2022 Community Day Predictions


Hey everyone! As you may recall, I did a post about the 2021 Community Day predictions, and safe to say for the most part I was completely wrong! I definitely allowed the negativity of Niantic to get across there, but this time may be a little different. There are still some negative predictions, but if that wasn’t the case, would Pokemon GO even be the same?

Kalos starters will get their events mid-late 2022

I mentioned last time that the Unova starters wouldn’t get their events, but I was apparently wrong, so we’re looking at the Kalos starters. I think they will get their Community Days, but it’ll be around mid-late 2022, perhaps from July onwards. Of course, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie will gain their respective starter moves (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn & Hydro Cannon) on evolution respectively. Whether or not they’ll get their formerly signature moves (as Chesnaught’s Spiky Shield was a status move), remains to be seen. Probably not though.

Actually, Greninja might. After all, it’s the most popular Pokemon!

Focus on PvP moves and Pokemon

For the past few years, the aspect of PvP and GO Battle League has been pushed extremely hard by Niantic, and the Community Days take advantage – or attempt to, anyway. This was what the Community Day votes tried to put forward, at least, with varying moves of different types for coverage. And Roserade got two moves, which was interesting, to say the least.

It’s funny because we kinda expected Dusknoir to become more PVP-relevant after Duskull’s Community Day, but nope. It’s for the best, PVP is the worst thing they did to Pokemon GO, I think (aside from the obvious influx of microtransactions).

No voting

Sadly this year, while I wanted to say that the voting system would return, we haven’t seen that, and I think that the era of voting for our Community Days is over. Despite Niantic stating that they need to listen to the players, it’s unlikely to actually change anything. So we probably won’t see any fun voting combinations or light-hearted rivalries taking place.

I’d love to see voting come back in the form of PokeStops, for those who don’t use or don’t want to sign up for Twitter. Even if this isn’t the case concerning the global pandemic, a Special Research task where you complete tasks based on what you voted for would be fun, and it takes advantage of the new split-route feature of Special Research even more than it had been previously.

Maybe Deino?

Niantic threw us a well-needed curveball back when they announced Gible Community Day for June this year, after the disaster of announcing Swablu Community Day for May. I can see that Gible was done as a form of damage control, so I think maybe Deino is a good fit for the same purpose next year. At that point it’ll be pushing two years since Deino’s shiny was released (I am still the only GO Fest 2021 participant without a shiny Deino oops), so it’d be a long-overdue event!

Recycled Community Days

Now, this is a given. Considering we’ve had Charmander last year and Eevee this year, it’s become stale to see previous Community Day Pokemon get another Community Day. Most other games don’t cater solely to new players, and dedication is rewarded. I’d like to have previous Community Day Pokemon stay in Spotlight Hours with a higher shiny chance, and make way for new stuff.

The question would be this – what is the likeliest candidate?

1 New Shiny (not including starters)

Please, for the love of God, Niantic. Give us Shroomish Community Day. As much as I’d love to see more new shinies come out for Community Days, we’ve only seen one new shiny in 2021 that wasn’t a starter – Fletchling. I feel the same would happen with 2022, and it may or may not feature a Galar Pokemon. Who knows?

For real though I’d be happy with a Lotad Community Day too, but people would hate on that like they did Roselia and Shinx.

I wrote this, and then Niantic released shiny Spheal for the Holiday event, and then decided it was going to be the Community Day for January 2022. I mean, we’re on the right track of getting this right, right?

A Highly Anticipated Pokemon Will Be Hated On

So many people hated Shinx Community Day because ThE sHiNy WoN’t Be RaRe BeCaUsE gAtEkEePiNg! I was more pissed that I spent so much money trying to go for one in raids when it was essentially paywalled, and no shinies from that.

They did the same with Abra, because of its accidental shiny release at the prior GO Fest. They’ll do it with literally anything.

Remember people, it’s the timestamp that makes it rare, not the shiny itself. Imagine gatekeeping differently-coloured pixels on a screen!

Dull December Recap Weekend

As dull as it sounds, it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

If it wasn’t for Christmas Day being on a weekend in 2021 (and 2022), I’d have suggested having each week in December dedicated to past years of Community Days, going from the first one, right up to the last. It’d be a great call-back to them all, but nope. It’ll just be dull, like always.

At least the first day of 2021’s December recap was fun because of the Gible spawns (I needed that Dragon platinum medal), but the second day was just dull.

Charmander Community Day – again

I could have lumped in with my earlier point about recycled Community Days, but this is a given. Charmander, as much as people hate it, is a fan favourite, and has been given 73 different forms by the Pokemon Company, so-

I mean it could get something like Solar Beam as its move, considering that’s effective against some of its core weaknesses – Water- and Rock-types.

However, I can see Niantic waiting until they bring out Gigantamax Pokemon for this, so who knows?

Revert to 3-hour window, then back to 6 hours after complaints

Niantic is known for backtracking dramatically after making stupid mistakes, as opposed to listening to the players before they implement the change. Remember #HearUsNiantic? Well, of course, I mentioned last year that they could revert back to the 3-hour window, so I’m saying it again. But everyone will complain, so Niantic will apologise and put it back to 6 hours.

But y’all know that the important, fan favourite Community Day such as Deino or even Axew would be in the 3-hour window with no make-up event for it.

What are your thoughts on this? Got any more predictions? Are we filled to the brim with salt? Good!

2 comments on “2022 Community Day Predictions”

  1. I could see voting making a return, but only if they do it exclusively via social media. Niantic seems determined to curate their social media in a very specific way and direct engagement seems to be a huge part of that.


    1. Voting made things pretty interesting, that way we’d be able to pick what would be a good fit for the event. Now Niantic just seem to be doing whatever they want and it turns out a bit rubbish *cough*Swablu*cough* *cough*Eevee*cough*.


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