Horrible Fanfiction Tropes


Hey guys! In the world of creating your own works, there is fanfiction. It’s safe to assume there is fanfiction for everything, and not all of it is good. In fact, the vast majority is terrible. There are a lot of fanfiction tropes that are horrible, and here are the worst tropes that I can think of!


Yes, we’re starting off with ‘mpreg’. It’s where a guy (usually not a trans man) falls pregnant when usually they’re not supposed to. It’s normally through supernatural means, with the ‘uke’ (submissive) being the one to fall pregnant after…doing the deed. It’s just not necessary. Plus…how do they give birth?


This is usually used as a plot device to progress the story or to force a ship together, and it’s usually against a female character. It comes across more as the author venting against the character rather than useful for character development. It’s usually whenever the target character is present in the story, even for a moment. Sometimes they’re even thrown in there for a jab or three.

Same Plot in Multiple Fics

This is definitely the case in the Fairy Tail fanfiction community. For example, take Lucy. There are a lot of her stories that have the same premise: Lisanna returns, Team Natsu edges Lucy out, then mercilessly kicks her out of the team with plenty of character-bashing from everyone, Lucy leaves to go ‘train’, joins another guild (usually pre-Grand Magic Games Sabertooth), finds some divine power – usually a Celestial Dragon, becomes stupidly overpowered, forced reunite with Team Natsu who are upset and apologises…you get the gist. Once, it’s not so bad depending on how it’s written. But I’ve seen this happen multiple times where I’m just skipping over them whenever I see them.

AU Fics That Involve Kidnapping/Mafia, etc.

The girl gets the guy so the scorned woman hatches a plan to kidnap the girl. Also in a different fic, turns out the girl’s love interest and most of her friends are mafia henchmen, and she’s the key to their huge reward. I’m tired of reading a regular alternate universe fic to find either of these happening, rather than a cute slice-of-life story that doesn’t involve

Telling the Story to the Kids

The end of some fanfics end up on a flash-forward, with the dad telling the kids about how he met their mother, and then the mother walks in saying ‘Who wants X’ or something like that, and the kids go like ‘yay!’ and then it ends. It’s uninspired, and I’ve seen it a million times, so it’s nothing new. Plus that trope got ruined once the finale of How I Met Your Mother aired.

Everyone Get Paired Off

I’ve seen fics where there isn’t a happy ending until every character is paired off with somebody. It doesn’t make sense, considering some people can be asexual or aromantic. Not every character needs a romantic link.

Even worse in M/M fics, you see literally every single male character is gay and paired off with each other. This often means that female characters are written as evil or not actually written into the story at all.

This Ending

They all defeated Grimsley, and they went home. Five years later, Sally and Mark ended up getting married and having three kids. Therese and Malcolm married soon after, and had five kids. It took a while, but Celeste and Luke finally had six children. Langley stopped ageing and married Angela.

You see the problem?


I just don’t like the idea of this thing being used as a plot device for one chapter with no after-effects, but I always skip past these parts of a story. In fact, if there’s a trigger warning in the description, I’ll skip by. Same goes for the bestiality, where there’s usually a character that’s either been turned into an animal, or they’re written in as an animal. It’s just really strange, not to mention gross.


Just no.

2 comments on “Horrible Fanfiction Tropes”

  1. I saved this post in my inbox for some reason…not sure why I’ve kept it for so long. That said, I agree with you on pretty much all of these. The same plot across multiple fics is the only one I feel COULD be done well…it’s just almost always not.


    1. A lot of the ‘same plot across multiple fics’ is one where I see a lot where it’s fine by concept, but execution is usually the literal exact same plot with character bashing and turning the character into a Mary-Sue. There’s also no satisfying conclusion or pull to read further into the story.


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