Top 5 Best and Worst Community Days

Hey guys! I was asked by my friend Sam if I was to do a summary of the best and worst Community Days of 2020. And considering I didn’t do one of the events, and barely did two others, I didn’t feel that I would have been fair in my judgement. However, I promised to do the best and worst altogether. These are in no particular order, this is just for fun!


Squirtle (July 2018)

This was my last Community Day before I went to Portugal, and I enjoyed this day with my mum. We’d gone out to Cleethorpes, and thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent together. We’d gotten so sunburnt, but that wasn’t the point. The sunglasses Squirtle made an appearance in Field Research tasks, and I managed to bag ten shinies. Sadly, my mum caught one at bang-on 1pm and it reverted to a non-shiny. We eventually traded a shiny sunglasses Squirtle when we became Lucky Friends, though. I didn’t review this particular event, purely because I was on my hiatus at the time.

Eevee (August 2018)

Eevee Community Day (or weekend, really) was quite fun, on the quiet. This was my first Community Day in Portugal, and I’d spent the day with my friend Jeanette. We looked out onto Parque Eduardo VII (which is absolutely stunning, by the way), and I hit Level 40 there. I happened to line it up so perfectly with that day, and it was so hot outside! We’d taken a walk around El Corte Ingles, as well as headed to Colombo Shopping Centre.

Porygon (September 2020)

This is here purely for the return on investment. 46 shinies, across both accounts. It was a hefty day, and I played the entire six hours.

Ralts (August 2019)

I think this Community Day was here mostly because I finally got the chance to steal all of the shinies. Even though I went 45 minutes with two shinies, I then racked them up in a drive-around, and I think I made people very salty that day. As someone that normally got very few shinies in general, never mind on Community Days, it was pretty much deserved at that point.

Chikorita (September 2018)

This was definitely a strange entry, but it mostly had nothing to do with the Community Day itself. It was my second Community Day in Portugal, and I think I had to go to work at 1pm, when the event ended. But I wanted to spend the first two hours of the event exploring. I got to explore Jardim da Estrela, which is now my favourite place on earth, and this was also the day when Meltan was teased, with Ditto spawning disguised as one. I loved that little thing, and it was later when we realised what it was. The whole event was pretty fun, but mostly for the beautiful garden.

Honourable mentions: Torchic, Cyndaquil, Mudkip


Slakoth (June 2019)

Where do I begin on this one? Holy crap. It was raining already, which was bad enough, but then as soon as the event launched here in the UK, the weather function stopped working. And because (for some reason), the event spawns are tied to the weather function, we got only a handful of Slakoth the entire time. I got the bus back to my neck of the woods (because it was raining), and it was just pouring with rain.

We got a make-up weekend for it, but because Niantic hates Europeans so much, it was actually on the same weekend as the GO Fest Dortmund, meaning that the regular event spawns were drowned out by Slakoth outside of the GO Fest area. It was maddening.

Charmander (May 2018)

This would have been a good day overall, but the Charmander spawns weren’t that good at all, and were mostly Cacnea and Castform spawns. Even then, the shiny rate was awful, and it just wasn’t worth the time.

I was going to put the October 2020 one on the list as well, because it just wasn’t necessary. But people voted for it and then complained about it. However, with the little amount of the event I did play I got a good amount of shinies, even from home, so I suppose it was an improvement.

Rhyhorn (February 2020)

There wasn’t anything functionally wrong with this Community Day, considering that we got the option to vote, and it could have been worse (it could have been Dratini). However, the main reason why this ranked low was because it was so cold, I had to go home earlier than I would have liked because my fingers felt like they were going to freeze and drop off. Not only that, we also had to dodge this kid that I’ve dubbed ‘The Walking Migraine’ because he’s piss-irritating and likes to shout and brag a lot.

Chimchar (November 2019)

The worst thing about Chimchar is that I see it all the damn time at our local park. That area is a permanent Chimchar nest, I’m sure! But onto the worst stuff – like Rhyhorn, it wasn’t functionally bad. But if I recall right, we did have a bit of rain, plus our group was joined by this piss-irritating guy that wouldn’t stop getting way too close to me. I mean really close, like uncomfortable and inappropriate. I’ve taken to calling him Space Invader, and he also kept referring to Chimchar as ‘Charmander’. Nope, wrong Fire-starter!

Worst was he appeared again for the December Community Day and stated that if he got another shiny Chimchar he would *TRIGGER WARNING* kill himself. Not smooth, dude! Not smooth at all! He gave me a bad migraine so I had to leave.

Electabuzz (November 2020)

This one could have been so much better had Niantic actually did one tiny thing – actually make the catch rate for Electabuzz better, instead of only giving us the visuals. I was just very frustrated, and I ended up going home (wasn’t this my first Community Day outing since April?). I was just so glad it was fixed in time for the Magmar Community Day the week after.

