Things I Regret With My Home | Renovation

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Hey everyone! As you may be aware, I’ve been living in my own place with my partner for nearly two years, and there are things that I definitely regret doing or not doing at the time.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty!

I will admit a lot of this lines up with the issues that came about during the global pandemonium, as well as time constraints.

Not finishing the redecorating before moving in

At the time, we had to worry about finances. I’d just lost my job a month prior, and I was stuck in a place that I couldn’t see myself surviving in. We applied for the flat knowing that it needed a lot of TLC. We were actually given a rent-free week just because it would be hard for us to move in straight away with all that needed doing to spruce it up. The rooms were looking really gnarly, there was a lot of dirt and debris that we needed to fix up. The freshest thing about the place were the brand-new radiators. The property had been vacant for five months since the previous tenants were evicted. So we had a lot of work to do.

In all honesty, we actually wouldn’t have been able to fully redecorate before moving in, purely because of money.

Not making the walls even

The walls were really bad, and we had to take Polyfilla to them just to make sure there weren’t any big holes in them. But there are still some scuffs, and there are some weird raised areas that I have no idea how they happened. However, they could have been patched up if we had the time to do so. But what’s done is done.

Our sloppiness was basically linked to our need to get decorated and moved in as soon as possible. After all, we only had a week to get the place to a semi-liveable standard before we were inevitably paying rent on a home that we weren’t living in.


We made several mistakes with the carpets when we moved in. The ruling for flats is that there aren’t any laminate or wood floorings allowed, and everything had to be carpeted. Granted, despite this rule being in effect we did not get any costs covered for the carpets, unlike the paint. This meant we had to do it a bit at at time.

The office and bedroom carpets are a choice. With both, we decided not to have underlay and do it ourselves. It wasn’t the best decision, but it’s done. Not to mention the issues in the carpets aren’t that noticeable with all of the furniture in.

It took us almost a year to get the living room carpet put in because we wanted it professionally done, plus we also had the world stuff happening. The living room carpet is the only carpet in the home that I don’t regret.

We still don’t have a hallway carpet. This is due to (for the most part) budgeting in the middle of a global crisis, and also our neighbours making it less feasible to live here. We weren’t too keen on committing to a carpet that we may only have down for a few months.

Going for the first home we saw

In the long run, it hasn’t worked out like we envisioned. However, Connor just wanted to get me out of my living situation at the time, and the place we saw first was the one that we took. The second place we looked at was something else entirely. While it was in better condition, it was also much smaller (it was a one-bedroom).

For the first flat we only had one competitor who just came in, quickly looked around, passed on details and left. Connor and I, on the other hand, we carefully looked around the entire place, we started planning for the possibility of getting it – I enjoy interior design, I love the idea of planning where furniture goes.

The second flat was a lot smaller, and there wasn’t going to be enough room for both of us. So when it came down to it, I was able to choose between the two – I picked the larger, two-bedroom. I mean, if I’ve been chosen to have it, then I’m gonna take it!

Not fixing the office earlier

For the first year that we lived here, I was operating in the living room – this meant a lot of space was taken up with the stuff that I needed, such as the computer and paperwork. In honesty, this was entirely because we didn’t have good Wi-Fi connection in the office, as it’s a signal dead-spot. The only reason I can do things in the office now is because we have a TP-Link adaptor so that I could have a wired connection through it. It works, but it took us a year to actually put it to good use.

I love it now, but it’s not feasible for both of us to be able to use it, because of the lack of space and electric sockets. It means Connor has to go into the living room if he wants to get things done on his own computer.

The office paint

I liked it at the time, but it’s this really light pink colour. It’s a bit more vivid than I thought it would be, and I kinda wish it was a different colour. I’d have gone more neutral, probably a light grey colour, if I were to do it over again.


This building in particular is basically a breeding ground for cellar spiders and cluster flies. I hate it. It means that we can’t use as much storage and some of the cupboards and closets are susceptible to spiders. I love built-in storage, but not like this.

The benefit was that during our two-month assessment, the housing officer was happy with the progress that we were making. That was despite all of the stuff being everywhere in the living room and we were in the middle of fitting the bedroom carpet!

Don’t worry! Next week’s post is more positive!

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