My Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remake Wishlist and Expectations

Hey guys! With news expected of Diamond/Pearl remakes by the general community, I thought that I’d keep a bit of an optimistic mindset, but also delve in to what the game really need to improve on, and my personal wishes for the games as a whole.

Credit to my good friend Steve for reminding me of some of these!

Incorporating Girtatina’s Distortion World

Of course, the Distortion World was a Platinum feature, and we know what GameFreak are like for not reimplementing ideas from the third versions (looking at you, Battle Frontier). But I think a dedicated postgame for Giratina would be great, along with the Distortion World. I think that was a really awesome idea that they’d implemented, and it works well for it. Platinum’s most defining feature was the Distortion World, so it makes sense to bring it back, no?

More Fire-Types

This is a problem that has been memed to death in the community, and it’s the lack of Fire-types in the Diamond/Pearl games. Platinum rectified it slightly, but can we have just a few more around in the remakes? I don’t fancy being forced to choose Chimchar, as I absolutely hate its 3D animation, so I’d like to be able to pick either Piplup or Turtwig.

Repurposing of the Great Marsh

I’m not a fan of Safari areas in these games. The biggest gripe I have is with the step limit, and I feel that I don’t get to fully explore everything. I felt this so much when I played Diamond, and I never felt like I got to explore everything that the Great Marsh had to offer, so I’d rather have an area that’s similar to the Wild Area. I loved the concept of the Wild Area in Galar, and the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra too, and all I wish is that there’s areas for healing. Although if they brought back camping, healing wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

No HMs

I’ve never liked the purpose of HMs, as it ends up being a detriment to your party and battle style. I never liked the idea of having five Pokemon worthy of battling and one HM slave, or the entire team littered with HM moves. I think the Rider system in the Alola games were a great way to ease out HMs, but I feel that the rider Pokemon should be comprised of Pokemon that are native to the region, so no Charizard if Charizard isn’t in the game!

The alternative is to keep the bike as it is in Sword/Shield, and then just modify it so that it fits the region, and can go up waterfalls, I suppose. Or find an alternative for that, maybe?

The only way that I can see a useful solution to HMs is that if they can be forgotten anywhere. With Sword/Shield implementing a Move Relearner/Deleter at every Pokemon Centre, this is perhaps a step in the right direction in terms of perhaps reinvigorating HMs as a compromise.

Link Box

I could ‘link’ this back to the last point (see what I did there, haha). But I really enjoyed the Link Box feature in Sword/Shield, and this would be a good way of circumventing the HM issue without going back and forth to a Pokemon Centre, I suppose. Plus it was so handy to keep an eye on what Pokemon you had, as well as swap out at any time. It’s a pipe dream, but we’re dreamers here!

A GOOD shiny hunting method

I just hope PokeRadar will come back, because I’ve not hunted using that method yet. However, it’d be a damn sight better than the shiny hunting methods available in Sword/Shield (Dynamax Adventures excluded).

That Haunter Trader

Okay, so we need to remove that one trader that decided it was a good idea to trade us a Haunter holding an Everstone.

This troll does no favours for anyone.


Please can we just yeet him off the top of Mt. Coronet at least?

The Speed

I will say that as much as I enjoyed the games, I found them to be pretty slow, and the HP bar is a strong example of it. It’s torture watching someone play through a Nuzlocke and be tortured with their yelling and screaming as they see their favourite Pokemon’s health bar trickle down slowly to zero. It’s heartbreaking, and considering the much faster HP bars of late, I expect those to be brought in as opposed to the much slower ones.

Okay, what else should be included in the Diamond/Pearl remakes? Let me know in the comments!

Please don’t mention the National Pokedex, I’m not here for arguments.

4 thoughts on “My Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remake Wishlist and Expectations

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