Dishonourable mentions: Trapinch, Magikarp (why?), Swinub (I was injured, poor me)

Pokemon GO | Best and Worst of 2020

Hey guys! As this year finally draws to a close after 45 long months, we’re looking back at the best and worst things to come from Pokemon GO this year. And so that I don’t ramble too much, I’ll narrow it down to the five best and five worst!


In this subsection, the honourable mentions go to the Wooper Watch and the Buddy system.

COVID-19 Adjustments

This was by far the most appealing feature this year. As Abra Community Day was postponed in March, Niantic decided to drop several new features to enhance our stay-at-home gameplay. It included bonuses such as halved egg distance, more Gift allowance (both in inventory and to open), more emphasis on Poke Balls in Gifts, a daily guaranteed spawn and a daily bonus Field Research. Community Days, Research Days and events were adjusted to ensure they could be played from home.

While some of the features were dialled back (but then later returned for the most part), it’s critical that they are kept, as things are still pretty bad in the world (particularly the UK, unsurprisingly).

GO Fest

While GO Fest was marred by problems this year (namely the Friendship portion of the event), because of the global launch, it would be the first time that a lot of players (myself included) got the opportunity to attend a GO Fest at all. It was spread across two days, and introduced shiny Unown, as well as Heatmor and Durant’s shinies. It was also the only time that Rotom was accessible too. Overall, even with the issues I had a lot of fun with it.

Level Up Requirements

This was another fun upgrade to our otherwise stale gameplay. A lot of people stopped focusing on XP gains after hitting Level 40, and I’m kinda laughing now, because I was one of them! But I found it refreshing to have to do extra tasks on top of the XP gain. I suppose this made it so that a lot of those hardcore XP grinders couldn’t just go on to Level 50 straight away. I accept the challenge, and challenging it is (I’m currently on 44, waiting for more Grunts and Leaders).

Throwback Challenges

The Throwback Challenges were, for the most part, a lot of fun. We did have a hiccup with the Sinnoh one, where the only two eligible spawns for the Ground-type task, Gible and Hippopotas, were nowhere to be seen. In the end, Hippopotas did spawn more frequently. The tasks, even if they were awkward for the most part, tied in well to the games (the type-related tasks related to the Gym Leaders of that region). It was soon after this, though, that I took a break from Pokemon GO, though, but the Champion challenge was still waiting for me when I returned.

Remote Raids

Remote Raids were controversial at first, and I will admit that they still have their flaws today. I’m still annoyed that you can’t convert your Premium Passes into Remote Passes, and that you can no longer get a weekly free Remote Pass, nor can you use your daily free pass into a Remote Pass. However, I’ve been using the Remote Raid Passes when I have gotten them, especially in the one Gym that is nearby but legally inaccessible, as it’s on a gated college campus. Heck, I even obtained a few shinies and a 100% Deoxys from a Remote Raid!


In this subsection, the dishonourable mentions go to the mandatory AR Mapping tasks and the Kalos launch.

Monetised events

I can keep talking about the impact of monetisation in Pokemon GO until I turn blue in the face, but I just have to look towards the paid Galarian Mr. Mime event to see that we’re not exactly on the right track. While there are paid events that are more or less worth it, such as A Drive To Investigate, or the Community Day tickets, it’s set an unhealthy precedent for the game, and we can expect to see a lot more paid events from here on out.

Costumed Pokemon

I look towards the Holiday 2020 and the New Years events to show you just how bad the costume issue is. Costumed Delibird. Costumed Pikachu (again, and it’s not even cute). Costumed Cubchoo. Costumed Stantler. Costumed Slowpoke. If I get any of these shiny (which I did get Cubchoo), then it won’t count towards my shiny living dex, because it won’t transfer to HOME. In a way, it makes me want to play a bit less because of it.

While you can now mass-transfer costumed Pokemon, I’m sick of costumed Pokemon.

Community Days

Community Days this year have had a massive shake-up. Instead of featuring Unova starters this year, we’ve had a strange variety of Pokemon. We’ve also had voting processes for Community Days, and there were huge red flags when Niantic entertained the idea of re-doing past Community Days. Our worst fears were confirmed when Charmander got its second Community Day, but not before the disaster that was Magikarp. Remember I didn’t do any Community Day posts for a while, and these were the reasons.

GO to HOME integration

We’d been crying out for this for a long time. This was going to be our saviour, but then news came out that there would be a paid element to it. Okay, maybe it won’t be that much. Long story short, the GO Transporter Energy is so little, and at most you’re only able to transfer four shinies at a time – and only one shiny Legendary at a time. I anticipated the recharge time would be 48 hours at most, but I forgot that this was Niantic we’re talking about, and I was disappointed that we have to wait a full week to have the entire lot recharged. And even if we want to negate that, we’d have to pay 1,000 coins (or £9.99) to do so! It’s a long game for me, trying to get all of my shinies into HOME for my shiny living dex, but I’m managing so far!

