Worst Fighting-Type Pokemon

Hey guys! Last week we covered the bane of the Normal-type, and this time we’re doing the same with Fighting-types, and so on until we’ve exhausted all of our options. It’s just that simple.


I think the fact that a Crabrawler can evolve into Crabominable at Mount Lanakila is a bit strange, and you’d think that different locations could trigger different evolutions, but nope. It’s just gonna get sneezed on and get knocked out that way, really, due to its slow speed. Plus it’s ugly as heck.


I mainly have problems with shiny Grapploct more than anything, even though everyone else seems to love it. I personally hate the shiny, just saying. But I also have problems with it being pure Fighting-type, and if there was a Water- or even Ice-type to go with it, it would be a bit better, considering its location in the games.


This is probably the last straw for the Fire/Fighting starters, and the main reason why people were scared of Scorbunny becoming Fire/Fighting before Sword/Shield came out. Emboar could have been Fire/Dark like Incineroar, and it would have made it a little better, but then it wouldn’t be on this particular list, I suppose.


Whoever thinks that Delphox is the worst of the Kalos starter final evolutions has clearly forgotten about Chesnaught. I mean, look at it! At least Delphox looks like a sorcerer. What is Chesnaught supposed to be? It reminds of the Holiday Armadillo from Friends and that makes me uneasy. Honestly its shiny form and regular form needs to be swapped. Give me my Chespin back please.


It’s a fricking mosquito. On steroids. That thing is literally the bane of my existence. Someone at GameFreak were like ‘what does a mosquito need? STEROIDS!’, and they got away with it. Literally why?


Hey, look! It’s budget Hitmonchan! This and Sawk were literally created to be the Unova parallel to the original Hitmons, and it doesn’t really work, considering Throh is literally wearing a judogi. It hatches from eggs wearing a judogi. It’s ridiculous.


This is just a baby Pokemon that didn’t really need to exist. I could live with Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan on their own, and even Hitmontop (the obvious weaker link of the three), but Tyrogue just doesn’t seem to have a place in the evolution line, and seems to just be there to make a weird evolution line possible instead of having the Hitmons as simple counterparts.

Mega Mewtwo X

This is a Mega Evolution that didn’t need to happen. I have misgivings with both Mewtwo and Charizard anyway, having two Mega Evolutions, and I would rather choose Mega Mewtwo Y as its only Mega Evolution. X just looks too strange and just a regular Mewtwo on steroids.

Mega Heracross

I acknowledge its power, but did it really have to trade out its cuteness for it? Couldn’t it have had the Megaman gauntlets and a cute smile? I vastly prefer the design for normal Heracross, that’s why this Mega is on the list.


I discussed Throh earlier, but I couldn’t leave out budget Hitmonlee with its ‘maybe he’s born with it’ karategi. I said enough about Throh that applies here, and let’s just move on to the next list already!

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