I’m Taking a Break – What to Expect

Hey guys! This isn’t the usual kind of post, and this will be pinned to Twitter for the foreseeable future, but after July is over, I’m planning on taking a month’s break from writing for this blog.

Of course, those of you who follow me on my Twitter will probably know that I’ve had migraine problems for quite some time, and this has impacted my ability to focus on writing, playing games, and even basic functions like cooking and tidying. It’s also impacted my mental health pretty hard. At the moment, I am on preventative medication, and also talking to a counsellor every week.

The impact that this has had, has led me to thinking about the near-future of this blog. Of course, I’m in it for the long haul! And thank you to my new followers for just…being here and reading these posts! It means so much to me! Of course, I do this purely as a hobby, but I would like to be able to write for a living, at least.

With that in mind, I’m taking a break. However, I already have posts that are scheduled to go live over the course of this coming month. This is what to expect from my schedule:

Monday – Galar Gym concepts (Monday 3rd only)
Tuesday – Top 10 Pokemon types
Thursday – Top 10 Pokemon types shiny posts
Friday – Naruto Shippuden reviews (every two weeks)
Saturday – Animal Crossing posts
Sunday – Danganronpa execution posts (until 16th August)

Of course, this schedule sees that I have at least three posts going live per week. However, it just means that there will be fewer posts in September.

Future Plans

Of course, I do have plans in place for the remainder of the year. I have a ‘Top 10’ post scheduled to go live every Tuesday until the end of the year, and the last of the shiny ranking posts goes live at the end of August.

Because of the break, the Naruto Reviews posts will be delayed after Part 9, owing to having to watch the series and then write about it. Part 10 is part-way finished. And of course, the Galar Gym concepts posts will also be delayed after August 3rd, as a post is finished and scheduled for that day.

Mid-September, there will be a new series of posts going live, doing episodic reviews of one of my favourite TV shows. One is already completed and scheduled, but was delayed because of the break (I need to really pick apart this series).

As for short stories, I’m planning on perhaps dabbling into creative writing again. I’m planning on tackling the NaNoWriMo challenge again, but differently this year. I’ll post more details when the time comes!

Another huge thing that I want to focus on is getting the urge to stream again. I would be streaming live over at Twitch: find me here at “ThatLittleLola“, and follow me to be notified when I go live! I haven’t streamed due to being ill, as well as having motivation. So I’d like to be in the headspace to stream again by the time September rolls around.

Thank you guys for understanding, and I can’t wait to bring you some fresh content soon!

To My 15-Year-Old Self

I wanted to do this as a form of reflection – it was an idea that came up in my Mindset Mondays course, so that’s why I’ve taken to writing this publicly.

Dear the me of the past,

I can’t begin to describe the rollercoaster that I’ve gone through over the course of the last thirteen years. And a lot of what you’re going through right now has had a huge impact on my life, I can’t lie about that.

I deleted all of the photos from your age, so we’ll go with one from when you’re 18. You look good in it, even with that annoying hat that you always used to wear when you washed your hair every other day (it still gets greasy, just go ahead and wash it every day – even my hairdresser tells me so).

Your parents have split up right now, and things are looking bleak. He won’t move out, you’re looking to rebel, I get that. But it’s probably not for the best. You eventually won’t recognise him to be your dad, just the ‘Sperm Donor’ or ‘Spermy’ for short. You do change your name, gain a nickname like you always wanted, and even get a nickname amalgamating your first two names! I use that now as my pen name, so it works.

The step-dad is no better – after Mum’s done with the sponge (who we call ‘Knobin’), we have another guy. It got so hard living with him that I ended up with severe depression and anxiety, as well as a few PTSD-related issues. It’s been eight months since I got out of there, and it’s been a slow recovery, but a positive one.

These friends won’t last – none of them have for me. I haven’t even spoken to Akhila in seven years. We lost contact and she’s all but disappeared from the face of the earth since the last time I saw her. Maybe I should stop looking?

