Worst Fire-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! I would say it’s getting hot in here, but instead, I’m feeling a little…lukewarm. So here are my picks for the worst Fire-type Pokemon.


Emboar was just the final straw for the Fire/Fighting starter final evolutions, and it just doesn’t look great. Emboar would have been great as a quadruped with a different type combination, not to mention the wrestling singlet has to go, m’fraid. Incineroar did the wrestler thing better.


Yes, you knew that Simisear would be on here, right? Well, it’s just not great. It doesn’t help that these monkeys are just a budget starter line. While I admit it doesn’t have a bad stat distribution, nobody really goes for it, do they?


I will admit that this one is more or less here for filler purposes, I just really hate its shiny form.


This thing let Gen 4 down. First of all, its design is just horrible to look at. Second of all, the shiny form is just gross, and should have been different, period. Third of all, why was it only available post-game in Diamond/Pearl? I hope the (possible) remakes remedy that at least.


Honestly, Magcargo can just go. But it’ll be a slow-ass crawl for it. I’ve tried using Slugma by extension, and that’s bad enough, but giving it a 4x weakness to Water and Ground isn’t great, despite its defenses, because there’s no capitalising on that Water weakness (unlike Coalossal, which gets Steam Engine, as well as better stats in everything except Speed).

You know what, just use Coalossal instead.


I take personal issues with this Pokemon, considering its skewed gender ratio (which does make sense in terms of lion prides), but it just means that the uglier of the gender differences gets more spotlight.


Heatran is here on account of how I always forget its existence. I think it’s because it’s just not really part of any Legendary grouping or its design is just not my favourite. Honestly, it’s just a Pokemon that’s…just there. It exists.

Mega Houndoom

If I’m honest, Mega Houndoom just looks overdesigned, which puts me off, but then the shiny form just makes it look worse. Generally, I love Houndoom anyway, so it’s a shame.


Honestly the Zen Mode on this variant is a bit shit, isn’t it? In comparison to the superior Galarian form. I love the design of regular Darmanitan, but the Galarian form outshines the Unovan form in every way possible, from its Zen Mode variants to its regular Ability.


I hate this purely because I get the name confused with Heatran, to the point where I got my good friend Steve to nickname a Heatran he caught on stream ‘Heatmor’ because of this. The shiny’s pretty good though.

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