Strange Eggs

Strange Eggs, considering the pandemic, was a strange move indeed. We’d have to walk 12km (or 8 with a Super Incubator), and hope for something not shit. Of course, the only things considered ‘not shit’ right now would be the ever-elusive Sandile (thanks Sam for the trade!), Deino and Larvitar if you need the extra candy for your Tyranitar. I question the fact that Absol and Trubbish are in these eggs, considering Absol was in the 10km egg pool for a long time, and is in and out of raids and can be soloed now, and Trubbish is a relatively common spawn. I think the worst thing is that you can only get these eggs from GO Rocket Leaders. This means that if you’re not battle-adept, or you’re just playing the game to collect Pokemon, you’re going to be hard up.

Overall, the issues are the diversity of the eggs that you obtain, the difficulty for some players, and the distance required to hatch.

Imagine if Spinda were in these eggs though…

2021 Community Day Predictions

Hey guys! This year has been a weird one for the entire world, and therefore Pokemon GO. In terms of Community Days, we saw voting, the possibility of already featured Pokemon having another day, the actuality of an already featured Pokemon having another day (thanks Charmander), Pokemon with already released shinies being given a shot, cancellations and Weedle.

So with that being said, here are my predictions for 2021. Will they come to pass? I dunno…I might do a new wishlist featuring the things that I want to see in 2021.

No Gible, Deino, Axew or Goomy Community Days

I’m going to be frank – this is a given at this point. With Gible, Deino and Axew being so rare already, I can see the same happening to Goomy upon its release. With that in mind, I don’t think these pseudo-legendaries (and Axew) will get Community Days. Axew will have its shiny released, but it means nothing if it’s not even that readily available.

Unova starters won’t get their events

I wanted to say that Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott would receive their events in 2021, but with Snivy’s shiny form being released as part of the Unova celebration event, I don’t see this being likely. I feel that they already have so many plans for Community Days in the future that Unova starters won’t get a look-in. If they do, I’ll eat my hat.

More votes!

Yes, I think we’ll start to see more opportunities for voting come through in 2021, starting with the leftovers from 2020 – the vote between Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Magikarp and Starly. Yes, even though Magikarp more recently had its own Community Day, I think it’ll be part of this roster. It’s unclear to me which one will get the second place, but I think that Starly will win this one by a landslide.

Revert back to 3-hour window

During the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic we saw a lot of changes to the way that Community Days were run – from boosting shiny odds on Incense to (at one point) having your buddy bring Poke Balls, there was a lot to take in for when Community Day returned from its cancellation this March. The biggest change that has remained was the 6-hour window we got. And due to the precedent that Niantic has over reverting changes mid-pandemic, I think they’ll revert the Community Day back to the 3-hour window we saw previously. While it doesn’t have a huge impact on me, as I only play the first three hours anyway, I know it’ll impact others greatly.

More previous Community Day Pokemon will get another event

Because now Charmander has had two Community Days (now technically eight if you want to be pedantic), it’s set a huge precedent for another Pokemon to get a Community Day where it has already had one. Dratini and Squirtle were already considered via voting, so now I can assume that others will get the same treatment. I wouldn’t prefer to see this happen, but out of all of them, I would like to see Cyndaquil, for personal reasons, or Larvitar, as long as we were able to teach the Tyranitar Smack Down.

A focus on Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution has been a large part of Pokemon GO’s itinerary for a little while now, and considering that it’s going to continue that way, they may decide to forego utilising fan favourites (yes, even Gible that has a Mega Garchomp) in favour of going through the Mega Evolution roster. This allows them to release a Mega Evolution at least once a month, and putting the focus on that. The only Mega Evolutions that haven’t had a shiny release yet in Pokemon GO (Diancie excluded) are Heracross (a regional), Audino (won’t happen because it’s too easy to grind Stardust) and Numel – so Numel will either be featured as a Community Day or as a joint event with Carvanha.

The December recap will be boring

If it’s anything like this year…I mean, I’m not hurting for Porygon. But I feel that if every month of next year was as successful in terms of shiny claims as this year was, there’d be no point in really trying hard for December’s recap. That’s all I have to say on that.

What are your 2021 predictions for Community Day? Are they the same? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter or any other social media you usually reach me on!

The Drip-Feed of Pokemon GO – Pokemon Releases

Hey guys! It’s a topic that’s been on my mind for the past couple of years, but it’s very prominent right now. Since the launch of Pokemon GO, the distribution and release of the different generations has differed greatly, and I wanted to give my analysis and thoughts, from Kanto to Kalos (and technically speaking Alola and Galar too).


