Gym Teams | Ground

Hey guys! We’re not even halfway through, yet it feels like we’ve been doing this forever! We’re covering the Ground-type Gym today!

This series was inspired by my good friend Tim’s series that he did over the course of 18 months. He outlined the following rules, and I added the fourth:

  1. No Legendaries or Mythicals allowed
  2. No duplicate Pokemon across two posts.
  3. The exceptions to the above rule is regional variants or form changes that change the type.
  4. The Pokemon can be level 50 maximum


A Mudsdale with Stamina was one of my MVPs of my second Alola playthrough, so I’m going with it again, with a modified moveset, keeping High Horsepower, and making it up as I go along. Of course, giving it Leftovers to graze on, I wanted this Mudsdale to be a fun callback to simpler times with cutscenes aplenty!

Ability: Stamina

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Mega Kick, Payback


Ground-types are bruisers, aren’t they? I just made that realisation while building this team. So here’s Krookodile in all of its glory! A big bruiser that intimidates others!

Ability: Intimidate

Item: Soft Sand

Moves: Earthquake, Swagger, Darkest Lariat, Stone Edge

Galarian Stunfisk

Stunfisk will be the one that prevents switching with its Snap Trap, and Binding Band ensuring the move does more damage at the end of each turn! Plus I added Bounce there because I wanted to see it bounce in the air. Because reasons. Rain Dance is here to set up for the final Pokemon.

Shame about the Mimicry Ability being useful only in certain circumstances, eh?

Ability: Mimicry

Item: Binding Band

Moves: Snap Trap, Bounce, Stomping Tantrum, Rain Dance


By using Sheer Force as its Ability, I’m able to allow Nidoking to hold a Life Orb without any crippling effects from it. Of course, it means its moveset will not get any additional effects (can only be a good thing with Superpower), but the attacks will be strong as hell.

Ability: Sheer Force

Item: Life Orb

Moves: Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Throat Chop, Superpower


I wanted to add the Sitrus Berry so that after the inevitable Water Compaction activation, I wanted Palossand to heal some health back. I added a variety of Special Attacking moves too, mostly for coverage. If I had my way, I’d add a weaker Pokemon in a doubles team and have it use Water Shuriken for that extra Ability boost. But we’re doing singles here, and we have to deal with it!

Ability: Water Compaction

Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Earth Power

Mega Swampert

The biggest bruiser of them all, and the best Water/Ground-type in general, Swampert gets swole and awesome. A variety of the Water-type moves I would have used for Swampert would be Special Attacks, so I had to improvise. And it’s a shame that when it comes down to it, I can’t afford to waste time setting up rain when I’m down to my final Pokemon, which is why Stunfisk has Rain Dance.

Ability: Swift Swim

Item: Swampertite

Moves: Dive, Stomping Tantrum, Rock Tomb, Ice Punch

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