Is It The End? | The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Discussion

Hey guys! If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’ve been immersed in anything The Binding of Isaac-related since around 2013. It’s when I finally got a laptop capable of gaming on, and that was one of the games I loaded up. So as I’ve been playing the newest DLC for Rebirth, Repentance, I thought it’d be good to take a trip down memory lane.

I might even make a Pokemon Theme Teams post based on the characters.

There are spoilers ahead!

Needless to say I’ve been having a lot of fun with the DLC. In the first week of playing, it felt like I had a lot more to discover as I carried on, and I suppose it can feel very overwhelming to some people, especially newer players. Now, I hadn’t completed all of the achievements left over from Afterbirth+, so I had some catching up to do, as well as taking on the new challenges, achievements and characters.

Repentance is an official version of the Antibirth mod, and it was a collaboration project to make the Antibirth mod more official. And it works, but more on that storyline later!


At face value, the two new characters, Bethany and Jacob & Esau, are plenty. I mean, Bethany is a great, fun character, and the pairing of Jacob and Esau, that you have to control together, are nightmares incarnate. But I suppose that’s the whole purpose of the game!

Other characters got some tweaks – Maggie starts with a Full Health pill instead of a Speed Up, The Lost now holds the Eternal D6 instead of the D4, and The Keeper starts with three coin hearts instead of two. I daresay that these changes make the characters a bit more viable, and it also made The Keeper more fun to play as.

But we need to go deeper! And that’s where I start talking about the Tainted characters. For an in-depth analysis of the Tainted characters, this video by SlayXc2 pretty much sums them up. They were teased by Edmund McMillen as well, but you’d have been forgiven for thinking it was an April Fool’s prank. But in essence, they are easy to unlock once you completed the Antibirth storyline and ascend back to Home. Even the Mother ending alludes to the unlock method.

So what are my thoughts? That’ll come soon in another post! But I’ve had a lot of fun failing as Tainted Lost, and Connor really likes Tainted Azazel due to his range increase compared to his regular counterpart. Basically, each character has their really fun unique mechanics that make the gameplay more intriguing or difficult.


The core storyline is the same, but it is the alternate path taken through Downpour, Mines, Mausoleum and Corpse that change the storyline. The enemies are more difficult, there are set puzzles (which I can either take or leave, I’m not particularly a fan of the Mines puzzle), and the more difficult Mom boss and Mom’s Heart straight afterwards that make things harder for you. The payoff is worth it, as you explore the Corpse and defeat Mother. That’s a bit of a doozy, but defeating that will basically unlock the other half of the DLC.

Unlocking the secret door is *chef’s kiss*, the best thing is going through and unlocking the Tainted characters, and then fighting the true final boss, The Beast. It kinda has a Cuphead feel towards the end, so you also need to strategise your loadout hard. For example, Dr. Fetus is a no-go here, because gravity. But the final ending is worth it.

I’ve seen a lot of people discuss how the ending is basically the good ending, although I see it as more of the ultimate hallucination ending. I mean, Isaac is dead, after all.

Co-op Gameplay

Repentance included the introduction of multiple-character co-op. Instead of Player 2 controlling baby familliars, they instead control a full character. During our quarantine period, I’ve been really enjoying the co-op gameplay sessions with Connor, as much as we end up screwing each other over! Although I have to beg him to reset if he gets randomised with Tainted Eden, just saying.

It’s a great opportunity to bond with each other, not that we don’t anyway…


The soundtrack, as always, slaps hard. That’s all I have to say.

Items and Balancing

There’s a plethora of new items that I haven’t even unlocked yet! I’m not the best Isaac player by any means, so I like to take things at my own pace. As for the rebalancing, I’ve enjoyed the process of practically relearning the game, as it were. It took me back to 2013 when I first played the original Flash game, and went into it from there.

I ended up spending hours at a time playing Repentance, and would exit the game only to go back in maybe 10-15 minutes later and carrying on. It’s a bit less now, but I always enjoy going back into it.

Overall, is this DLC worth it? Absolutely! So if you’re a console gamer and you’re waiting for the DLC to drop for you, it’s so worth it!

I haven’t had this much fun in an Isaac game in years, and that’s saying a lot!

One Year of Laranjeira | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This time last year, I dove right in and bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was my first Animal Crossing game, and let’s just say that my island, Laranjeira, has undergone a lot! I know I haven’t posted a lot of Animal Crossing content of late, but there hasn’t been a whole lot to discuss.

Right in the beginning, we stumbled on the island, with Pierce and Diva, my two starter villagers. I liked Pierce from the start, while Diva took a lot of warming up to. It’s strange thinking about how the island was so barren, like a clean slate, compared to the amount of work and changes that I’ve done with the island. There are still never enough inclines for what I wanted to do, though, and there never will be. Although I do have some new ideas for rearranging everything at least, which I may or may not have done by the time this post goes live.