Of course, the release of the game meant the release of almost every Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex. Days were peaceful, we had bad server problems, but we still had 145 Pokemon at our disposal, including regionals. Everything that was out could be caught, no matter the circumstance. You could walk 10km to hatch an Eevee or just sprint with a crowd to catch a Vaporeon. Dratini nests were a thing. The only things that were missing were Ditto and the Legendaries, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and the Mythical Mew. Of course, Ditto was released later after Niantic figured out how to work it in (successfully) in November 2016, and the Legendary Birds came out with the launch of Legendary Raids after the first GO Fest in summer 2017. Mewtwo became part of the (at the time) very controversial EX Raids, and Mew was released along with the Field Research system in spring 2018. Now, Kanto has had a lot of its own events, including regionals hatching from 7km Eggs in GO Fest-related events. I mean, I’m tired of all the Kanto events, but I know people still love them for Charmander.

No Kanto Pokemon has been unreleased.


Johto was a funny one, as the Christmas 2016 event saw the release of the Gen 2 baby Pokemon (excluding Tyrogue) and Togetic. The rest of the non-Legendary Johto spawns dropped in early 2017. I say it’s funny because for us, it dropped in the middle of the night. And almost everything was released at that point, too. Unown was hella rare (and still is outside of events), but still. I remember having so much fun filling out my Pokedex of new Johto Pokemon during my trip to Dublin!

Of course, Lugia, Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Ho-Oh were able to be raided for later in 2017, and Delibird was released as the festive exclusive Pokemon. However, this also coincided with the release of Hoenn Pokemon, but this was the earliest time to release the Santa bird since the Johto release.

Celebi was released as part of the GO Fest Research, but then was out worldwide in August 2018. Smeargle was available worldwide in February 2019, and almost made my good friend Tim quit Pokemon GO entirely.

As of writing, all baby Pokemon from Johto are not available in-game due to the ever-changing egg pool, except for certain events.


Hoenn’s release was very different from the last two, as for the most part it focused on different themes, and this was pretty interesting. In October 2017, the five Ghost-types were released. In December 2017, the main Hoenn release was out, which included the 50 Pokemon that didn’t really fit into any of the other pre-determined categories, such as the starters. This also came into line with the newly-implemented Weather feature. In the later portion of December 2017, an aquatic themed release with Ice- and Water-types. January 2018 gave us the desert-theme, and February 2018 gave us the sky-theme. While not as plentiful as I’d have liked, I still enjoyed the release waves as they were like this.

Along with these, Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza were released along with these themes. Latios and Latias were also released in April 2018 in Raids, and during summer 2018, the Regi trio were released, as was Spinda from Field Research task. Deoxys became part of the EX Raid roster in October 2018, and the Nincada line was released in November 2018, Clamperl line had its own Limited Research event in February 2019, and Jirachi was available for GO Fest 2019 attendees, and then made available in August 2019 in Special Research.

Of course, Kecleon is controversially still not available in Pokemon GO. And here is where we start to see the slippery slope of releases.

But here’s the kicker – Nincada could have been released as part of the desert theme, and Clamperl for the aquatic theme. But nope. Azurill, Shedinja and Wynaut are, as of writing, unavailable at this time.


Sinnoh was the region of the evolution, where a lot of Pokemon got new evolutions. However, there were no themes to these waves, and we had a mix of bulky releases (like the first wave of 26), and instances were only one Pokemon was released at a time (such as Happiny for Valentine’s Day). The Sinnoh Stone brought the evolved forms of existing Pokemon to the game, preventing us from mass evolving the likes of a billion Murkrow that we’d had saved up, but these were divided into two groups for some reason (three if you count Mamoswine for Swinub Community Day).

It was a real messy time, and in came the complaints that we caught stuff, and that was it. The beginning of the issues was probably the release of the Gible line, where it was made extremely rare, and it just got a lot worse from there.

As of writing, all baby Pokemon with the exception of Riolu are also not available in-game due to the ever-changing egg pool, except for certain events. Likewise, Phione, Manaphy, Shaymin and Arceus have never been released. Rotom has been available but only for GO Fest attendees in 2020.


Unova is probably the most problematic region to date, with Kalos partly to blame for this. The main wave being released in September 2019 brought 46 Pokemon, six of which were regional exclusive (the elemental monkeys). Yamask became the Halloween exclusive Pokemon for some reason (y’know, I could understand Spiritomb, but Yamask? No.).

The Unova drops actually provided me with the inspiration for the title – these were drip-fed, very slowly. You would get one or two Pokemon released at a time, and this isn’t right for a region with the largest Pokedex. There were only two substantial waves – September 2019 and January 2020 – and the latter I don’t have a good portion of the Pokemon still – such as Axew or Tirtouga. Deino was the centre of a massive outrage during Dragon Week in 2020, as it was the focal Pokemon and its spawn rates weren’t boosted – I only just have a Hydreigon now. Even Genesect and Victini, including the former’s shiny variant, were released before most of the Gen 4 Mythicals. Genesect has had three separate outings in 2020 alone, and is set for another in 2021 with its Burn Drive variant.

