Kanto Tour Review | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! Yesterday was the Kanto Tour event, and I did it purely out of curiosity, as well as the opportunity to add shiny Mew to the ever-growing shiny living Pokedex I have stashed away on HOME. But was it worth the £10.99 price tag?

Long story short, there was a lot going on. As of writing this, we’re at the final two hours, and I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically. I chose Red version purely because after much deliberation, I did need more shinies from the Red version. I also buddied up with my friend Sam, who chose the Green version. That way we could trade the exclusives and complete our Collection Challenge.

We were made aware of a lot of different components for the day – all of the different Collection Challenges, the Challengers, the Red/Green version differences, and the news that regional exclusives would be in Raids – for which we would get 9 free Raid Passes and 3 free Remote Passes, to also help tackle the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo. It all definitely required a lot of planning, and if we wanted a shot at finishing everything, we had to venture outside. And honestly, it was a really mild day, wind aside. You wouldn’t have thought it was towards the end of February.

I started off in Central Park, as was the old Community Day tradition, and I was wanting to stock up on extra balls. Yes, we got 200 in one of the free boxes, but I didn’t care. But the event started, and it was pandemonium. Incense going off near-constantly, tasks to complete and things to do, I had to take a quick sit-down! Of course, the first shiny I got was the Charmander from the first part of the Special Research. And that, my long-suffering friends, turned out to be a shundo! I admittedly had to stop myself from screaming from the shock! I nearly gave people a heart attack from the shiny Latias the other day…

We also noticed that we weren’t going to go hungry for raids, and that they were nicely popping up in and out very frequently. The first we did was a Kangaskhan, which I still needed the shiny of. No shiny, but it was a hundo for me.

I did the usual lap around Central Park, hopping into whichever Raids that we could, and getting quite a few shinies as we went. I was excited about shiny Growlithe though, because it’s one that I’d been after since it was released! I did go back home to have lunch and recharge before I ventured back out again. It was good to be out and about though, I can say that much.

It was hard to keep up with all of the Collection Challenges, especially as you couldn’t have all of the completed ones at the bottom, and the in-progress ones at the top. We also noticed that newly-shiny Pokemon such as Spearow and Paras were hard to come by in their shiny forms, which was disappointing but not unexpected, as we saw from the APAC-region side of things.

The Collection Challenges themselves were quite fun, and easily accomplishable, with plenty of candy given per catch (with Magikarp yielding around 93 candy per catch with a Silver Pinap Berry). I enjoyed seeing all of the Challenges completed and it meant I had one less thing to worry about each time!

I went back home as it started to get dark and I was starting to get a bit hungry. I had originally planned to stream the final hours of the event, but on Thursday night I wasn’t well, and even though I felt much better the day of the event, I didn’t want to push it. Plus with the amount of walking I did, I knew that I was going to sleep easy, knowing the biggest mental hurdle (in terms of workload) was over. Plus not streaming gave me time to write this instead of doing it all last-minute!

All in all, I definitely filled in a lot of the gaps that I had in my shiny living dex. Overall, I got the following:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander (also 100%)
  • Squirtle
  • Weedle
  • Ekans x3
  • Nidoran F
  • Oddish
  • Mankey x3
  • Growlithe
  • Shellder
  • Krabby x2
  • Hitmonlee x2
  • Horsea
  • Electabuzz x2
  • Ditto
  • Porygon
  • Kabuto x2
  • Aerodactyl

So overall, 26 shinies! Not a bad haul. I wasn’t expecting Community Day odds by any means, though. There was a lot of Pokemon that I still needed shiny, but with the gargantuan amount of items you got from tasks, not to mention just the free Raid Passes alone made the ticket worth the price. I had a lot of fun, and there were plenty of times where my item storage was completely full (which it never usually is, and I have a low max storage amount as it is).

I didn’t particularly care for the GO Challenge Battles though, plus it’s one of the features where you had to go outside to do it. It would have been more fun to see content creators have their teams represented. I just didn’t fancy any of the teams, really.

I will admit that I am heavily disappointed in the Masterwork Research. The Pokemon GO Tour was anticipated specifically for shiny Mew, and it turns out that you have to wait at least a month after said event is a bit wrong. On top of that, the possibility of having to spin 151 unique PokeStops is irresponsible of Niantic, considering the pandemic, and the fact that in countries under lockdown it is illegal to travel outside of your area. I hope that within a month it has changed, however, and I have already contacted Niantic Support about it.

Now that we’ve had this Kanto Tour, I’d expect to see other Tours for the other regions. It probably won’t be for a while, considering Niantic would want to keep as many shiny releases as possible before unleashing them all. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw a Johto Tour announced in the future.

We also have the make-up event to hopefully look forward to as well!

4 thoughts on “Kanto Tour Review | Pokemon GO

  1. Steve Reid

    I was watching Mystic7 on stream last night and he said something I think would be a good idea. Have these Go Tour Events in the Winter to polarise with Go Fest in the Summer so that the heavily ticketed and larger events are now twice annual and people don’t feel like they miss out not doing both

    I got 12 shiny myself (13 if you include the tentacool I got in a trade) but I did go home about 3:30 when the raid started pissing down and fell asleep not long after I got back so I can’t complain, and my only complaint is missing out on shiny Ponyta as I was asleep for the second hour when it was spawning


    1. That idea does make sense, I wonder how it’ll work, plus I’m sure people will feel like they miss out if they don’t do both events, which does happen. There were a few shinies that I missed out on, like Voltorb and most of the new releases, but I’m happy with my haul (especially that shundo Charmander)!


  2. Tim

    I’m not surprised the shiny rate was so much better for those who bought the event ticket versus those who didn’t. I played around 10 of the 12 hours without the ticket and didn’t get a single shiny. That said, everyone I know who bought the ticket had pretty good shiny rates. I feel like this was way too expensive for an event, even with the success you had. This is only reinforcing my choice to just transfer stuff out and quit playing the game.


    1. For this ticket, compared to last year’s GO Fest, we actually had a gargantuan amount of items and rewards that were worth way more than the ticket cost, not to mention getting both January and February’s Community Day tickets if you bought early enough. If I’m honest, I think this was better than GO Fest last year, as you weren’t exactly hungry for things to do in-game, and it cost less. I just wish it was split over two days though, I’m still suffering from event hangover.


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