I Plan A Wedding Using Facebook Ads

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Hey everyone! I’m going to preface by saying that as of writing, I’m not engaged yet, but I’ve been with my partner for nearly 9 years. However, after discussing wedding plans with my hopefully future mother-in-law, I’ve been getting sponsored posts for different wedding-related stuff.

My dream wedding would be a destination elopement, attended by as few people as possible. The biggest splurges would possibly be hair, makeup, hotel and photography. As a hobbyist photogtapher I believe in paying a good price for the work that the wedding photographers do, it’s not as simple as pressing a button.

The post will be split up into different categories:

  • The rings
  • Venue
  • Dress
  • Photographer

These categories didn’t include anything such as colour schemes, wedding party outfits, groom outfits or DJs and bands, because those aren’t usually seen in my Facebook sponsored posts.

In hindsight, don’t do what I do. I actually got a sponsored post for Hitched Wedding Planner. My way of planning a wedding isn’t recommended. At all.

Hit 1: Dress

I had to resort to the mobile app because the actual site itself didn’t offer any bridal posts. In essence, we know that it’s because of my phone that these posts are being driven to me.

Ultimately, I ended up with Calla Blanche, with this gorgeous style of dress, although I wouldn’t wear that. So we gotta pick something that I would comfortably wear.

Looking at their Instagram page (@callablanchedress), they have a lot of low-cut dresses. It’s pretty wild. I’ve been seeing similar, if not the same, brands before, so maybe it’s the in thing right now?

Unfortunately their website is awful with my own laptop browser, because my entire laptop decided to freak out when I tried to go on it. Instead I went to my main PC and find the dream dress, which just so happened to be the 121233 SAINT dress, which looks so beautiful and also gives me Kate Middleton vibes.

The next step was to find the closest place to me that stocked it, which was in Forget Me Not Bridalwear in Nuneaton. They even have a lot of gorgeous dresses in the sale suite! I found the perfect dress there, the 69475 Clelia!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a price, so I’m just going to guess it’s at least over £1,000. It’s so beautiful though, and it’s the perfect dress if I wanted to ever wear a proper wedding dress.

Hit 2: Engagement Ring

Of course, you’re going to want the ring before the dress, that’s usually how it goes. So while my laptop has a freak-out session because Chrome can’t handle the Callah Blanche website, I looked for the next post, which happened to be rings from Chalfen of London. While you can schedule a consultation, I’m not really after a ring from here anyway, so I’m willing to look around for the perfect ring for me, that I could feel comfortable wearing. We’ll work on the engagement ring, and then the wedding rings themselves.

A girl knows what she wants when she asks for a specific ring, and I immediately narrowed the search to find the ‘City Limits’ Cushion Cut Twisted Ring with Set Shoulders. It goes for £2,468 – way out of my regular price range, but the beauty of this website is its ability to try the ring on your hand by using a QR code and an actual photo of your hand.

Hit 3: Venue

The first hit that I came across was The Ravenswood, which is a really charming venue set in West Sussex. Just looking at the header image, it looks like a fairytale! And later on I saw a post for getting married at a Holiday Inn in Barnsley. I mean, I love Holiday Inn, but Barnsley? I’ll stick with The Ravenswood, thanks!

In order to check availability and prices, I would have had to get a brochure, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the prices anyway! But looking at the gallery (there is a separate gallery for each season for inspiration), it looks so beautiful.

I went straight for the summer and autumn inspiration photos, because autumn is my favourite season, but Connor and I got together at the tail-end of summer back in the day. Both are equally beautiful, there is a focus on outdoor ceremonies, which I am all for!

Normally, I wouldn’t go for a venue so far away from home (I live in the Lincolnshire/Humberside area), so it wouldn’t make sense. But oh my God, I’d love to at least attend a ceremony here.

Hit 4: Wedding Rings

I thought that I’d find these while looking for the engagement ring, but Chalfen of London only had a gallery and an option for consultation. Instead, I found Fenton. Not only do they option for custom rings, they also offer wedding bands – I thought that these thick and thin bands were just the right fit for both of us, as we’re not fussy people in the slightest, and the less bling, the better.

These rings were £850 and £495 respectively, even if the images are too small to see the price, there they are!

Hit 5: Photographer

This is a bit of a trickier one. The first thing I found was bark.com, which is a professional search tool. Either way, I clicked on it, hoping for better results down the line! Eventually I found the first relevant post, and it wasn’t even sponsored.

My friend Victoria Louise does a variety of family-based photography, including weddings. I’ve actually had the pleasure of watching her grow throughout her career, and I would most likely hire her services for an actual wedding. I absolutely love her style as it’s very understated and has a more seamless approach!

Hit 6: Crafts and DIYs

Literally Hobbycraft.

This is shaping up to be an expensive wedding! I’m just so glad that it isn’t what my actual wedding would be like! Also because of this challenge, my Facebook feed is filled with wedding-related stuff!

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