Worst Ground-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! We’re really getting into this now, and this is my list of the worst Ground-type Pokemon, in my own opinion.


We’ve talked about this – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And they completely broke Rhydon by introducing Rhyperior. The only good thing is that Rhydon can utilise the Eviolite.


Why did Seismitoad make it into Galar? I love toads, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love this. I don’t even like it. Swampert and Quagsire are superior.

Even its Dynamax Adventures moveset is shit.


Incoming Dynamax Adventures flashbacks! On a more serious note though, Zygarde is here because it was so heavily underutilised in the Kalos games. It would have benefitted greatly from a third version where it’s in the spotlight, instead of some weird cave. I didn’t enjoy the cell/core challenge in Sun/Moon either. On top of that, I just wish only the 50% Forme existed, and at least have the dog variant an entirely different Pokemon. If these problems were fixed, Zygarde would actually be a more likeable Pokemon.


Not gonna lie, kinda got the hump with this one. All jokes aside, I just much prefer Mamoswine. That’s literally it. However, its shiny form is pretty boss though.


This Pokemon is just unremarkable for me. I’m just not a fan.

Mega Garchomp

Honestly there isn’t much to say except like with most Mega Evolutions, Mega Garchomp is overdesigned. I just wish it was as simple as its regular counterpart has everything you need from a Garchomp, and didn’t need a Mega Evolution. The only redeeming quality is its shiny form, and even then it’s not what I would have chosen for it.


This is so much worse now considering the more memorable Galarian Stunfisk, which actually has an obvious origin. Normal Stunfisk is just…there for me. It doesn’t do a lot for me in any regard.


I love Vibrava and Flygon, but Trapinch is one I’ve had a lot of problems with, mostly due to Pokemon GO. It was pretty much the only thing hatching from 10km Eggs at one point, and its Community Day was pretty bad. I’d have loved to have seen it look more like a Vibrava pre-evolution rather than what could be an entirely different family.


It’s not as bad as Seismitoad, but it’s still bad. While I do love its appearance, I just think we only needed Swampert and Quagsire, especially in Galar where every single Water/Ground-type tended to make an appearance. Actually, out of all the Water/Ground-types, Whiscash tends to be the most forgettable for me.


I just don’t like this trio in general, so here Landorus stays. Its Therian Forme is hella dope though.