My Pokemon GO Future

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Hey everyone! I just want to address some concerns that I have with Pokemon GO, as well as the actions of Niantic themselves, and how my future will be affected.

Damn, I used to write about news, updates, theories and event reviews. Look how things have changed.

As you already know, I’ve removed most of the Pokemon GO posts, and I will be likely removing the Community Day Predictions post. That has been my most-viewed post ever, but you know what, sod it.

As you may have been aware, since the beginning of this month, players in the United States and New Zealand were the guinea pigs for the reduced distance in PokeStops. Of course, it’s not the principle of me having to walk to get to a stop, but it’s for those people who the increased range in PokeStops has benefitted. This was for safety and accessibility during the pandemic, which is currently still not resolved.

On top of this are the game-breaking and unfixed bugs that were implemented, especially the bug that gave people seizures! This is coupled with the fact that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have all of the benefits that Pokemon GO players have asked for repeatedly, which sucks considering the moral ambiguity of playing a game from an intellectual property created by someone that is controversial.

Niantic’s rare response was very inhuman, it reads like they had a hollow response to cover their tracks, and announcing their Galar-based Ultra Unlock event as form of damage control. It’s proved that Niantic don’t listen to what we as a community are asking, and it’s led to ZoeTwoDots going F2P (Free To Play), and Reversal quitting entirely.

Knowing that there also is a subscription service in the works has led me to make the decision.

During the pandemic, Niantic released a whole heap of different bonuses that allowed us to play from home, or play from a distance. A lot of people that were put off from playing Pokemon GO initially were able to play comfortably, largely in part due to the new referral system that also came out this year. This included the extra openable and carryable Gifts, the Remote Raids (although that one’s questionable), Community Days playable from home, Incense bonuses – the Incense buff was huge for the game. Then back in October 2020 they wanted to revert the bonus during the beginning of the second wave. Yeah, that’s right.

Right now, the reduction of the PokeStop spin distance encourages crowding in a global pandemic, and I doubt you fancy going into a kid’s playground with your phone out looking like a creep just to spin a stop? Me neither.

Also they turned off Heracross spawns to lock them behind raids.

And the fact that the community manager, Liz, actually left Niantic is a huge red flag too.

This is what I’ll be doing in the meantime:

  • Before all of this, I’ve been a paying player since almost the beginning of the game. This included items, event tickets and even going to different places solely to cover the game. Since August 2nd, I have been playing exclusively F2P, meaning that I am no longer paying money into the game. I will be using coins that I earn from Gym occupation only.
  • I know I haven’t been posting about Pokemon GO on here for a while, but this will still continue.
  • I will continue to play the game until I reach Level 50, and even possibly the reward tasks.
  • My shinies need to be transferred to HOME, and because I won’t be paying into the game, this will take quite a while. My good friend Tim has been doing this for a while and we’ve been sharing our shiny spreadsheets!
  • After all of this, that’s it. After Level 50, I’m done. Unfortunately it’ll be quite a while before then, but I’ll at least do it without paying into it.

The biggest reason why I have struggled for so long and kept playing the game was because it’s a Pokemon game. You all know that I play Pokemon a lot of the time – I primarily shiny hunt, and I enjoy that. But Pokemon GO has made the franchise feel like a chore, and it’s also made shiny hunting feel like a chore. I mean, I got a shiny Bonsly and Glameow the other day, but I didn’t want to post it on Twitter to promote it.

Right now, if you also want to go F2P, consider donating any money to the Trainers Unite campaign for Stop AAPI Hate! There are a lot of lovely friends streaming to raise awareness and donations, so it’s something to keep in mind for this week!

In the grand scheme of things, just me boycotting and/or not spending wouldn’t even make a ripple in water. It’s just something that I’ll live with, and I’ll just be on the shore watching the ship sink.

So yeah, this is the last Pokemon GO post you’ll see on here. I’ve branched myself out to the point where I don’t need Pokemon GO to thrive here.

Thank you!

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