Machop To It – Machop Community Day Round-Up

Hey guys! It’s the first Community Day of the year, so let’s make this one a good one! Yes, even under all of these circumstances.

DISCLAIMER: While we in the UK are still under national lockdown, we are allowed out for exercise purposes, despite the claims of otherwise. Myself and Connor did go out and used Pokemon GO as a form of exercise. We stayed away from other people in the park (dogs were a different matter, though!), and we wore masks throughout our time outside.

Let’s also just preface that I bought the Kanto Tour ticket, so I got this month’s and next month’s Special Research bundled with it! Because next month’s is Roselia, I’m actually excited about it, purely for bias reasons. But we’ll get to that one next month!

Overall, in terms of monetary value for the items, the Special Research was worth it. However, it depends on what you utilise. It was worth it for me to get the bonus Rocket Radar though, as I’m still on the Level 45 Requirements task to get the leaders (I now have 18 to go!). But I noticed the lack of a Poffin, which is one of the usual rewards we see in this Research. I have four stacked up for when I hit Level 47, so it’s not a problem for me personally, but I do wish there were more balls or even an extra Rocket Radar.

I noticed straight away, a distinct lack of the timed Research that we usually get. So the only Research available is the Field Research (Catch 3 Machop) and the paid-for Special Research. It’s not entirely bad, but it’s a signal that Niantic are now starting to roll back features that were beneficial. That, or because Machamp doesn’t require an evolution item or Mega Energy, that they decided not to implement the task. This makes a lot of sense, in the grand scheme of things.

Me and Connor did go for a walk up to and around Central Park, but in true lockdown style it wasn’t nearly as busy as it usually was. Normally on a weekend it’s packed to the brim, but with lockdown being a thing, it was strangely quiet. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was still agreeable. But at the same time we didn’t feel like being out too long anyway, because we were both achey from back injuries. Some of the time was spent finding and defeating GO Rocket Grunts, the rest was catching every Machop that I could, for the opportunity for extra candy. It was a peaceful walk, and the fact that we saw literally nobody else that we knew was also a strange bonus. Sometimes while being with friends is fine, it’s so satisfying to spend the time with your partner, even without the COVID mess.

I got home and offered my mum one of my shinies, because the distance trading up to 40km was live, and she was struggling to get a shiny. I felt bad, because overall I was less entusiastic about getting shinies and more enthusiastic about being outside and getting some exercise in.

I had to stop playing because I ran out of balls. Whoops! But I ended on 14 shinies, so I had a good time with that.

Next month is Roselia Community Day, and I know I’ll be doing it, but it’s been very ill-received by others so far, so we’ll see just what happens with it.

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