How did it all go so wrong? Chelcie decided to play into the hands of her manipulative mother, Harriet became a lost cause for a while (we still talk if we see each other in town though), me and Sam never really recovered from when he said he’d take me to prom no matter what, only to get a girlfriend and have someone else drop that bomb (I mean, I was happy for him, but he could have told me). Karl said I had an attitude problem as soon as I said that I didn’t want to talk dirty to him. The others, I don’t even acknowledge their existence. Would I laugh at their misfortune? Absolutely.

There’ll be all sorts of rumours, such as being pregnant and whatnot. But please don’t feel like you need to lie about friends for popularity’s sake. It won’t change anything. They won’t believe that you’re able to land a boyfriend until a pregnancy rumour suits them.

Speaking of boys – while you’re at school, don’t even bother. None of them are worth trying to pursue, and I messed up my education because I was more focused on boys and that need to be popular. Four years after you leave school, there’ll be a boy that is worth every waking second of your attention. Give him that attention. Everything that I’ve gone through over these past (nearly) eight years could have been much worse if he wasn’t at my side. There’s also a bit of confusion about being attracted to women, but your path will be clear when you’re 20. Trust me, it’ll all work out!

Friends will come – supportive friends. It’s best to not even try when you go to Leggott (also don’t do Health and Social Care because they really screwed you over). Although to be fair, you do meet someone in your second of year at Leggott, called Lucy, that will inspire you to go to North Lindsey and change your life. You’ll meet amazing people at North Lindsey, at your dream job, online – you’ll not be alone, no matter how lonely you might feel.

You’ll go on so many amazing adventures. Pay attention in Geography, because it will amaze you in the future! I don’t care if Mrs. Hornsby hates you, you pay attention and stop messing around with Chelcie and Harriet. Your grades will thank you later. As for adventures, your wanderlust starts on your 18th birthday trip. It was amazing, and you’ll find that special someone that will go abroad to watch a gig and make a holiday of it!

Your first stint at university won’t go so well. But you’ll learn to rise above everything and try again. In hindsight university wasn’t the best choice to begin with, and an apprenticeship would have been better. But at least you get to work and live in Portugal for a little while, which was an amazing experience. Your final graduation ceremony was a farce. It’ll be a massive blight on your view on the three years as a whole, especially the final year. But you achieve that on your own.

You start allowing yourself to make decisions rationally – you decide firmly not to have children, and you’d like to get married, but you’d rather elope – and that’s fine, because I hate huge wedding ceremonies (although Connor’s cousin’s wedding last year was absolutely beautiful). But be yourself, stay yourself, and just…maybe tone down the atheism outbursts…just a tad!

Well, that’s pretty much it. You gotta find your own way!


Get To Know Me!

Hey guys! Today just happens to be my birthday, so happy birthday to me! As I’m a year older than I was last year, I thought I’d let you get to know me just that little bit better. I’m going to do a top-three of different topics, just for a bit of fun! As it’s the middle of winter here in the UK, call it my icebreaker!



  • Noughts and Crosses series
  • Morganville series
  • House of Night series

I’ve loved reading from a very young age, and I’m currently attempting to write a series of novels, as well as short stories and a World of Darkness roleplay campaign. I gravitate towards young adult novels, and one such series that has had me gripped for the past decade has been Noughts and Crosses. It’s a dystopian-esque where racial roles are reversed, so blacks (Crosses) have the power and freedom that us whites currently have in real life, where whites (Noughts) are treated like scum, basically. It mimicks what we see today, but reversed. There are currently five books in the series, with a sixth being written as a finale. It’s also being turned into a BBC show, which I’m so excited for.

Fun fact: Malorie Blackman, the author of this series, also co-wrote the Doctor Who episode Rosa.



  • Fight Club
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  • Hocus Pocus

While Hocus Pocus gave me my first lesbian crush in Sarah Jessica Parker, it was Fight Club that broke the mould for me in terms of cinematography. I studied Film back in my sixth-form days, and one of the films we studied was Fight Club. Because I got so invested in the story and imagery that was presented to me, it became a firm favourite for me.

pink headphone isolate on blue background.