I remember playing through it for a long time, and then still wanting to play it when I’d turned it off. There was so much that I needed to do, and wanted to do, that it became the ultimate goal to get through the tasks and goals during the pandemic. I suppose, strangely, the game was released at just the right time. The go-to pandemic activity was Animal Crossing, especially where you could interact with villagers freely.

I named my island ‘Laranjeira’ after the Metro station in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s in the Palma de Baixo neighbourhood, and I wanted a Portuguese name for my island, and considering you could start with orange trees, that was my goal. I did reset a few times for it, but I was successful in the end. I’ve been wanting to get a new Switch, make a second island and call it Lumiar, after the area I first lived in in Lisbon. You can sense there’s a running theme here, I definitely miss Portugal.

Of course, Pierce and Diva didn’t stay for the long term. I ended up gaining a bunch of different villagers over the course of the game, including Goldie, Roald, Raymond, Marshal, Boots, Octavian and Pashmina. I even gave Judy, Marina and Zucker to others – Zucker went over to my good friend Steve’s island, as you can’t have Takoyakigamma without the takoyaki villager!

The one to have stayed the longest is Twiggy. I moved Ozzie out and back in again to ensure I got his proper house, while I kept Twiggy because the base peppy house seemed to fit her more than her actual house. Funnily enough, Ozzie and Twiggy are Connor’s favourites, but even if that wasn’t the case, I adore both of them anyway. But it’s been fun listening to the villagers sing!

Villager hunting…was a processs. There were times when I was tired and it took hours to find the perfect villager. Other times, it wasn’t so bad. But then you find Rodney…And I did scream when I finally found Stitches after so many hunts and having him be a priority for months on end! I stopped villager hunting in September, after I gained the last dreamie, Bunnie. Of course, there were other villagers that were on my wishlist, but Bunnie was right on top of that list. While Tangy fit the Laranjeira theme the best, I just preferred Bunnie’s aesthetic more. Plus I’ve seen the memes of Tangy drinking orange juice…

Terraforming is a never-ending process for me. The amount of times I’ve changed around my island is ridiculous, and I haven’t gone to the extremes that others have done, with several different hidden areas, a kind of one-way system, that kind of thing. I wanted mine to be free-flowing, where you can take it however you want. My favourite area is still the campsite, buried in a thicket of trees, and closed off with hedges. It has a variety of different camping pieces, and it just feels so cosy to me. Of course, I think the camping feature is like when us Brits go on a resort holiday somewhere like Spain, never leave that resort, then go ‘I love Spain’. It definitely gives off that vibe, but I did meet Phoebe and Chief in the campsite so good things do come from it.

My birthday was back in February, and of course, I shared it with Stitches. The whole experience was heartwarming, considering I couldn’t go anywhere or see friends. It was the first birthday I’d spent with no plans since 2009, so there was a lot of birthdays when I had stuff to do. So I took to Animal Crossing and I was happy that it was Sydney hosting my birthday, with Chief and O’Hare attending. I then went to Stitches’s party, where Ozzie was attending. It was all very sweet, I could probably have cried from all the emotions.

Over the course of the year I accidentally turned a Pokemon chat into an Animal Crossing chat, and I’m not even sorry!

What are your favourite memories of playing Animal Crossing this past year? Let me know in the comments! I, for one, hope Brewster finally comes into the game in some form this next year!

My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers – The Final Line-Up

Hey guys! As you may know, I’ve not been uploading any Animal Crossing content for a while, the Halloween event aside. That’s been because there’s not been a whole lot to go over. I did originally want to do a Dream Villager series, but that’s more suited to YouTube.

Anyway, now that I have my ten villagers that I’m really happy with, I’m going to go over them here!


Twiggy has been a mainstay since the early days of Laranjeira. I daren’t get rid of her because I actually prefer the basic peppy house over her normal house. Plus I’m sure Connor would be gutted, considering Twiggy is one of Connor’s favourite villagers, too.


Chief was that one campsite villager that I couldn’t get to move into my island (without moving out someone else that I wanted to keep), before I knew about the reset trick. Of course, I managed to find him on a villager hunt, and he’s been my favourite cranky villager to be on my island.


Stitches was the one villager that I spent a long time hunting for. I’d wanted him on my island since I first heard of him, and the fact that he shares my birthday. He’s one of only two popular villagers that I have currently on my island. I used to have more, but I traded them in for villagers that were more to my preferences.


Dom is the only other popular villager, and I just think he’s great. He fits in seamlessly in the Laranjeira atmosphere, and he’s just a whole lot of fun. I was missing the right jock villager since Pierce left, and Boots and Roald didn’t quite hit the spot, but Dom did. I will admit I fell asleep in the villager hunt shortly before I found him!


Sydney, like Stitches, is one of my favourite villagers. She’s so cute, and I regretted letting her go before, but I’ve since found her again so she had to come back. I couldn’t leave her. So now she’s certainly a forever villager. I do plan on cosplaying Sydney in the future (because I really finish all of my cosplans).


