Worst Psychic-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! It’s that time of the week when I potentially rip someone’s favourite Pokemon to absolute pieces! This week it’s down to what Psychic-type is the worst.

Mr. Mime

This is my least favourite Pokemon of all time. The Galarian Mr. Mime gets bonus points for being less creepy, and evolving into a homage to an iconic comedy actor in Charlie Chaplin. But I just hate Kantonian Mr. Mime, and nobody can convince me to change my mind. It’d be the one Pokemon that I’d choose to get rid of for good.

Mega Mewtwo X

We didn’t need a physical Mewtwo, considering its level-up learnset is mostly made of special moves. That being said, I just don’t like the appearance of Mega X, and I feel that Mega Y feels more natural for Mewtwo.


Its Pokemon GO encounter makes it look like a deranged anime villain and I hate it.

Hoopa (Confined)

Just hearing everyone discuss how annoying Hoopa Confined was in the movie sets my teeth on edge. I haven’t seen the movie, so that’s a testament to how annoying it is. Hoopa Unbound though…


This is just forgettable. I don’t actually know if there’s anything that can make it memorable anymore.


I dunno, I just felt that Spoink had more charm to it than Grumpig had. Plus if Grumpig was grumpy, why is it smiling? Why is it happily dancing? At least its shiny form do be looking good though.


This Pokemon literally has no place in Galar.

No seriously, Hidden Power was removed, so…


These feel like filler Legendaries, where only one of them needed to be there. Gen 4 was saturated with Legendaries and Mythicals as it was, and I’m sure not many people would miss these.


As it’s part of one of many Psychic-type families in Unova, I just forget it exists a lot of the time. I’d probably find myself more likely to use Gothitelle or Reuniclus than Beheeyem.


The less said, the better. Sorry Tim.

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