Gym Teams | Flying

Hey guys! We’re back at it again, this time with Flying-types!

This series was inspired by my good friend Tim’s series that he did over the course of 18 months. He outlined the following rules, and I added the fourth:

  1. No Legendaries or Mythicals allowed
  2. No duplicate Pokemon across two posts.
  3. The exceptions to the above rule is regional variants or form changes that change the type.
  4. The Pokemon can be level 50 maximum


I did want to Poison Heal/Toxic Orb on Gliscor, but the biggest issue was its 4x weakness to Ice, so I needed to preserve it as long as possible. That’s where Sand Veil and Sandstorm come in, as well as the Focus Sash.

Ability: Sand Veil

Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Sandstorm, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Earthquake


I quite like Tropius, and it seems bulkier in HP terms, so I went with a healing item set, along with Synthesis to improve its staying power. We need more Tropius representation here!

Ability: Harvest

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Synthesis, Air Slash, Energy Ball, Earthquake


I did want to do a Destiny Bond set but what was the point when I had Aftermath? So I went with Unburden, a lesser item and utilised Destiny Bond anyway.

It’s not as if these teams are totally coherent, right?

Ability: Unburden

Item: Oran Berry

Moves: Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball


Gale Wings sucks now, so Flame Body it is! I added King’s Rock just to add that flinch chance to the attacks, to improve Talonflame’s staying power, as it also has a 4x weakness, this time to Rock-type moves.

Ability: Flame Body

Item: King’s Rock

Moves: Aerial Ace, Heat Wave, Bulk Up, Steel Wing


I wanted Staraptor to go in hard-hitting, even with some recoil damage, along with the increased critical hit ratio. That way, it’s more feasible to use Roost to bring back up its HP, and Double Team a couple of times to ensure it doesn’t get hit as easily, thus ensuring its longevity despite using recoil moves.

Ability: Intimidate

Item: Scope Lens

Moves: Take Down, Brave Bird, Roost, Double Team

Mega Pidgeot

It’s a shame that Mega Pidgeot doesn’t really get many low-accuracy moves to take advantage of No Guard, but here we are. It’s also a shame about its lack of Special Attack moves, but we’re making do with the moves that we have, and this is basically it.

Ability: No Guard

Item: Pidgeotite

Moves: Hurricane, Air Slash, Roost, Giga Impact