Ozzie is Connor’s ultimate favourite villager, and he was my first lazy, so he had the mud home. I did have to say goodbye to him at one point, for the sole purpose of getting his actual home, which is more of a classroom workshop home, but it’s worth it to have Ozzie back. He is really cute, too, and has a way different vibe to Stitches, which I appreciate so much.


I will admit that I wanted Willow for her colour palette alone, as I subconsciously love pink and yellow together, as you might be aware. But I think her soft exterior actually makes her a snooty villager that doesn’t seem rude, and the theme kinda carries over to another villager on this list.


O’Hare was a fun villager to find, considering I didn’t anticipate him being on the island until quite late into the hunts. But he fits in too well to not take, and he’s one of the only smug villagers that really appealed to me.


The issue with Diva (one of my starters) is that she came across as really rude, but then I ended up with Phoebe, and she just feels a lot friendlier as a sisterly. I found Phoebe randomly in a campsite, and I had to take her, considering she was one of my dreamies at the time. She kicked out Judy, and it was so worth it.


Bunnie was the last piece of the puzzle. While Tangy would have been a better fit for Laranjeira, I just preferred Bunnie, so when I found her on my last villager hunt, I knew I had to take her (I actually dressed in her outfit for the hunt).

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Halloween Thoughts!

Hey guys! We’ve just had Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and I wanted to give my thoughts. It’s the first time I’ve done this kind of post, and I’ll do more like this in the future.

Of course, when we downloaded the update, there wasn’t anything significant on the update day (30th September), however we got Jack’s Portrait in the mail the day afterwards.

I had to build a farm garden, and I remember haphazardly placing my pumpkins everywhere. However, I decided to make it a lot neater going forward. I watched a video that gave me a few tips on how to place my pumpkins, and how to guarantee the colours that I wanted. I did this with two patches of orange pumpkins, and then two patches of the coloured ones – three of each on each patch. I wasn’t so keen on the cycle time of the pumpkins, so when you harvested it went to stage 2. But that’s because the way I organised them and watered them meant that I was inundated with more pumpkins than I knew what to do with. It just meant that I could make more spooky stuff to put around my island, though, so I couldn’t complain about that.

I liked how you could buy any of the spooky furniture (aside from the fence) at Nook’s Cranny, but I still preferred to at least have the DIY and make it myself, just to get that check mark on the entry.

The villagers started getting in the mood for Halloween pretty early – I recall Bunnie being especially excited.

The update to the Nintendo phone app allows you to use reactions from your phone, which is pretty impressive – including the two new Halloween specials reactions (which are permanent). I like the gameplay to be streamlined, so updates like this is a great way to keep the gameplay easier.

One thing I did have an issue with was mainly my own personal life. I wasn’t able to spend every day playing the game, either due to new projects coming up or illnesses – I had sciatic pain, migraines and an ear infection all in the same week. The game got put on the backburner, and then was outshone by the Crown Tundra DLC drop for Pokemon Sword.

As for the Halloween event itself, it was pretty quick. I ended up getting all of the items and DIYs pretty quickly from the villagers and Jack, and even when I went over to my friend Steve’s island on his stream yesterday, it was pretty basic. I was expecting more flair, if I’m honest, but hey ho, that’s something for next time.

Imagine if you could put one of your custom designs on a pumpkin? That would have been amazing.

On the plus side, it was heartwarming knowing that Zucker remembers me – for context, I gave my Zucker to Steve when the stars aligned!

How did your Halloween event go? I mean, I gotta clean up the spooky stuff now, though…

What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Personality?

Hey guys! After going over what my favourite Animal Crossing species was, I decided to do it all over again, but this time with the eight personality types.

As before, I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking twenty of the fifty villagers of that personality would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

As with the previous posts, I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old SallyBliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

8) Jock – 31.48%

I was surprised by this list, considering I quite like the jock personality. However, I just looked back at my categorised list (hooray spreadsheets) and it definitely shows…aside from sisterly and smug, they are the least liked – however, the smaller numbers of sisterly and smug even themselves out somewhat.

With that said, the obvious highlights of the jock personality are Dom, Roald and Pierce, with quite a few dishonourable mentions. While this personality may be in last place, the ones that are great are really great!

7) Sisterly – 37.5%

Sisterly villagers initially came off as really rude when I first played the game, but I think with every new sisterly I’ve had, I’ve really enjoyed. I think Mira and Katt would be amazing options, and I currently have Phoebe on my island. However, even with the small amount of sisterly villagers, there are a few that aren’t so great. Some look weird, others don’t feel right, even if they are popular.

6) Cranky – 40%

I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of the cranky villagers tend to look a bit strange. Take Limberg or (heaven forbid) Harry. But I want to give kudos to Chief, Octavian and Static, who are some of the more favourable cranky villagers that are just purely lovely. But I’m not surprised that cranky villagers are as low as they are, because of the choice of villagers.

5) Smug – 47.06%

You know that the top two villagers are both smug (we don’t talk about the Merry fiasco) – Marshal and Raymond. They are pretty great, but then so is Lopez and O’Hare. But…can we forget about Rodney please? It’s the likes of him and Olaf that bring the smugs down a bit.

