Worst Electric-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! These Pokemon featured today just don’t spark any joy within me, and they kinda just…fizzle out.

Yes, today I’m going through my least favourite Electric-types.


Blame my good friend Sam for this entry. I’m tired of the shiny Plusle jokes. Enough is enough.


Yes, both of them are on this list, for the exact same reason. No, I’m not grouping them together. Minun is the lesser of two evils, but I wouldn’t choose it in Hoenn when Manectric exists.


This is on here purely because of the annoying Rotom Dex in the Alola games. This is especially considering the constant “Listen up! Here’s where I give you advice you didn’t ask for!” dialogue. Oh, and I only saw this after I had finished the Ultra Sun game and completed the Pokedex. I dreaded the thought of the Rotom Phones in Galar, but thankfully it’s mute.


In its Therian Forme, it’s okay. But we’re talking about the Incarnate Forme, and like the other Kami Trio, it’s a huge nope from me. If I wanted an Electric/Flying-type that doesn’t give me creepy vibes, I’ll go for Zapdos.


The main reason why this is on the list is because its Hunger Switch Ability is just a bit terrible, if I’m honest. I mentioned this before, but it would have been better if it was berry and health activated rather than turn-based, because who the heck goes from happy to hangry to happy again so quickly?


I think Lanturn’s really cute, honestly. However, I just think it could do to be a bit more menacing, considering its inspiration. Honestly I was hard-pressed for choices, which is why this made it onto the list.


If anything still gives me nightmares, it’s this. And it’s not from the main series games either – playing Reborn instills fear, and it’s why I chose Mudkip for my second playthrough (considering that Marshtomp becomes immune and gets Damp).


This is just here because I always want to spell it wrong.


I mean, it’s eh, I suppose. Without its Galarian form, it’s pretty forgettable and bland. At least the Galarian Stunfisk has something going for it, this just pales in comparison.

Mega Manectric

The poor thing looks a bit weighed down, doesn’t it? Oh bless it, it doesn’t look majestic or streamlined, it just looks like someone’s shoved a lightning bolt costume on it for Instagram photos.

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