How I’m Preparing for the Kanto Tour | Pokemon GO

Hey guys! As someone that said they were quitting Pokemon GO (actually I took a small break for a month), I’m kinda excited about the Kanto Tour this year.

Here are the various ways that I’m preparing for the event!

Shiny Checklist

If you’re unaware, the Kanto Tour is the first opportunity that every Kanto Pokemon will be available, including their shinies. As someone that doesn’t often get shinies outside of Community Days, or new ones, it’s nice to see a bit of variety here. I made my own shiny checklist, which I’m trying to get as much done as possible over the course of the next couple of weeks for shinies – just so I don’t have to do as much hunting. Remember that shiny Mew is guaranteed, and that’ll be nice to have!

XL Candy Checklist

The Kanto Tour is a perfect opportunity to try and get some XL Candy checked off. I’m currently at Level 45, and so I’m preparing for the requirements by accumulating as much XL Candy as I can. The three that I’m working towards (currently) would be Eevee, Machop and Shellder.

Choose Your Colour!

In the Kanto Tour, you get to choose between Red and Green. These will offer the exclusives via Incense, and an increased shiny rate for others. You may choose to coordinate with a friend, or decide based on the shinies that you need. I’m choosing Red based on the amount of shinies that I have left to obtain for my shiny living dex, and Red just happens to have more of the things I need.

Storage Solutions – Items

After a severe ball drought, where I was down to literally one ball during the Machop Community Day, I’ve decided that, Catching Challenge aside, I’ve been clamping down on the amount of items I use. I did use Potions and Revives more for GO Rocket battles while I was Level 44, and I’d love to farm for more XP to be able to level up after doing the Level 46 Requirements tasks, but it’s hard to farm XP when you don’t have balls to farm XP with.

I often use way more balls than most people do, but right now, I’m torn between doing Roselia Community Day or just…not. For one, Roserade is one of my favourite Pokemon, but with the Kanto Tour being two weeks after that, it’s not enough time to save balls, especially with all of the different events in the meantime. Then there’s also the Level 45 tasks to do as well, which I may or may not have by then. I actually don’t have much storage space compared to most, because I live in a town as opposed to a full-on city, and Pokestop access is mediocre at best.

I don’t actally buy storage because I don’t usually have enough items to warrant the extra space. Same goes for the Pokemon, really.

Storage Solutions – Pokemon

Same goes for Pokemon storage, but I tend to clear out my spare Kanto shinies via Let’s Go, and then still utilise the GO to HOME transfer once per week. I still keep the stuff I use for PvP, any with perfect IVs, any shinies that I’m saving for the HOME transfer, any I use for Raids or GO Rocket battles. I still have around 900 in overall storage, but I always tend to trim down how much I have.

Anything I don’t need, I’ll transfer. Plus the added candy helps! I always get rid of costume Pokemon unless they’re shiny or 100%. Spare useless Legendaries? Gone.

Packing Essentials

Of course, I’ll expect that most people will be venturing outside during this event (I do have a COVID-safe point soon), so I’d suggest stocking up on essentials that you’ll need. My bag will have:

  • Wallet, because in the event that I need to go to a shop, I’ll have money to grab some water or a snack.
  • Hand sanitiser – because even though I won’t be touching other people, it’s a case of staying safe.
  • Mask – we are required to wear masks in any indoor public setting, and I also choose to wear a mask while outside in the local park anyway.
  • Snacks – probably bought from a local shop, because you need to keep fed!
  • Water – stay hydrated!
  • Power pack – because of the pandemic, I’ve not needed to buy a power pack for my phone. My goal is to play as much as both my internal battery and my power pack (if I buy one) will allow, and then go home to rest up, charge everything, and maybe saunter back out again if the time and weather stays reasonable.

My advice is to pack anything for the weather, or dress reasonably for it. I’m in the north, where it’s usually cold, so I’d wear gloves and a coat. Maybe those in the southern hemisphere could pack some sunscreen!

Check the weather forecast

I can imagine it’s going to be roasting in the southern hemisphere, and cold in the north here. I don’t want it to rain, of course! I don’t want it to snow! But we’ll just have to brave the cold weather I suppose. In all fairness we’ve just had quite a bit of snow, so I’m optimistic that we’ll be in the clear for now!

Checking the local guidelines

The UK won’t be out of lockdown for a while yet, and I can anticipate being a long time before we do come out, but it’s imperitave you check the local or national guidelines for your situation at the moment. If you are in the position where you can play as normal, I’m envious of you, but if you’re like me, just make sure you stay safe and responsible.

With that in mind, if you’re able to, you can meet as part of a support bubble, as long as it’s safe to do so. You may choose to play different versions of the game, and therefore be able to do trades. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to do Special Trades multiple times per day and at a distance, to ease off any teething issues there. Myself and a friend are planning on playing different versions in order to, in a way, help each other out.

Twitch Stream!

I am planning on streaming the latter part of the event, with a Pokemon Sword/Shield shiny hunt alongside! I’d aim to be live at around 4pm/5pm GMT when it starts to get dark here, and finishing shortly after the end of the event. Please give me a follow here! That way, you’ll be notified when I go live and be ready for the latter half of the event!

And that’s how I’m preparing for the Kanto Tour event!

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