Worst Rock-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon may be Rock-type, but they don’t exactly rock…some may roll, though!

Here’s my not-so-favoured Rock-type Pokemon!


Yeah this one’s one of my least favourite Pokemon of all time, along with Mr. Mime. It doesn’t even have any redeeming qualities about it, especially its shiny form. Can I just skip onto the next one please?


I mentioned this one in my Worst Fire-Types post, and I still feel the same. Just get a not shit Pokemon.


This is a Pokemon that I feel heavy resentment for purely because of the (lack of) shiny Aron in Pokemon GO. I have had one traded to me, but overall I’ve seen 1,816 without a single shiny appearing. It’s a bit suspect, not gonna lie.


The reason why I have this here is because I keep confusing it as being Rock/Electric, and while that sounds hella dope, the moustache says differently. But I just don’t like Probopass, or Nosepass for that matter.


This is another that stems from an arduous shiny hunt. Chewtle was my first long hunt, and I had to take a break from it and hunt other things before I lost my mind. Still, compared to some, 2,248 eggs for shiny Chewtle isn’t too bad. But I still hold a grudge.

Mega Tyranitar

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tyranitar a lot more than I did a year ago. But its Mega form just feels way too overdesigned for me, and that’s an issue I have with a lot of Mega Evolutions anyway. It’s like when GameFreak were asked how many spikes they wanted Tyranitar to have, they just replied with ‘yes’. I suppose it does hit like a truck though…


Like a lot of Gen 1 Rock-types, it gets wrecked so easily, unless you picked Charmander, and then it’d get wrecked easily by Mankey in the remakes. Plus I prefer Steelix anyway, so having Onix gain an evolution was beneficial. I just also think there could have been a pre-evolution as well, just to balance out how huge it is in the first place.


This is another fine example of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and Rhydon was pretty much perfect (quad weaknesses aside). But Rhyperior…it just wasn’t necessary, was it? I suppose it gives us Eviolite Rhydon, and that’s about it.


Honestly until the release of Regidrago and Regieleki, I was never a fan of the Regis. They don’t look too inspiring, and Regirock is obviously one of those. In fact, it’s probably my least favourite of the Regi family, Regigigas aside.


This one’s mostly just filler, but it’s forgettable filler, considering its release outside of the original Ultra Beast cycle. It has a cool shiny though, I’ll give it that, and its name is funny.

2 thoughts on “Worst Rock-Type Pokemon

  1. Tim

    I love how terrible Stakataka is while simultaneously being REALLY good in doubles.

    Also, I really wish Macargo were good. The concept behind its design is amazing.


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