Addressing the sheep in the room, I’m very neutral about Pietro. I love the design concept, but I’m not a fan of clowns or mimes. I can appreciate the love that Pietro gets though. Just thought I’d point that out.

4) Snooty – 51.11*%

The snooty villagers are quite nice in general, so a lot of the disliked ones are down to appearances alone, the biggest culprits being Velma and Cashmere. However, Willow is my ultimate lovely, as is Ankha and Diana, while Blaire is underrated, in my opinion.

3) Lazy – 51.66*%

Lazy villagers tend to be really cute, and I like a lot of the simple designs, such as that of Broccolo and Ozzie, and I have to mention the special boy Stitches. However, there are some that are a bit strange, such as Chester and Paolo.

Usually I gravitate towards the lazy villagers due to their laid-back attitude and the cuteness of some of them while they’ve been on my island. Ozzie, Stitches and Jeremiah can attest to that.

2) Peppy – 58.97%

Normally I see a villager on my Mystery Tours that I think ‘oh wow’ and they turn out to be peppy, and I’m disappointed because they can never hold a candle to my original, Twiggy. However, Audie and Flora are other peppy villagers that I adore, too. But I don’t have a lot of problems with the other peppy villagers, a lot of them are more neutral, such as with Peanut and Tutu. But I’m not keen on Freckles, okay?

1) Normal – 72.88%

Yeah there was no way that any other personality type would beat out normal villagers. I usually end up with three normal villagers on my island, and my favourite villager is normal – Sydney. However, I can say that both Skye and Lolly are ultimately amazing (Skye is one that Connor really likes). Most of the others on the dislike side are neutral, such as Megan and Annalisa. I just pretend Jambette doesn’t exist, honestly.

I wanna know what you make of this series of ranked lists! Are you just as surprised (or unsurprised in some cases) as I am? Let me know in the comments!

What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Species – Part 2

Hey guys! I decided to undertake this huge project (that is going to tire me out, I’m sure), and I wanted to see what villager species was going to be my favourite. Of course, I knew what the top two were going to be, but after that was anyone’s guess.

As before, I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking two of the five villagers of that species would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

Today, I’m going through the top half of the list! I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old SallyBliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

=16) Rhino – 50%

Rhinos are another small category, with only three that I really like here – Hornsby, Tank and Merengue. The others I just don’t gravitate towards, especially Renee and Rhonda.

=16) Goat – 50%

The goats are neither here nor there for me, but there’s an even split at least. While Kidd and Sherb are lovely goats, we also have Velma, who…no thanks.

=16) Hamster – 50%

Again, hamsters are a mixed bag. I do like Hamlet and Soleil, but Jesus, can we not have Rodney or Graham please? And if I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of Clay, but I can appreciate why people like him.

=13) Bird – 53.85%

While I’m not the first to say that there are some great birds, there are also some…not so great. Jitters, Peck and Jacob I’m not too fond off, especially Jitters. However, some of the great birds include Anchovy, Piper and my best girl Twiggy!

=13) Penguin – 53.85%

Penguins are great – you only have to look at the likes of Roald, Aurora and even Boomer as evidence of such. But then you have Puck, which would look much cuter without the hockey gear.

=13) Sheep – 53.85%

Sheep…well, they’re cute or not depending on the sheep. My personal (and quite frankly obvious) hits include Eunice, Willow and Vesta, whereas my big misses include Wendy and Cashmere. As for Pietro, because I know you’re wondering – I’m on neutral grounds with him. I appreciate his design, but he’s not for me.

12) Cat – 54.54*%

Cats are where it’s at – mostly, of course. Tabby still gives me nightmares, and I don’t usually like the superhero villagers, so Kid Cat is out of the question. However, Lolly, Ankha, Rudy and Tangy make up just four of the lovely cats.

11) Eagle – 55.55*%

One of my first villagers was an eagle, Pierce, and him along with Avery and Apollo I really like. I’m not a fan of the armoured villagers, so Sterling is out, along with Amelia.

=9) Horse – 60%

We’re getting into the top 10 now, and I didn’t think horses would be here, if I’m honest. But we do have Reneigh, Julian and Elmer as stand-outs for me, whereas misses include Ed, Victoria and Buck.

=9) Rabbit – 60%

Rabbits are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I really like Mira, despite her being a superhero villager (but it fits), Bunnie and Coco, but I’m just not huge on Tiffany and Pippy.

8) Dog – 62.5%

So according to this list, dogs are better than cats. No matter, Biskit is just too adorable to pass up, as is Shep and Butch. I’ll give Marcel and Mac a pass though.

7) Koala – 66.66*%

I love me some koala action, especially Ozzie, Sydney and Melba. I’m just not entirely sold on Alice or Eugene. But koalas are regularly pretty cool, and usually share the Aussie vibe with their names. Both myself and Connor’s favourite Animal Crossing villagers are koalas (Ozzie for him, Sydney for myself).