  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen
  • Love Train by The O’Jays
  • Don’t Lose Ur Head by The Cast of Six The Musical

I love listening to cheery songs or songs that I know I can groove to, and that kinda makes up my list of favourite songs. My love for Love Train actually came from this Falinks video, whereas Don’t Stop Me Now came from this one. I blame Tik Tok for my appreciation for musical numbers.


Worst Fears

  • Wasps
  • Death
  • The uncanny valley

I have to explain the last one. You know the feeling that something isn’t quite right, or just that little bit off (like the above image, it’s in my gallery forever, I hope you’re happy)? That’s how I feel when I see or hear something off. That’s what made Doki Doki Literature Club so awful to sit through. Connor can replicate that feeling really well in describing scenarios, I hate him for it. Warped music doesn’t help – the last time I had warped music in my dreams, I ended up with sleep paralysis.

I also don’t like the concept of nothingness after death. Like, we wouldn’t even know that we were dead, and that would be it.



  • Pizza
  • Curry
  • Homemade chicken noodle soup

Pineapple doesn’t go on pizza, simple. I’m not a sociopath. However, I make an amazing chicken noodle soup! Food isn’t something that I tend to pick favourites of, but let’s just say that my favourite pizza is a meat feast, while I tend to enjoy a good Chinese or Indian takeaway. Although, I am a bit of a pussy because I don’t like overly-spicy flavours.


GFuel Flavours

  • Tropical Rain
  • Blue Ice
  • Green Apple

I just ordered a tub of Green Apple, actually. It tastes like apple-flavoured sweets, and it’s lovely. Tropical Rain and Blue Ice are very refreshing, too. I feel that these are my three personal flavours of choice and that most of the flavours I’ve tried so far have been lovely.


Video Games

  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
  • Pokemon Sword
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

I think the Danganronpa franchise will always be my favourite, but out of all of the games, V3 topped my expectations, despite the mixed reception for the ending (I actually found it quite clever). As to be expected, I’ve now sunk over 300 hours into Pokemon Sword, and I keep going back to it to do my shiny hunts. And the same goes for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, as the original helped me out of my first depressive state about seven years ago.


Anime Series

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Assassination Classroom
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I discussed my feelings towards Madoka in this post, which will explain it further. I loved the semi-seriousness of Assassination Classroom, as well as the surprising turns of events, and following the class in their training to become assassins. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is an iconic anime series, usually rated as one of the best of all-time, and I have to agree. It has its lighter moments, but they don’t derail the plot and make everything that all of the characters do have higher stakes to them.

Did anything in my list surprise you? I hope something caught your eye that you may want to ask more about. I’m all ears!

I’m Rebranding!!

This is important to gain clarity on what’s going on.

So for the past year or so, I’ve gone by most social media and platforms as That Little Lola (or Little Lola, depending). This obviously conflicts with this blog, which is PokeTraveller Lola. As you may recall, I launched a lifestyle blog last year, but I’ve not used it in so long. Therefore, I’ll be shutting that down and rebranding as That Little Lola.

I did run a Twitter poll for this, and the vote swung overwhelmingly in favour of rebranding (well it was four votes, but still, I’m a little creator). Someone didn’t notice the poll (thanks Tim), but he still gave his input and it went with the majority anyway.

What Will Change:

Obviously, there’ll be more content to come to suit all tastes. There will be a bigger variety of stuff to come, and it’s mainly the header, address and to make a new logo. Apart from that, not much will change. It’s mainly so that everything matches on my socials.

What Will Stay The Same:

I’m continuing my Pokemon and travel content, as I was. I have a long list of posts I want to write for you guys, and it will be fun. I will carry on with collaborations, but I may have to edit bits here and there depending on what will work.

When Will This Start?

Well, right now, actually. Because I haven’t bought a domain address yet, I can still be very flexible with this site, which is a blessing in disguise. I am planning on buying a domain by the end of this year, though. It will take time, and I may transfer a couple of posts from my old blog over to here.