There are still a lot of unreleased Unova Pokemon lines that could have belonged in other events – Munna, Zorua, Frillish, Tynamo, Mienfoo, Druddigon and Larvesta have not been released, while Vanillite has just been released for the holiday season (with a godawful catch rate at that). I expect Keldeo and both forms of Meloetta would be released later down the line.

A lot of Pokemon were, once again, locked behind GO Battle League, Raids or Eggs, such as Sandile, Vullaby and Timburr. Overall this was even messier than Sinnoh’s release waves.


Kalos has come under a lot of heat already. A lot of people have forgotten that Unova Pokemon still haven’t been released, and yet Kalos is starting up. Not only that, the timed Research for Kalos relied on Pokemon, especially starters, that weren’t spawning commonly at all. As this was supposed to be a boosted event, it didn’t bode well at all. I mean, it took me two days to find a Chespin, so…

Also…they. Gave. An. Entire. Teaser. For. Espurr. I mean, I like Espurr, but still…

As this is the smallest region in terms of Pokedex size, I don’t see them adopting a fully fleshed-out release wave. Perhaps they are combining the release waves of Kalos and Unova to make up for Kalos’s shortfall, and because Unova is so big? That is certainly a possibility. Of course, Kalos also has three Legendary Pokemon. To compensate, they may end up releasing some Alolan Legendaries alongside.

The question is will they ever release AZ’s Floette, and if so, in what capacity?


The Alola region saw the release of its regional variants in May 2018, with each gradually being rolled out – Exeggutor, Geodude, Diglett and Rattata being released into the wild, Vulpix, Sandshrew, Meowth and Grimer being locked behind eggs and Raichu and Marowak being locked behind Raids.

Of course, some of these Pokemon have had events where they have been catchable in the wild, but have mostly stayed as they are, which has caused controversy, especially when Raichu and Marowak are taken out of Raid pools and are therefore not available at all in-game.


Galar, much like Alola, saw the release of the regional variants – Weezing and Ponyta were locked behind raids and have fallen out of circulation. Ponyta is now available in Eggs, as are Meowth, Farfetch’d, Zigzagoon, Darumaka and Stunfisk, and Obstagoon, Sirfetch’d and Perrserker are available via evolution. Yamask, as well as Runerigus, were released for Halloween 2020 as Halloween exclusive (again), but you were only able to obtain one. You’re screwed if you ended up with a 10/10/10.

And we can’t ignore the fact that Niantic actively encouraged and persuaded people to pay £8 for a Galarian Mr. Mime, then forced you to evolve that one to get a (possibly higher IV) second Mr. Mime.

I dread having to sift through eggs for Toxel though. I really do.

I wrote this on a day when I was practically asleep all day. I just wanted to get it done!

Gift Distribution Breakdown Analysis – Pokemon GO

Hey guys! I always ranted about how I never get balls, and how I always get healing items. Earlier on, I wanted to actually test the theory. So over the course of seven days, I opened the maximum 30 Gifts from friends, and tallied everything down. I mass-opened them, then screenshot the results from the Journal. I then compiled this information into a spreadsheet (yay!).

Here are the results!

As I mentioned, it was easy for me to compile the information over the course of the week. I did it this way because soon, we’ll be able to open a maximum of 45 Gifts, therefore sort-of skewing the results. After the first day, I allowed myself to keep the maximum amount of Stickers that I had, and in between then I also hatched Eggs, meaning I needed to stockpile on some Eggs at times. They are terrible, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here is the final results of my records, in order of most plentiful to least plentiful. Any item that had no representation has been left out, such as evolution items. I tallied the numbers based on the slots that they occupy rather than how many of the item there is (for example, counting 5 Poke Balls as one slot).

Poke Ball69
Ultra Ball57
Great Ball55
Super Potion44
Max Revive44
Max Potion42
Pinap Berry37
Hyper Potion23

So it’s safe to say I’m heavily surprised. While I knew that Stardust was abundant, I was expecting to have more healing items in this than I actually got. I always tell people that I only get healing items! However, there is an explanation for it.

I think it’s a bit of confirmation bias, because I usually run out of balls, and I always have an abundance of healing items. It mainly comes down to the fact that I actually use a lot of balls, because my main objective is to catch Pokemon, instead of using any other battle-related items. A lot of other people manage to save up their balls, and actually run out of healing items. So I was under the assumption that I was receiving way fewer balls than anything else. However, I always run out of balls because I end up using them so often.

So, in short, I was wrong about my hypothesis. It’s a nice surprise, especially considering at the moment, you tend to get 5 Poke Balls per slot. At least the Stardust is plentiful, perfect for purifying countless Shadow Pokemon for the Level 45 task!

Overall, this was a fun little analysis, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. There’s not many other analyses that I can do easily – even if I were to catalogue all of my egg hatches, they’re very sporadic at best.

