Gym Teams | Psychic

This series was inspired by my good friend Tim’s series that he did over the course of 18 months. He outlined the following rules, and I added the fourth:

  1. No Legendaries or Mythicals allowed
  2. No duplicate Pokemon across two posts.
  3. The exceptions to the above rule is regional variants or form changes that change the type.
  4. The Pokemon can be level 50 maximum


I wanted to give Espeon as much staying power as possible, hence the Morning Sun/Leftovers combo, alongside the Magic Bounce Ability, allowing it to not take any status conditions or any stat-lowering moves. Future Sight is there just to hit a powerful attack later on, and Shadow Ball and Dazzling Gleam are there for coverage.

Ability: Magic Bounce

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Future Sight, Morning Sun, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam


I love using Gardevoir anyway, and Trace will come in handy with other Pokemon with different Abilities that it could use to its advantage. I gave Gardevoir a typical (to me, anyway) attack set just because. Gardevoir comes up later, and that ought to be fun.

Ability: Trace

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball

Galarian Slowbro

Slowbro is slow anyway, so having Iron Ball in place in order to Fling it works well, especially when you take into consideration that it has Quick Draw (which only ever works when the opponent uses a Slowbro, I swear). I added Surf as well, just as a cheeky nod to the regular Slowbro.

Ability: Quick Draw

Item: Iron Ball

Moves: Surf, Shell Side Arm, Drain Punch, Fling


There are no good Abilities for Starmie, are there? I just went with a really random moveset that included an Eject Pack to make sure that I don’t have to hard-switch at any time. Overall, it’s the best I could do with a Starmie. Go me!

Ability: Natural Cure

Item: Eject Pack

Moves: Surf, Confuse Ray, Recover, Ice Beam


Imagine a Swoobat with Simple and a couple of Calm Mind set-ups, followed by a Baton Pass into something like Gardevoir?


Ability: Simple


Moves: Calm Mind, Future Sight, Air Slash, Baton Pass

Mega Metagross

I would have done a Calm Mind/Baton Pass into Metagross, however Metagross is a Physical attacker anyway, so it wouldn’t work out too well. Metagross is the Mega Evolution of choice, and it’s a shame it’s too early for Meteor Mash. I’ve given it Magnet Rise to nullify its Ground weakness, and given it the moves to counteract its Fighting- and Ghost-type weaknesses. All of these moves (Magnet Rise being the exception) are affected by the Tough Claws Ability, too.

Ability: Tough Claws

Item: Metagrossite

Moves: Magnet Rise, Hammer Arm, Brutal Swing, Zen Headbutt