6) Cub – 68.75%

Who doesn’t like a cute little bear cub? My personal picks for cuteness are June, Pekoe and Stitches. I don’t know why June or Pekoe aren’t more popular, and it’s a shame. But I’m not keen on Barold or Chester.

5) Ostrich – 70%

Ostriches are pretty cool, and there are only three that I dislike – Phil, Queenie and Sprocket. I’m not sold on the robotic-like villagers, so I had to give Sprocket a miss. But instead, I could have Cranston, Phoebe or Flora and I’d be happy.

4) Squirrel – 72.22*%

Squirrels are really adorable, and I expected them to be high on this list. Of course, we get Hazel, Sheldon and Agent S out of the way because meh, but then we have Poppy, Marshal (who is consistently the most popular villager) and Mint to enjoy!

3) Deer – 80%

Deers are great, and you have to look no further then Fauna, Erik or Lopez to see why. You rarely go wrong with deer, and even with my least favourites – Bam and Deidre, just tiny improvements to them could make them tied-first place in the end.

=1) Octopus – 100%

Of course, as there are only three octopus villagers, and they are all great in their own ways, they had to be (joint) top of the list. Marina looks like a cute, soft and innocent creature, while Octavian has a great personality of his own. Zucker is, of course, based on cute takoyaki.

=1) Wolf – 100%

You can never go wrong with a wolf villager, full stop. All of them are charming in their own way, although I wish there was more variety in personality types. I’ve had both Chief and Audie on my island before, and I would happily have a full wolf island if all of the personalities were represented. Plus, Skye is really adorable!

What Is My Favourite Animal Crossing Species? – Part 1

Hey guys! I decided to undertake this huge project (that is going to tire me out, I’m sure), and I wanted to see what villager species was going to be my favourite. Of course, I knew what the top two were going to be, but after that was anyone’s guess.

I calculated the percentage of each villager – so for example, liking two of the five villagers of that species would give me a result of 60%. It does make the results a bit strange, but I have a feeling that the species that I enjoy the most will be in the top half of the list.

Today, I’m going through the bottom half of the list! I’m only judging based on the villagers available in New Horizons, so no removed villagers such as Wolf Link or Dozer, or any villagers that have since been rebranded (such as the old Sally, Bliss or Hazel, who are now either remade as different villagers or personality types).

=33) Tiger – 0%

The first three villager species are all tied bottom, with none of the tiger villagers being well-liked for me, but I’ll start with tigers – they just don’t appear to me at all. I feel that the ones that are close are probably Bangle and Bianca, but even then they’re not that well-considered.

=33) Hippo – 0%

This is the species that Harry is, and I hate that. None of the other hippos are great either, so sadly this lot would get the chop. I do like hippos in real life (as I do tigers), but they translate poorly into the Animal Crossing games in terms of designs.

=33) Cow – 0%

Again, cows are rock bottom. It doesn’t help that there are only four cow villagers, and the only one that I can appreciate is Tipper, just for her name relating to cow tipping.

32) Gorilla – 10%

See, 10% seems like a pretty high jump, but it just means that I only like one of the ten available gorilla villagers – Hans. Hans is pretty cool, he’s based on a yeti, and the others just look strange, if not downright creepy and/or awful. Boone almost made it onto my liked villagers, but I just wasn’t feeling it at the time.

31) Monkey – 12.5%

Again, as with gorillas, I only like one of the monkey villagers – Deli. Deli has a pretty simple design which makes him pretty cute. It’s that lack of cuteness which puts me off the rest of the monkey villagers. I mean, Shari is close but no cigar.

30) Bear – 25%

I think a lot of the big bear villagers are a bit strange, even without the obvious Beardo and Ike. I do quite like Charlise, who seems to be disliked by a good portion of the community (from what I’ve seen), as well as Grizzly and Curt.

29) Elephant – 27.27*%

The elephants are generally hard to like. Of course, Tia has to be one of the more likeable ones due to her unique appearance, but then there’s Dizzy, who is just a simple design that’s pretty cute. Opal just edges out onto the liked list, but only just, I suppose. The others I just don’t like enough, especially Margie, who always leaves me feeling disappointed that she isn’t Tia.

=27) Anteater – 28.57%

There are two anteaters that I like – Anabelle and Antonio. Anabelle actually looks more like a pangolin than Pango does, despite the name referring to pangolins. Antonio, on the other hand, just looks simple and cute.

=27) Lion – 28.57%

There are only two lions here that I just like – Lionel and Rex. Rex is a pretty simple design, whereas Lionel has a similar concept to some of the other lions, just done right. I’m just not sold on the others.

=24) Bull – 33.33*%

Bulls aren’t great, and there are only two that I like – Angus and Stu. Angus is a huge gimmick for me, with his flame tee and his name combined reminds me of Burger King, while Stu is another ismple concept.

