I Ranked Every Song From Folklore

Hey guys! Blame my good friend Kyle for this one, because I was tempted to do this, but he encouraged me to. Blame him, and also go check him out on Twitch! He’s a good lad!

Of course, a few months ago, Taylor Swift dropped her latest album ‘folklore’ as a surprise, and here I am today ranking each song from least best to best, because there are no terrible songs.

17. mirrorball

Honestly, this is the one that resonates with me the least out of all of the album, but it’s not like it’s a bad song either. Each song is amazing, and I can listen to all of the tracks. It’s just that when I’m listening to the album, mirrorball is the one that kinda gets glossed over.

16. peace

This is a really nice song, but like mirrorball, it’s one that I end up glossing over. Of course, that’s all I really have to say about this song.

15. the 1

It’s strange to see an album opener so low on this list, but here it is. That said, it’s mainly because I get so excited to listen to the follow-up track cardigan that I just get impatient. It’s still a great, relaxing track to set off the album, though.

14. epiphany

This placed above the 1 purely because of its haunting tone. It was definitely enough to give it that edge that separates it from some of the others in the album.

13. mad woman

Ooh here’s a good song! Obviously not a big of an impact as some of the others on this list, but yeah, don’t fuck with a mad woman!

12. illicit affairs

This ended up connecting really well with a story that I’ve been working on for a while, and whoever said this album had no inclination of affairs or cheating obviously glossed over this song.

11. the lakes

The bonus track for this album, the lakes is a reference to the Lake District in the UK. I’ve sadly yet to visit here, but it’s references to the Windermere peaks just make the reference obvious if it wasn’t before. So now I gotta plan a visit for when COVID has blown over…

10. betty

betty seems to be the one that everyone earmarks as their favourite, and I can see why. It’s a stark reminder of Taylor’s country roots, and tells a great story of trying to win this Betty back after a heartbreak.

9. my tears ricochet

This is another song that everyone earmarks as a favourite, but again, there are eight other songs that I prefer. However, this is just so dark and beautiful overall, with the slow build-up at the beginning.

8. the last great american dynasty

I love that this is basically a brief story of Rebekah Harkness, who lived in the infamous ‘Holiday House’ before Taylor herself bought it more recently. It’d be interesting to learn the history of the people that lived in your home before you, but I think the former tenants of my home were a bit too strange for something like that.

7. this is me trying

This was originally a bit higher on the list (until hoax got its say), but oh I just love this song so much. I think it’s the tone of the song that I love more than anything.

6. hoax

I had a hard time placing this one initially, but on every listen I love it all the more, so it ended up climbing all the way up here in the end. I always feel that later tracks get glossed over too much (as is exemplified in this list), but this started having more of an impact on me.

5. august

Now we’re in the top 5, and I just love the atmosphere of this song and, like illicit affairs, it ties in well as a soundtrack for the same story that I’ve been working on. I do have to give credit to this mashup with Blank Space, which just works so well.

4. exile

It was at this track when I noticed the overall tone of the album, but oh I love this song so much. It features vocals from Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, and it’s just so beautiful with the lyrics and the given verses like it’s a conversation between two people.

3. invisible string

This song has a more upbeat rhythm to it and it’s such a nice, pleasant song to listen to in this album. I can imagine enjoying a nice walk on a sunny day while listening to this song, I can guarantee that.

2. seven

This song reminds me of my high school best friend who I haven’t spoken to in seven, nearly eight years. The song takes me back to the carefree days when I was expecting to at least hold conversations with her in the present day. But she practically fell of the face of the earth, with no way of contacting her. I mean, it’s been seven years, she probably hates me now but whatever.

1. cardigan

This song had me hooked from the first listen, and it had my attention. It’s just so good, and it was definitely the right choice to launch this as the first single. It’s the one song on the album I’m happy to have on repeat. Oh, and I always end up singing along to this. Badly, but still…

What do you guys think? Would you rank the album differently, if at all? I want to know how wrong my opinions are (lol)!

My Deserted Island Albums

Hey guys! I kinda wanted to do something different. Of course, with digital media, we’re able to carry around multiple albums digitally. But we always had the age-old question of ‘What albums would you take on a deserted island?’. Obviously, assuming we had an old-fashioned Walkman and physical CDs, here are my five picks!

I can only really pick five because I’m so picky when it comes to albums, and I have to like every song from the album for it to qualify. So it was a stretch to think of five at least! But I decided that Divide by Ed Sheeran and The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance were honourable mentions. (EDIT: I forgot Final Straw by Snow Patrol, which is just a beautiful album).

Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights

I reckon that any Billy Talent album would be justified on this list, but this one is the pinnacle for me. Billy Talent is my favourite band of all time, and with this album, I can interchange what mood I feel like at the drop of a hat. One day I might be in the mood for the song of the same title, or I could go with Leave Them All Behind. Anything goes, here, really.

Muse – Origin of Symmetry

Muse have always had amazing music videos, but that’s not the reason for this entry. All of the songs to me spark something in me that make me go ‘YES!’, and have done since my teen years. New Born is a fantastic opener, and Micro Cuts and their version of Feeling Good are just bangers. I can’t let this section end without mentioning Bliss though. Just… *chef’s kiss*.

Taylor Swift – folklore

The most recent entry on this list, there isn’t a song on here that I dislike. I love the lower-tempo and more chill side of Taylor Swift’s music career, and this was a delightful surprise on my first listen. cardigan has to be one of my favourite songs already, and seven and exile (the latter featuring the amazing Bon Iver) are just a couple of tracks that are highlights for me. This album is inspiring aspects of my short story WIP as well, with its storytelling style and topics and themes.

Sonata Arctica – Stones Grow Her Name

I have a lot of nostalgia from this album, and I still really enjoy it to this day. It always takes me back to the summer of 2012, shortly before my relationship started. Songs such as Somewhere Close to You and Cinderblox remain just a couple of my favourites from the band’s very extensive catalogue. It’s a bit different from their previous works, but this is an album that I thoroughly loved from start to finish, and it does remind me of Connor a lot, which provides a lot of comfort in that regard.

Green Day – Nimrod

Nimrod has been my favourite Green Day album since I first listened to it in my early teen years. Green Day, as a whole, cemented that era when I first started really liking anything heavier than Busted. Songs such as Hitchin’ A Ride and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) got me wanting the album (after listening to International Superhits), and after that, King For A Day and Prosthetic Head sealed the deal for me.