). There’s just a lot of cringeworthy moments though, and it’s not one I’d pick up again. I did go through 10 episodes out of the 12, so I might as well have finished it but just disliked it.

One Piece

Like Death Note, I just couldn’t get into One Piece. I’d have to be in it for the long haul, and it has 740 episodes at the time of writing.

I may do it for a review in the future though, but I tried watching One Piece twice and never got anywhere with it. Sorry, guys!