=24) Frog – 33.33*%

Despite being a huge lover of frogs in real life, they aren’t so hot in this game. Jambette is the worst of them, and the others can be hit-or-miss. Luckily, we have the likes of Camofrog, Jeremiah, Lily and even Raddle to help the frogs out some.

=24) Pig – 33.33*%

Pigs are interesting. I like the pigs such as Kevin (nice reference there), Maggie and Hugh, but why is Spork also called Crackle? I don’t get it. But Chops and Curly? Nah, I’m good.

23) Kangaroo – 37.5%

Kangaroos aren’t too great, mostly because the majority of them are females that have their joeys in their pouches, blinking in unison. Carrie and Kitt are cool and simple, but Astrid just doesn’t sit right with me.

22) Duck – 41.18%

I was surprised with how low the ducks were, but then I looked at the amount that I do like, and then it kinda hit me. My girls Ketchup and Molly are lovely, but then you have Freckles, who would have been considered had it not been for her wide-set eyes.

21) Alligator – 42.86%

Like with the rhinos, they’re so high on this list because of the small amount to choose from. I got really sick of Boots on my island, and I’m not a huge fan of Del. However, Drago, Sly and Gayle hit just right for me. Seriously, Gayle is surprisingly cute.

20) Chicken – 44.44*%

Here is the last species on this week’s list, the chickens! I mean, Becky is very elegant, and Ken looks really badass. But just leave Broffina where she is and I’m happy.

19) Mouse – 46.66*%

I was never really a huge fan of the mouse villagers, but looking at the likes of Broccolo and Samson have changed my mind. Bree is another great mouse, but I want to avoid Limberg and Candi with all of my might.

Next week will be the remaining list of villagers, going from number 18 up to (joint) first position!

Super Danganronpa Another 2 Executions Ranked

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post, but I wanted to give a big shout out to Super Danganronpa Another 2, which is a Korean fangame (and hasn’t been fully translated) and I will probably play it once an English localisation has been finished.

Now, I’ve seen the deaths and executions, and wow! I did this over the first Danganronpa Another game because I don’t feel that some of the executions of the first lived up to canon. But these executions here are just amazing. You can find all deaths and executions here. I won’t include the prologue execution in here, but there are despair-inducing spoilers afoot.

Press Conference

Executed: Nikei Yomiuri

Obviously I don’t have a lot of context for this, considering I haven’t seen the localisation. But of course, I know that Nikei was executed for breaking rules rather than killing someone. So he runs from a press conference, finds a helicopter and tries to grab onto the ladder with his dominant hand, which has had lost earlier. He then falls to his death.

Now, not a whole lot goes on here, which is why it’s on the bottom of the list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad execution. It’s pretty quick, if I do say so myself.

Super Makunouching Machine

Executed: Hajime Makunouchi

This is pretty brutal, on the same level as Leon Kuwata’s execution. And because this is a first execution, it fits the theme well. The Ultimate Boxer gets a taste of his own medicine and ends up getting pummelled to death. The icing on the cake is the buzzsaw chewing him up in the end, and then a souvenir pops out.

I mean, again, it’s a simple execution that is executed really well (pardon the pun).

The Emma In The Woods

Executed: Emma Magorobi

I absolutely love the film-theme of this execution. It emphasises the two call-backs to Emma’s name – she’s named after both Emma Watson and Margot Robbie, after all! So you see references to both Harry Potter and the Joker’s “Why so serious?” catchphrase. Also, Emma ends up in a room with a bunch of elevators with references to popular horror characters.

The best part of this execution is the shot of the bloody room after the fact, giving off that horror vibe all the more. It’s bloody amazing and terrifying.

Melody Rhythm Final Death Concert

Executed: Hibiki Otonokoji, Kanade Otonokoji

These two deserve to be high on the list. I mean, they both killed and dissected someone. But this execution is a whole other ball game (get it? They killed the Ultimate Billiards Player). On a more serious note, it’s the first time you see two people executed at the same time, having both become the blackened.

I love the desperation of Hibiki, combined with the insanity of Kanade, resulting in Hibiki bashing Kanade’s head in with a microphone, and struggling to get the key to release herself from the chain, which strangles Kanade in the process. But…she grabs the key, and off comes her head. Kanade has a face of insane despair, the floor collapses and Kanade is left…hanging. It’s a pretty brutal concept, but we love it. I’ve also seen it to be one of the more popular (if not the most popular) of the executions in this game. It would have been top of the list, had the next entry not been as what the fuck.

Deep Sea Trip ~At the Bottom of the Sea~

Executed: Yuki Maeda, Yoruko Kabuya, Sora, Iroha Nijiue (all survived)

This is one hell of an execution, so let me start from the verdict given. It strayed away from the safety of canon by ensuring that we picked the wrong person (Iroha) as the culprit in a strange case of trickery. Hence the four-way execution. They each suffer from different executions – Yuki’s is a direct call-back to Makoto’s and Kyoko’s execution, Iroha gets used as a paintbrush and Yoruko ends up drowning in a tank. Most of the focus is on Sora, who’s plunged underwater and is dragged down with some kind of heavy weight, with a shark at the bottom. All of this happens with Mikado Sannoji, the real culprit, watching from the trial room.

