Worst Flying-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These particular Pokemon aren’t exactly…soaring…instead they just come crashing down. So away from the bad puns and into the ten worst Flying-types – in my opinion. This is definitely an uninspired list, but then you could say the same about the Pokemon!


Hang on, you really think Charizard is on this list? Nah, since I got my shundo Charmander in Pokemon GO it’s regained a soft spot in my heart. Go to my good friend Tim’s site, because Charizard is one of his least favourite Pokemon!


Sorry Tim, but I’d rather go for Pidgeot than Budget Pidgeot. In a universe where I have to choose between Pidgeot and Fearow, I always forget about Fearow. I’m honestly not even sorry about it. Even its shiny is awful, but that’s the curse of the early-day shinies, unfortunately.

Mega Salamence

Don’t get me wrong, I love Salamence, but I wish this didn’t happen. It just doesn’t look good in general, and we also have the Eon Duo that Mega Evolve into what I can only describe as aircrafts. It’s not something we needed, and I think I’d definitely have preferred a Mega Flygon over Mega Salamence.

Rotom Fan

A Flying-type. With Levitate. This is the reason why Rotom forms needed different Abilities that would better fit the type combination. I know I put this on my Electric Gym post but only for the fun of it.


Unfezant is unpleasant. Moving away from the puns again, I definitely don’t like Unfezant, it’s not even a Route 1 bird that I would choose, and I’d probably rather go for Fearow over this thing eventually.


I’d say this would have been an interesting Bug/Fighting-type but we have Heracross, so Ledian would have been outclassed anyway. I love ladybirds, but I just don’t connect with the Ledyba line in general, and I always tend to forget about Ledian.


It just comes down to the fact that while Xatu normally had its standing upright sprites, I hate that they made it hover in the 3D sprites – it doesn’t do Xatu justice at all, considering in its Pokedex entry states that it stays still because it is seeing both the past and the future at the same time. Even in its Omega Ruby entry it states that it “stands rooted”. Guys, a little continuity, please?


Jumpluff is just bad. It doesn’t help that its pre-evolutions are just as awful, if not worse. At least with Jumpluff you’re going to get Grass-type moves already, but with Hoppip you don’t even get a Flying-type move by level-up until it’s already evolved into Jumpluff. Just get another Pokemon.


I know there are people that love Delibird and I love the gimmick, but this is mostly filler in this list. It’s just…not great to use, definitely, and I definitely wouldn’t choose to use it. I mean, it’s fun to look at, that’s for certain.


I just feel there’s too many Water/Flying-types, and yes that does include the likes of Pelipper, Cramorant and the next one on this list. Mantine doesn’t really do much for me.


I just don’t care for Swanna. Ducklett is pretty cute, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that they got the ugly duckling/beautiful swan thing the wrong way around. I kinda wish Swanna was prettier and less…bad.