Doubling Down – December Community Day 2020 Round-Up

Hey guys! As you may know, we usually have a whole weekend in December where we have all of the year’s featured Community Day Pokemon brought back for a few hours over the course of the Saturday and Sunday. I might even make a Community Day predictions post for 2021. Interested? Hit me up!


Saturday was the day that I wanted to do the most out of the two days, considering I didn’t do the Weedle Community Day. It was cold and I was still really hurting for Poke Balls, and the gifts didn’t help much (analysis coming later). Wooper Day definitely didn’t help! Having to catch 430 Pokemon didn’t help! Having to earn 100,000 Stardust didn’t help! Having to catch 200 Pokemon in a single day didn’t help! You get the picture.

Of course, I started by opening gifts, which gave me a passable amount of items, plus it helped kick-start the new analysis post I’m working on!

My first shiny of the day ended up being Gastly, after I’d braved the local shops. That was a tough one – the shopping, not the Gastly, but I didn’t particularly mind. One thing I hated over the course of the day was the amount of Pokemon that would attack or jump after I’d thrown the ball. While you have a low ball storage, it’s super-difficult to keep hold of them when things like this keep happening.

I managed to collect a few shinies over the course of the day:

  • Piplup x4
  • Rhyhorn x3
  • Abra x2
  • Seedot x1
  • Weedle x4
  • Gastly x3

I evolved two of the Weedles to get Kakuna and Beedrill respectively for my shiny living dex, and I wanted to transfer all of the Kanto shinies to Let’s Go to store there, or collect in the case of the Weedle line.

I somehow managed to get to finish catching all 430 Pokemon that I needed, although I had to get out of the house a second time to do it. Central Park in the beginning was very hectic, with too many people wanting to walk right into my path, and it was rainy and cold on top of that. The second trip was just a quick up and down the road, where there are a few Pokestops right at the end.

In the end, with part 1 of the Level 43 Challenge Research done, and all of the shinies I was after obtained, I gave the game a rest for a long while. I’ll do the 14 Raids in my own time, as with the GO Rocket Battles, which was convenient, as I was currently doing those for the task to level up to 45.

I wanted to really get into writing today, but I ended up with a bit of a migraine after I came home from my second trip out. So I left the game for the night and had food.


Sunday was an awful day for me – I woke up at around 5.30am, only getting about four hours sleep. I opened my gifts and took screenshots of my journal for later, for my analysis. It was then a case of planning my day. I’d already decided I wasn’t going to go to Central Park unlike Saturday, because I wanted a relaxing day first and foremost. But even though I eventually managed an extra hour’s sleep, I wanted to get work done. I wanted to finish up this post and get a short story finished that I wanted to rework for my book (update on that coming soon!).

So while I worked I popped an Incense on – and by ‘worked’ I mean watching a guy react to a rewatching of the Harry Potter series (Dylan Is In Trouble, by the way – I’ve been enjoying his commentary videos this weekend). Ahh…whoops!

The first shiny of the day was a sodding Porygon. Because of course it was. That makes that shiny Porygon number 47. And then there was shiny Magmar. The shinies did come slow from Incense, but I wasn’t too bothered, I had a lot that I wanted to get done for the day that didn’t focus on Community Day for once.

Overall, I got the following shinies for the day:

  • Magikarp x2
  • Porygon x1
  • Charmander x1
  • Magmar x5

The weather took a turn for the worst around 1pm, so I was glad I wasn’t out in it. I opted to attempt a walk later on, once Connor had rested off his night shifts. This was purely to finish the Electabuzz and Magmar special Research that I’d gotten. Yeah, that was worth it but I kinda wanted more balls than any other item. I wasn’t exactly hurting for Sinnoh Stones, even after the task for Level 42.

Three of the shiny Magmar came from the aforementioned walk, which was a bit of a wet one. The rain was light, but we managed, especially after stopping for two Arlo battles, as well as some grunts. I’d also amassed a decent amount of Stardust (despite the limited ball usage) to purify several Pokemon for my level up tasks.

Overall, the weekend had been relatively successful…and wet. I just hope that the Pokemon for next year are more interesting than this year, I will be honest.

Boobers On Show! – Magmar Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! After the disaster that was the Electabuzz Community Day, we have another shot to make sure that November isn’t entirely a lost cause! So I took a break from horrible life stuff in order to get this day done!

The night before, our upstairs neighbour had an unfortunate plumbing incident that came through our ceiling and got into our electronics, like the thermostat and the bathroom lights and shower cord. So we weren’t too happy, and so I started my Community Day on Dynamax Adventures because that was all I could do while waiting for the electrician to come at the same time as doing this event.

