Things I’m Happy With In My Home | Renovation

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Hey everyone! Last week I wrote about the things that I regretted with my home renovation, but this time it’s all of the stuff that I was happy with! And I think there are more things that I’m happy with than I regret!

For this one, you’re treated to an image of when we were first decorating the living room!


When we first got this place, the only furniture we really had was the stuff in our bedrooms, so desks and my bed. The issue with my bed was that it unfortunately had a few broken slats and they were ‘bespoke made’, so I couldn’t get hold of replacements. Our families came through with stuff that we needed.

From my family, we were given bits and pieces, like an air fryer, a new microwave after the other, much older, one they gave us crapped out on us. There wasn’t as much from that side, because it’s a much smaller family and not as affluent.

From Connor’s family, I couldn’t be more happy with the rallying around! His cousin gave us a whole-ass sofa, along with some other bits and pieces we still use!

From various other family members, we landed with a bed (which has since been broken so we got a new one), bedside tables, a bigger TV and a washing machine.

I’m just so thankful with the stuff we have, and it’s mainly because they were buying new or downsizing. It helps so that we didn’t have to spend way beyond our means on the stuff.


I will always recommend thrifting at stores such as British Heart Foundation if you’re looking for good deals. A couple of the key pieces we found were the TV stand we snagged for only £3, as well as a folding dining table with chairs for £30!

We were planning on buying a sofa from BHF before we were given the one we have. Sofas can be ridiculously expensive from other retailers, and the thrifted sofas can be just as good, if not nicer.

I’m usually inspired by Hermione Chantal‘s approach to home decor, which is thrifting pieces and also upcycling, as well as her series focused on renovating her own house. In the future, I might try a hand at upcycling the furniture that we’ve already thrifted. That may also be a post for another time!


Out of the two locations I had to choose, I basically picked the lesser of two evils. While it’s not directly in the town centre, I’m glad for it. It’s close enough to the things we need most, and we can walk into the town centre with only minimal discomfort on my end. It’s also close enough to our GP that we don’t have to register at another practice, which is handy.

Unfortunately we still get unfavourable people, but I live in Scunthorpe, so it’s expected.

The paint choices (for the most part)

I mentioned that I regret the office paintwork, but I’m glad we decided on the other colours that we have in the home, which are more neutral, apart from the bedroom which is more yellow.

I’m just more proud that I was able to do the two coats of emulsion and the paint for the most part, especially throughout the living room, bedroom and office. We started on the bedroom together, and Connor helped finish off the hallway. It was really satisfying going over all of the awful stuff that was underneath, like the old paintwork and choices.

The bathroom is an issue normally because it doesn’t have any windows or proper ventilation installed. Fault of the building. But it was this blue colour, which normally wouldn’t be so bad, but it made it feel a bit darker than we’d liked. So we went over it with white bathroom emulsion, and we were given anti-mould stuff to mix in with the paint so that we could prevent mould growing in the bathroom – something we have to deal with in a room with little to no ventilation.

We’ve finally chosen the paint we want for the kitchen, so it’s about time we got on with that and we’re in the process of doing just that!


This is why I’m an advocate for decluttering! Back in May 2019, I went on a decluttering journey and I donated about 10 bags of belongings to a local mental health charity shop, and I threw out a lot more in the process.

I’ll discuss decluttering in later posts, but my big trick is to declutter things that you wouldn’t see yourself packing up and moving to a new home. That and things that you haven’t used in a while that don’t have a sentimental impact. For example, I’ve kept my Viva Viagem and Oceanario cards from when I lived in Lisbon. I clearly won’t be using them again, but they have sentimental value to me.

I threw out my Lush collection after they donated £3,000 to Woman’s Place UK, which is an anti-trans pressure group. That was an easy thing to do for me. Well, I threw out the stuff that I couldn’t just dissolve in water, anyway.

Moving on, I feel that decluttering is hugely beneficial to getting things sorted in a home, and it’s what made things a lot easier for me to get sorted. Connor, on the other hand, has so much stuff that he only recently brought over the last of his belongings, and is (as of writing) decluttering the lot. That took a lot of doing! Thankfully for the most part it was consolidating, and we had at least two full bags of bits to donate and/or sell.

So as you can tell, we had a lot of positives with this home and it was fun to be able to revamp it to our liking. I think the best thing was that it was our space to do as we wanted (within reason). However, being in a high-rise building with specific requirements limited us somewhat – for example, we’re not able to paint the walls in any bold colour, and we’re not allowed any laminate or hardwood flooring, which would have been preferable in a proper home!

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