The Early Bird Gets The Shiny | Fletchling Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! We’re back to March, where things feel a bit daunting now that the one-year mark of lockdown is coming up fast. I miss regular life. But today, we have a Community Day that nobody asked for. No, seriously, nobody asked for it.

Let’s get this out of the way: nobody asked for Fletchling Community Day because we haven’t had every Unova Pokemon released, and not a single Unova Pokemon has been graced with a Community Day. However, I was all in, for two reasons: the 3x XP bonus, and a brand new shiny, something we haven’t had in a Community Day since Porygon in September.

There was one huge issue that I had – at the time of announcement, Fletchling, like all other Kalos Pokemon, had a terrible catch rate, despite it being a Route 1 bird. After the mess-up with Electabuzz, as well as Snorlax in Kanto Tour where the catch rates were not changed, we weren’t really looking forward to it. But later, the catch rate for Fletchling and Bunnelby did increase, so at least that was taken on board.

The Special Research tasks were as standard, but the rewards were lesser. There were no Poffins or Incense made available, and the only thing worth noting was the Rocket Radar. I’m sure Niantic really hates me at this point, considering the Level 45 Requirements.

Doing this Community Day was monumental for two reasons – one being the huge XP grind while catching Pokemon, the other being the chance to get enough XL Candy to have Talonflame as a serious option for the Level 47 Requirement task to power it up to max CP, Stardust permitting. There were just two problems – one being that I was absolutely exhausted, and the second is that I may have messed up my eardrum, so I was mostly deaf in one ear. Connor didn’t fancy coming out with me because he was beyond exhausted, even though we were early to bed, early to rise.

The spawn quality was just so good, but I feared that the shiny rates were a bit bad at first – after the first mini-spike of shinies, we had nothing for a while, until we walked around again. It did pick up properly, and there was a point where I wasn’t hurting for shinies, while Sam stagnated (ha!).

I did collect as many balls as I could before the event started, but they were just no match for the 3x XP grind. I forgot to screenshot how much XP I was on, but I know I gained over 1 million XP throughout the day. I was Lucky Friends with Sam again, so we very quickly did a Lucky Trade with shiny Fletchling, of which mine got to 98% (15 Attack and HP). We also started seeing a few familiar faces, which I suppose it’s a sign of the times, or maybe they were happy to see something new?

I did eventually get a great streak of shinies, while Sam’s collection kinda remained stagnant. I ended a couple of hours before the end of the event with a healthy 24 shinies, which I was more than happy with. I did want to carry on, but the lack of balls didn’t allow that, sadly. Never mind! I did go onto my alternate account for a while though. That account did garner a few shinies, but I wasn’t going to dwell on lost time, I was just too tired by the end of it all. I ended up having a nap towards the end.

Tomorrow will be a complete self-care day with no craps given!