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Hey guys! In light of the new Referral programme that’s gone live for testing in Australia, we’ll be seeing more new or returning players. Of course, my advice for returning players depends entirely on when they stopped playing, so of course, adjust accordingly. And if you don’t have anyone that would be willing to use your referrer code, don’t worry – I’m in the same boat (I live in the UK anyway so I don’t have access to this feature yet, but I am making plans).

I probably will never be able to use the referral feature because of lack of access to friends and non-players, so I’ll have to make a brand new account for this – watch this space!

Add your referrer as a Friend

This is important so that both yourself and your referrer can access the rewards linked to your account when you do several Research tasks. It’s not enough to simply enter the referral code.

You will obtain very valuable items and encounters which will give you the jump-start in the game, which is pretty neat, and it’ll give you the kind of rewards that a lot of us Day 1 players took a while to obtain in the first place, such as Chansey or Charizard. Your referrer will get encounters such as Bagon and Gible.

Engage in the local community

The best bet for this is to find a Facebook group, as there is usually one in each town or city. From there, if there is any separate chats, that’s your go-to for any information, answers and friends! Of course, if you can ignore all of the in-community drama, that tends to help!

This also helps out to coordinate 5* and Mega Raids, especially during Raid Hours and Raid Days. Also adding more friends means more XP gained from opening and sending Gifts, and generally interactions such as trading and Raid Battles.

I got through my first couple of years raiding thanks to engaging with the community, although I’ve since left for various reasons. However, it’s a handy resource to have in the beginning!

Choosing a Team – Gym Longevity

Choosing a team to bat for comes down to the Gym longevity. For example, I’m on Valor, in a town where Valor is the more dominant team at the moment. This can change, of course, but it hasn’t done for a while. Of course, you can only do this from Level 5 and up, and not choosing a team means that you are unable to finish a lot of Special Research tasks, such as raids. Some of the easier Platinum medals also come from holding Gyms and battling in them.

What are you playing for – choosing an objective

Of course, the objectives are going to be different for every player. For example, my mum likes playing to collect Pokemon, and that’s pretty much it. I play to level grind right now, while before the level cap increase it was to shiny hunt.

Everyone goes into Pokemon GO with a different objective, but also be aware that Niantic like to add tasks that will push you out of your comfort zone, so if you don’t like the idea of GO Battle League, well you gotta do it anyway, sadly.

The other objective is whether you’re going to pay money into the game or go free-to-play – either is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to play, but playing free-to-play means it’ll take longer to reach different goals.

Also, if you’re walking around a lot at work and carry your phone, turn on Adventure Sync and watch as it tracks your walking and hatches eggs for you! You get rewarded every Monday at 9am.

Take advantage of the Special Research

The Special Research is a very valuable way to gain different items and encounters for a head-start, especially when you’re at a lower level. For example, the Jump-Start Research that I did in 2019 was a prime example of what you could do with the tasks, and the level of rewards given. It even gave my alternate account a huge boost when I completed it on there.

There are other Special Research tasks that will be available to you, giving a plethora of different Pokemon and rewards. They are for the long haul, as opposed to the Timed Research that we’re seeing more of nowadays, which means that you can do them at your own pace.

Item Management Is Your Friend!

This is so important. Items like Lucky Eggs and 3-use Incubators are limited, and it’s not cool to waste a Lucky Egg on Friendship XP without doing something else in the background, such as mass evolving or during a boosted XP event, such as a Community Day or while Raiding.

It’s also beneficial to think ahead. For example, I was planning ahead while doing the Level-Up Requirements, and this extends to preparing Buddies and Pokemon to max out to Level 50. Of course, the road to 40 means hard grinding XP, and of course, figuring out type match-ups for the bigger Raid bosses. It’s not cool to walk into a Rayquaza raid with a Kakuna.

Of course, you also don’t want to be running out of items too. If you’re unable to reach Pokestops, then Gifts, the daily Field Research task, the free Daily Box and the Special and/or Timed Research will help you out there! Although I’m usually running out of balls because I swear the Gifts are giving me healing items again…

Oh my God manage your Pokemon

The main reason why you see a lot of PokeTubers running out of space for Pokemon (4,000 storage mind) is because they don’t clear out their inventory of Pokemon that they need. This is my list of stuff that I keep:

  • Raid and GBL counters
  • Good shinies that I don’t want to transfer to HOME
  • Shinies that will get transferred to HOME for my shiny living dex
  • Favourite Pokemon, buddies and usual Gym defenders (it doesn’t matter what you put in at this point)
  • Rare Pokemon
  • Lucky Pokemon
  • 100% IV Pokemon
  • For Mega Evolution
  • Things to mass-evolve (to transfer afterwards)
  • Things to evolve for Pokedex entries

Some of the Pokemon fall into multiple categories. For example, my 100% shiny Charizard falls into ‘Good shinies’, ‘Favourite Pokemon’, ‘100% IV Pokemon’ and ‘For Mega Evolution’. I’m also collecting Pokemon to mass-evolve so that I can transfer them straight afterwards.

With all of this in mind, I only have 900 in storage, and I usually keep just under 300 slots free.

Travel (Or Don’t)

Of course, don’t travel right now, but when everything’s safe again, go ahead! I’m sure there’ll be a plethora of different live events such as Safari Zones and GO Fests to enjoy. For the time being, last year’s GO Fest was global, meaning that you were able to have a GO Fest experience from home. Of course, the actual event is usually better because of the masses of purpose-added Pokestops and beyond heavy spawns rates.

I mean, I had fun with last year’s GO Fest, but I know a lot of people were disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype that the sponsored PokeTubers gave it.

This blog was originally a travel and Pokemon GO blog, so travelling is in this site’s roots. Of course, I haven’t been able to do it for over a year now, so that rebrand was worth it! But sometimes you get really good places where Pokemon GO is great, such as Nottingham or Lincoln.

And that’s as much as I can think of! If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below!

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