Pokemon GO Quality of Life Wishlist

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done this list, and there are still a lot of things that the game needs in order to improve. So let’s get on with that list!

Numbers for Gym XP and Health Bars

I’ve said this before – you know when the game shows that you’ve gained a certain amount of experience for interacting with a Gym, but then you don’t know exactly out of how much XP? It’d be nice to know how much XP we’d need if we wanted to get a Gym to Gold. Same with the Potions, telling us they’ll heal a fixed number of HP, but we don’t know what it means in the context of the health bars in the healing screens.

Lucky Egg / Incense / Star Piece Timers in Menus

It probably won’t be super-popular, but I’d like to see this happen for when we start hardcore grinding for XP and Stardust, and we want to do mass evolve sessions again. This would allow us to see how much time we have left on our stacked bonuses (because you can stack this stuff now, yay).

Decrease the Candy to XL Candy Ratio

Even for a collective person, having to use 100 Candy to obtain 1 XL Candy is a bit of a nightmare. That means out of a possible 7,500 Rattata Candy, for example, would only yield 75 XL Candy. That’s nowhere near enough when you have to power up 3 Pokemon to Level 50 in order to progress. It could have been worse – originally, you needed to power up 6 Pokemon to that level, which is nigh on impossible. Trainers are trading to get the task done, and that still means wasting Candy and Stardust.

A better way would be at least 50 Candy to an XL Candy.

Gift Counter

By this, I mean a counter of how many Gifts you’ve opened up in a day. So for example, it’d say ‘Opened: 26/30’ at the top of the Friends menu, or even alongside the PokeCoins earned section in the ‘Today’ tab. Actually, the latter would be a good idea, to keep it all in one place. This means that you’d be able to keep check of how many Gifts you’ve opened, and see if you can squeeze a couple more in if needs be.

Show us who gave us the 7km egg hatch

I’d like to see who gave me certain Pokemon, such as the two 100% Budew, or the 100% flower crown Pichu. Some I’ve narrowed down, such as my 100% Alolan Sandshrew, or my shiny Tauros, due to location and knowing these people in real life. It’d make the hatches feel a lot more personal, when I can say ‘ooh this Galarian Ponyta came from Vlapower94 in Lisbon’ (although he’s one of the few I recognise anyway because we met once doing a raid for an EX Pass, long story), and it’d be nice to see that in the Pokemon summary.

Better optimised Raid and Battle counters

I’m a little tired of having to pick out my preferred Pokemon for every battle. The generator usually picks out Slakoth, Mewtwo and something else, even if everything is weak to what the battle is. Raids aren’t much better, although I’ve had a Metagross with Psychic moves suggested against a Dewgong once – first in the party too. That was a bit soul-crushing, I cannot lie.

Costume Dex

With the amount of costumed Pokemon being thrown at us in the past couple of years or so, it’s about time they gave us a costume dex. This would allow us to be able to catch the costume Pokemon and then get rid, because they’re already there in the dex. It wouldn’t be that hard to do, considering they gave us a Mega Dex for Mega Evolutions. Unless they don’t want to give us the costume dex because it then highlights the problem of most events lately being crowded with costume Pokemon.

Pokemon flee when despawned

Have you tried to catch a Pokemon, and it kept breaking out of the balls and you gave up, only to find it had despawned? Because same. So instead of wasting my balls trying to catch something that isn’t there, it could just tell me that it isn’t there, you know?

Raid Invites Off / AR Mapping Off

Oftentimes you’re able to disable Remote Raid invites, except in certain events, where it doesn’t matter if you have Remote Raid invites disabled, as people can still send you invites! And it’s the same as the AR Mapping feature. Even if you have the option disabled, you still get AR Mapping tasks forced on you, and keeping a hold of one (in order to stop them coming through) results in you getting different Field Research tasks from the norm.

I put them both in the same section because they have the same exact issue.

I mean, I’m sure I’m missing something here, but that means that there’s some more stuff that needs updating. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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