However, before Sora is eaten by the shark, the execution blue-screens.

I love the uncanny feeling of having a full class execution though, and it’s something I’m eager to work with. It’s everything from the sirens and flashing lights signalling that the vote was wrong, to everyone else visibly being carried off to their executions, as well as said executions being stopped.

Favourite Animal Crossing: New Horizons Visitors

Hey there! We like the visitors to our village and/or island, and they can either make our break our day. I just wanted to highlight my favourite of the bunch that we have currently in New Horizons! These are in no particular order, though.

This list won’t be including characters such as Isabelle and Blathers, but there may be a future post relating to these sorts of characters.

This list’s honourable mention goes to Kicks. He’s just so cute, and he has the whole Oliver Twist inspiration working for him. His downside is the lack of apparel, and I kinda wish he had his own little booth within the Able Sisters shop, that’s all.


Pascal is so adorable, but it helps that I’m a huge lover of otters in general. The first summer wave made me so happy with Pascal’s return to the series. I would happily give him all of my scallops if I could. Not even for any reward, but because he deserves them.


I get excited when I see Flick on my island, admittedly more than I do CJ. Flick doesn’t lock selling bugs behind a challenge, which helps his cause. I love his punk design, too, and it works for him being a chameleon.


Celeste is my favourite of the special visiting villagers. I always look forward to a visit from Celeste, and that’s mostly down to her design. I mean, she literally gets stars in her eyes! I wish (no pun intended) that she had her observatory in New Horizons, just as an excuse to visit her more often, instead of relying on shooting stars or random arrivals.

K.K. Slider

The only character in Animal Crossing that is able to get away with being completely naked, K.K. Slider is a highlight to our weekends, and you’re able to get a new song for your collection every weekend, plus do all sorts of song requests. It doubles into a fun concert if you bring friends. And of course, he kinda monopolises the broad range of genres that music has to offer.


Leif is pretty adorable, and he always comes across as very innocent when I go to him to sell my weeds and buy some of his flowers. I always feel bad leaving him at the end of the transactions because he’s like ‘you gotta do what makes you happy’ and that kinda makes me sad for some reason. Plus he’s based on a sloth, and…I adore sloths!

Those are my five favourite visiting villagers! Who would you have on this list instead? I wanna know!

A Slice of a Dream – What To Expect From Laranjeira

Hey guys! I originally had no plans for this, but since the Dream feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out recently, I wanted to give you a bit of a guided tour of Laranjeira, my island. Here I give you explanations of what it’s about, the general theme and the vibe that I’m aiming for.

For those who are looking to explore, my Dream Address is:

The Theme

The name: Laranjeira is Portuguese for ‘orange tree’, and the native fruit is orange. I can’t remember if the native flower is pansy or tulip. Let’s go with pansy.

The theme of Laranjeira is that it’s open, broad, and simple. I never bought into the huge city vibes or heavy themed islands, but I wanted to make it cosy and relaxed, so you can just enjoy yourself. It’s inspired by the laid-back atmosphere I experienced in Lisbon. The afternoon sun is the peak time to enjoy Laranjeira, so I always save it for the afternoon.

For Laranjeira, simplicity is key! I don’t have complex pathways and platforms to hop onto. I don’t have a game of ‘find the ducks’ (I know someone that does, and that’s pretty awesome though). I don’t have twisty paths.

My other plan for Laranjeira is preparation for future updates. So if there’s a new update that brings something major, like a new building or feature, I want to have the space ready so it’s good to go.

My island flag is (of course) an orange, paying homage to the island’s name and the island theme song is probably a bit familiar – it’s Lavender Town.

The Cafe Area (Work in Progress)

I have a cafe area that’s almost directly in front of the entrance. I want to leave more space for the (hopeful) return of Brewster. I wanted to feature outdoor seating in this area, and this is a proud reference to the outdoor seating areas found outside various pastelarias in Portugal, which I’m sure you could find at least one on every street that I wandered down.

I most recently extended it, as there was originally water but no fish spawned there. It allowed me to add more furniture in that area.

Shop Layout

Of course, this may change in the future, but I wanted to give it a little more flair to it recently, with less flora around it, and more urbanisation. Of course, I have a garden wagon outside the Able Sisters, while there’s a park clock in between that and Nook’s Cranny. To the left of both shops is a little seating area that is mainly there as a placeholder, if I’m honest.

To the far left of the island is a marketplace with some seating in the middle, kinda like a food court set-up. I wanted to fill the space, and because it was nothing but trees and cosmos, I wanted more furniture in there.

Seating Area

The Tearastar-approved seating area is placed directly outside Nook’s Cranny, and to give it that Parisian vibe, I have Animal City playing on the stereo. There are two benches with a campfire in the middle, a table with some seats, as well as a picnic area with zen cushions. I love this little area, and sometimes I have villagers singing into the microphone near the stereo (literally as I write this, Raymond is singing along!).

