Pokemon Hot Takes

Hey guys! I’ve been posting on Twitter my different hot takes for the Pokemon series, and I thought I might as well do them all in a post because, well, I have a lot! And here they are!

Battle Facilities

I must confess, I don’t care for any battle facilities. I dabbled with them from the Kalos games onwards, and I just didn’t feel fulfilled from them at all. I enjoyed the Battle Chateau, but it’s not really a facility, is it? So it comes as no surprise that I didn’t particularly care that the Battle Frontier didn’t make it in to the ORAS games.

The EXP Share

Grinding is one of the most soul-destroying features of video games (that, and jumping puzzles). It means that I would miss the EXP Share, and I am the kind of person that kept it on in Kalos and Alola, I actually don’t care. If I can cut the amount of grinding time down as much as possible, I will do. Most of my grinding in future streams will be off-stream.

The one thing that keeps me from playing the older games, and the one factor that kept me and Connor from finishing our Emerald Soul-Link was the XP grind. We found that we had to grind almost constantly to get to a good enough position to deal with the threats without losing our best Pokemon.

There Should Be Let’s Go Johto Games

I’m not talking this year, or even next year, but I would like the idea of a Let’s Go-style game set featuring the Johto region. I chalk this up to being purely based on how expensive the HeartGold/SoulSilver games are. In CEX, without a PokeWalker, you’re looking at paying £68 for a pre-owned copy as a standard. This is why I’m totally justified in this opinion. Everyone hails HGSS as being the best main-series games of all-time, but it’s so expensive that newer players are priced out of the opportunity to enjoy it.

Of course, I dislike the catching mechanic of Let’s Go, but I’d actually like to be able to play through Johto without having to go all the way to Gen 2.

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Are Good Games

Whenever I think of a Pokemon game that I always want to replay, it’s these games. Maybe Emerald, but moreso the remakes. I always feel nostalgic going through Hoenn, especially where the music is concerned. The soundtrack for the Hoenn games is a high favourite for me, and I do like the music from the Galar and Unova regions too.

Sinnoh Is Forgettable

I wish I was exaggerating. I recently did a quiz that had me try and memorise every Pokemon, and I actually had the hardest time remembering the Sinnoh Pokemon, outside of evolutions of past Pokemon and favourites. So Pokemon such as Purugly and Vespiquen end up being left behind for me because I can mainly remember the likes of Gallade, Probopass and Togekiss.

On top of that, I barely remember the region as a whole. I just don’t get any nostalgia factor from it, and I do honestly hope that any future remakes would remedy this for me. Maybe it was just how slow it was compared to Emerald, which at the time I was playing them both side-by-side. I did write up a remake wishlist a little while back that you should check out.

Starter Opinions

It’s stupid to state that you hate Braixen and Delphox just because they’re bipedal, same as stating that you hate Samurott because ‘it’s horrible’. I personally love the entire Fennekin and Oshawott lines, final evolutions included.

People hated Popplio so much when it was revealed, but I chose it for both iterations of the Alola games. Having a Primarina on my team made the Ultra Necrozma battle a little less difficult than I anticipated. I actually think Juan’s Kingdra in Emerald was harder.

As for starters that I dislike…well, I don’t dislike Sceptile, but I don’t get the hype, especially when there’s Blaziken and Swampert right next to it, and I vastly prefer the latter two for different reasons. I also don’t care that much for Charizard, even though it’s a fan favourite and a hook for marketing reasons. The reason why Leon has a Charizard is to make people interested in the Sword/Shield games.

I really want to know your opinions on these hot takes, and what opinions you yourselves have on the series!

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Hot Takes

  1. Tim

    I agree with nearly all of these hot takes (at least in the games I’ve played). I’ve never been able to bring myself to play ORAS because of how much I disliked Ruby/Sapphire. I have heard good things about them though.


    1. ORAS is likely the only Pokemon game where I always want to replay it for the experience. Doesn’t mean it’s brilliant, it just has a nostalgia factor for me that draws me to it more, especially now that I’ve started shiny hunting on there too.


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