Black Mirror – Black Museum Review

Hey guys! So after the fright-fest that was Metalhead, we come to the season finale, Black Museum. So let’s get to it!

This episode is probably best known for all of the Easter eggs in the Black Museum that is run by Rolo, the proprietor. These are little things, such as a mugshot of Victoria Skillane (White Bear), the parenting tablet (Arkangel), a lollipop sample (USS Callister) and the bloodied bathtub from Crocodile. There are several other different references, and the whole point of the episode was to celebrate the show as a whole, and what it had done.

Nish arrives at the Black Museum while she waits for her car to fully charge. She introduces herself to Rolo as a Brit (this is important later), and Rolo takes her through the museum. The storytelling format is very similar to that of White Christmas, with three stories that kind-of lead into each other, and the last one is the ultimate climax and gives us that satisfaction.

The first story is based on “The Pain Addict”, where Rolo took part in the implementation of technology, in order to allow a doctor to diagnose and treat patients based on what he could feel using a special head device. Of course, it all starts off well, but then becomes uncomfortable to watch when the doctor becomes heavily addicted to the pain he feels from his patients, and gets…sexually stimulated from it. And the lab rats are called Kenny and Hector, after the characters in Shut Up and Dance. Overall, it’s definitely uncomfortable. The technology is very interesting, considering it would help a doctor diagnose an illness or ailment without issues. And holy crap the body gore again! But the boner that Rolo added in to the story’s conclusion was a bit of comic relief, I suppose, but not exactly necessary in the context.

The second story is about a toy monkey. The strange part of this was a man choosing to transfer his comatose wife into part of his subconscious so that she could interact with their son. It’s very weird technology, and it’s not something that’s going to work out for the best. In the end, they can’t live that way because she irritates him and vice versa, so her subconscious goes into a toy monkey, that the kid eventually gets bored of, and is stashed in the Black Museum. There’s literally a Fifteen Million Merits comic too!

The third story is about Clayton Lee, the person charged with the murder of a weathergirl. The story had been alluded to in the first two stories, and Rolo shows an exhibit featuring the hologram of Lee, and it serves as a virtual torture chamber. A lot of people took pleasure in torturing the digital hologram, just like they tortured Victoria in White Bear. It’s then that Nish reveals that she’s actually American, and that the execution of Clayton was protested, as well as her being Clayton’s daughter.

And that she well and truly fucked Rolo over by having poisoned him before, hologramming him and then torturing him, just like he and his patrons tortured Clayton, and then burning down the museum. It’s revealed that Nish also had her mother implanted, probably after the mother’s suicide attempt, and Nish took Carrie-monkey with her.

Overall, this is a very heavy episode, although it was definitely reminiscent of White Christmas with its portmanteau structure, as well as its heavy similarities to White Bear. I think the biggest draw of the episode is the multiple Easter eggs, and that’s mostly it.

Next week we go over the heavy Bandersnatch. We got a lot to go over with that one!

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