Blog News and Other Announcements!

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Hey guys! I was originally going to post an anime review looking back at an anime that I had seen. But instead, there is some news!

As you may have noticed, we actually bought a domain name this Tuesday, so everything from here on will be devoid of the “.wordpress” in the URLs. Previous Tweets linking to my posts will still redirect to this page, so don’t worry! But this is huge, and it’s all because of you guys, that have clicked on this site and shown support! I really couldn’t have done it without you! These past few months we’ve been going from strength to strength. I would say that this is the beginning of me being an actual travel blogger, but considering the world right now, I just can’t, sadly. Hopefully when we start getting more vaccinations and everything starts opening up again,

However, we do have a lot of upcoming series and posts, as well as our continuations of existing series. Nothing is fundamentally changing here, just the URL. And I’m excited! You’re still getting the series reviews, the Community Day posts, Pokemon GO events, Gym Team posts and the usual Top 10 posts. In the future though, I do hope that I can pick up the travel posts again!

Today is also the release of February’s edition of Ongo Key News, a local newsletter that we have in our town. The reason why this month’s edition is so important is because I actually have a feature article, showcasing Miss Lola’s Scents, my wax melt business that I will hopefully be launching on April 30th, if all goes well. You can see the link to our Facebook page in the sidebar as well as right here, please go ahead and give it a like to keep up to date there, and buy the products if you live in the UK! If you’re international, I’ll strive to do international sales at a future date.

As for my book of short stories, it’s still getting there! I do have until the end of the year to keep writing that! I haven’t been writing any short stories for this site purely because of my prioritising the book instead of this site.

And with that, that’s the run-down of announcements! Thanks for checking in!

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