Christmas Hiatus & Future Scheduling

Hey! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts this year, and it’s been an incredible 9 months with you all, and building up the confidence and motivation to post has been amazing.

I will be taking a short hiatus from posting for the Christmas period so that I can unwind. I also want to revive an old writing project and start afresh, so it’s publisher-worthy after seven years of on/off production.

I will be back after Thursday 2nd January with some new content!

Don’t worry – I also have the second part of my Community Day predictions scheduled for after the hiatus, I haven’t neglected that. I will also come back with some new series of content to come in January.

Tuesdays will feature various Top 10 and ranked lists for Pokemon until I run out of ideas (which isn’t likely).

February will have a different schedule for the days leading up to my birthday! I’d like to work on some more short stories in the future, so stick around for that!

Until then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

2019 in Review (+ Decade)

This year has definitely had its ups and downs. I was still fresh from the return from Portugal, and I was already looking to move out. My home situation had not improved – my mum and her shag-piece were arguing, as usual, all the time, and the grief was still raw from my uncle’s passing.

I spent some of New Year scared for the year to come, already feeling trapped by the idea of staying in that circumstance, jobless, and not being able to find somewhere else to live. January didn’t see much in the way of improvement.

February came, and so did my birthday. Me and Connor spent three peaceful days in Nottingham, where we enjoy the Lights Fest in the Old Market Square, being able to freely go where we wanted, and free to generally have fun. I’ll always say that before October, the only times when I felt truly at peace were when me and Connor would take trips away. And we did three this year!

I also sprained my left foot so badly I needed crutches and a boot for a while. That put a dampener on Swinub Community Day, as well as Clamperl Research Day.

March rolled around, and I decided to relaunch the blog after my hiatus, which initially was intended to be short. I found that I enjoyed writing again, but I had to find the time to do so around job hunting and generally being motivated. It also helped that my first interaction with Tim was such a positive one that I felt so much more motivated to get posts written from then on.

I also did a huge declutter of my stuff, and I donated so much. I posted about it on my second blog (which I never use).

Throughout the year, I was shamed and judged for playing Pokemon Go, and I did let it get to me because leaving the house meant that I would be judged as though I was a prostitute (basically the wank-stain made it so that me playing Pokemon Go was as bad as prostitution).

I did get a job in a beetroot factory, but the line manager there was a bit of an arse when I requested a job transfer. I was pretty much forced out of that job. That also caused issues, because I’m ‘supposed to be in a factory job’ and I’ll ‘never get a job in business admin or wherever’. Well, I’ll never get a job in business admin if I don’t go for it, after all.

There was also a lot of background stuff, basically, people trying to keep me and Connor apart so that I could be mentally manipulated and isolated. It was an unhealthy situation, but I was already looking to move out anyway.

In September, I sprained my right foot, and once again needed crutches and a boot. I was also told that there was a small chance of a fracture (no fractures, thankfully).

On 1st October, I finally got the keys to the flat that I now share with Connor, and I’ve never been happier, honestly. My mental health has improved immensely, and I have huge plans for 2020 and beyond.

I also volunteered in a receptionist/administration capacity, and this week was my final week on a work placement basis.

And now for the decade past! You know about 2019, so this’ll go from 2010 up to 2018! I’ll also throw in some pictures along the way!


Hawt Stuff

  • Struggling in sixth form.
  • Had a crush on a guy that was a bit of a dick.
  • Went to Germany for my 18th birthday, and that’s what sparked my love for travelling.
  • Met Steve, who’s still my friend nearly a whole decade later.
  • Actually passed through sixth form but decided to go to a vocational college for Art.
  • Had my first job, and quit after three weeks (practically slave labour and the boss hated me).
  • Reunited with some old friends in college, and ended the year on a high.



  • Was introduced to anime and manga.
  • Went to see Russell Howard live. Great performance!
  • Started learning to drive.
  • Met Connor for the first time.
  • Started getting more into gaming.
  • I started exploring more interests and hobbies.
  • Attended my first convention – ReCon.
  • Actually developed a crush on a different guy.
  • Started applying for university.



