Fairy Tail Reviews 2

Hey guys! We’re starting to get stuck into the meat of the plot of Fairy Tail, with the Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon arc, otherwise known as the Galuna Island arc. Dunno why the name changed, it just doesn’t suit now. But we’ll do it anyway!

We’re treated to the previous Snow Fairy opening, and also Sense of Wonder to go with the upcoming arc!

Once again, this arc is comprised of ten episodes, with eight being canon, one omake adaptation and a filler episode. It follows on from episode 10, where Natsu, Lucy and Happy take an S-Class mission without permission. Technically the latter half of episode 10 counts as being part of the arc. We also get the advisory from Natsu to keep the room brightly lit and sit away from the screen, which…meh. Nobody pays attention to that, right?

Altogether I struggle getting through this arc, and I think it’s more to do with exploring Gray’s back-story more than anything. To make that more clear, I’d have to go through pretty much the entire series, as well as omakes and openings. So that may be a post for another time. But it is an unpopular opinion of mine that Gray is the least inspiring Fairy Tail character and is pretty one-note, even with all of the layers of possibility he has.

Galuna Island is pretty interesting as a concept, with the idea that it’s a cursed island since the moon turned purple, and their wish is to destroy the moon to stop them from turning into demons. But even worse is a big-ass demon, Deliora, and Gray is shaken. Back-story time!

I like the introduction of the antagonists though – Lyon Vastia is the head honcho of the Moon Drip Plan, making it so that the power of the moon can dispel the Iced Shell that Deliora is trapped in. Lyon was an old friend of Gray that trained under Ur, another ice wielder, but then Deliora attacked and she used Iced Shell and sacrificed herself. Pretty standard stuff, really.

Lyon’s lackeys, Sherry, Yuka and Toby seem to be kinda one-note, but there is comic relief with Toby, at the very least. Actually, looking back, I think Fairy Tail as a series has a huge problem with one-note characters. And Zalty is just…there.

Hey, look, it’s time for the first instance of Gray Casts Iced Shell! And then gets stopped by Natsu. Because there are multiple instances of this, we’re gonna add a counter now!

Deliora was super-anticlimactic, with it just reawakening, only to just fall apart, qutie literally. And it turns out that the villagers on the island are actually demons that just happen to turn into humans because of the Moon Drip Plan’s side effect, which was to cover the island in dark energy that broke when Erza aimed to destroy the moon. The villagers just thought they were originally human, so how the turntables. Of course, Erza turns down the monetary part of the reward, but accepts the Golden Gate Key, Sagittarius, so really only Lucy benefits from the mission. Also, it turns out Zalty isn’t Zalty, but is Ultear, who’s on the council and was there to revive Deliora and control it.

It’s quite funny really – there’s this huge looming cloud over their heads concerning the ‘punishment’ that Natsu, Lucy and Gray will face for going on the S-Class mission without permission, but then you know it amounts to nothing, especially with the filler Changeling! and the omake Natsu and the Dragon Egg! Of course, the events from the Phantom Lord arc play out in the manga, but for now it’s filler time!

Changeling! is a strange episode with the idea being based around a body-swap. Of course, this trope has been done to death now, and there aren’t many take-aways from this that we can try and apply to canon. It does link into the canon at the start, leading from the last canon episode to make it seemless. That’s the good thing about this anime, admittedly. It knows how to link canon and filler. Back to the topic at hand, it’s still funny to see Loke being shit-scared of Lucy (for some reason), it just seems over-the-top at this point, and it’s even funnier after the body-swap! Thank the heavens for Levy being a precious bean, who even can’t figure it out but there’s some humour in that! I’m still unsure as to how Levy can concentrate with her cheerleaders…

Natsu and the Dragon Egg! may be classified as combination filler by the Filler List, but it features the origin of Happy, which is great to see why Happy is there. But we’ll get onto Happy’s full story later. Meanwhile, Lucy takes a dig at Natsu and he has some flashback which makes him super-offended. It’s mainly because of the back-story that we’re getting. Basically, Natsu finds a dragon’s egg, and raises it with Lisanna, and it hatches into Happy. It’s a pretty sweet story, seeing them all as children. Natsu and Lisanna build a little hut and become ‘parents’ to the egg, and it’s just like every kid’s fantasy! It’s definitely a way to ship two characters that totally get shipping development later in the series, definitely!

Overall, the arc is…pretty hard to get through personally.

Next arc is the Phantom Lord arc! So we’re getting a lot more action this time around!