Worst Bug-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon just…bug me. I dunno…here are the worst of the bugs!


I love Paras, don’t get me wrong, But I lose interest as soon as it evolves into Parasect. I had one in LeafGreen, and once it evolved it went straight into the box, never to be seen again.


It’s got a fun gimmick, and that’s it.


This is on here for the sole reason that it’s based on a goddamn mosquito. I hate those bastards. Nope. Nope. Nope.


This bastard. My arch nemesis. If I had a lifelong enemy, it is Masquerain. In Pokemon GO, two Masquerain spawned when they were first released – the first one didn’t even spawn for me (it spawned for Connor), the other ran away on the GO+. When I finally got a Masquerain, it was nicknamed ‘You Bastard’, and you can’t name them that now, so there’s that!


Wait, this exists? Crap. We’ll stick it here then.


All of the Wormadams are terrible, let’s put it that way.


What’s worse than a useless Bug-type? Two useless Bug-types. I couldn’t justify putting them in different entries so here they are.


We already have a good Bug/Steel-type in the collection (which is not Forretress by the way, that title goes to Scizor). No wonder this gets eaten up by Heatmor. Along with Heatmor it makes the worst of the rival counterparts (the better one being Zangoose & Seviper).


I mean, it’s fine. It’s not great…okay, it’s pretty bad. Why does it get Iron Fist when it has a terrible Attack stat? Just no.


I don’t like bees, Vespiquen can buzz off. End of.