  • Managed to get a stomach virus and food poisoning within a month.
  • Due to complications from food poisoning, I ended up losing 4 stone.
  • Started going to the local wargames club and took up roleplaying for the first time.
  • Got in at University of Lincoln to do Contemporary Lens Media.
  • Passed my driving test on the second attempt.
  • Met Steve in person for the first time.
  • Also played my first Pokemon game – LeafGreen.
  • The guy I crushed on liked me back – yep, it was Connor.
  • Headed out to Lincoln for university.
  • Actually disliked the course, and started the leaving process.



  • Formally left university.
  • Oh, the financial issues from leaving university.
  • Was diagnosed with moderate depression and severe anxiety.
  • Turns out I have sciatic issues from a gymnastics accident when I was 14.
  • I celebrated my 21st birthday.
  • Applied to go back to college to study Business.
  • For the first (and probably the last) time, I got to sit in a Ferrari.
  • Started the application process to study HND Business Studies at the college.



  • Got into the HND Business course on an unconditional offer.
  • Passed the original course with a double Distinction*.
  • Became a Student Representative for the course.
  • It turns out I’m good at finance subjects.
  • I got some surgery done – stuff to do with toenails.



  • Got a cat. His name is Baldrick.
  • Started going to the gym and losing weight.
  • Took part in the Race For Life, and did the 5km in 44 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • I started making plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to go to a gig. The gig was in 2017, but they announced dates in 2015…



  • I discovered the joy that is the Danganronpa franchise.
  • Took part in the Race For Life again, this time in 46 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • Pokemon Go launched…
  • My mum ditched the dead weight in the form of her ex-boyfriend…
  • …and picked up another dead weight in the form of her current boyfriend.
  • I graduated from my HND Business course and went on to the final year to gain my BA (Hons).
  • Was elected as Student Representative, rather than volunteering this time.



  • I went on that trip to Dublin with Connor. It was our first holiday abroad.
  • I went to Nottingham as well, for the first time. I absolutely loved it there.
  • I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies. That graduation day was ruined, and I’ll never get that back.
  • I started the long road of unemployment.
  • I was also diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and was put on antidepressants.



  • I started going on this healthy lifestyle programme, but the woman who ran it was condescending even if you maintained the weight.
  • PokeTraveller Lola launched on 27th March 2018!
  • My mum ended up having a heart attack this year too.
  • I had a lot of family issues this year, though. A lot of it stemmed from unemployment.
  • I did go on a long hiatus from PokeTraveller Lola.
  • I got the opportunity to go to Lisbon, Portugal for work, and I took it.
  • I also decided to leave that job and return to the UK.



Some Facts About Me

I’ve only done some facts posts relating to Pokemon, so I thought I’d give some more alternative facts that you may not know about me. Think of it as another post nobody asked for but I’ll give anyway!

