Rewriting The Danganronpa 3 Anime

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Hey guys! This is a big thing that I wanted to work on. If you missed my announcement, I’m currently working on a collaborative Fanganronpa project that’s going to be in story format. However, today is slightly related. I know you guys click on my Danganronpa posts a lot (they actually make up three of my top five most viewed posts in 2020), so this is for you!

This one is based on theories that I had of the series as I was watching it, and needless to say I was disappointed in the overall outcome.

So I was heavily disappointed in the conclusion of the Danganronpa 3 anime series, so I wanted to rewrite it. I wanted to correct a few things:

  • Chiaki’s fate
  • The brainwashing aspect (for the most part)
  • The missing Branch 13 Director
  • The wrong participant count
  • Kyoko’s fate
  • The mastermind of the Final Killing Game
  • Yasuhiro’s involvement

So there, we already have seven different elements that we need to fix. Even though it is suggested to read the Future/Despair series incrementally, we’re doing this one chronologically, because then it’ll all make sense in terms of the story. We would also need to incorporate this as a double cour anime series over single cour, just to give us some time for character and plot development.

Despair Arc

So we start off with the Despair Arc, and everything relatively stays the same until Mikan is now serving under Junko. As before, Nagito and Chiaki investigate and find Junko, where Izuru subdues them. These two are probably the best fits to infect the rest of their classmates with despair, as despair itself is described as a disease, and considering Nagito is batshit insane and Chiaki is the class rep, they both have a foothold to be able to pull it off. This way, Chiaki survives, but also becomes heavily involved in Junko’s killing game.

Because Junko’s first killing game was a battle royale-style, Junko calls on Chiaki to help build a framework for a more structured killing game. This involves rules, deaths, a class trial and an execution. As the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki would have no problem pulling all of this off. Ryota also becomes involved and seems to have become an Ultimate Despair, lending his hand to creating the execution visuals that you see in the canon. As before, everyone, one by one, becomes infected with despair, and rallies around to rile up the Reserve Course. A pre-made broadcast that Ryota put together beforehand shows Junko proclaiming the beginning of a new world, infecting the Reserve Course students with the despair monumental enough to [TRIGGER WARNING] kill themselves.

Chiaki is chosen to be the face of the Alter Ego in Danganronpa 2 because of her close connection to the Ultimate Despairs.

Future Arc / Hope Arc

Later on, it transpires that Chisa, Chiaki and Ryota all became branch directors in the Future Foundation. This fills the Branch 13 gap, as this is where Chiaki would be placed. Before Makoto’s trial, she asks Aoi to fill her place as she is ‘busy with duties’ – where Chiaki would be helping to assemble the Final Killing Game, with Tengan’s help. Therefore, Chiaki would be participating in the Final Killing Game as a hidden participant, with the amount of participants shown in the opening being correct, with 16 instead of the 15 we got. Place Yasuhiro in care of Byakuya instead of being outside the building and not actually participating, and that’s that, because Yasuhiro wasn’t an official participant. Even if the opening changed so that the naked grey guy shown in the Closing Argument segments in the games was shown in the opening instead of Chiaki initially, that would be interesting.

Everything goes as in the anime still, even with Aoi’s ketchup-death fake-out. The next major change comes in the form of Kyoko’s fate after the fourth time limit. Yes, she stays dead, let’s just get that out of the way. We needed one of the original Killing Game survivors to get bumped off this time around, so let’s give it to someone that would actually matter (sorry, but Makoto is Hope Lord, and Aoi already had a fake-out).

Once the Final Killing Game has been deactivated, Ryota’s phone goes off and he receives a video message from Tengan, instructing him to play the Hope Video, as in the original, in the hopes that he could use the Final Killing Game to force Ryota’s hand, as a test to see if Ryota is truly part of Ultimate Despair. Ryota does as he does in the anime.

The rest of Class 77-B comes in and attacks the brainwashed Future Foundation combatants – this time, instead of their Jabberwock Island outfits, they are in the outfits we saw them in in Future Arc episode 1. Class 77-B do as they originally do with Ryota. It’d be a bittersweet irony that a lynchpin of the Ultimate Despairs ends up broadcasting a Hope Video to eradicate the Ultimate Despair. They proclaim that they’re going to band together and save their Class Rep (cheesy, I know, but it works). They all manage to confront Chiaki, who is in the meeting room where the Final Killing Game started. Failing to revert her back to her old self, the rest of her class just tie her up and take her back to Jabberwork Island, claiming responsibility over her, and over the Final Killing Game.

This version ends as the anime does, except, y’know, Kyoko’s still dead, so it’s a bittersweet rather than a forced happy ending.

So there we have it! I just re-wrote an entire anime series! I’m happy with this, although it’d definitely need to be a longer series just to add to the development a bit more. The issue with the Danganronpa as anime format is that it’s always too short, and doesn’t allow time for world-building or story pacing.

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