It did take a while to get the first shiny, they seemed to be coming in slowly from the Incense. Honestly today wasn’t entirely exciting, although after an hour and a half, we ended up going out because it was clear that the electrician wasn’t turning up. So we were just a bit miffed, but we just wanted to spend time outside. It was actually Connor’s first time seeing a Community Day since April (he doesn’t actually play anymore, but that’s fine by me).

The immediate thing I noticed was that the catch rate was far superior to that of Electabuzz – the issue was that while the circle colour was made more in our favour, the catch rate wasn’t improved, so we had to struggle and waste all of our balls or just exclusively shiny check before leaving them. With Magmar, for the most part I elected to catch them because it was nice to have that increased catch rate. I didn’t even need to bother with berries or adjusting my balls unless I grabbed a Golden Razz for the shinies.

One huge thing I noticed today was the new infotags on the Pokemon – such as what kind of method you obtained the Pokemon, as well as the event that it was a part of – so my shiny photobomb encounter says ‘Caught after a surprise encounter’ which is pretty neat, along with the event tag.

The weather got a bit bad, but while we were in Central Park (sadly not the New York variant), the shiny luck did get better, so I ended the day with 18, one of which was on my second account (that got one on the first encounter). It was pretty nice just to get out and not have to worry about too much.

I’m definitely getting bored of the lack of good IV shinies, or even good IV Pokemon in general on Community Days, so that’s a bit of a bum note.

As of writing this, we still don’t have an electrician.

What next? They’ll all go into Let’s Go and into Home, of course!

Next month’s Community Day will most likely be a combination of Piplup, Rhyhorn, Abra, Seedot, Weedle, Gastly, Magikarp, Porygon, Charmander, Electabuzz and Magmar. Some of the other year’s Community Day Pokemon could possibly be available in Eggs or Raids.

What Is Happening? – Various Pokemon GO News

Hey guys! Because of stressful neighbour issues I’m having, my brain is completely fried, but let’s try and get through this news. All of this will be coming as soon as the beginning of December!

Level Cap Increase

Of course, a lot of you will remember the level cap increase was datamined a few months back, and it looks like it will be a reality very soon. We’re getting the level cap to 50, but it doesn’t look like those people that have done the grind to get to 40x (my way of saying that you hit level 40 multiple times) will be able to mass-collect levels.

XP alone will not get you to 50, as there are additional Research tasks in order for you to progress past each level. I’m currently at 40×3 (sitting at 72million XP), so that won’t take me to 50 even if there wasn’t a task-based system, but at this time where I’m gearing up to quit Pokemon GO for good, I’m going to take my time with this. There’s also a hint about Platinum medals too, which is very interesting, considering I alluded to that a long time ago.

Of course, the level cap increase means that we’ll be able to level up our Pokemon up to 50, but I think there’ll only be a smaller percentile to make sure that the Pokemon won’t be as OP. It’ll mean a lot of changes to Go Battle League and raiding. Of course, we’ll be able to power these up by using something new called XL Candy, which can be collected via catching Pokemon and converting currently existing candy (hello to my over 7,000 Rattata candy!).

If you’re in Australia, you’re the guinea pigs! Have fun testing this for us! But the rest of us should get this around November 30th.

If you make Level 40 before the end of the year, you’re classed as a Legacy Level 40 Trainer, and access to special Research!

Kalos Pokemon

We. Still. Don’t. Have. All. Pokemon. From. Unova. Yet we’re getting Kalos Pokemon? I mean, the one thing I ask for is that Pancham doesn’t get restricted to a PvP or Egg or Raid thing, because I want my Pangoro ASAP. As you may know it’s one of my favourite Pokemon, so I don’t want it to get Shinxed. Sadly Pancham won’t be in this wave, but later on…

Also Klefki will be made available as a regional in parts of France – which was confusing at first glance, but the etymology stacks up, so I can’t complain. I was expecting Furfrou to be here, but we’ll see. When the world rights itself, I’ll just hop across the Channel and get one (never been to France so that’ll be a fun journey anyway).


This is interesting, but this is a new feature kinda like weather in the game, reflecting real-world seasons. This obviously is affected by hemispheres, so a southern Christmas doesn’t get the snowy stuff that we’d get here up north! Like weather, the spawns are affected, which will be quite fun. Of course, it’s a three-month cycle, going through each of the seasons.

Deerling will be affected by this seasonal change, as its seasonal variants will be affected by the seasons.

Overall, while this is an interesting development, it kinda paints over the glaring issues with the monetisation that I am still bitter about, I can’t lie.

This Did Not Spark Joy – Electabuzz Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! Of course, today was Electabuzz Community Day, and it was part of a two-part special, with Magmar’s turn coming next week. And let’s just say that it left a lot to be desired.

Of course, we don’t expect much from a company that encourages us to give them all of our money, not to mention lift the stay-at-home benefits while the entire world is still in the middle of a massive pandemic.

At least they gave us quartered distance on our Eggs to hatch Elekid. That counts for something, right? Well actually no, because you weren’t guaranteed to hatch Elekid from the 2km eggs. Case in point, I found out the hard way when I hatched a Zubat.

