Worst Water-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! The Pokemon franchise is swimming with Water-types, and so I had to narrow the river down to ten of them that I don’t like, or doesn’t make much of an impact. So here are my personal picks for the worst Water-types.

Remember guys, these are just my opinions!


Qwilfish is heavily forgettable. Even when I’m doing solo Max Raids with the NPCs and they bring an Intimidate Qwilfish, I always forget about it when I don’t see it. I don’t think even a cute pre-evolution or a more deadly evolution would help its cause either.


God was fine the way it was. Put it back, damnit!


Hey, look! It’s budget Manaphy! That…that’s pretty much it.


Tympole was cute, then it kinda went downhill from there. With the amount of Water/Ground-types that we have, like Swampert and Quagsire, I wouldn’t be choosing Seismitoad at all.


Barbaracle has to be one of my least favourite Pokemon of all-time, and it comes from both its creepy design to its shiny form. I kinda like Binacle in a strange way, and I wish Binacle evolved to have four arms that it just walked on with a bit of rock in the middle acting as body. But instead we have this abomination.

If I wanted eyes on hands, I’d watch Pan’s Labyrinth.


Like Qwilfish, this is another Pokemon that I always forget, but on a much larger scale. It’s unfortunate because its colour scheme is pretty awesome, and you’d think I’d remember that it’s mainly pink and yellow, which is my favourite colour combination. Of course, it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact in the end.


This. Goddamn. Shiny. Hunt. I’ve had worse since, but at the time I had to take a break because I wanted to kick this thing in the face. I do love the shiny for the both this and Drednaw, though.


This is the same issue as I have with Seismitoad, although Whiscash is cuter. Why would I choose this over my other preferred Water/Ground-types? Even its shiny form is lackluster, and I’d rather keep a shiny Barboach as it is.

Mega Blastoise

I know I used Mega Blastoise in Y, but it’s gotten lower on my list, especially since Gigantamax Blastoise came out, and that really is a treat! As much as Blastoise is my favourite of the Kanto starters, it’s Mega treatment is just not great. I mean, Venusaur is just as bad, and that’ll be because they decided to give Charizard two Mega Evolutions instead.


Hey, look, Zubat of the Seas! I was just never sold on Tentacruel, especially with its tentacles. I’d just throw this thing back into the sea.

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