  1. My favourite season is autumn, because everything starts getting cooler, and by that point, I’m looking forward to the holiday seasons.
  2. My favourite band is Billy Talent. However, I have yet to see them perform live.
  3. I like doing arts and crafts, even if I’m terrible at it (which I admittedly am).
  4. I’m trying to make a return to cosplay, mainly so that I can make Tik Toks.
  5. My first cosplay was Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World – technically. It was a quick throw-on for a university icebreaker, and I don’t have a photo. I enjoyed the shoot, however.
  6. I did a cosplay of Eve in a Dr Fetus outfit from The Binding of Isaac. However, it was poorly put together, and I’m planning a remake in the future, complete with monocle and crochet bomb.
  7. I was featured in this Trainer Tips video (guess where I am)!
  8. I’ve been trying to write a novel for the past seven years. What started off as a Warrior Academy became a fleshed-out idea along with a tabletop roleplay known as Scarlet Sun. I started disliking the story of the latter.
  9. There will be four books in the new Warrior Academy series. It’s partly influenced by the visual novel The Arcana.
  10. My favourite dog breed is the corgi (which is why I’m excited about Yamper).
  11. I once walked 10 miles for ice cream. It was the best ice cream I’d ever had.
  12. When I can’t leave the house for any reason, I end up with insane cabin fever.
  13. I’m a massive fan of Yankee Candles – my favourites are Pink Sands and All Is Bright.
  14. I love keeping diaries and organising my time. When in the middle of moving, I was lost without my diary.
  15. My first ever video game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  16. I could never make my mind up with what I wanted to be. A vet, film producer, CEO, writer, artist, you name it!
  17. I love drawing, but I can never seem to get it just right.
  18. I play Dungeons and Dragons on a semi-frequent basis. Currently, I hold the group record for the most character deaths across two campaigns.
  19. I haven’t watched anime properly in a while, but my favourite is still Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  20. My favourite alcohol is rum, although I rarely drink. Mead comes a close second.
  21. I was bullied horrendously at school. It never got better until after I left sixth-form.
  22. My favourite song of all time is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.
  23. I’m not allowed to talk about my favourite film. Can you guess which one it is?
  24. I don’t really have a favourite actor, although I at one point wrote a risky essay about Adam Sandler’s portrayal of dysfunctional families in his films, despite being told it was a risk writing an essay about a particular actor. I got away with it because I added a focal point.
  25. My first time abroad was when I was 17 on a Film Studies trip to Berlin. I actually turned 18 during the stay.
  26. I have had social anxiety for a while. While it’s gotten better, if I hang out with people that I normally wouldn’t, I get very exhausted quickly.
  27. I also feel harassed when people ask me lots of questions, even if they’re being friendly and curious.
  28. I’m addicted to buying notebooks. I’ve gotten into a habit of finishing off notebooks now, which has been so helpful in preventing me from buying more.
  29. My favourite place in the world is Jardim da Estrela, a park in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s followed closely by Santuario Nacional de Cristo Rei, an attraction in Almada, Portugal.
  30. I have damaged ligaments in both of my feet, so right now whenever I sprain them I’m usually on crutches.
  31. While I can say I’m Level 40×2 on Pokemon Go, I can’t be bothered to go down the Level 40 Club route – I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the elitism that goes on within the game, and I like to play at my own pace.
  32. I had Dronpes from The Silph Road personally apologise to me over the way I was treated when I uploaded a challenge video (that everyone else was doing), and I was blasted for it.

So there was a good few facts. Like I said, nobody asked for it, but I’ll give it anyway!

My Pokemon Experience – And Some Facts

This week’s originally planned Gaming Spotlight video will be delayed as it’s quite expansive (it’s The Sims, I had to make that pun). Instead I wanted to go through my Pokemon Go account and experiences and give you some facts, as well as some facts from my time playing Pokemon in general.

  1. I was late getting into Pokemon, I was never allowed it when I was younger.
  2. So I first played LeafGreen in July 2012.
  3. My starter for both LeafGreen and Go was Charmander. If I went back to it, I’d choose Squirtle.
  4. My first shiny was a Golbat in Diamond. My only other random full-odds shiny was Raticate in Ultra Sun.
  5. I’ve failed two shinies in my time playing – both in Ultra Sun. A Swellow used Brave Bird after I left it on 1HP with False Swipe. The other time, I soft-reset over a shiny Guzzlord on over 900 SRs. It took another 200 to get the next shiny.
  6. I never really liked nicknaming my Pokemon in main-series games, but that’s different when I can freely change nicknames whenever I want in Let’s Go or Go (I initially published this list with half a missing sentence, whoops!).
  7. My favourite region for Pokemon is Sinnoh, but I prefer the atmosphere and soundtrack of the Hoenn region.
  8. I currently sit at 51 million XP on Pokemon Go. So I’ve levelled up to level 40 2.5 times since I started playing.
  9. I started playing on 14th July 2017, and I’ve been playing every day since day one.
  10. I love nicknaming my Pokemon. I’ve been nicknamed as ‘Nicknamer’ on a friend’s account.
  11. No seriously. I like giving my Pokemon nicknames to either tell them apart (using Bitey or WWE to tell which Fast Move my Tyranitars know), or because it’s fitting (I have a Lugia called Hallelugia).
  12. Sometimes my Pokemon are named after places – my shiny Xatu is named after the Jardim da Estrela, and I named a shiny Murkrow (later given to a friend) Pequeno. She kept that nickname on it, too.
  13. I’m probably the unluckiest shiny Aron hunter. I have encountered over 1,200 without seeing a shiny.
  14. My first shiny was a Magikarp from a raid. It’s now a Gyarados called ‘Red Ross’.
  15. There are three shinies I’m after – Aron (so much hunting), Seel (everyone else has one but me) and Zubat (nostalgia reasons).
  16. Pokemon Go has helped me immensely with my social anxiety. It also sometimes is the main reason why I leave the house.
  17. I’ve made so many friends while playing this game, and we have our own support network.
  18. It’s interesting considering I’m considered one of the elite players in my town (according to a few anyway).
  19. Work gets in the way a lot when it comes to playing. I’m either working or exhausted from working and refuse to leave the house in the evenings.
  20. I don’t have any 100% shiny Pokemon, and only one 100% Lucky Pokemon – and it’s a Kantonian Persian.