I mean, fair. We get two Community Days this month because March’s had to be postponed, so we get Electabuzz and Magmar, which makes sense considering they are counterparts. But if Magmar turns out the way that Electabuzz did, then I’m not optimistic for next Saturday.

With Electabuzz, the spawns were hella plentiful, I’ll give it that. The timed Research gave us Sinnoh Stones to help with evolving into Electivire, which was cool and I like how that’s become a trend now. But the catch rate…ouch! I even had trouble catching a low CP, Golden Razz Berried, Ultra Ball with a green circle Electabuzz, because it either kept jumping and attacking, or just refused to stay in the ball. This was troublesome, because I know that they are able to vary the catch rates – they did this during Larvitar Community Day. I kept thinking to myself that Electabuzz was the hardest Community Day since they started.

At the beginning, I ended up wasting a lot of balls, and most of my shinies were caught in either Great or Ultra Balls rather than Poke Balls. In the long run, this doesn’t matter because later on they’ll be tossed into Let’s Go and into Home from there, because of the issue concerning the monetisation to transfer from GO to Home. So in the end I just stuck to checking, then only catching if they were shiny or needed for the Research. It made things easier going forward.

At least I managed to go for a walk around the local park after the rain let up, but you couldn’t tell that we were back in lockdown, with all of the crowds and the kids’ playground open. But I was mostly frustrated with the catch rate, the people, and the fact that I needed the loo, so I went home earlier than I normally would have done. I finished with 14 shinies, at least. And all of them got dumped into Let’s Go…

I think the highlight of the day was a puppy waltzing up to me for attention. And I was more than happy to comply. Her name was Luna and she was absolutely precious.

So, let’s see how next week goes…

Unova Pokemon That Should Have Been Introduced in Pokemon GO

Hey guys! I know there’s usually an anime post going up on Fridays, but I thought I’d fill in the gap this week and write this post.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and considering the trickling of Unova Pokemon we’ve had over the course of the year, there are some that haven’t been released yet, that should have been – namely all of the other non-Legendary Pokemon.

For this, I’ve looked at every event that has launched since the release of the Unova wave, and just decided that all of these Pokemon belonged in an event of some kind. Here is my breakdown, and the events in which they belonged in.

Munna / Musharna

Event: Psychic Spectacular

Gothita and Solosis were introduced during this event, so it seems bizarre that Munna and Musharna were left out. However, Niantic could be holding off for the release of Pokemon Sleep, to tie in an event to that. However, that game was announced back in May 2019, with no sign of release.

Zorua / Zoroark

Event: Halloween 2019/2020 / Tricky Pokemon

Yes, there are several different events for this fan-favourite evolution line. Zorua and Zoroark are illusionists (which was why the Investigating Illusions Special Research was rumoured to be for them). Halloween would have been perfect because of the Trick-or-Treat set-up. However, Niantic created the perfect event for them in the form of the Tricky Pokemon event, and decided not to include them.

Vanillite / Vanillish / Vanilluxe

Event: Holiday 2019 / Summer Solstice

Of course, the Vanillite line is based on ice cream cones, which is why I went two different routes. The Holiday event would be fitting for it as an Ice-type. However the Summer Solstice gives us the best of both worlds, as it would still instill the Ice-type requirements for the Southern Hemisphere, while keeping it summery up here in the north.

Frillish / Jellicent

Event: Halloween 2019/2020

Honestly, this was a hard one. My first instinct was to release it for a Water-based event, but we haven’t actually had one this year. So my attention turned to the Halloween events, considering they are part-Ghost.

Tynamo / Eelektrik / Eelektross

Event: A Drive To Investigate Launch

I struggled with this one, but all the same, I remembered that the A Drive To Investigate launch coincided with increased spawns of Electric-type Pokemon. As Tynamo is Electric-type, it would have been a great release. However, I can see Tynamo being released as part of a different event now.

Mienfoo / Mienshao

Event: Lunar New Year / GO Battle League Season 1 Launch

The GO Battle League launch event saw an increase in Fighting-type Pokemon, with shiny Timburr released. Mienfoo would have been right at home here, although it could also been fitting in the Lunar New Year event, considering it’s partly red.


Event: Dragon Week

Thanks to my good friend Sam for reminding me that Druddigon exists (I forgot it on my list). As such, it should have been a Dragon Week release. It just makes the most sense. It would have made up for the lack of Deino. Although I suspect that Druddigon would have been just as rare.

Larvesta / Volcarona

Event: Summer Solstice / Bug Out

GO Hub actually has Volcarona listed as a viable counter to Genesect despite it not being released. Moving on, I have Volcarona listed in the Summer Solstice event because it’s categorised as the Sun Pokemon. And because it’s also part-Bug, the Bug Out event is another obvious choice.