Worst Grass-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! While it’s still in the middle of winter, spring is just around the corner (in another couple of months or so). I’ve got the ten worst Grass-types to go through now, purely because I’m doing these lists in the same order as I did the best and shiny lists!


Sunkern’s pretty cute, but this? THIS? This is just something ugly indeed. And I like sunflowers, so that goes to say something, I suppose.

And people think the later generations had terrible designs.


As forgettable as it was, I quite liked Tangela. It looked like it had personality. Now it just looks like a hulking giant, and not in a good way.

Don’t get me started on the PULSE Tangrowth in Reborn, that’s a whole different story.


Honestly this has just never really appealed to me. And to think this got a Mega Evolution, too…nah. I think it’s a hard pass for me.


I mean, I can see why Bellossom appeals to some, but it seemed like an unecessary and strange evolution to Gloom, all things considered. Bellossom could have been a completely different evolution line in itself, and I may not like it still, it’d be a far sight better than what we have.


This is one of the few meh Pokemon in Galar, and the fact that Milo uses both it and Gossifleur really winds me up sometimes.

Like literally Milo could have just gone down the road from his house to Route 5 and got himself an Applin at the very least, and evolved it into whatever version exclusive it was. There was literally no excuse. Shame on you Milo. At least he got one later on, I suppose. Too little too late to be honest.


I honestly would have preferred Sawsbuck’s design had it retained the vivid colour schemes of Deerling. I also have issues with how bare and naked Spring Sawsbuck looks, I mean at least give it leaves or a full head of cherry blossoms!


The fact that this and its evolution line doesn’t learn a Grass-type move for a long time is actually quite pathetic, really. I mean, during mine and Connor’s Soul Link, the Hoppip was difficult to use and it ended up dying.


A lot of people really hate Delphox, but Chesnaught feels like it’s a Chespin that decided to put its muscular dad’s clothing on as a form of dress-up, and it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m also getting creepy Ross Geller as the Holiday Armadillo vibes, and that’s kinda off-putting.

Plus Talonflame exists in Gen 6 so don’t even bother with this one.


Can someone explain why this thing exists? This is the reason why Mothim is so forgettable.


There are a few reasons why I dislike this Pokemon – the first is how common it is in Pokemon GO, despite Cherubi being very rare. The second is how hard it is to catch in Pokemon GO. The third is that the Overcast Form is inferior to the Sunshine Form.

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