Bonus Fact: I’m creating my own Fakemon region with an assortment of new Pokemon. Please stay tuned for more in the future. The only thing I can say is that the region is based on Portugal (of course).

Another Hiatus (Probably) + Scheduling

Just a quick update for those interested, I’m looking on taking another hiatus. I’m hoping it won’t be as long as the last one, but I need to get adjusted to working full-time again. I don’t have the time to write big projects, and I’ve had to scrap one due to it being very intensive.

Basically, I’m working on trying to re-flesh an old story I was working on for the longest time. I’m also taking some time to design some Fakemon for a different project entirely.

Every Friday, I still want to do the Games Spotlight posts, as well as any Community Day posts. A Legendary Raid Day post is still coming, just waiting until Suicune Day happens this month. I also want to work on some other posts that I have drafted but neglected, so they’ll be coming. I do have a long list of things I want to get sorted, so you’ll see a bit of variety. I’m also going to inject some Travelling Tuesdays. Below is the schedule for the next two months, give or take some ideas.

  • 5th August – My Experiments with Multiple Accounts
  • 6th August – Travelling Tuesdays – EU Residency in Portugal
  • 9th August – GSF – The Binding of Isaac
  • 12th August – Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 16th August – GSF – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • 19th August – Least Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 20th August – TT – Things To Know About Lisbon
  • 23rd August – GSF – The Sims (the whole series that I’ve played)
  • 26th August – 10 Pokemon I Don’t Want to See in the Galar Region
  • 27th August – TT – My Experiences With Teleperformance Portugal
  • 30th August – GSF – Borderlands
  • August – Legendary Raid Days round-up
  • September – Turtwig Community Day round-up
  • 2nd September –  The Problem and Future of Regionals in Pokemon Go
  • 6th September – GSF – Stardew Valley
  • 9th September – Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Shinies
  • 13th September – GSF – Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 16th September – Top 10 Wanted Ideas For Community Day
  • 20th September – GSF – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • 27th September – GSF – Borderlands 2

A Slight Change In Schedule

So it’s been a bit of an interesting month or so since I came back from hiatus, and I really enjoyed doing the Throwback Thursdays segment. However, I will be stopping it temporarily – I have a few other ideas in the works, plus I have a few job interviews coming up in the next week. I am also working on a brand new research project that I’ve been debating for a while, and I’m finally getting around to it! I’m enjoying it so far because for it, I get to watch a couple of favourite Youtube series (more about that later on!).

The usual Pokemon Go content will still come, especially with Torchic Community Day and any possible future Research Days. I also have some ideas I want to work through with an alternate blog focusing on general lifestyle – if you want to see these either here or in a different blog entirely – please let me know, so I can accommodate accordingly.

Thank you so much for your patience and stuff while I’ve been readjusting to making content again!