Let’s Go Pick The Roses | Roselia Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! It’s the time of the month that almost nobody was waiting for. Yep, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we had Roselia Community Day. And yeah, I was one of the few people that was actually looking forward to this one.

Of course, I still followed regulations and adhered to social distancing and whatnot.

I personally don’t need shiny Roselia, but the chances of me heading outside depended entirely on the weather. We’d had Storm Darcy around yesterday, and hail this morning, but I wanted to grab a shiny Budew for my HOME shiny living dex as well as getting as close to finishing all of the Level 46 Requirements as possible (I only needed to finish the Field Research tasks and gather some XP at the time). I also wanted to get as much Roselia candy as possible so that I could be on my way to maxing a Roserade once I hit Level 46. My first 100% Roserade is one of my more realistic targets, I feel for that one, so it was important that I was on my way.

I did have a stack of eggs that I needed to hatch through before I got the Budew eggs. But I got those cleared, nothing remarkable, and I so quickly used up all of my incubators to hatch out the eggs. I still had eggs left over, but I’ve hatched three Budew over the event, with one being a 98% (I named it Le Cry because it’s not a shundo). I did take a break from encounters after a while, just to bounce my phone in a sock to get extra mileage to hatch the eggs while watching livestreams, videos and doing work.

The weather was frigid-cold today, and I will be honest it was good to get out of the house. Connor didn’t want to come out because he was sleeping off his night shifts, and our upstairs neighbours were making a lot of noise. I did meet up with Sam (yay support bubble friends), which was fun, but we did go home relatively early because I needed the loo and my phone was dying.

Also, because of the Kanto Tour ticket, I was able to take part in the Special Research that was offered. And because of the Timed Research that was offered alongside, it proved my theory from Machop Community Day correct. With Machop not having any Mega Energy or evolution items to utilise, it didn’t need that Research, but with Roselia requiring a Sinnoh Stone to evolve into Roserade, we got the Research.

The Field Research that I did all ensured that I finished that part of the Level 46 Requirements, and all that was needed was the XP, of which I was under 1 million off my goal by the end of the Community Day.

The one thing I noticed was that the catch rate hadn’t really increased for this event. I noticed that it was just as difficult to catch some Roselias as any other day.

In the end, I got 19 shiny Roselias, 3 shiny Budew, and barely any PokeBalls left. I did end up with a lot of XL candy, though, and three more eggs to hatch through. Before I go, here’s a quick little snippet of my day:

Me: Shiny Budew!
Connor: I love you too!

I had to correct him…

Okay, so I wonder how shit March’s Community Day will be…

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