Campsite / Garden

The campsite area is one of my favourite areas, and that’s mainly because of the areas surrounding it, and I’ll take you through each one. I originally wanted a zen garden concept, but I slowly lost focus on that. So I re-utilised the hearth for the campsite, as well as a zen cushion, some seating and a pool chair for extra relaxation. There’s also a jukebox that plays K.K. Rally. I decided to close it off with fencing, and got the campsite sign from the Pocket Camp link-up, which works really well!

The second part involves a load of trees (mainly for wood and insect farming), and that’s where my Lily of the Valley plants spawn. There’s also another highlight – a path made from bamboo trees and Lily of the Valley plants, with the entrance beign a stone arch. It leads down to a zen-style stone, which serves as a memorial area.

Of course, I had to add a lake and a pond in there, but then there’s also my orchard. This has four trees of each fruit (including the money trees), and I never really touch these fruit. It used to be a lot more hectic when I started making this orchard, but I decided that having paths was best so that I didn’t have to lose weeds or fossils in the mess! Plus it looks so great looking at it with the new custom path.

Connor’s House and Garden

This was a little pet project for his birthday, and because we share an island, this is his little area. I moved his house and fully expanded and furnished it for his birthday, including the garden. I’m proud of it, that’s for certain!

It’s a simple home, but it includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, junk/craft room and a gym/sleeping quarters combination.

He doesn’t play Animal Crossing much, but he loaded up for his birthday and he was pleasantly surprised with what I’d done!


I love the makeshift exhibits that I had outside the museum, as well as the pond and a little seating areas. There’s also the binoculars which you can see from afar. I wanted to give it a bit of a grand space, but nothing too much. It actually sits at the highest point of Laranjeira.

I may improve this area over time, but for now, I really like it. Some extra statues and goodies from Gulliver and Gullivarrr may go here in the future.

Bar and Music Area (Work in Progress)

A small section of the area above the shops is saved for a makeshift bar, including a kotatsu, a dining table (serving as a buffet station) and a clay furnace. This may get improved on over time, though! However, the magic happens in the conjoined area, where it’s set up to be a music venue. There are seats and a handy wardrobe (I like to get dressed outside, okay), with a variety of instruments and a DJ booth. A couple of times, Poppy has played that piano, which was such a highlight!


I love the recent refurbishment that I’ve made to the neighbourhood. It used to consist of little plots of land that didn’t give a lot of breathing space or personality, plus I wanted to add little gardens for everyone after seeing some nice ones on YouTube. Some villagers share larger gardens (Raymond and Phoebe, Marina and Sydney, Stitches and Willow), and the rest have their own smaller gardens. It’s down to the space limitations that I was willing to work with, because I want to save space for future updates and features. However, I love the little areas I’ve created for them now, and it was such a good idea to spend the time working on it.

Each garden area has a log extra-long sofa for each villager, as well as a barbecue. For some, there are extra bits of furniture, such as chairs, hammocks and tables. I also made sure to add some potted plants to the gardens.

My Home

My exterior is a gorgeous stucco wall (I love stucco walls) with a red roof. It used to be all-white but I got bored (plus I wanted that Nook Miles achievement). I have a little garden with my first Lily of the Valley plants (although I might change those out in the future), and silly things, such as the popcorn maker (reminds me of Colégio Militar/Luz Metro station, they sold popcorn in these machines and the smell was heavenly), and an orange paddling pool with a black rubber duck!

My living room serves as my base of operations – where everything takes place. It just makes it easier to craft stuff this way. I recently remodelled it so it’s a cosy living room first and foremost!
My kitchen isn’t quite complete yet, but at least I have the ironwood kitchenette!
My bedroom is pretty simple, just does what it needs to.
I have a lovely underwater theme for my bathroom, and I love the tankless toilet!
My upper floor is an office space that I would use for crafting if I wasn’t so lazy!
My basement is starting to come together nicely with the mermaid theme. That also serves as my ‘werkroom’, as they say! I love the mermaid stuff you get from Pascal, and it’s been a joy to get this all put together.

Tiki Bar

I’ve been so excited about the tiki bar, as simple as it is. It’s just in a little nook off to the side, close to the beach on the west side. It used to be where Connor’s home was, but then it remained empty when I relocated his house recently. So I decided to turn it into an open-plan tiki bar, like the bars you see at holiday resorts! It’s currently my pride and joy!

Areas of Improvement

Of course, in the next month I am planning on extra landscaping, and I just got a rock garden finished near the neighbourhood!

Next to Connor’s house is a little mini-forest with some trees. They’re a placeholder for if a new addition comes along and I want the space for a new building. And if the datamines are correct, I may convert it to a farming space.

I never really got to find the exact pattern used for pavements in Portugal, but I think the ones that I have used serve their purpose.

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Laranjeira, and it’d be interesting to know what you thought! I’d like some tips and advice, but obviously nothing too complex and imposing!

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you in your dreams!