Countdown to Pokemon GO Tour Event Review

Hey guys! We just went through four whole weeks of events based on the different regions from Unova to Johto, in an early countdown to the Pokemon GO Tour event. Of course, we have the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day events, as well as yet another poorly-timed GO Rocket event (for me, at least). But what did I think of this whole event, and the different parts?


Overall, I felt that it was a poorer version of the event that we had last year, where we had Timed Research to complete to collect the Champion’s Research for Genesect. The implementation of the Catching Challenge was fun, but the execution and the effectiveness greatly varied between the separate events.


This brought out more questions than answers, with the introduction of shiny Snivy. Of course, people questioned whether or not the Unova starters would get a Community Day, and what would happen to it as it stands. I did revel in the fact that there wouldn’t be any costumed Pokemon at all, as I was getting very tired of them. However, the spawn variety wasn’t that great, and Unova is very limited for shiny hunting anyway, so it made for a boring challenge overall. I did get a second 100% Oshawott that I named Blizzard, and that’s my biggest takeaway from it. That and the Catching Challenge was relatively simple.


This brought out shiny Buizel, which I did not obtain. In fact, I’ll say that I didn’t get any of the new shinies that came out. The more infuriating part of the task was that two of the targets for the Catching Challenge were Shadow Pokemon, meaning that before the boost, we had to luck out with a balloon or go out in a global pandemic. We did get a boost to both Stunky and Snover balloons, and all was fine from there on. It still bothered me that this was the case, that we were encouraged to go out when lockdown was in full force (and still is). I also now have a deep hatred for Chimchar, for reasons.

We also had Machop Community Day, and I feel that the Sinnoh event would have been a great tie-in if they released Starly as the Community Day feature Pokemon, but alas…


We got a good news/bad news situation here. The good news was that there were no Shadow Pokemon featured in the Catching Challenge. The bad news was that two of the targets were locked behind Field Research, and another behind Raids. This was rectified when they decided to implement a Mareep Incense day of all things because it’s not a Hoenn Pokemon. The fact remains that initially Plusle and Minun were locked behind Field Research in the middle of a pandemic.

This event also brought out extra Timed Research featuring Rayquaza as the end goal, that could be shiny and learn Hurricane. Now, I did three Kyogre raids, only caught one so I gave up. I did do everything else though. We did get a box with three free Remote Raid Passes, though.

We also got no new shinies, with the feature shiny being Aron (yeah I’m still after that one for myself).


Niantic were obsessed with Mareep, it has been confirmed. We also got shiny Miltank, which were abundant in a few Field Research tasks, but that burnt through so many of my berries that I was glad to see the end of it. And I managed to finish the Level 45 Requirements alongside the Timed Research, but I felt so burnt out with the Team GO Rocket tasks that I hated any other thought of it for the time being, and considering that’s what the next event is based on, I want to curl up and cry. The Timed Research did last for two weeks though, and granted a Ho-Oh that learned Earthquake. Guess who got a shiny Ho-Oh?

My personal aim was a 100% Cyndaquil because my Typhlosion disappeared to the ether. Instead I got a 100% Chikorita.

This Catching Challenge was probably the easiest that I got to do. Everything was available in the wild, and I managed to get the Smeargle on the first photobomb attempt. The biggest flaw for me was the Sneasel Research Day. Of course, my friend Steve will be fuming that I said that, please don’t hate me! The main issue that I had with it was that it was for a Pokemon with already highly-boosted shiny odds. On my main account, I managed three shinies, two 100%s and a shiny Larvitar that I named ‘oops’.

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